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Capt Waterhouse - "The Box"

Posted on 2021-03-19 11:01 by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Crewman Fearne Popples

Mission: Toys in the Attic

Fresh from space dock and brand-spanking-new the halls of the Joshua Norton B were the very epitome of Starfleet order and cleanliness. Spotless and mark-less walls showed no wear from the passage of years, the regulation carpet was for the most part unworn being too new to have given up any of its condition to armies of boots. Beige and grey abounded interspersed with shiny black computer terminals. Yet even when these were lit up, orange, yellow and blue, there was precious little green to be seen anywhere, especially not a lurid shade of lime green. Perhaps green was too Borg, too Romulan For comfort when it came to Federation ship design. Whatever the reason there was a distinct lack of green to be seen among the fixtures and fittings of the Norton B which made one small item placed outside one key door on deck three all the more out of place and obvious for those who were of an observant disposition.

Those folk who were not too lofty to notice may have spotted a small present box, around three inches high, two inches wide and two inches deep, immaculately wrapped in a matte lime green gift-wrap with a thick, ornate almost gothic black ribbon wrapped around vertically and finished with an impossibly neat bow on top placed by the door of the Captain's quarters, close enough so as not to fall underfoot of those passing by. Secured under the bow was a small black card, likely containing an explanation as to why the box was there. Empathic sorts may have worried that such an item may go missing or posed some sort of threat if unattended for long, however calculations and preparations had been made so that the little gift wasn't waiting for its new owner for more than a few minutes.

Amelia hummed to herself as she paced down the corridor, her eyes skimming over the PADD in hand. Div was to meet with her later to go over the away team recommendations from the department heads, the resource allocations, and other preparations for the up coming mission, but she had a small measure of time to herself first. Normally she would have tried to secure the holodeck to get some time in with her nunchuks, but the request from Lia meant research to ensure things would so smooth, so instead it was time for tea and curling up on the couch with the PADD and Mikey.

She paused in front of her door, looking up from her PADD to input her access code—the ship was still too new for her to do it without looking yet—when a bright green object caught her attention right next to the base of her door. She tucked her PADD under her arm as she stooped to collect the small box, turning it over in her hand to inspect it. She resisted the urge to shake it, and spotted the card under the ribbon. She glanced up and down the corridor—but spotted no one—so she finally input her code into the access panel next to her door.

Mikey started yipping at her as the door started to slide open, and he was soon circling her ankles as she tossed her PADD on the couch, and pulled her boots off one at a time. Her socks matched the little present she still looked at as she made her way to the replicator.

"Large Pomegranate Oolong, Hot," she told the replicator as she finally pulled the card out from under the bow to read it as her order materialized with a shimmer.

'Dear Captain, I remembered! Lots of love, Fearne'

Popples. The name silently moved across Amelia's lips, and was quickly followed by a smirk as she tucked the card under the ribbon again before collecting the mug from the replicator bay. From there she crossed to her couch, setting the mug down on the coffee table as she sat cross legged in the middle of the couch. Mikey sat on the floor in front of her, looking up and flicking his tail back and forth quickly.

"Come on, you terrorist," Amelia directed at him as she patted the couch next to her twice before she slid the ribbon off the box. Mikey quickly hopped up onto the couch, laying his chin on her knee. She set the ribbon on top of his head between his horns, then bopped him on the nose before she turned the box over in her hands once more inspecting the seams of the paper. Her finger slipped between the layers, freeing the box and leaving herself with one folded piece of green paper.

The box was three-quarters lid obviously intended to be lifted off the base. Made of some sort of modern polymer, it was pure matte black, a sort of matte black that seems to absorb the light, all except for one side, presumably the front. Above the word 'vicious' sat a cartoon of a very grungy looking girl with dreadlocks, a red and black tartan miniskirt, a black strappy top, big black boots and an attitude problem, the last of these made obvious by her flipping off every and all onlookers. On her extended middle finger was a small, shiny clue as to the contents of the box, a seemingly lime green nail polish. Removing the lid revealed that same colour of nail polish in a small transparent bottle of square footprint, capped by a tall matte-black screw-top presumably with a brush on the inside. The moniker 'Vicious Envy' was the only branding to be found on the bottle, printed in a textured matte black, but more interesting was the shade of nail polish inside which was neither chartreuse, harlequin or lime, neither a yellow green or blue green somehow managing to ride the exact point between all of the above with a quite breathtaking lustre.

Amelia stared at the bottle a long moment, turning it over in her hands as she pondered it, leaving the box sitting in her lap. Then her eyes widened and she grinned.

"The red alert toenail polish!" She glanced at the chronometer on the wall and sighed. "I'll have to try it tonight after dinner, it won't have time to dry before I'm back on the bridge, and while I don't think anyone would say anything..." She snorted and shook her head. "The joy of being the Captain — no one to tell you to behave, because you're expected to just know." She shook her head and tapped her combadge.

"Waterhouse to Popples. Thank you." She tapped her badge again, closing the channel before the crewman could respond and set the bottle on the coffee table for later as she collected her PADD to get back to reading with a smirk firmly painted across her face.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Captain Amelia Waterhouse
Commanding Officer
USS Joshua Norton

Exposition and some descriptions by Jessica


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