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Crew - "Send Them All We've Got"

Posted on 2020-12-06 13:26 by Rear Admiral Corey Waterhouse & Captain Diziara & Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Lieutenant Commander Cecilia Abbott & Lieutenant Commander Sienna Oswin & Lieutenant JG Veda Dragomirov & Petty Officer 3rd Class Cecil duPont & Commander Nadiv Sharir & Lieutenant Lexil & Lieutenant JG Cillian Jarkil & Ensign Liam McKenzie Ph.D. & Ensign Centurion Waterhouse & Ensign Lia t'Rehu & Crewman Fearne Popples & Lieutenant Commander Amadeus Costello & Ensign Remex Waterhouse & Chief Petty Officer Bethania & Petty Officer 3rd Class Kaeriss

Mission: Grains of Sand

Amelia stood to the side of the platform that'd been set up at the end of one of the larger conference rooms in the orbital platforms of Utopia Planitia. Filling the room was the entire crew compliment of her new ship—the USS Joshua Norton B—a mix of familiar faces and new mingled with the brass of both the shipyards and intel. She was surprised the latter had authorized this event instead of a quiet launch like last time, but if they wanted to make a to do of it, she wasn't going to argue. She swallowed as she spotted her parents across the room and pointedly turned away. She still wasn't ready for the conversation with her father, but at least she knew that Travis had told him what had happened, and he'd given her space since without any more than a short subspace message saying to take her time.

The ship sat in its dry dock visible through the largest window of the room. Worker bees and engineers in EV suits darted around the outside of the Golden Gate class ship doing final fit and finish, and quality control testing. Supplies and the crew's personal items were already stowed, and the plan was to launch after the awards and promotions were handed out and people had been given a bit of time to mingle. This suited Amelia just fine, she'd started to get twitchy after nearly three months with no assignment and no structure to her time beyond therapy sessions with Erika; at first those had been three days a week, but they'd thinned out considerably after the first month.

"You ready for this dog and pony show to get rolling?" Amelia turned to Nadiv, then stepped in close to straighten his collar.

"I still can't believe you talked me into this," he replied quietly as he turned away once she was done, feeling the cape flapping against his back. "Seriously who designed this uniform? Capes?" he asked with an exasperated sigh. It wasn't that it was uncomfortable, just that they were a little ridiculous, but he'd seen Cilly earlier parading around in his like some kind of superhero while his girlfriend laughed at him. "But I guess it's now or never," he said with a shrug.

"I like the cape, it gives it a bit of flourish. Dress uniforms are always a little too much — that's the point of them. At least the new duty uniforms are still either a jumpsuit or a skant, and I like that the heel option on the boots is a wedge now." Amelia rolled up onto the balls of her feet, then pointed one toe out just a little as she came back down — like a child who wanted to show off her new shoes.

Nadiv sighed and rolled his eyes. "Just cause you gotta be the tallest person in the room..." he grumbled, less annoyed more just teasing to try and deflect how nervous he was about getting through this bloody ceremony. About getting through this first mission.

"The heel's allowed for all genders, if you can't stand being shorter than me," Amelia quipped with a smirk as she headed to the podium without waiting for his response. Slowly the room fell quiet as they noticed her standing there, and once it was silent, she smiled.

"Thank you everyone for joining us today. It is so good to see so many familiar faces—as well as all the new ones—for the launch of our new ship. As you all know, normally those of us in Intel sit in the shadows, unrecognized for the work we do, but brass has been kind enough to let us do a little low key recognition before we go take the plastic wrap off our new ship. I could make a long and flowery speech, but I want to keep this short and simple." Amelia took a deep breath. "Those of you who were present for the events that followed the destruction of the Joshua Norton A, you know we lost four of our crew — it is my honor to award Lieutenant Commander Thalzejiv sh'Teris, Lieutenant junior grade Lillian Fisher, Ensign Tybal Borom, and Petty Officer 1st Class Norman Eisenberg posthumously each with a Purple Heart in recognition of their deaths in the line of duty. Please join me for a minute of silence for our lost comrades."

The minute seemed to stretch on forever, but everyone stood at attention as Amelia mentally counted the time. She spotted Tory and Remy, and her eyes stayed on them as the time passed.

"Ensigns Centurion Waterhouse and Remex Waterhouse, please join me on the stage."

The two photons instantly disappeared from the back of the room, but they walked onto the stage in the conventional manner and conventional humanoid appearance, perhaps out of respect for the decorum and traditions of the occasion. They came to a halt side-by-side in front of the captain.

"Our last mission, and the loss of our ship that followed, was particularly challenging for you, for the both of you." Amelia looked between the two photonic officers in front of her, and smiled wide. She was proud of them both. "The series of events that occurred defied odds, and despite the protocols put in place that are supposed to prevent it, you were forked. In recognition of the circumstances that lead to your forking, and the danger faced during our last mission, I award you both the purple heart. Congratulations." Amelia held out her hand to shake.

"Thank you, Captain." The two photons spoke exactly in sync; anyone not standing between them wouldn't have known the difference if one had only been lip-syncing. They each shook the Captain's hand in turn.

Picking up the first pair of boxes, Nadiv had been briefed on the operation of the Holographic awards by their Holographic Specialist, and that despite the awards being the actual physical hardware for them to keep when they touched them, there would be an alert for a subroutine download, which would cause the medal to appear in a holographic shimmer and pin itself to their chests. A little flourish from a proud, and very glad they were both still alive, big sister.

"Just touch them, Drayok's done a little magic for you," he told them quietly.

Remy and Tory accepted the awards, and as promised, a spark of light flew from the two awards to the two photons' chests, materializing as exact holographic duplicates of the ribbons in the boxes they now held in their hands. Remy shook Nadiv's hand as Tory's eyes sought out Fen for a nod of gratitude, then both stepped off the stage, walking back to their place in the crowd.

"Lieutenant Cillian Jarkil, please come to the stage," Amelia said as Tory and Remy returned to the audience.

Cillian, who'd had a lump in his throat since long before the minutes silence had started and had been determined to cover his discomfort by playing with Hinrik for as long as he could get away with, frowned and glanced down the line at Veda, he'd been under the impression he wasn't getting anything. He knew he was in the running for Chief Conn, but that was only if no one higher ranking than him ended up on the ship, and he didn't know either way. So he stood, and headed up to the stage, wondering what exactly he'd been called up for.

Behind the half-denobulan pilot, a little shadow followed. His outfit similar to the dress uniforms everyone wore, but it was all forest green with a white tie tucked inside the blazer cape. He held his arms out just a little, grasping at the edges of the cape to help spread it behind him as he tried to follow Cillian up onto the stage. Amused murmurs rippled through the crowd.

Cillian could hear smaller footsteps behind him and as he reached the bottom of the steps he paused and turned, bending down to catch Hinrik round the middle and tickle his tummy. "Super heroes gotte be good an stay in their seats when it's not their turn," he said quietly. "We'll play more when this is all done, I promise, but this bit... the adults gotta be serious fer, Okay?"

Hinrik pouted, and as Cecil started to move to intercept, another pair of feet approached. Cecil met eyes with Corey as Corey came to a stop behind Hinrik, and then Corey's eyes met Cillian's.

"Hinrik, come along. If you're good, I can read you a story later." He held his hands out, beckoning the little boy towards him. Hinrik looked between Cillian and Corey, as if asking Cillian's permission to go.

"Go on, I'll meet ye after," Cillian said, placing a hand on Hinrik's shoulder and giving him a gentle push. Honestly, he'd have been happy to take the kid up there with him, might lessen the spotlight a little, might do something about this damn lump in his throat he was struggling to breathe around.

Hinrik darted in to quickly hug Cillian before he turned to Corey. Corey scooped him up and rested him on his hip, directing a nod towards Cillian before he turned away. As he headed back towards his wife off to the side of the room, Hinrik excitedly asked for a story in Klingon about Toby the Targ. Up on the stage, Amelia watched the short exchange, and waited for Cillian to finish his trip up to the stage.

Aw shit kid way to make this harder... Cillian's jaw was tight as he took the steps up onto the stage, taking advantage of having his back to the crowd and clearing his throat before trying once again to swallow the lump in his throat. He took a breath and turned on the spot, falling to attention with a natural ease in his movements and a relaxed smile on his face.

"You have been building your way to this award for some time now. A pilot of your bravado is a dime a dozen, but one who has the skill to match that bravado is much less common." Amelia couldn't help glancing at her mother, easily catching her eye to receive a small nod of approval. "The Crazy Ivan award is in recognition of a pilot of exceptional skill, only matched by their willingness to do whatever is necessary to get the job done. From your grace at the helm of our late ship, to your willingness to literally jump off a cliff and glide on holographic wings, you have gone well above and beyond to earn this award. In addition, the skill and dedication necessary to achieve this award also makes me proud to name you Chief Conn for our new ship. Congratulations Lieutenant." Amelia offered a wide smile as she held out her hand to Cillian.

Cillian couldn't help the smile that built on his face, he noticed the glance towards Diziara, and couldn't help feeling a little prouder that a Pilot of her renown agreed with that assessment. When the Captain named the Award, his grin turned a little cocky, because damn if that wasn't an award and a half. And then she named him Chief Conn, and for a moment his eyes widened in surprise and as he shook her hand he grinned, as wide a close eyed grin as it was possible for him to make.

"Thank ye, Captain," and damn if he wasn't struggling to contain his excitement at getting hands on their new ship now. He felt like he must have been vibrating out of his skin.

Nadiv stepped forward with the award in his hand, opening the box and pinning the medal below the pips on Cillian's chest. He could see the excitement in the younger man, and for a moment he saw his Cilly stood in front of him, ready to barrel back into the thick of things. "Good job Lieutenant," he said, stepping back.

"Thank ye, Sir," Cillian replied, took a beat and then headed off the stage.

"Ensign Liam McKenzie." Amelia spotted the scientist in the crowd, unsurprisingly next to Kenny.

Liam's eyes opened widely and his pulse began to race as the color drained from his cheeks. He was not expecting an award, and it showed. After a split second delay Liam jumped to his feet and flashed a smile towards Kenny before stepping forward. He climbed the stairs with a pleasant expression. It felt a little like Christmas.

"Ensign McKenzie, your after mission report on the Mor'Cris, and the research paper you followed it with, turned a lot of heads at HQ. As a result, I am proud to award you the Brennan Award for Anthropology. Congratulations." Amelia offered her hand and a smile to Liam.

Liam took the Captain's hand and shook it with an expression of sincere appreciation. "Thank you Captain, it was an honor to have the opportunity to earn this. Thank you so much."

Nadiv collected the award from the table and opened the box to remove the small pin as he turned back to Liam with a grin. "Nice job," he said as he pinned the award to the Ensign's chest with a smile before stepping back to shake his hand.

Liam beamed as the award was pinned to his uniform, and as soon as it was attached he eagerly shook Nadiv's hand. "Thank you too, thank you very much," he said genuinely in a quiet, humbled tone. Afterwards he turned on his heel and exited the stage with an expression of deep gratitude.

"Ensign Lia t'Rehu, please join me on the stage." Amelia's eyes skimmed the crowd for the half Romulan.

Lia stood up, turning slightly to free her cape. Walking with purpose, her heels clicked on the hard surface. She was ready for anything, but surely punishment was administered in less public fashion. Her cape flowed behind her and to her surprise, she actually enjoyed the over-the-top nature of the dress uniform. Embellishment wasn't a trait that her people embraced on clothing, the change was interesting to her.

"Federation and Romulan societies are not unlike night and day in how different we are. As a result, your adjustment to both the Federation and Starfleet ways of life have faced some challenges. I would like to acknowledge the work you've been putting in—both in teaching us about yourself, and learning about us in turn—with the Proficient Service Medallion. In addition, I was informed just before the ceremony by Doctor Costello that your Nurse Practitioner certification came through, and would like to congratulate you on your exceptional performance in the evaluation." Amelia smiled wide as she offered her hand.

For a fraction of second, Lia froze, unsure of what to say. She was sure that astonishment was relayed through every fiber of her being. Finally Lia shook off the mental snap. She took the hand warmly managing a "Thank you Captain!" with raw emotion in her voice.

Moving towards Nadiv, Lia realized her mouth was still open and she quickly shut it. The few steps later she was standing in front of Nadiv.

Nadiv picked up both awards and handed over the medical certification first before pinning the medallion to her chest. "Well done Ensign," he said holding his hand out for Lia to shake.

Again she was nearly awestruck. Her hand went out to take the one that Nadiv offered. Taking the embellished parchment, she said, "Thank you Sir." A smile started to spread across her face. As Lia moved to returned to her seat, she felt like her spirit had swallowed a star and she was practically beaming.

"Commander Nadiv Sharir." Amelia didn't have to say anything more, as he was already on the stage with her, but in her peripheral vision, she saw Cecil join her on cue.

Div had known this was coming, but it didn't mean he was exactly looking forward to it. Considering he knew what awards were on the table he knew what he was getting and he took his place in front of Amelia.

"The circumstances that lead to you being here today defy explanation. You have been through so much, and it is a marvel that you're still standing for it. In recognition of what you went through in the field, it is my honor to award you the purple heart. In addition, you are hereby promoted from the rank of Lieutenant Commander to the rank of Commander. Congratulations."

As she spoke, Cecil stepped forward with two small boxes held open. Amelia collected the purple heart first, and attached it to the chest of Nadiv's uniform, then the new rank insignia, changing it out for him. She then offered her hand and smirked at him.

"Thanks, I won't let you down," he said, giving both of them a polite nod before retaking his position in front of the table.

"Lieutenant Amadeus Costello, front and center." Amelia locked eyes with her chief medical officer as she watched his approach.

Amadeus raised an eyebrow and stood from his seat, shaking his head as he walked towards the stage. He took his place in front of Amelia, though considering they were now seemingly into the promotions part of the proceedings he might have an idea.

"Doc, in the time I've known you, it's clear that your first priority is always to the safety and health of the crew. And to that end, you've certainly held sickbay to an impressive standard. I also know on more than one occasion, you've dismissed rank as something that doesn't matter to you, beyond how it facilitates your ability to do your job, but when you keep doing your job so well the burden of promotion will eventually come along to ruin your day." Amelia winked at Costello. "You are hereby promoted from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander. Congratulations, Doc."

Amadeus chuckled. "Thank you, Captain," he said and turned slightly so that the newly minted commander and executive officer could sort out his rank insignia for him.

Nadiv took off the old pips and replaced them with the new one. "Congratulations," he said, shaking Costello's hand and then stepping back.

With a nod Costello turned and left the stage, a proud, but exasperated smile on his face.

"Lieutenant Sienna Oswin."

The dark eyed betazoid approached the stage with a smirk on her lips. "Something something, why are you promoting me when I let the last ship blow up? Hereby a Lieutenant Commander now, thank you, ma'am." She held her hand out to Amelia, getting a laugh in return as Amelia shook it.

Nadiv was still chuckling as he switched out the rank insignia on Sienna's chest and then shook her hand. "Congratulations."

"Thank you, sir." Sienna grinned wide at him before she exited the stage.

"Lieutenant Cecilia Abbott." Amelia noticed the security chief had been waiting near the edge of the stage already, and shook her head. Abbott offered a winning grin as she came to attention in front of Amelia. "You are exactly the perfect sort of pain in the ass a security chief should be, and it is my pleasure to promote you from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander. Congratulations."

"Thank you, ma'am." Abbott grasped Amelia's hand in a firm shake before turning to Nadiv.

"Congratulations, Lieutenant, you deserve it," he said as he changed out the pips on her uniform. His time spent working with her on the moon base had told him that she knew her stuff, and he was looking forward to working with her more.

"Looking forward to working with you, sir," Abbott returned before leaving the stage.

"Lieutenant Lexil, please come to the front." Amelia caught the eye of the Denobulan science officer, and offered a warm smile.

Lexil was rocking the new dress uniform with typical swagger and panache, one side of her cape was cast back over her shoulder in a style evoking dress uniforms of the early 19th century Earth European military officers. She had already been pretty much front and centre, leading the congratulations and adding to the sense of occasion with her warm smiles and overt excitement for her fellow crew members.

Lexil had been and still was fully expecting to meet her new head of department before the ship left dock. After all, she wasn't out of the academy that long. The fact she could be given the big job simply hadn't occurred to the Denobulan. Her smile faded quickly, replaced with shock and confusion.

"Did… Did she say me?" Lexil spluttered quietly to Fearne who was stood to her left. Fearne double-bobbed a nod.

"Yes Ma'am, yes she did," Fearne replied with joy and amusement in equal measure. It now occurred to Lexil that she should probably move and she smartly made her way onto the stage and stood to attention in front of the captain.

"Since Commander Tomar and I named you acting Chief Science Officer, you've done nothing but impress me with your sense of duty, professionalism, and skill. It is my great pleasure to officially name you our Chief Science Officer, and promote you from Lieutenant junior grade to full Lieutenant. Congratulations, Lieutenant." Amelia offered her hand.

Still not quite able to believe what was going on Lexil simply blinked at Amelia a couple of times. Mechanically her hand went forward to accept the handshake. She nodded and tried very hard to look enthusiastic rather than what she was feeling which was complete shock.

"Thank you captain, I…" she returned quietly, she wanted to say more but the words wouldn't come. She closed her eyes for a short moment and took a deep breath to maintain her composure. "Thank you."

Looking like she could possibly cry Lexil turned to the newly promoted X.O.

Nadiv smiled warmly at the young Denobulan, switching out the black centred pip with a solid silver one. "Congratulations, Lieutenant, keep up the good work," and held his hand out to shake hers. Lexil took it gratefully. She wanted to say something, instead settling for an emphatic nod and a smile before returning to her place amongst the crew.

"Ensign Dragomirov," Amelia said, raising both her eyebrows in almost a dare, and Veda snorted as she made her way to the stage. "It wouldn't be suitable to leave my best BBQ master in sickbay languishing away as an Ensign," Amelia teased with a chuckle, and Veda shook her head.

"I wasn't aware my sense of humor had reached the bridge, ma'am."

"Hard to miss when you bellow it across the Erebus mess hall." Amelia winked. "I'm pleased to promote a fellow smartass from Ensign to Lieutenant junior grade. Congratulations." She clasped Veda's hand to shake and stepped closer as she lowered her voice. "Keep him on his toes, you're good together."

Nadiv added the silver, black centred pip to Veda's chest and stood back, offering his hand for her to shake. "Well done Lieutenant," he said with a smile. He'd have said something if he'd known her better, and he thought he had some measure of her because any girl who could tie a Cilly down must be something special, but that wasn't exactly something he could say out loud.

"Thank you, sir," she returned with a smile before she made good her escape, returning to Cillian's side in the audience.

"Petty Officer Bethania." The name was new to Amelia, and she didn't remember what face was in the service jacket she'd approved to join Costello and the rest of the medical team, so she didn't try to look for her.

Beth was one of those new faces Amelia had talked about in her opening speech. It wasn't until they were seated that she'd seen Ludwig sitting further down the row. She stood up gracefully and walked to the front of the room. She quite liked the new dress uniform, and had gone for the skirt option. She moved up the steps and took her place on the stage.

"Petty Officer Bethania, it is my pleasure to promote you from Petty Officer first class to Chief Petty Officer, congratulations." Amelia held out her hand.

"It's a pleasure to be here Captain, thank you," she said as she shook the captain's hand, and couldn't help but smile proudly as Commander Sharir swapped out her rank insignia. With a click of her heels she turned and walked offstage with a slightly more pronounced swing to her hips.

"Crewman Kaeress, to the front please." Amelia easily spotted the Caitian in the crowd — it was hard to miss her.

Unfolding herself from her seat, and the only person in the room not wearing shoes, she could feel the carpet under the pads of her paws as she walked, the comforting familiarity of Starfleet carpet. Claws flexing as she climbed the steps and stood in front of the Captain.

"Crewman, you've been a great addition to our science department, and an asset on away missions. It's with pleasure I promote you from Crewman to Petty Officer third class. Congratulations." Amelia held out her hand.

A pleased purr rumbled in the back of Kae's throat as she shook Amelia's hand, her smile showing off pointed canines.

Nadiv pinned the new insignia to Kaeriss' chest, and stepped back. She flicked her tail and turned to walk off the stage.

Amelia paused and looked through the crowd in front of her a long minute. "Thank you again for being here, that's all I have for now, but I fully expect to have a whole new slate of promotions and awards after some more time out in the universe. We have about an hour before we're scheduled to break port, so please enjoy a little time to mingle, drink some synthehol, and get any last hurrahs out of your system before we head out. We break port at 19:00, and last check-in is at 18:45. If you're late, I'll put your at Commander Oswin's mercy for a week, and last time I did that, she had Ensign McCormick scrubbing plasma manifolds with a toothbrush."

"I swear, I was only joking but he did it anyway!" Sienna called out, getting laughter from those around her.

"Believe her at your own risk, folks. Now, if I don't see you mingling, I will see you on the ship. And congratulations again to all of you who received awards or were promoted today." Amelia clapped, and everyone else followed her lead until she left the stage.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Captain Amelia Waterhouse
Commanding Officer
USS Joshua Norton, NCC 74819-B

Commander Nadiv Sharir
Executive Officer
USS Joshua Norton, NCC 74819-B

Lieutenant Lexil
Chief Science Officer
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Liam ‘Mac’ McKenzie
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Centurion Waterhouse
Reconnaissance Specialist
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-B

Ensign Lia t'Rehu
Combat Medic
USS Joshua Norton NCC-74819-B

Additional Characters by Amy: RAdm Corey Waterhouse, Fighter Design Team Lead & Co-Creator Project Torchwood; Captain Diziara, Fighter Design Test Pilot & Co-Creator Project Torchwood; Lt Cmdr Cecilia Abbott, Chief Security; Lt Cmdr Sienna Oswin, Chief Engineer; LtJG Veda Dragomirov, Combat Medic; PO3 Cecil duPont, Yeoman
Additional Characters by Zahara: LtJG Cillian Jarkil, Chief Conn; Lt Cmdr Amadeus Costello, Chief Medical Officer; CPO Bethania, Nurse; PO3 Kaeriss, Science Technician
Additional Character by Jessica: Crewman Fearne Popples, Security Personnel
Additional Character by Tin: Ens. Remex Waterhouse, Intel Liason


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