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Lt Abbott, Ens t'Laris & Nadiv Sharir - "Can You Take Me Back?"

Posted on 2020-04-17 07:51 by Lieutenant Cecilia Abbott & Ensign Aemrys t'Laris & Nadiv Sharir

Mission: Poisoned Apples

Abbott had followed Div quietly—watching where they were going as much as she watched what he did—and was pleasantly surprised when they made good time back to the holding cells she'd escaped from with Zola not long ago. He did clearly know his way around the base, as his route was direct and made it in a fraction of the time it would have taken her to attempt to backtrack her escape route. She looked to Aemrys following at the rear and directed a chin up nod at the younger Vulcan-Romulan officer.

Div checked his watch again, checking guard movements, and then moved forward round the corner, ducking them into an alcove around the corner from the door to the holding cells. "O.k. we need to split up, come at them from both sides," he whispered. "Your choice who takes a quick scenic route back that way and around to the other side... should take 30 seconds... we'll count to 40 and then use the corners for cover to get whoever is in front of the doors, should be four, two either side of the corridor..." he told her. It wasn't fair for it to be him making that call, so he deferred to her. Shooting from both ends of the corridor gave them a larger surprise factor, and three people trying to lean around one corner wasn't practical.

Abbott looked between Aemrys and Div — the former had seemed to have handled the latter okay before she'd joined the group in the supply closet, so it was probably safe to leave her with him. Aemrys also had the only combadge between the two Starfleet officers, since hers had been taken while she'd been in custody and she hadn't been able to recover it when she and Zola had made their escape earlier. She also didn't want to send Div alone... because even if he didn't appear like he was going to betray them, she also didn't want to leave him unsupervised until she had a better idea what sort of person he was — and why he seemed so willing to help them. That's what really left Abbott on edge—given the reports she'd read about previous crossovers with this universe—it had always seemed that when a human– no, Terran had offered help, it was to further some unseen goal.

"t'Laris, you will go around the other side." Abbott looked Aemrys in the eye.

Nadiv had to fight hard not to roll his eyes. "Back the way we came, first right, then second right, left then first right again... we'll count to forty before making our move," he said, without looking back at them.

Abbott started counting softly as Aemrys disappeared down the corridor — she trusted that Aemrys would have been able to hear long enough to calibrate her own count due to her vulcanoid ears, and since Div was right here, he would be able to easily hear her. Abbott used the time as they waited for Aemrys to get into place to triple check the settings on the disruptor rifle. It was a simple beast, as most disruptors were, only a few power levels. She selected the one that was a level down from where the bitch she'd taken it from had set it and then did her best to recall the layout of the holding cell for when they made it inside. Previously there had been only one guard inside, but she had to assume that their previous escape might have increased that to two or more.

Nadiv checked the settings on both his pistols, and held them ready, when Abbott reached the end of her countdown, Nadiv jumped into the corridor as a distraction from Aemrys' shots from the other end and then darted across the junction so that he could get a better angle on the two guards on the other side of the corridor. One had dropped before they'd even raised their weapon and Div leaned round to take a pop at the other he could easily see.

Both Div and Aemrys fired as Abbott finished her countdown, and she was right there with them. Div moving across the corridor to the other side of the junction gave her room to take clear shots, and pick where on her target she was hitting. She aimed for limbs that would disable without killing, taking down a guard with a rapid one-two to the wrist and the knee to make them drop their pistol and go tumbling to the floor. For good measure, she followed up with a shot to destroy the pistol, as it looked like it was within grabbing distance with a bit of an effort.

As the last guard hit the deck, Abbott glanced to Div and nodded her head to indicate she was ready to move, then gestured to Aemrys to indicate she should meet them at the door when they moved.

Div had not been as generous as Abbott, but seeing the nod moved quickly down the corridor, pausing to pick up the remaining discarded rifles and pistols. They would need them, the pistol he slung into the holster he would have had his current weapon in. Frankly he preferred his own guns. He held the rifle out to Abbott and the second pistol to Aemrys. He paused by the door panel and looked to make sure everyone was ready, and hit the button.

There were indeed more guards inside the room than there would be normally, now two, and even with the commotion in the corridor to warn them they didn't stand much of a chance. Div, used to aiming to kill, shot one in the chest as she pulled the trigger at him, and he swept his arm back as he pulled himself back behind the cover of the door to make sure Abbott didn't get singed either. He chanced a glance at her and grinned before sticking his arm around the corner and firing again.

Abbott was surprised when Div pushed her out of the way of the disruptor blast that had been coming right for her, but she recovered quickly and crouched down to shoot from a low position. "Cover me," she said, and moved inside quickly before either Div or Aemrys could respond. She rolled for the cover of the desk. Instead of attempting to shoot the other guard, Abbott had her eyes on something else — the control panel for the cell that held her crew mates. Sparks showered the guard from behind when she hit her target, and after a bright flash, the force field on the cell shorted out. She lobbed the second rifle she'd been handed towards the group, trusting someone to make use of it.

Without questioning what she was about to do, Div leaned out and laid down cover fire, grinning when she took out the force fields. He too took a moment to slide the pistol he'd collected across to the cell in the hopes that they would put it to good use. They did and soon there was fire coming from directions the guard did not expect. A shot clipped her in the shoulder and she dropped her weapon, clutching her shoulder in agony.

Abbott moved from cover when she heard the the woman crying out from her injury and when it was clear to all that the only remaining opposition was disarmed, fire stopped. One of the crew took the woman's dropped disruptor as Abbott approached.

"Miss me, bitch?" Abbott's kicked her onto her back, and her boot landed on the woman's shoulder to pin her down, provoking a shout. Abbott looked at her crew mates and quickly tossed her head to indicate they needed to move. "I'm going to be leaving a less than stellar review in the multiverse review system — one star, sub par sleeping accommodations, no meal service, and the staff are rude. Also, executing my crew mates lost you the second star that keeping Jarkil alive might have earned you." She twisted her boot and the guard grunted as Abbott turned to follow the rear of the group. "Div, you've got lead, t'Laris take point with him. I've got the rear."

While Abbott was talking to the guard on the floor, with whom she apparently had an issue, Nadiv did a quick head count and activated his watch, using the holographic interface to send a group message to Cilly and Trav. He watched them all getting themselves ready to go, and enjoyed the commentary from Abbott with a grin, before a paper aeroplane indicated a reply, from Cilly. He grinned, turns out the boy wasn't as full of shit as some might have said. "Spread the weapons out between those of you who are best with them, let's go," he said and started off. Pausing at the corner he saw he had another message and popped off a quick response before checking round the corner and leading the group on their way.

Abbott locked the door into the holding cell room on her way out as she followed the group, and noted the activity on Div's watch. "You talking with the tall idiot with the Cap, or Casanova?"

"Both," he replied with a smile. "We've got an exit plan, with room for everyone, we've got to get up the landing pads on level two," he informed her as he checked another corridor. "Elevator, or access shafts?"

"Lifts are going to be faster, unless you think we made enough noise someone will know to shut them down on us. You're more familiar with their operating procedures here... how likely are we to become fish in a rain barrel if we take the lifts?" Abbott looked through the group — while she knew she was up for eight levels of climbing, she knew she was above average in her fitness rating, and the crew had been through a lot in the last day or so.

"I know which one I'd rather," he said with a smile, "I think we should be fine, we were quick," he replied, left, second left, and then on the right. He slapped the button to call the elevator.

"Worse comes to worse, I haven't met a lift I can't find the emergency hatch on and get out of." Abbott grinned as the group gathered around Div. The door opened and she watched back down the corridor as everyone shuffled in.

Nadiv stepped in last, popped the control panel off the wall and grabbed a couple of wires out of the back of it, sliding them into the interface slots across the top of his watch. Nadiv wished Cilly was here, he was better at this, but he could do it... he swiped and flicked for about ten seconds, and then the doors slid shut in front of them. He flicked and swiped a little more, and they started moving up.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lt Cecilia Abbott
Chief of Security
USS Joshua Norton

Nadiv Sharir
Second in Command
Defenders of Earth - ACDC

Guest Appearance by Ens Aemrys t'Laris - Infiltration Specialist


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