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PO3 Kaeriss & Cn Popples - "One, Two, Three, I'll Be There"

Posted on 2021-03-21 11:04 by Crewman Fearne Popples & Petty Officer 3rd Class Kaeriss

Mission: Toys in the Attic

Fearne reflected on her day as she headed back towards the modest crew quarters she shared with Kaeriss. It had been a good day. Her previous confusion at the layout of the new ship was behind her, she had nailed every Patrol route and correctly located every landmark both large and small. The computer systems would take a little more time though. They weren't particularly different, but newer with a few changes, and that was something Fearne actually found more confusing than if it had been an entirely different system. A technological Tour de Force Fearne certainly was not, but she had secured the services of lieutenant Takeuchi to help her get up to speed on all of the basic functions she needed, transporters, door lockouts and a raft of security bits and bobs. All of this was in return for the months of off-books combat training she had given Mayoko during leave. The demolition specialist's confidence had never been higher, it seemed demons from her past we're just that, past, although the proof of the fact would be found in the field.

Fearne pressed the door release and entered quickly, keen to shed her jacket and boots at the minimum.

Kaeriss had just taken a shower after her shift in the lab. It wasn't strictly necessary, but being covered in fur she liked to make sure she hadn't picked up something that might cause problems for her, or her roommate before she realised. Having towelled her fur dry and then turned the dryer on it to make sure it was smooth and silky she hung up her towel and headed out of the bathroom. She hadn't been expecting Fearne back quite so soon, so she hadn't been worried about putting any clothes on, but as the door opened, she quickly moved to the closet and pulled out the first thing she could find, pulling it on and shooting Fearne a slightly sheepish smile before heading to her bed. Really the only way to be out of each other's way in these cabins was to lie on the bed, but Kaeriss was used to that kind of lifestyle by now.

"Hey roomie!" Fearne returned the sheepish smile with a big Fearne-like grin. She took the few steps over to her own bed and ungraciously plonked herself down upon it with the "aaahhhhh" of relief an entire shift on her feet had brought. Unlike Kaeriss who was quickly putting something on, Fearne shrugged her hastily unzipped jacket off her shoulders, pulled off her boots and socks, yanked the hair-tie from its place keeping her very neat but very simple ponytail in place and crashed back onto her pillow with a loud and triumphant exhale. After a few deep breaths she turned her pillowed head to the right to look at the Petty Officer she shared quaters with.

"How was your shift, ma'am?" Fearne asked, brightly.

"We're off duty Fearne, you don't have to call me Ma'am, I'm not an officer..." Kae said with a roll of her shoulders and a yawn. "Nothing special, yours?"

"First day I didn't get lost once," Fearne replied triumphantly. She knew she didn't have to call Kae ma'am but she was proud of her friend being promoted. " I treated myself to some chips with my lunch. Double win! I fucking love chips..." Fearne's grin ebbed a little as she regarded her roommate for a second.

"Good job," Kae replied with a smile that exposed her sharp canines. Fearne continued after a moment.

"Tell me to fuck off if you want like if it's personal or something but I was wondering... so in Stockholm you were wearing like next to nothing, like minimal cover up, and I get it! It's uncomfortable with fur to be wearing clothes right? Like sometimes if I forget to trim my bush it gets kind of itchy on my pants so that on your entire body must be really fucking annoying, like I've seen you wearing hardly anything, and when I had my tattoo done you saw me wearing hardly anything, like if you didn't get nippledge you must have seen at least some fairly serious side-boob cos it goes all the way up here and I had to take my bra off... why do you always cover up in our quarters?" Fearne did a fairly effortless situp and swung her legs around to be sat on the bed looking directly at Kaeriss.

Her brow twitched curiously as Fearne started her long winded question. Her tongue traced the edges of her teeth as she took it in and started to consider how to respond.

"No, it's ok," she assured her friend, not exactly smiling, more just thoughtful. She turned onto her side and propped her head up on her arm. "Honestly, it's mostly habit. I had a room mate at the TSA one year who complained about it making her uncomfortable. There was some mediation, and this was the compromise... I don't mind, sure it isn't particularly comfortable, but it's no more uncomfortable than sleeping under covers," She shrugged. "Why do you ask?" she countered, tilting her head curiously.

"Because it just popped in my head." Fearne looked at the bunk below where Kaeriss was lying as she collected her thoughts into an understandable sentence. "I figured before it was what you are comfortable with, but then we did the whole Stockholm thing so now I know that covering up is not what you find comfortable so I've just made the connection now that maybe wearing stuff in quarters... and sleeping under covers... is not what you want." Fearne kept her position sat on the side of the bed, her head down but her eyes flicked up to gauge Kaeriss' response.

Kae watched Fearne intently as she spoke, the almost sheepish way she looked up at her having looked at the floor. "Well, you're not wrong," she admitted. "I've gotten used to clothes really, and it's not like I can get away without wearing my uniform, but even I use covers when it's cold," she added with a smile. "I don't mind wearing stuff like this," she said indicating the crochet wrap dress that she'd pulled on. "It makes people feel more comfortable even if I am still showing pretty much everything that you'd see if I wasn't wearing anything," she shrugged again. Some people were weird. It wasn't that she was judging Fearne, or making any assumptions about her, but it had always been easier this way than the other.

"It doesn't make me feel more comfortable," Fearne protested. "I mean I'm not comfortable with you being uncomfortable. Like I wouldn't be comfortable with you thinking I'm comfortable that you're uncomfortable. That would make me uncomfortable. Stop saying comfortable!" Fearne gave Kaeriss a slight smile. She was aware of her and propensity to blurt forth word spaghetti. If there was a concise way of saying something Fearne could always find the absolute most inconcise way of saying it. It was just how her mind worked.

"Alright I get the point," Kaeriss replied with a smile as she stood up. She pulled the teal coverup off and threw it at Fearne. "Ya happy now?" she purred as she flopped back down onto her bed.

Fearne's automatic recoil as something was flung at her wasn't too much to stop her catching the wrap roughly in her left hand as she started to laugh with surprise. "Yes, yes I am!" She giggled and flung the wrap back at its owner playfully.

Kaeriss caught the garment as it was thrown back at her and moved to the wardrobe to put it away. "Well, now we've covered that... anything else you wanna discuss roomie?" she asked with a smile as she sat back on the bed.

"No. Yes! I just don't want you to think I'm some kind of like Cait pervert because I encouraged you to do this. I'm totally not into Caits. Not that Caits are not awesome and pretty because like, clearly..." Fearne gestured to the woman in front of her as an obvious example of both. "I mean I'm not really into anyone. Just like I think a lot of people think that especially given my age that that is like a big thing and like everything vaguely connected has to be involved with like lots of sex and thinking about sex and having lots of sex and honestly I'd really don't care about the sex or sexual attraction or whatever. Definitely not a pervert. And the saying that probably makes me sound like one because I'm trying to say that I'm not one but I'm honestly not one."

Kaeriss let out an odd sort of snorting noise that Fearne would recognise as a laugh. "Chill kiddo," Kae reassured her. "I get what you mean, for me I think it depends on who I'm looking at... ya know? Plus they have to not mind the fur... so... that narrows it down too..." She snorted again. "Besides, I'm not that much older than you..." Kae said, and threw one of the cushions off the bed at her. Fearne caught it with a grin and gave the cushion a good hard cuddle. She opened her mouth a couple of times but thought better of it, clearly formulating what to say next in her head.

"If I said to you I heard never really met anyone who I actually found attractive... Would that be weird? Like is that weird? My Dads say it's not weird it's just me but when everyone else our sort of age is doing something you feel like you may be strange if you're not doing it, you know?" Fearne examined the cushion for a moment. "And it's not like I never had the opportunity, I just don't really... want to...?" She added.

Kae frowned in thought for a moment. "Why would that be weird?" she asked, honestly curious as to the answer. "Some people just aren't wired that way... The same as some people are... left handed... or have green eyes... different coloured skin... Honestly, I don't think it's a big deal, so don't worry about it," she said with a reassuring smile.

Fearne stuck her bottom lip out and bobbed her head repeatedly in a thoughtful nod.
"Okay, not weird. Gotcha. Sweet. Cool. Stellar. You eaten yet? Now that you have been through all the rigmarole of taking all of those clothes off do you want to put them all back on to go and get some food? I mean we could eat here, if you haven't already eaten, but I really want a curry and you know the entire quarters will smell of curry and I will get curry on myself and the bed and the floor and the ceiling because, y'know, Fearne Popples..."

Kaeriss rolled her eyes and purred a chuckle. "Yeah I could eat," she stood and pulled the wrap back on. "Come on Popples, get something not uniformy on so I don't look like a weirdo..."

"On it!" Fearne's uniform trousers and undershirt were quickly deposited on the bed and replaced with some aqua blue patterned harem trousers, flip flops and a black tee advertising the band Brain-Children. With a smile towards Kaeriss Fearne pressed the door release and led the pair out into the corridor.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Petty Officer 3rd Class Kaeriss
Science Technician
USS Joshua Norton

Crewman Fearne M. Popples
Security Crewman
USS Joshua Norton


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