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Capt Waterhouse & Lt Edanza - “A few stolen moments is all that we share”

Posted on 2021-08-11 12:00 by Lieutenant Caterina "Kate" Edanza & Captain Amelia Waterhouse

Mission: Toys in the Attic
Location: Captan’s Quarters

The working dinner with Div had gone well, and after he'd left, Amelia pinged Kate. The two of them weren't at the point of sharing quarters yet—though the Captain's quarters on this ship were large enough for it—particularly because Kate was still just a little bit on that unstable ground of wanting to make sure her performance stood on its own, and sharing quarters with the Captain put their relationship into painfully obvious territory instead of just an open piece of information. Easier for people to make assumptions. So instead the two of them set aside little bits of time to spend together off duty, see how the other is doing, talk about whatever needs or wants to be talked about, and with the away mission prep that time just so happened to land at the end of the day today.

As the remains of dinner were cleared from the table—either put away or recycled into the replicator—Amelia replicated a teapot of boiling water and some gingerbread cookies. These and her tea box were set on the coffee table as the door chimed.


The door slid open, allowing the corridor lighting to briefly frame Kate's silhouette as she lingered outside for a moment. Once she was sure the Captain didn't have any company, Kate entered confidently with a familiar expression. While she was still in uniform, her duty shift had ended by then. She strolled up to her boss and lover with a squinty smile and offered her a warm, firm hug.

"I'm glad we could connect," Kate admitted, not yet letting go. "Now just because I want to check in when we're off-duty, that doesn't mean I'm clingy or anything. Got it?" she asked in a mock challenge, as if to offset the gentle look in her eyes. She glanced down at Amelia's lips briefly before kissing her softly.

"Such a horrible liar," Amelia accused after the kiss. "You're already sizing up my quarters for moving in, and you literally spend all day staring at me and sighing if we're in the same place." Amelia smirked as she took a step back and pulled Kate along with her toward the couch. "Seriously though, you're always welcome here. And if either of us is going to be clingy, I'm pretty sure I made it clear last time around it absolutely was me." Amelia opened her tea box as she settled on the couch. "Now, pick our poison."

Kate nodded appreciably when Amelia offered to make them tea. "Chamomile," Kate replied simply. "It's been one of those days. Not a terrible one," she corrected herself with a thoughtful expression, "just long. I've been drinking from the fire hose all day."

As Amelia took care of the tea Kate took a seat comfortably on the couch and crossed her legs, settling in deeply. "It would be nice to be in the same space," she replied to Amelia's earlier comment about moving in while looking around. "But it's too soon. I want to settle into my role a bit more before the crew thinks of me your significant other. You don't have anything to prove to me, but I feel I still need to prove myself to the crew. Speaking of crew, I think things are shaping up well. You have put together an excellent team."

"So how are you holding up with the new ship? Feeling okay? I've heard your first posting after a loss can be tricky." Kate looked over at Amelia with a sympathetic expression.

Amelia settled back on the couch to let the tea steep, and directed a look at Kate. "I spent plenty of time talking about that with Erika — it wasn't the loss of the ship that was hard, it was the loss of my people after evacuation. Everyone made it off the ship okay, but then we just had to trip over that damn moon Daddy's doppelganger had." She took a deep breath, rubbing her face. "You know I haven't even talked to him since coming back. Erika told me I should have before the ship launched, and I meant to during the launch reception–"

Kate listened with a expression of concern, nodding slightly as Amelia mentioned her father. "Yes, I don't blame you for not bringing that up. It would be one hell of an awkward conversation," she added with a knowing smile. "I'm glad you're doing ok. You seem to be. I just wanted to check."

With that, Kate leaned back into the couch and sighed. "He'll understand, whenever you get around to talking to him. Speaking of men in your life, how does Cilly seem to you? To me he seems a bit more mellow than back in the day. That may not be new. Of course, I was a bit nuttier back then, so it could have been me. I guess we all start to mellow sooner or later."

Kate hid her smile by taking a sip of her tea, flashing a curious expression Amelia's way.

"Daddy knows the situation, he, uh–" Amelia chewed her lip and sighed. "A mutual acquaintance told him enough, and he sent me a message saying he's giving me space until I'm ready to talk. As for Cillian." Amelia shook her head and snorted. "He's been a wild card since he was placed on my crew originally—he was able to keep up with my crazy ass on away missions—but something seemed to have clicked between him and Veda and I don't know if it's the relationship, or just processing staring down the barrel of a disruptor rifle, but yeah, he seems to be a little less cavalier? Only a little mind you, he did still join us on Qo'noS with little protest."

Kate stowed her knowing smile and took a long sip of the tea. It was still hot, and the faint, rising steam reminded her of simpler times. Kate nodded in understanding before changing the subject.

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about our mission. Sick kids bring out the worst in people, and rightly so. I'm talking about both the colonists and the crew. That said, in Intel we always have to deal with invisible enemies," she observed, referring to the microbes that might be behind the illness. "I suppose we should be used to this by now," she added with an ironic gleam in her eye. After her comment Kate scooched over to Amelia and slipped an arm behind her back.

Amelia had just settled back with her tea cup and a cookie when Kate slid her arms around her, so Amelia leaned in close as she closed her eyes and took a sip of her tea. "Given our track record with this crew, I fully expect something to go off the rails. We've developed a reputation as the crew to send in for the stuff that stinks of crazy, as we keep coming up smelling like a rose after landing face first in the pail of slop."

Kate soaked up Amelia’s warmth as they snuggled in the slightly cool air of the cabin. She sipped her tea again before letting out a satisfied sigh. “I should fit in well here, then,” she added with a smile in her voice.

"Oh, I don't know. I hear rumors that the Captain is playing favorites..." Amelia directed a smirk sideways, as she couldn't resist poking at that. She knew Kate felt she had something to prove, but Amelia knew better. She hoped that ruffling Kate's feathers on the subject would help her relax about it. "Speaking of favorites... how's Sean settling in? I think I've said a dozen words to him, as he seems to think he has more to prove than you." Amelia snorted and rolled her eyes as she took a bite of her cookie.

"The Captain had better be playing favorites," she said in a jokingly serious tone. "I tend to be the jealous type. Just don't tell anyone about it," she added with a wink.

Kidding aside, Kate was not an overly jealous person. To that end, she was open to many different types of relationships, including polyamorous ones—which they had discussed previously.

"Sean seems to be doing fine," she added, changing gears. "No sign of the issues I saw on his record early on. He's really matured. He's sharp and often comes up with good solutions very quickly. He seems like the kind of officer you'd want with you in a crisis. And..." she added as her lips curled into a smile. "I love that he has a hint of a Caribbean accent. When he talks sometimes my mind wanders to beautiful beaches and fruity drinks."

"That core has always been there, I think it just took him a bit to shake off that middle sib vibe he had going. With so many of them running around—six counting him too—he was often lost in the noise as one of the middle ones. As for his accent, he blames that note on summers with his grandparents down in Jamaica. It's such an odd mix with the Irish influences he grew up with." Talking of Sean's grandparents, and all his siblings, caused Amelia to snort and sit up suddenly. "Shit, you remember that dinner after graduation? When Sebastian and Aideen insisted on taking our whole group and families to that cafe off Union Square. I still don't know how they were able to take us all on short notice, we literally took up half the cafe."

Kate put down her cup and placed her free hand over her face in an expression of nearly forgotten shame. "Oh. My. Goodness. Graduation weekend. You had to bring that up?" she asked, her smile still lingering from before. "Everybody yelling over each other... the food taking forever to come out. I think my brother Stefano was hitting on one of Sean's sisters. What a debacle," she added, laughing through her dour commentary. "It was so much fun."

"I'd forgotten about Stefano's antics— I guess he kept thinking Ciara was flirting back, even as her husband was chuckling at every zinger she dropped. I don't know how your brother had one shred of dignity left, but somehow...?" Amelia shook her head with a giggle.

Kate dropped her hand and leaned back into the couch thoughtfully, while her other hand rubbed Amelia's upper arm. "We were so much younger then. So much has changed. God, I miss those days. Do you?"

"Honestly? No." Amelia shifted on the couch, turning towards Kate. "You remember how much younger than everyone else I was. Because of my early admission, all the profs were watching me like a hawk, and I stood in my mother's shadow. It didn't help that she and Daddy popped in regularly to visit—which of course I didn't mind, I love my parents—but then everyone knew who she was, and Daddy was just starting to rise in the ranks enough that he wasn't just The Death Kitten's husband anymore." Amelia snorted. "Now, even if I'm on the young side, the only special treatment I get is because of my rank and responsibility. It's not because of who my parents are, it's not because of my age, it's based on my merits."

Kate listened to Amelia's story with a sincere expression. After Amelia had finished Kate waited a beat or two before responding.

"You deserved your admission, you earned it. Since then you have earned your promotions and postings. It was clear to me back then, and it's clear to me now. Still, I know exactly what you mean," Kate added with an understanding smile. "We all want to be recognized for who we are, not who we know. That fact that you did just that inspires me to think this whole... crazy situation will work out, somehow," Kate added with a smirk, waiving her hand around the room at the two of them, generally. "Thank you for that."

"For what?" Amelia settled back in leaning against Kate, holding her tea under her nose.

A gentle smile crossed Kate's lips as Amelia snuggled in. Kate's free arm wrapped around her lover's waist and she sighed.

"For everything. For giving me this chance. For convincing me to try, even though the optics could be sketchy. And for dealing with your own, similar situation back in the Academy with dignity. You inspire me to be better. And... you're pretty hot too. It's a nice combination," she added, giving Amelia a squeeze. "Now, finish that tea already," Kate added in a low, suddenly husky tone, wearing a knowing smile.

Amelia laughed and shook her head. "And here I thought I was the insatiable one." She drained her teacup in one last gulp, and leaned in to kiss Kate as the teacup was set on the coffee table.

The instant the teacup was on the table Kate leaned in, smiling devilishly as her lips found Amelia's. Her fingers gently slipped into her lover's hair, softly cradling Amelia's head as their lips danced. As the moments passed the kiss became more urgent and purposeful, heavy with Kate's desire and more than a hint of desperation. Her breaths became quick and sharp in those brief pauses between kisses, all the while a feeling of unbridled joy and well-being washed over her. Kate's mind swam as she felt herself giddily slip under the waves of a sea of passion.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Captain Amelia Waterhouse
Commanding Officer
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-B

Lieutenant Caterina "Kate" Edanza
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-B


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