Away Team One - "Action, Preparation"

Posted on 2021-11-07 11:18 by Commander Nadiv Sharir & Chief Petty Officer Bethania & Ensign Liam McKenzie Ph.D. & Ensign Centurion Waterhouse & Ensign Lia t'Rehu & Ensign Genevieve Oliver M.D., Ph.D. & Petty Officer 3rd Class Rao Komasch & Crewman Fearne Popples & Lieutenant JG Sean Morgan & Chief Petty Officer Ludwig Ryan & Petty Officer 2nd Class Kennet Ek

Mission: Toys in the Attic

Nadiv was the first to the transporter room, tugging at the neck of his EV suit as he stepped through the opening door. They weren't wearing the 'Starfleet Intelligence Combat Operations Stealth Suits' but standard issue environmental suits. As far as the locals were aware, they were a medical aid ship sent by the Federation to help with the crisis. He'd been fitted for a stealth suit, because it was specialized equipment and it had to fit properly otherwise it was distracting and the last thing you needed when in an infiltration situation was a distraction. This suit however, was a standard size and Nadiv was... decidedly not comfortable. He glanced at the transporter operator on duty and nodded in acknowledgement, letting out a long breath. No one was late yet, he was just keen to get down to the surface and get on with this.

At least getting shot at was unlikely, and he couldn't foresee anything too insane that he could make a bad call on. All in all this would be a good first mission for him to command an away team and get used to following Starfleet protocols. He looked over at the door when it hissed as it opened and smiled.

Just the person he'd been wanting to speak to before they headed down. "Ensign McKenzie, Good Morning."

Liam McKenzie entered the transporter room looking a wee bit like a tourist trying to find his way around the new ship. He turned and smiled in response to hearing his name being called and stepped right over to the Executive Officer. "Good morning, Sir," Liam replied pleasantly with his EV suit helmet under one arm while holding a tricorder in his opposite hand. "I'm looking forward to getting out there and helping. How are we looking?"

"Good, the colony council are keen to have our help, and are impressed with how quick we got here. There was one thing I wanted to run by you, however." He said, he had a plan but wanted to give Liam a heads up before he went along with it. Nothing too sneaky, but it had served him in the past.

"Of course, sir," Liam replied with a serious expression. Liam looked around to see if there was anyone else in the room with them, but they appeared to be alone. His curiosity piqued, Liam wondered if there was more going on than he had previously been briefed about. "How can I help?" he asked genuinely while waiting for the request.

"Nothing too ominous or taxing I assure you, just something to be aware of." Nadiv assured the Ensign with a smile when he saw his serious expression. "I speak most of the languages we'll be encountering down there. I'm going to pretend I'm relying on my UT to see if I can get any extra information from nuance or whatever because they think I won't understand it. I just wanted to give you a heads up," he said, clapping the younger man on the shoulder.

Liam replied with an understanding nod. "You got it. Mum's the word on what languages you speak. I won't say or imply anything. If you need me to do anything to actively play along, just let me know. When not at work, I often hold back speaking in a local language until after I've gotten to know the person. It helps to gauge their impression of me and their intentions. And, it's fun to point out that you understood what they were saying later, too," he added with a smile.

"Well, that won't be the point of this exercise, but yes..." Nadiv replied with an indulgent smile at the young man's enthusiasm. "Good man," Nadiv said with a hand on Liam's shoulder. With a final nod, he stepped away from the ensign and started checking over his EV suit helmet.

The door slid open again and a lithe, smiling, blonde slipped inside carrying her share of the medical supplies. Costello had insisted that they meet in the medical bay to make sure they had everything before heading down.

"Good morning, Sirs," she said with a smile. "The rest of the medical team is on route."

One of the nicer things about being in an EV suit was that it anyone trying to identify her harder. Of course the opposite was also true in that it would be harder for her to see things. With the help of her fellow crewmates, Lia had dyed her hair a nice natural looking red. She had it tied into a ponytail. As the doors opened, Lia had a small gravity lift. On it were several large medical cases and her EV helmet. She's stashed a phaser and utility knife considering the additional stress of having her former people nearby.

"I think we have everything now. Assuming that the mobile isolation units are beaming down so we can set up." Lia said.

"I think Costello mentioned that Abbott had arranged for those to beam down from the cargo transporter, and there was someone from engineering joining us?" Ludwig commented as he followed Lia into the transporter room. He had a med kit slung over his shoulder and his helmet tucked under an arm.

Liam greeted each of the new arrivals in turn with a welcoming smile. Once they had all entered he looked over their equipment and nodded. “Good to see everyone. We look like we’re ready to save the day,” he added without any irony. He was genuinely looking forward to getting out there and helping the colonists with their terrible affliction. “I’m just itching to get down there,” he added.

Lia offered, "Agreed. We need to help the populace regardless of what the root cause is."

"That is why we're heading down there, yes, but please do remember we are a medical aid ship, not intelligence, so everyone needs to act like it." Nadiv said firmly, looking up as the doors slid open once more, admitting another member of their party. It was Fearne, EV helmet in-hand bringing cheeriness and a bit too much makeup as ever.

"Sir," she offered to Nadiv as the ranking officer in the room. "Did I hear you say something about not intelligence because I'm really good at that..."

Kenny snorted as she entered the transporter room on Fearne's heels. "Careful there, Popples, you'll overwhelm the commander with how over qualified you and I are at being meat heads."

Nadiv raised an eyebrow as two of the security personnel entered. "Indeed?" he asked, amused by the exchange. "Even so, you should have been well prepared for subtlety by your intelligence training. So I'll expect that to be your main concern while we're down there."

Fearne nodded. "Yes sir, will do sir," she replied staunchly and took a spot to wait next to Kenny.

"If we're subtle meat heads does that make us Chicken?" She asked the Petty Officer under her breath.

"Jeez, don't be chickens," Liam quipped through a somewhat-contained smile. "Do you realize they are some of the few animals on Terra almost never die a natural death?"

"Of course." Tory's nodded as it entered, wearing an unfamiliar regulation-standard face over a regulation-standard EVA suit — other than the mobile emitter attached to its shoulder. "It's simply efficient. They were created to provide food; if they're fully grown and not laying eggs, it doesn't make sense to keep putting additional resources into them."

The doors hissed open and Genevieve entered, clearly apologetic. "Sorry, sir, I had trouble getting my suit on. I'm sorry to keep you waiting." It had been some time since she'd worn one and she felt more claustrophobic than she remembered.

Behind her in the door, Rao loomed. As the counselor paused to apologize, he set the two large cases of equipment he carried down beside him and then attempted to check his chronometer only to remember he was wearing an environmental suit.

He had been sure he would arrive precisely on time. But surely, he could only be a matter of minutes or even seconds late. Surely.

"Does it look like I'm standing on the transporter pad, checking my chronometer?" Nadiv asked with a smile and a raised eyebrow. "You're fine, both of you, we're still waiting on one of the security personnel, and even he isn't late yet," Nadiv said firmly. "But while we're waiting, if we could all check that we have everything we need, and then have a buddy check your EV suit that would be a good use of time!" he suggested loudly to the room at large.

Genevieve smiled and then exhaled in relief, also partly to center herself. She knew once they had transported down, the only thing she would see would be the work, but for right now, she appreciated the opportunity for additional distraction. She quickly checked to make sure she had all she intended to bring in the medium-size case she carried, which included an extensive med kit as well as several games and other activities for children just in case any of them were alert enough and in need of their own distraction. She anticipated spending most of her time interacting with the parents of the children she encountered, but she wanted to be prepared for anything.

After taking stock of her supplies, Genevieve turned her attention to finding a partner. Seeing Rao, she gestured towards him, suggesting they should partner up.

Rao nodded and happily joined the counselor. While he would never have presumed to offer to pair with an officer without being asked, he would hardly turn one down. He was fond of this particular officer, too.

The Tellarite performed a by-the-book, step-by-step inspection of the counselor's EV suit and thoroughly reviewed his inventory again. Even on the third check, he might still find he had missed something.

“C’mon Kenny, let me grope you I mean check you over...” Fearne said, her tongue firmly lodged in her cheek.

Liam subtlety turned on his heel as soon as Nadiv suggested a buddy check and began making his way over to Kenny, but Fearne beat him to her. It was clear he was smiling as he stepped over to them.

"You're in good hands, Kenny," he teased before giving Kenny a strategically aimed wink that he thought no one else could see. Despite his vote of confidence, regardless he watched Fearne like a hawk to make sure Kenny's suit was in order. Of course it was, but you can never be too sure, he figured.

"Clearly McKenzie wants to make this a three-way," Kenny quipped back as she let Fearne check her suit over.

The door slid open again, and the last member of the team strode through it. Though Sean Morgan held his head straight and confident, his eyes quickly glanced at the chronometer on the wall behind the transporter controls. Pond had cornered him in the corridor on the way, and it had been all he could do to slip away from her in hopes of not being late — and if she hadn't told him that the Commander had given a time that was earlier than he expected everyone there, he might have run the rest of the way to ensure he wasn't late. It only took him half a moment to do a headcount, and he could see he was last to arrive. Not exactly the first impression he wanted to make.

"Mornin', Commander," Sean directed a wide smile at Nadiv, then met eyes with everyone else if they looked his way.

"Look what the cat drug in," Kenny muttered with a smirk. "Nice of you to join us, Morgan."

"Is that any way to talk to an officer, Ek?" Sean returned with a snort, and Kenny laughed.

"It is if I've kicked your ass in the sparring ring within the last twenty-four hours, sir. And I'll do it again when we're back from the away mission, if you like." Kenny directed a shit eater grin at Sean, and he shook his head.

"Ooh ooh can I have a go?" Fearne asked eagerly, her inspection of Kenny's suit complete.

"As the last one in the room, Morgan, your punishment is pairing up with me for a suit check..." Nadiv told him with an amused smirk as he made his way over to the officer. He figured it was best to let them get all the banter over and done with in here than letting it seem unprofessional while down on the planet. "Hold still," he said, and started tugging and tapping at the points he knew could cause issues on these suits (having thoroughly checked the specs out last night).

Beth glanced at Ludwig and raised an eyebrow in question with a playful smirk. Ludwig grinned at her, and with a quick raise of both his eyebrows stepped in close to start checking over her suit.

Sean's posture adjusted to something more stiff as he quietly watched Commander Sharir look over his suit. He'd checked it over himself before he put it on, and again as he put it on, but given that the suit was designed to be a fully contained environment to isolate oneself from their surroundings, he certainly wouldn't object to another check — even if it wasn't at the direction of the First Officer and Away Team leader.

"It is too bad that the stealth suits would make us stick out like a sore thumb down there, they're much more comfortable than the standard issue EV suit," Sean commented awkwardly.

Nadiv hadn't had much occasion to wear his stealth suit beyond the initial fitting, but he had to agree. "True, but while we could make the stealth suits look like these, we'd have some serious issues if one of them went wrong." The last thing he wanted was to blow his first away mission. They needed to blend in seamlessly.

"That's why you're the XO, sir. Thinking of things like that," Kenny quipped as she noticed that no one had paired off with Lia yet. She laid a hand on Liam's shoulder briefly as she started to walk towards Lia. "McKenzie will finish you up, Fearne, I'm going to help t'Rehu out." As she reached the combat medic, Kenny nodded at her.

Everyone paired off and started checking one another. Lia was checking her own suit, she was used to it. One thing you learned in constant combat was constant vigilance. Things that had to be done right the first time were practiced until it was second nature. You didn't think, you acted. Slipping up meant death. The was no different though it was a potential containment and not uncaring vacuum of space. Lost in thought, Lia almost jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Kenny." Lia offered as her brain reacted to the surprise. "Thank you." Lia offered to P.O. Ek. She looked over what she could as Kenny double checked her own work. When she was done, Lia returned the favor, her hands and eyes going over the other woman's suit in a practiced manner. In low tones only Kenny would hear, she offered, "I must admit that my apprehension is far lower now that I would have anticipated. However, the thought that my own people could be behind this incident and that I will be interacting with them is heightening that distress."

Liam, who was still chuckling from Kenny's 'three-way' joke, waited until Fearne and she had finished their checks before stepping towards their direction. After a moment he turned his back hoping that Kenny would check out his suit for him. "Zip me up, will you?" he asked, before realizing she had moved away towards Lia at the same moment. "Ah," he said, realizing that a few moments later and blushing, before working to close up his suit.

"You know 'Zip me up' when translated is Romulan code for 'shoot me', right?" Fearne said to Liam with such intense earnestness it could have been true.

Liam hopped on both feet to pull his suit upwards slightly, his hands grasping the collar seal behind his neck. After this awkward maneuver he turned his head slightly to give Fearne a friendly yet somewhat sardonic smile.

"When I do silly things, that's the subtext," he said with a wink for his friend. The suit now properly in place, he turned to face her with his trademark smirk. "If you do choose to shoot me, though, I'd prefer stun."

Beth stepped back from Ludwig with a satisfied nod. "You're good."

"Alright, are we all ready?" Nadiv said, looking over the small crowd. "On the Transporter pad please, we need to get down there before they get tired of waiting."

=/\= End Log =/\=

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