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Capt Waterhouse, Lt JG Jarkil & Ens Drummond - "Highway to Hell"

Posted on 2020-05-31 09:21 by Lieutenant JG Cillian Jarkil & Ensign Drayok Fenlux & Nadiv Sharir & NPCs (Z) & Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Lieutenant Zola & Ensign Centurion Drummond & Ensign Aemrys t'Laris & Lieutenant Cecilia Abbott & Ensign Veda Dragomirov & Chief Petty Officer Ludwig Ryan

Mission: Poisoned Apples

Cillian made his way through the ship, with Mikey on his heels, hoping that she ran as impressively as she looked. He walked through what was clearly supposed to be an entertainment room, and through a door into what was clearly a staff only area. It was still sleek and well designed, but it lacked the opulence of the previous room. The cockpit, however, was beautiful. "I hope she runs as well as she looks like she does," he said out loud to the back of the head poking out of the top of the pilots seat. A head that was so recognisable it was scary.

Cilly looked over his shoulder, and was less surprised by the similarity in front of him, having seen Cillian on the screens around the moon base. He looked him up and down apparaisingly. "Yeah, she does, she's me favourite toy te borrow..." he said with a grin. "Way Trav talks I was expecting ye to be all clean cut up close, but yer scruffy too, yeh were quick te grab tha' blaster too, good job," he said before turning back to the console.

Cillian too looked his counterpart up and down. "We're supposed te look like we can bland inte a variety o' situations, clean shaven an' perfect hair is a dead giveaway," he replied with a grin and sat himself in the secondary seat. "I take it this ship is why I got shoved onte that stage?" he asked conversationally as he started familiarising himself with the systems, Mikey continued to sniff around the cockpit. He had to admit it was weird hearing his own voice from someone else's mouth, even if that person looked exactly like him, with a slightly wonkier nose maybe.

"The thrusters are probably kickier than the shuttles yeh're used to," Cilly informed him as he too continued his work.

"I've piloted race ships against full Denobulans and won, I can handle kicky thrusters," he assured him, with a grin, unable to help notice the similarities between the way their hands moved across the consoles in front of them. He was fairly sure even a twin wouldn't be this similar to him. He decided not to try and get his head around it, but get on with the task at hand.

"Ye might wanna tell yer friends te start beimin' people in, it's a recognised frequency so it shouldn't trip anythin'. Sooner we all get outta here the better, I don' fancy Cor findin' both o' us..."

"Righ'" Cillian replied, definitely agreeing with that sentiment, he hit the button for the Comm. "Hey Tory, de ye wanna start beamin' people in? Cilly says it shouldn't be detected as anythin' hostile," he said, his voice broadcasting down to the lower deck.

"Confirmed. Have located lifesigns matching Lt. Oswin, the Captain, and her local contact. Energizing." A moment later, Amelia, Sienna, and Trav were materializing on the transporter pads. "Locking on to Fen and Zola next."

"And I thought the base was excessive," Amelia muttered as she rolled her eyes and strode off the transporter pad. Travis chuckled as he followed her, and Sienna stopped near Tory and the controls. Amelia paused a long moment as she looked around. "What's our status? Or should I go to the cockpit and check in with the Cillians?"

As soon as the pad was clear, the transporters began to hum again. "Apologies, I don't know much more than 'we're taking the ship'. Head on up." As Tory spoke, it sent a transmission to Fen.

We've acquired a ship. Beaming you aboard in 5 seconds unless you object.

Amelia met eyes with Sienna for a brief moment, then nodded to Fen and Zola as they materialized before turning and heading towards the cockpit. Travis followed her, trying his best not to look like a puppy as he did so. Excited yipping spilled out of the cockpit, and a green blur circled the room a couple times before falling into step next to Amelia's heels. She grinned at the green fox as Travis stooped to look at it as they walked and disappeared into the cockpit.

Tory's communication hadn't required a response other than warning Zola of what was about to happen, and as Fen finished talking they dematerialised, and a moment later appeared on the transporter pad in the ship Tory had mentioned. "I can't believe someone once said that overkill was underrated," Fen said drily as she stepped off the transporter.

Zola blinked as they materialized, and looked around. "Uh, hello."

Meanwhile, in the cockpit, Amelia had stood a long moment in the doorway looking at the back of two identical heads, trying to decide which one was hers. She gave up trying as Travis had laid a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to get her out of his way. She strode forward and slightly to the right to stand between the two chairs and looked at their occupants. Her Cillian was to her right, and this universe's to her left, in the center most chair. Travis immediately sat down in the third chair all the way to the left.

"What's our status?" Amelia laid a hand on the back of her Cillian's chair.

"Jus' waitin' on Div and the line of ducklin's," Cilly said looking over his shoulder at her, he grinned and shot her a wink. "The crawled through a maint'nance tube backwards look suits ye..." he told her unashamedly back to his flirtatious vibe.

Cillian rolled his eyes at his counterpart. "We're all set apart from getting them inside, we're hacked right through into the moon base systems, so opening up the hanger shouldn't be a problem either," he informed her.

"Aye, I'm good at gettin' inte things..." Cilly said, looking Amelia up and down, not for the first time.

"Did ye snog the feckin' blarney or somethin' yeh jus' can' stop yerself can ye?" Cillian asked with a shake of his head. He didn't mind a bit of flirting, but that was his face and his voice, getting friendly with the captain who... "Well I'll be damned..." he muttered and then cleared his throat and went back to familiarising the systems, with a glance out of the view screen he saw a trail of people scurrying towards the ship.

Amelia bit her lip as the exchange between the two Cillians moved ahead before she could get a word in edgewise—a quip about not being in high heels was missed when conversation continued too fast past the crawling backwards through the maintenance tubes comment—and then she saw the same lightbulb go off over her Cillian's head as had gone off over her own in the docking platform earlier.

"You know, I still have that mini skirt somewhere." She laughed and winked, before looking out the view port. Div and t'Laris leading a group of the crew which was followed up by Abbott. "Speaking of ducklings."

Cillian did not look at Amelia, keeping his eyes firmly on the console in front of him. Cilly on the other hand looked over at her. "Mini skirt ye say? I'd like te see tha'"

Div lead the trail of people up to the ship, Cilly had left a key in the system for them to easily get through the door, and it was this that reassured Div they were in the right place. "Kid sure knows how to pick 'em," he muttered to himself as they approached the door and Div pressed the button requesting entry.

The door slid open upon request, and a head leaned out of the med bay that wasn't far in from the airlock.

"Ah, Robin Hood has returned with the people wrongly incarcerated by old Prince John," Ludwig quipped.

"Is he a fox?" Veda called out from inside the med bay.

Ludwig chuckled. "He appears to be human." He looked at his crew mates. "Anyone with critical medical need, please join me in the med bay. It's cozier than the Emperor's, so if your need is mild, maybe wait out here in the corridor for a minute? Everyone else probably would be more comfortable in the lounge that's up a level." He pointed around the corner to indicate the stairs that went to the upper deck.

"I'm going to start calling you Little John if you're not careful, Chief," Abbott quipped as she slipped through the group and headed for the stairs. "Captain's up here, right?" When Ludwig nodded, she was up the stairs two at a time.

With the line of ducklings all safely on the ship, Div excused himself, he sent Cilly a message with his watch as he turned right and exited through the crew bunks into the cargo hold to see if there was anything in there worth their time to pilfer.

In the cockpit, Cillian's watch indicated that he had a message. "Because we didn't finish our job... Div is in the cargo bay seeing what there is. If we're good here, I'm going to go and... jettison a few choice items that might get us chased across the galaxy..." one of the things he'd been doing was looking through the manifest, and finding out exactly where those things were so that he could do just this in as few transports as possible. "Then we can go..." he said.

Cillian immediately moved into the main pilot seat, and started to finish up the pre-flight checks. "Huh, looks like they picked up the Hopper and the intact bridge escape pod already... We should, go pick those up... right?" he said, looking over his shoulder at Amelia.

"Or at least scrub them on our way out, either or," Amelia agreed. She perched in the chair Cillian had just vacated—looking but not touching the controls—she knew better than interfere with a pilot at work, her mother had made sure that lesson was impressed upon her by a young age. "We also have the Lovelace at that docking platform, which is also where your ship is, right?" Amelia directed a look at Travis across the cockpit. He glanced over his shoulder, then turned his focus back to whatever held his attention in the computer terminal.

"My ship's handled, Cilly's got it programmed to follow us once we launch. Maybe send your lightbulbs to get your shuttles? Sentient programs and all that means they've got backups, right?"

"Didn't Fen threaten to put you on a leash if you called either her or Tory lightbulb again?"

"Come on, you know your mother, do you really think that scares me?" Travis flashed Amelia a wide smile.

"You also know my mother, and that she taught me how to fight should scare you." Amelia smiled sweetly back at him, and he quickly looked away.

"Fair point. I'll apologize to Fen next time I see her."

"But sending Fen and Tory to handle the shuttles would make sense." Amelia tapped her combadge. "Waterhouse to Drayok and Drummond, please join me in the cockpit."

Moments later, Tory was there, its body settling from a long-legged mobile form back to its normal diminutive humanoid. "All crew transports complete, Captain. You have further orders?"

Fen was right behind Tory, having left this universes Cillian at the controls of the transporter pad. He seemed to be performing a lot of site to site transports.

"Whatever you're gonne have em do, it needs te be quick, I'm startin' te read phaser fire out there," Cillian informed her.

"We need to collect the Lovelace and Hopper—the latter having been collected along with one of our escape pods—and you two are our most qualified pilots aside from Cillian." Amelia glanced over her shoulder at the half denobulan. "We should do something about the escape pod, but I don't think it'll be able to keep up in our retreat even if we found another pilot for it. Cillian, do you have a location for the Hopper and escape pod?"

"You could send your Cilly, and mine can handle the Polaris here," Travis suggested.

Amelia forced a smile. "I want Cillian right here, thank you." She looked to Cillian for the answer to her question.

"Hangar three," he replied, without looking up from the controls. He wasn't going to move unless his captain told him to.

"We can use the same frying program I put in as a fail-safe on the Lovelace on the pod, I'll ping it to you, save me telling you the code to unlock the Lovelace?" Fen said, looking at Tory.

In that moment Cillian read a large explosion on sensors and then the turrets all decloaked at once and went nuts. "The moonbase's external defensive system has gone haywire, is that... The Turing?" His fingers started to dance. "It looks like the turrets aren't communicating any more... If we want to go... now would be a really good time..."

Amelia turned towards Cillian and her eyes slid over the sensor readouts. "Yes, launch us Lieutenant." She laid her hand on the back of his chair, then turned to look back at the two holographic officers. "Fen, Tory, go now. We can't leave tech behind, who knows what he will do with it if we do. Determine which is quicker, to slag the escape pod or bring it with us, and do that when you go grab the Hopper. I'm sure I don't need to remind you, we don't have backups for either of you, so please be extra cautious — as detrimental as leaving tech behind would be, I feel that losing either of you would be worse."

"On it Captain," Cillian replied, firing up the engines, firing off the codes Cilly had lined up to get them out of the hangar. He also opened a channel to the Turing to let them know who was piloting the ship they were seeing.

Fen nodded and turned, heading out with Tory on her heels. Almost crashing into Cilly on his way back in, who slid into the seat next to Cillian. "What the hell are ye doin'? Ye can't take off without tunes!" he said, leaning over to slap a colourful button on the other side of his counterpart. Immediately loud heavy rock music started blaring through the ship.

Cillian laughed, "This I could get used to," he said before the hail connected. "Turing, this is Hermes, we're coming to you, prepare to follow us out of this nightmare."

Here's the fry code for the pod if you decide you need it. Looks like we might be in for a long and boring ride though.

Having seen the Hopper's location over Cillian's shoulder, Fen stepped up to the transporter console and inputted two sets of coordinates and a timed transport.

Good Luck, Transport in three, two, one...

=/\= End Log =/\=

Captain Amelia Waterhouse
Commanding Officer
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A

Lieutenant JG Cillian Jarkil
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A

Ensign Centurion Drummond
Reconnaissance Specialist
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A

NPCs by Amy: Lt Zola, R&D Officer; Lt Cecilia Abbott, Chief of Security; Ens Veda Dragomirov, Combat Medic; CPO Ludwig Ryan, Nurse; Travis Foster, Defenders of Earth
NPCs by Zahara: Ens Drayok, Holographic Systems Specialist; Nadiv Sharir, Defenders of Earth; Cillian Jarkil, Defenders of Earth.
Guest appearance by Ens Aemrys t'Laris


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