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Lt Abbott, Ens Lakkari, Ens t'Laris & Nadiv Sharir - "No Truth, No Sense"

Posted on 2020-03-31 08:44 by Lieutenant Cecilia Abbott & Chief Petty Officer Ludwig Ryan & Ensign Aysel Lakkari & Ensign Aemrys t'Laris & Nadiv Sharir

Mission: Poisoned Apples

As the group moved down the corridor, Cecilia Abbott was on high alert. She didn't know if she could really trust this man she was following — the other man had called him Div and given she wasn't corrected when she'd refer to him as such, that appeared to be as much introduction as she was going to get. Abbott was trying to figure out what the deal was with the other man — the Captain was treating him as if she knew him, but not necessarily trusted him, and he said he'd been to their universe. It seemed questionable for the Captain to take up with anyone from this universe, and it left Abbott ill at ease. She was about to turn and glance back to see how Lakkari was doing—even though it was Ludwig's job to keep an eye on her—when the display panels in the corridor walls sprung to life, tiling the same feed as far as they could see.

An older blond man stood at the front of a stage, behind him stood Commander sh'Teris, Ensign Borom, and Lieutenant Jarkil under guard. Knowing that had to be their Jarkil given that his double was here with this group, Abbott felt it was pretty reasonable to guess that sh'Teris and Borom were theirs too. Standing there too was Veda, it was less clear if she was theirs or this universe's as she did not appear to be a prisoner. There was also Cecil duPont, and he had to be this universe's as they hadn't brought theirs with them.

The blond man cleared his throat and clasped his hands behind his back as he started to speak.

"We all work hard to make this place a home, protected from the harshness of the political games of the powers at large. Squabbling over who decides how everyone is allowed to live in this sector or that, who's allowed to live or who must die. Who is considered acceptable collateral damage." There was a pause as his focus moved away from the device recording the feed for a moment. "It is unfortunate that sometimes the outside world chooses not to let us be. Chooses to violate the sanctity of our home. To remind us of those we have lost."

The sound of an unseen crowd agreeing with his statement spilled from the feed for a moment as he turned around.

"Thalzejiv sh'Teris, shei of Kervejiv ch'Zhelth, and Tybal Borom, son-in-law of Komaz Jolax." The guards prodded them both to step forward. "Your chada, and your father-in-law, both had hand in the attack on the vIghro' base, where my wife lost her life. You will face retribution for the death of Andrea Stevens."

Nadiv was moving quickly, keen to get the job done and get them all out of there when the screens flickered. He glanced back at Cilly, who seeing the sight on the screens had stopped moving and visibly paled. Well, visibly enough for Nadiv who knew him very well at least. It was one thing to know that his other self was here, but another entirely to see himself up on stage with a rifle in his back.

"Fairly sure we can watch on the move if you're all feeling that morbid," Nadiv said pointedly. As sickening as this was it was the perfect distraction, all the guards would be at the 'ceremony' leaving everything but the essentials unguarded and unmanned. But as much as they needed this equipment and supplies... Waterhouse wouldn't be happy to know there were miscreants running free on his base, and he was already pointing rifles at people, it was only a matter of time before he rounded up the rest of the ones who refused to give him the answers he wanted. "How many more of you are there, and where, because if I've noticed anything about you people its that you won't take something like this lying down. If one of you makes this execution not go the way he's planning... As many of you as possible need to get out of here alive and that's my friend's speciality," he said with a glance at Cilly. The kid bragged about how he'd stolen that ship more times than any of them could count, and it may well be time for him to put his money. or more accurately, all their lives where his mouth was.

"Crew was thirty-two, and we lost two for sure during the little duck hunt earlier. Based on the numbers I saw in the holding cells, and what Zola and I heard after we got out, I think we were at nineteen here, eleven on the planet. So probably ten of the former in his custody?"

The feed on the wall continued — sh'Teris and Borom moved forward. It was clear that the former carried themself with more poise and strength, and the latter was trying his best to follow suit.

"This is not retribution, this is madness, and your hate will be your undoing."

sh'Teris's words caused Abbott to stop and stare at the screen.

"I was already undone when my wife was murdered."

The disruptor blasts were bright enough the screens all filled with green-white for two brief flashes, making the corridor brighter. When they cleared again, Borom was only visible for a second as his lifeless body fell out of view and sh'Teris was already gone from view.

Abbott growled, and started moving again. "Everyone in custody was in the holding cells on level eight when Zola and I escaped. Obviously we're down two more now." Her tone was cold, and she clenched her disruptor tighter.

"Let's go," Nadiv said. "Not to sound heartless but this is the best distraction we're likely to get," he said and started to move, taking the next right to the turbolift.

"You'll get no arguments from me. Besides, using their otherwise senseless deaths to save others takes some of the sting out of the loss." Abbott kept pace with Nadiv without a moment's pause. "But it might be a good idea to let Mr. Sticky Fingers here get started on our exit plan. I'm guessing the intention is to liberate a vessel of some sort from our gracious host? If so, Aysel probably will get a better chance to rest going with him, and Ludwig needs to keep an eye on her... and Aemrys can watch his back." Abbott directed a look over her shoulder at Aemrys, intending to convey that she'd be going as much to watch Cillian's back as he worked as to watch out for Aysel and Ludwig.

Aemrys gulped as she witnessed the summary execution of Commander sh'Teris and Ensign Borom. While she didn't know them personally, they had been acquaintances. Still, it wasn't any better to see their presence suddenly dashed with a single pull of a trigger. She was trained for this, but experiencing such travesty versus preparing were two completely different schools of thought; it was almost surreal, and a hidden, subconscious disgust festered deep within the depth of Aemrys ego as she was reminded of a very similar situation that happened just hours ago at the transporter pad. At least it was clean, no blood, no tiny pile of ash, it was almost as if they were never there in the first place. Pinching the bridge of her nose with her right hand whilst the left held onto the undergrip of the same model of disruptor used to take the lives of her crewmates, Aemrys tried clearing her mind, at least for the time being.

It seemed to have worked however, and when her named was called by her CO, her head darted right back up. Her eyes were wide, but when she had fully comprehended the order, they shrinked back to what they were, a pair of blank, indifferent pupils belonging to that of a drone ready to carry out the directive given by her superior. Giving Abbott a nod, Aemrys looked over to Aysel and Ludwig, before settling her gaze on the other Cillian. She supposed Abbott didn't fully trust him, which was why she directed her to watch Ludwig's back, but only time will tell if Mirror Cillian will two-time them.

"Small point," Cilly said from the back of the group as Aemrys gave him the side eye. "I need stealth, if I have te shoot me way inte anywhere, we're humped, and ye won't get te me anyway, she'll be more use te you two, who will need fire power te get people out of a cell, and guns te spare once yeh've got a large column of people te protect." It was simple tactics, take more guns to the bigger fight. Cilly was hoping there wasn't going to be a fight on his side of the equation, and if there was he didn't want some snazzy jacketed do gooder telling him not to vaporise the guys on the other side. "I want te get out o' here as much as the rest o' ye, cause if ye hadn't noticed tha's my face up there," he said pointing at the screen, not looking at it deliberately so that he didn't see his counterpart get fried.

Nadiv looked at Cilly and then at Abbott. "I don't normally say this, but tactically, he is right, she would be more help with us," he said, looking at Abbott. "If I was going to fuck you over, I'd have done it when I saved your princesses from the transporter room, I'm guessing your security because both of you know your way around a rifle and you seem to be keeping your head better than the blue guy that we lost on the way to that storage closet did. We're facing unknown odds and..." he glanced at the monitor.

"Now for you, Jarkil."

"His life belongs to me," said a woman recognised as one of the Daughters of Sato as she stepped between them.

Corey snorted, and immediately held out the disruptor. "You're hardly the only one here this silver tongued devil has crossed, but as you're a guest..." Dragomirov took the rifle and then... with a sudden commotion and a blur, Corey had been knocked out of sight and Cillian was holding Dragomirov like shield.

Nadiv looked up at Cilly. "Go!" he barked, most definitely an order from a superior, Cilly nodded and turned, gesturing for Ludwig and Aysel to follow him.

"While I'd rather not take a life if I can help it, I got enough training with this horror to watch our backs, ma'am," Ludwig spoke up, indicating the disruptor rifle hanging across his back. He quickly swung it around forward, attaching the bundle of medicine and equipment to care for Aysel to the rifle's strap so he could use it if necessary.

Abbott sighed and growled — they were right, and trying to figure out a way to argue that they weren't was only going to cost more lives. "Okay, t'Laris, on my six. Chief, keep your head down and eyes open. Try to maintain radio silence unless absolutely necessary to break it." And Abbott looked between Aemrys and Div as she turned her attention away from Cillian, Ludwig, and Aysel, trusting them to do what was necessary.

If there was one thing Aysel hated even more about the current situation than the danger to their lives, it was how useless she was feeling during this entire endeavour. The medicine from earlier had helped, she could not claim to feel good, but at the very least she was feeling better. "Understood sir." With her improved condition, she could now actually do a decent job of sneaking around and focusing on not being a hindrance to her group, although she was too painfully aware of her lack of skills in this scenario to be able to offer any kind of advice. If they got out of here, no when they did, she would have to look into secondary training.

After they split off from the group she opened her mouth at last. "With all due respect to both of you. Should we be caught and have no reasonable hope of safe escape, please leave me behind. I could feed them false intel and moreover, there is little else I could do to be useful to the operation."

Ludwig shook his head. "With all due respect, ma'am, but as your attending nurse, you're not slipping my noose that easily."

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lt Cecilia Abbott
Chief of Security
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Aysel Lakkari
Forensic Psychologist
U.S.S. Joshua Norton

Ensign Aemrys t'Laris
Infiltration Specialist
U.S.S. Joshua Norton

Nadiv Sharir
Second in Command
Defenders of Earth - ACDC

NPC by Amy: CPO Ludwig Ryan, Nurse
NPC by Zahara: Cillian Jarkil, Defenders of Earth - ACDC


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