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Capt Waterhouse & LtCmdr Sharir - "Show Me How Big Your Brave Is"

Posted on 2020-11-15 09:18 by Commander Nadiv Sharir & Captain Amelia Waterhouse

Mission: Grains of Sand

"Okay, okay, you gotta come see this one." Amelia grabbed Nadiv by his elbow and pulled him along behind her. She soon stopped in front of what looked like a toilet with a drinking fountain spigot on it. "My second favorite exhibit." She laughed as she twirled her hands towards it in a flourish.

Nadiv raised his eyebrow at the flourish of her hands. "Yeah I'm fairly sure I've drunk out of worse receptacles than an unused toilet..." he said with a laugh. He was not going to give her details, but desperate times and all that. But he supposed that considering the way things were here, times were rarely that desperate.

"So have I, but the first time I came with my parents I was maybe six? All I'd known at that point was life on those big family friendly Starfleet vessels, so it gave me pause... and then when I did drink, Dad pulled out a camera and took a holo of me. I think he had it up somewhere in the Audie Murphy's engineering department until the transfer to the Zhukov." She rolled her eyes with a laugh. "If I knew where he hid the original file, I'd make it disappear... but he's got a couple caches I haven't found yet. I think Grandad is keeping stuff for him, but I haven't gotten a chance to nose through the core at my grandparents' house."

"Do you have a camera on you?" he asked, wanting to at least know if she was going to snap a holo of him or not. Honestly he wouldn't care if she did, it would make Thamin laugh at least.

"A gentleman never asks a lady what's in her pockets." Amelia dipped her hand into the pocket of her skirt, and pulled out a small cube with a lens on one side.

"I'm not a Gentleman, and you know it," he said with a grin, smirking a little as he leaned over, sticking his tongue out so that the sensor activated spraying water on his tongue. He then brought his hands up to either side of his face giving her a double thumbs up and looked down at the tip of his nose and made himself go cross eyed, posing for her to take a photo.

Amelia snorted as she gave the little cube a squeeze. A view screen projected from the back and when she was satisfied with the framing of the shot she gave it a squeeze again. A shutter sound went off and the cube projected the captured holo above it for a brief moment before prepping for the next shot. She squeezed the cube again for a long moment and it turned itself off again.

"Perfect. Now I have blackmail material should I need it." She winked at him as she slipped the camera into her pocket again. "I'll shoot you a copy once I have my brother do the post on it — his artistic eye is so much better than mine. Do you want to see my favorite exhibit?"

"If I cared about people seeing it, I wouldn'a let you take it..." he told her with a shake of his head. "Like I have a choice," he offered her his arm with an amused smirk.

"You always have a choice, but this one's hella fun so I recommend indulging me." She took his offered arm and headed off, clearly knowing exactly where she was going. She led them through the middle of a couple of exhibits — taking the shortest and most direct route to her intended destination. She came to a stop in front of one of a pair of parabolic dishes with a seat in the middle of each; miraculously the popular exhibit was not occupied at the moment.

"You sit here, and we'll talk." Without waiting for his response, she headed to the partner dish that was across the room.

Nadiv chuckled to himself as she led him through the building, and practically pushed him into the seat. He sat, and frowned as she disappeared across the room. "Talk? What do you mean talk you're all the way over there?"

"That's the trick, isn't it?" Amelia's voice softly filled his ear after she'd sat down, and her grin was so wide it could be clearly made out across the distance. "I just love how this works, tricky acoustics with the parabolic dish directing the sound waves right where they need to be. There are a number of buildings that also do this sort of thing, I've visited half a dozen of them over the years."

"What the?" he said, jumping in surprise as her voice filled his ears from all the way across the room. He took in the explanation, nodding slowly. "Archimedes, right," he paused and then chuckled. "This is pretty cool."

"Right? And there's a bit of a thrill in having a private conversation out in the open like this that others can't eaves drop on." Amelia shifted in her seat a moment, chewing on her lip. "So, I've been thinking since we last were at the Lighthouse... I know HQ hasn't offered you an assignment yet. Have you given any thought to what you might want to do when they're ready to send you out?"

Nadiv sighed and sat back in the dome for a moment as he considered how to respond, giving her a noncommittal hum in response to her first comment. "Some people keep mentioning that I have 'other options'. Arianna wants me to take a desk job, but she hasn't said it, she knows that isn't him, and it sure as hell isn't me... There was talk about teaching at the Academy, but I don't think I can hold up under that long term scrutiny..." he shook his head glancing around at the people milling about. "I just... know I can't put Ari and Minnie through the worry of solo field assignments after the last one," he shrugged. He didn't know what to do. The other him wouldn't retire, he believed too much in the cause, but he'd be respectful of his family's fears and worries. He needed to find a middle ground, but he hadn't worked out what that was yet.

"I've done my time with solo field work. It takes a toll — on you, on those you love. I've had a couple of doozies in my time–" Amelia paused, chewing on her lip. "It's easier as part of a team, part of a crew."

"You don't get many teams doing what he was doing," he said with a shake of his head. "And... I can't subject a crew to this shit show. Need I remind you that while he may have been a model officer I never actually went through the Academy. Dumping that on someone who doesn't know..." he shook his head. He'd be risking lives that didn't deserve that kind of treatment, and neither Nadiv would have been ok with that.

"So don't dump it on someone who doesn't know. My friend Sean can testify I'm the best study buddy—I helped him through his worst class when we were at the Acad, 20th Century Earth History—I can fill you in on the pomp, formalities, and morals as you have most of the practical skills down already."

Nadiv blinked, and frowned, looking at her across the room with a curious tilt to his head, wondering if she was getting at what he thought she was getting at. "What are you saying, Pond?"

She snorted. "I know you're smart enough to put two and two together here."

“No, no, either I’m crazy or you are, but I’m going to need you to spell out which of us it is,” he replied with a chuckle. Not that he was feeling particularly amused by this. This was serious, he knew she had a reputation for the unorthodox, but this was insane. Had she really thought this through?

"Okay. Let me walk you through my logic, and you can tell me who's crazy." She shifted and leaned forward just a little. "First, you said yourself that you wouldn't be able to hold up under the long term scrutiny if you took a desk job or academy teaching post; so that obviously eliminates those options. Second, you said you wouldn't want to dump your situation on someone who doesn't know, and I know. The alternative is to just resign your commission or fake your death, and disappear — but you've already bonded with Thamin, and you have stated you don't want to do that to Arianna. Which means you need to find an assignment."

Nadiv listened to her logic, and on the surface it made sense but that didn’t mean it was going to work. He ran a hand through his short hair with a sigh. “Give me time to think about it... Talk it over with Adrianna?” He couldn’t make this decision without talking to her about it. It wasn’t fair, not when they were trying to make this work.

"Of course, and obviously let me know if any questions come up. Brass are breathing down my neck to pick someone, and they keep offering me ridiculous suggestions as I keep knocking down their previous ones." She shrugged. "But it's not like I'm not used to them breathing down my neck, so no rush. For now, I'm going to show you my third favorite exhibit." She popped out of her seat in the parabolic dish, and nearly skipped as she crossed the space between the two halves of the listening vessels exhibit. "I don't know if you'd heard of a theremin, but this instrument is such a trip. So, my Dad built one for my Uncle Stace– one of my godfathers, but I call him uncle," she explained, gesturing with her hand as if to indicate it wasn't a big deal, "so some of my earliest memories are him playing guitar or the theremin for me while singing."

Nadiv took the time it took her to walk over to him to compose himself a little. Honestly, her question had shocked him, and he really wasn't sure what to do with it. He held out his arm for her to take again, and they started walking. He looked across at her and opened his mouth to say something, decided against it, feeling a little stupid considering how casually she'd brought it up... but he knew he'd only feel dumber looking it up later and he may as well save himself the time and ask her now. "Pond... what's a Godfather?"

=/\= End Log =/\=

Captain Amelia Waterhouse
Commanding Officer
USS Joshua Norton

Lieutenant Commander Nadiv Sharir
Field Agent
Starfleet Intelligence


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