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LtJG Jarkil & LtJG Dragomirov - "Can't Let Go of You Baby"

Posted on 2020-12-21 08:37 by Lieutenant JG Cillian Jarkil & Lieutenant JG Veda Dragomirov

Mission: Toys in the Attic

The doors into Cillian's new quarters slid open after he'd acknowledged the chime, and Veda walked in with a whistle.

"You are really moving up in the fleet. Solo quarters, I'm jealous." She passed by him long enough to drop a kiss on his cheek before she slowly paced around the space, her eyes moving over everything. "You will not believe what was waiting for me in a subspace message from my mother when I checked after we were under way — how she already got a message forwarded through intel's channels to get to me here, who knows? Anyway. She's sent me a program to try on traditional Russian wedding dresses. I guess that means she likes you well enough." Veda rolled her eyes and landed on the edge of Cillian's bed with a sigh.

Cillian wasn't quick enough in turning his head to get more than a kiss on his cheek as he sat at the desk next to the door. Honestly, this was way more than he'd been expecting when he'd realised he was getting a solo cabin, but he was senior staff now, so... he supposed he was moving up... He could tell by the pacing that Veda was agitated about something, and as she spoke he realised what was up. He pushed with his feet and turned the chair to watch her making her way around his room, enjoying having her in the space. He smiled and chuckled softly as she flopped onto his bed.

"If yeh were hoping that was goin' te scare me off, yeh're shit outta luck," he informed her, "I like te think that proves I held me own under her intense scrutiny," he agreed, very much amused by how tenacious Veda's mother could be.

"You realize that if I wanted to be rid of you, I had three months to put in for a transfer before they gave Waterhouse a new boat." Veda rolled her eyes and shook her head. "The important approval was my father anyhow, and he adores you. But if mother's on board too, she's probably already suggesting to him he offer you my grandmother's ring — but I know for a fact that Oleg has been hoping to get that when he works up the nerve to propose to Petya, assuming Petya doesn't beat him to it."

"Course I do I was teasin'," Cillian replied, sticking his tongue out at her. "Yeah yer dad's pretty cool," he said with a smile, before his expression turned thoughtful. "Would ye want it, or would ye prefer te let yer brother have it?" While he knew that they weren't there yet, and likely wouldn't be for some while, if what she'd suggested might happen happened he wanted to know what answer would make everyone happiest. Last thing he wanted to do was step on anyone's toes. Oleg was a nice guy after all, and he hadn't met Petya, because he'd been at work when Oleg had swung by to drop something off for his father, it was clear that they were much closer to that than he and Veda were.

"There's been a debate as long as I could remember if it's supposed to go to me as the oldest, or go to Oleg as the only male grandchild. Mother thinks that since Oleg seems to have set his sights on a groom instead of a bride, that settles that, but it's not her mother's ring, so she really doesn't make that decision." Veda sighed as she laid back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. "Without taking anything else into account, I worry that I'd lose it from having to take it off during my shifts in sickbay... and the ring has been in the family for generations. Oleg and Petya would probably keep it safer, and if they don't have children in the end, I'm sure Oleg will see it gets to any spawn me or Alena may have—or their grandchildren—for the next generation of use."

"What about Alena? Would she want it?" he asked, curiously, thinking that a lot of the points were valid, but at the end of the day he'd go with what Veda wanted, and what he was offered. "It's not like we're there yet anyway..." he commented with a quirk of his eyebrow.

Veda snorted as she sat up. "No, we're not there yet. I don't even think Alena has even thought about it, since it was clear the discussion was between me and Oleg getting it growing up. I have no doubt that if she found someone to settle down with, if Oleg and I both didn't have use for it, she'd gladly take it." Veda shrugged.

Well at the very least they were on the same page about that. "So..." he said scooting his chair a little closer to the bed. "We're not there yet... but..." and he'd been thinking about this since he'd been told he was going to have his own cabin, and he'd made his decision when the chime had gone off and he'd seen who it was. "Do you... maybe... want an access code?" Maybe it was a little soon, but he'd always been sure about his feelings for Veda, even when the flirting had mostly been fun and casual and hadn't been more than an exploration of a possibility. So it may not have been too soon for him, but considering how long it had taken for her to even consider them being them he didn't want to push it.

"So, you trust me to not come in here while you're on duty and redecorate the whole place? I could put creepy clowns on all the bulkheads. Maybe even a large one on the ceiling above the bed." Though she joked, she was already thinking about what this meant. Sure, they'd met each other's families on leave, but that wasn't necessarily super serious when you're in Starfleet — you only made it home so often. "Also, how do you know I don't have the most horrible bunk mate on the ship and will just move in here without asking first? You'll have no room for your stuff, because mine will be everywhere." Veda wasn't sure if he knew she was bunking with Lia or not, she hadn't mentioned it yet because it hadn't come up. Lia was fine, but some of the crew were still getting used the cultural differences — even though Lia and Kenny seemed to have made amends, there was still gossip about what had happened between the two before the evacuation from the previous ship.

Cillian shrugged, he wasn't sure he'd mind if she did make a bit of impression on his cabin, but it was clear she was joking. He had to wonder if the joking was trying to cover up some insecurity about his question. "I'm pretty sure I can steal a cabinet or two from Fen and Tory if I need te," he said, standing up, he took the couple of steps to the bed and sat down next to her, placing his hand on the small of her back. "Look, it was jus' an idea, no pressure," he said with a smile as he moved his hand to her side, and his thumb rubbed her side comfortingly, leaning in he kissed her on the temple. "Who is yer room mate these days anyway?" he asked, honestly curious.

"They put me with Lia this time, which isn't bad. Rumor mill is still on about whatever happened between her and Kenny when we lost the ship, I'm actually surprised no one's approached me for dirt yet — I guess the gossip vine hasn't had sufficient time to form on this ship yet, and they don't realize I'm her roomie." Veda leaned her head against Cillian's shoulder.

"Sounds like I have nothin' te fear from yer room mate bein' terrible then," he said, letting the weight of his head rest on top of hers as his fingers continued to shift across her waist. "Cultural clashes aside," he added with a smile. "So... what de ye think?" he asked. He may have said there wasn't any pressure, but no pressure didn't mean no answer.

She took a deep breath. The question had caught her off guard, and she would be surprised if he couldn't see it from her first instinct to joke. But saying yes didn't mean she had to use it, just that the option was there, right? She still needed to re-schedule her counseling, and it was something she could talk about with– was Costello still going to be who she was talking to, or since they had a sub-department dedicated to counseling now, would she be assigned to someone else? She made a mental note to ask Costello about that later as she realized she'd been quiet too long now.

"If you want me to have it, sure." She sat up and smirked at him. "Just don't say I didn't warn you if you come back from a long shift, lay in your bed and find yourself staring up at a creepy clown painting."

Cillian smiled and turned to lean his forehead against the side of her head. There was so much he could say to her right now, but he knew that she was already reeling from the initial question and he didn't want to push her any more than he already had. "Consider me officially warned," he said, his amusement clear in his tone.

"I wonder if Waterhouse's brother would take a commission? You remember that painting that was in her old readyroom, right? He's good. Maybe one of those oils on black velvet things you will occasionally see in those kitsch bars on earth?"

Cillian chuckled and nuzzled his nose into her hair. "I don' have a clue what yeh're talkin about..."

"How you could miss that painting if you were in her readyroom even once–" Veda snorted, and turned her head to lean in for a quick kiss. "But I can see that's not where your mind's at. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen though — four anthropomorphic turtles with as many old Earth history looking guys behind them, real fossils by the look of their clothes."

Well, she certainly wasn't wrong. But she pulled back too quickly for him to be able to start to move things in that direction, and then she started talking about the painting again, which now she was describing it in more detail he did remember but he honestly couldn't care less. "If all yeh're gonna do when yer in here, is talk abou paintin's... I rescind me offer..." he threatened playfully as his nose brushed the shell of her ear.

She laughed. "That's all I am to you, a bed warmer? I guess I should make sure I'm here and waiting for you after a long shift to work off your tensions."

"Take that puss off yer face, I'm cobbin ye," he muttered, also laughing as he shifted so that he could tug her closer. "Besides, I thought we agreed it worked fer both our tensions, not jus mine."

"I don't remember saying any such thing," she quipped with a smirk, but shifted so she was in his lap. "But you're welcome to try and convince me."

As she moved, one of Cillina's hands moved lower to rest on her ass as the other moved up to her neck, his fingers threading into her hair. He held her for a moment, his eyes darkening as he took a beat to breathe in the moment, and when he replied his voice was lower, almost a hum as his nose dragged along her jaw, his lips just grazing the skin of her neck.

"Oh I plan to..."

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant JG Cillian Jarkil
Chief Conn
USS Joshua Norton

Lieutenant JG Veda Dragomirov
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USS Joshua Norton


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