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Ens Lakkari, Ens t'Laris & CPO Ryan - "Not a Crime"

Posted on 2020-03-11 07:53 by Lieutenant Cecilia Abbott & Chief Petty Officer Ludwig Ryan & Ensign Aysel Lakkari & Ensign Aemrys t'Laris & Nadiv Sharir

Mission: Poisoned Apples

With the door closed, Nadiv deposited his charge on a conveniently placed crate. "Right, medical supplies," he headed into the store, and turned around the rack. "Over here," he called, pulling a crate down and opening it.

Ludwig laid a hand on Aysel's shoulder for a brief moment before he followed the stranger.

"I would kill for a good medical tricorder to see what our crash and all this running has done to her, but at this point, I'd settle for some medical staples and a clean bandage," Ludwig muttered as he stepped in close to look into the crate. "Thank you for your help."

"Medical scanners," Nadiv muttered, taking a step to the side and looking down at the device on his wrist. Swiping his fingers across the surface of the device. "Alpha-seven-delta-two-nine," he muttered again, and then grinned. "If the old codger is good for anything it's stockpiling," he said with a grin, and pulled down a smaller crate. He reached inside and pulled out something that looked nothing like a tricorder, but it most definitely was. "Do you need a crash course?" he asked holding it out with a grin, knowing it wouldn't be anything like what they were used to using.

Ludwig accepted the device, turned it over in his hands once, and then turned it on. "Part of my training was how to figure out unfamiliar equipment — because one never knows what you'll have available to you in an emergency." He detached a scanner from the device and ran it past the part of his head that took the butt of the disruptor rifle not long ago. Thankfully the readouts were in Standard, or near enough that they made sense — some minor swelling from the blow to the skull and his brain being knocked about, but for being pistol whipped a minor concussion wasn't a surprising outcome. "Is there any Trianoline, or something else for concussion? And maybe a dermal regenerator? I closed her original wound when we first got into the escape pod, but our landing is rough, and I can't tell if the crash caused her more damage or split her open again..."

Nadiv checked the device on his wrist again, and pointed at a box. "Medicines start there, finished there," he said pointing at the bottom box of the next column. "Regenerators..." he said checking again and pulling out the box above the one he'd got the scanner from. "Anything in there look about right?" he asked, holding the box out. Honestly, the quicker this was done with, the better.

Ludwig eyed the contents of the proffered box, and picked up a slender device. As he touched the controls and a green beam of light extended from the end, he tossed it up and caught it again as he moved towards the boxes that had been pointed out to hold the medicine.

"What can I call you?" Ludwig spared a momentary glance before his eyes traveled over the labels on the carefully sorted boxes. They appeared to be in alphabetical order, and he pulled the one that contained most of the medications starting with t.

They were still alive, how exactly they had managed that was a mystery to Aysel. Well no, they had gotten their asses saved with a rescue timing straight out of a story. Still, not all was well and with the haliian equivalent of adrenaline quickly being broken down in her system, Aysel was getting really tired. It became harder and harder to stay with the group. Logically she knew she could hardly take a nap while the whole base would be on to them with a bit of bad luck, but the body had a mind of its own.

As soon as she was placed down and the door was firmly closed behind them she could not help but sigh and close her eyes, and it was ever so hard to open them up again. The medical talk from Ludwig barely registered with her and if the others would let her, she would simply fall asleep then and there. A closer inspection would reveal that the wound had indeed reopened as a result of the crash and that she was now suffering from a severe head trauma. Although it could wait until they were in a safe place, there was a realistic chance that this was not going to be an event Aysel could simply walk off.

Aemrys was the last one to slip into the small storage room before the door behind them was shut. Her nerves were slowly starting to build as the others began deliberating over medical equipment. She supposed with a medical mind, that was what Chief Ludwig was occupied with, the current state of his own patient and not their situation as a whole. Aemrys couldn't grasp that concept. She wasn't too close to 'dollface' slumping down over there anyway and she was still a bit salty from that whole rant she got an entire earful of. Oh well, no use in dwelling on the past.

With a huff, Aemrys stuck her back to the wall Aysel had decided to slump against before slowly sliding down herself. Sitting down cross legged, Aemrys gave 'dollface' a glance before turning to look elsewhere, the disruptor rifle now resting flat side down on her thighs. Her mind wandered to the man that had saved them. He hadn't given them a name yet, maybe he's one of those mysterious stranger type of individual. As the moments passed and the two continued to mull over the medical equipment, Aemrys decided to bow her head and pray. They were probably going to be here for a while, what better than to spend the time mumbling away to four deities that floated all around.

Nadiv put the box back on the shelf. "Nadiv, and you?" he replied simply. He pulled a neatly folded bag out of his pocket and unfurled it. Letting the guy get on with taking care of their injured crew member. He started pulling boxes off shelves skimming a few items out of each and putting them in the bag.

"Ludwig." Ludwig watched Nadiv start collecting things into the bag — it was a pretty safe guess that he was keeping his quantities limited to avoid the missing items being noticed, and he had a list he was following as he kept checking the device on his wrist. Ludwig collected the Trianoline he'd been seeking, and turned his attention to the box he'd retrieved the regenerator from to collect a hypospray to load the cartridge into. "So, where's your Sherwood forest?" Ludwig crossed the room to where Aysel and Aemrys sat, squatting down in front of Aysel as he woke the medical scanner up. He looked around as something occurred to him — it was entirely too quiet. "You didn't notice a Bolian follow us from the transporter room did you?"

"My what?" Nadiv asked, not getting the reference at all, partly because he was too busy at least attempting to make sure their mission wasn't a complete waste. He looked around too and shook his head. "There wasn't one in sight when I shut the door," he informed them.

Ludwig took a deep breath as he scanned Aysel. He frowned at what the readout said, and he set his supplies down. "Did either of you see Dr. Broll when we followed Nadiv out of the transporter room?" He gently laid his hand on Aysel's chin and turned her head so he could look at her injury, and spotted fresh blood. He tried to remember if he saw exam gloves with the supplies, but Aysel didn't look like she was doing so well, so he didn't want to get up and go look. "You're bleeding again, you must have taken another hit to the back of your head when the escape pod crashed. How are you feeling?"

"Feel like crap and like sleeping, that is not a good sign is it?" With a soft groan, Aysel replied, though she did not bother to open her eyes as she titled her head the other way, allowing the doctor to have a good look at her wound. With some serious effort, she managed to clear her head enough to give the doctor some better symptoms. "Sorry I... very dizzy, minor nausea, strong headache, disorientation and very tired sir."

Ludwig chuckled and collected the dermal regenerator. "Don't call me sir, I work for a living." He parted her hair, careful not to touch the wound itself since he didn't have sterilization equipment or gloves currently, then turned on the dermal regenerator. "When we get back, you'll probably want someone like Doctor Broll to do some repair to prevent scarring and hair loss, but for now at least you're patched up again. Try not to crash land in anymore escape pods, okay?" Ludwig was concerned they'd lost Lem, but as Lem was in a healthy state last he saw him, Aysel needed his undivided attention for the moment. "I have some Trianoline, that should help with your other symptoms... but until we're sure we're somewhere safe enough to stay long term, I can't let you sleep. And even then, I'll have to wake you periodically to make sure you're not getting any worse. Nadiv? I don't suppose you've spotted any plasma during your redistribution efforts over there, have you?"

In her current state, the humour of the joke was mostly lost on Aysel as she just made a soft groan and nodded her head a bit. He was very right about wanting to see a doctor as soon as they were back on the ship, this was one of the few times on an assignment she had been off ship for something other than shore leave and the first time there was danger to her life, all their lives and she was spending it as a liability for her group. "Yeah, thank you." Honestly, she was still feeling sick and horrible, but at the very least it would stop the bleeding. "Right so... what is the plan again?"

"I'll have a look," Nadiv replied as he continued his work.

"Thank you," Ludwig directed at Nadiv, then looked to Aemrys. "I believe that our plan falls to Ensign t'Laris to decide, as with Dr. Broll's absence, she's the highest ranked officer of sound mind and body currently."

It took Aemrys a while to realize that eyes were on her. Her head was still bowed as she prayed to the four unseen deities that guarded the lives of all, but with silence filling the room, she relinquished in her attempts at prayer before tuning up to see a good pair of eyes staring at her. The words from Chief Ludwig hit her like a pile of firewood, laid on her back to carry so they may survive this cold winter they are currently in. Dazzled to say the least, the Romulan scratched the upper-most crest of her ridged forehead before speaking.

"Okay, okay... uhh..." She mumbled as her head turned on its swivel for a quick glance around. They were in a supply closet, that much was obvious from the entire layout. Purely medical? Maybe, maybe not though that can easily be deciphered with a peak at all the loot. "Um... okay, well, we know this is a base and we're in a supply closet right now. Our objective will be to get outta here of course, we can do that by uh..." Her eyes fell to Aysel, the Haliian their unknown savior had to carry out of that sticky situation earlier. She looked peaceful while she dozed but that was about it. Grimacing, Aemrys looked back to Ludwig, "...uh, I'm sure this place has shuttles? Yes, shuttles, that'll be our ticket outta here."

Turning her gaze to Nadiv, Aemrys bowed her head. She figured the best way to accomplish their MO was to work strictly and diligently with this individual, placing all their trust upon him. While not the soundest, it seems Nadiv is all they have. "Mr. uhh... Nadiv, hi, hey, Ensign t'Laris," Aemrys mumbled as she scooched closer to Nadiv, with her right hand out in a handshake. "I'm sure we both would like more formal introductions but I believe that is beyond the scope of our time frame right now. So... would you kindly, show us where we can snag the nearest shuttle and get the hell outta this base?"

Nadiv didn't look up as the officer rounded the shelving. He had a job to do, and he was trying to concentrate on it. Skimming was a job that required concentration, required the ability to know how much was enough but also not too much. He was also hoping to come across some plasma soon, and honestly, if Ludwig had asked for it he figured it would be unwise to go anywhere without it. "There is a small ship, but thanks to a friend of mine I doubt it's going to be as easy to steal as it was when he stole it," he muttered with a reply. Because all of these people wouldn't fit in one of the 'shuttles' in the hangar.

He loaded a few more things into the bag, shut the box he was working on, checked his list and pulled out the next box. Immediately he pulled out a bag and held it out to Aemrys. "The princess is in luck," he told her as he turned back to the box, skimming a few things and then moving on again. "We can lay low in here for a little while, no offence, but I've got a job to do," he said as he looked up. The next box he needed was a couple of columns down. "Excuse me," he said, indicating that Aemrys was in his way.

Aemrys only blinked as Nadiv bluntly told her to move, though it took her a while to actually fumble out of the way. Adding a swift apology, she glanced down on the bag she was handed by their savior for a brief moment before quickly tossing it to Ludwig. They looked to be hypos, and while she knew how to ingest them, it was probably best for Ludwig to do such an act. With her stolen plasma rifle now slung over her right shoulder, Aemrys stared at Nadiv as he continued to "skim" the shelves. She supposed it was only natural for people in the Mirror Universe to be doing such an act; hell, she knew some back in her universe that had no qualms in committing this venial sin. With a sigh and her arms now folded across her chest, Aemrys bobbed her head. "Alright, alright, sheesh. Guess we'll just... hang around here while you clean this place out."

"If I was cleaning it out, I'd have brought more bags," he replied, not stopping. "Besides, your friend could do with a few minutes."

Ludwig offered Aemrys a smile as he caught the bag. Inside were multiple cartridges of plasma, a few different types to cover a number of species, and he was able to quickly locate one that was suitable to Aysel's Haliian physiology. It didn't take long for him to dose her with both the plasma and the Trianoline without disturbing her rest, and set about picking out a few more doses of the plasma. Then Ludwig joined Aemrys and Nadiv at the shelves.

"He's only taking a little bit of each item he needs, in order to avoid anyone noticing. It's a common technique in situations where one or a few people horde resources, leaving many others to suffer without. The longer it goes unnoticed, the longer they can continue to get what they need without it being made more difficult for them." Ludwig held the bag with the plasma cartridges out to Aemrys. "Aysel's as stable as I can get her given our current situation, but he's right. She needs rest until we can get her to proper medical facilities. I pulled aside some plasma and Trianoline, and I'll carry her when we move out again. If you remember where he pulled the plasma from, can you put it back so he can keep focused on his task?"

And Nadiv did stay focused, for about fifteen minutes and three bags, when a paper plane flew out of his watch and circled his wrist. He opened the message and replied. The exchange went back and forth for a few messages before he sent a final reply. He looked at his unlikely companions, sighed and went back to his skimming, they needed this stuff, no matter what any of this Starfleet lot thought about it.

Aemrys' eyes trailed Nadiv as he went about his business before she was finally called away by Chief Ludwig. Attention now on the chief, she took the bag he offered before repaying him with a nod paired with a small smile. Wasting no time, she returned the plasma and Trianoline to the shelf before leaving the Terran alone as she found her spot next to Aysel once again. Sitting like before, Aemrys heaved a sigh as her stare hardened on Aysel. "I hope she'll be all right..." was the only few words muttered from her lips.

A little while later, Nadiv got another message on the device attached to his wrist. "We've got friends incoming," he announced to the room at large as he replied to Cilly's message, telling him where they were. Sure enough a minute or so later, the supply closet door opened and Cilly walked in, followed by Abbott.

"So, uh, 'e knows I'm not dead, or at least... he knows my mirror counterpart ain't... and I figured I'd best not be in the room when... ye know..." Cilly said, as he moved round the shelf to stand next to Nadiv, who nodded and shut the last of his bags with a satisfied smile.

"Shop number two needs our attention anyway," Nadiv said, as he moved back around to the door. "Time to move, if we run into anyone, I know it's not how you were trained, but shoot to kill, because that's how they'll be treating you," he said, looking at the new comer who'd managed to secure herself a rifle. She looked like she knew how to handle it too by the way she was holding it.

"I don't have much of a choice, this piece of junk doesn't exactly have a stun setting," Abbott answered as her eyes moved over Aemrys, Aysel, and Ludwig. "What's Lakkari's status? Is she good to move?"

"She needs rest until she can get proper medical attention, but I can carry her if she's too groggy to move on her own right now," Ludwig answered as he slung his collected rifle over his back and bundled the supplies he'd pulled aside. He gently shook Aysel's shoulder in an attempt to wake her up.

"Captain wants us to find a safe place to shelter while she attempts to collect the rest of the crew. t'Laris, have you seen anything on this level suitable, or should we stay with these two?" Abbott looked to Nadiv, clearly evaluating him.

At the sight of her Senpai Commanding Officer, Aemrys skipped to her feet before greeting the blonde with a cheerful wave, the disruptor rifle that sat on her lap falling down only to be caught by the sling. Cecilia Abbot's familiar face was a welcoming addition to the strangers she's seen thus far, though the other that came with her seemed to be Cillian.

"Not much from what I can tell," Aemrys responded when asked the question of suitability by her CO. "We've ran through a long corridor and ended up here, we were originally in a transport room but I doubt that's secure... Our friend recommended holing up here, but this is a supply closet, so it's just a matter of time before someone comes looking for supplies. I suggest we stick with those two until something more discreet than a supply closet shows up."

Aysel had been spending her moment of peace with closed eyes and leaning against the wall. With her head wound somewhat taken care off, she was feeling a bit better, though the dizziness and nausea remained. She could not help but chuckle about a small irony. It had not even been a day before when she said she did not need to know anything medical and it was not her job, what she would not give for taking that back. The situation had thought her how important it was to have everyone help out, she just hoped she would live to learn her lesson. "If we need to move when needed sir. Doubt I will be able to be of help in combat, but I should not slow us down."

"Do your best, Ensign, but also remember there's no shame in accepting help if you need it. The group is only as strong as the weakest member, and we can only lift you up if we know you need it." Abbott patted Aysel's shoulder as she moved toward Nadiv and Cillian. "We can watch your back while you continue your task, and we wait to hear from our captain, or you can direct us to somewhere out of the way to wait and leave you to it." She looked to Nadiv for a response, clearly marking him as the one she felt was in charge between the two.

"We're done here, looking to move on, and honestly considering the current situation I doubt you'll find anywhere safe to hole up for any real length of time. We've probably been here too long, but as I've ended up doing this alone it couldn't be helped." If someone had offered to help then things would have gone quicker, but it wasn't like he'd asked. He wasn't sure he could trust these people, and sure he was more likely to be able to trust them than a random person from this universe but. "If you're watching our backs, then we need to get something straight, do exactly as I say, go where I tell you, no arguments. I can't afford any more information about our movements around the base to get out, we still need to be able to come back." He did at least appreciate that this woman seemed reasonable, and understanding of how things worked in this universe, more so than the officer who seemed to have deferred to her once she walked in. Not that he was judging, they were all used to the way things worked in their universe, but she really could have done with actually knocking the guard unconscious when he'd told her to. "So, shall we?"

"I'll deffer to your judgement as long as I do not judge it to be a risk to my people. If you feel that's reasonable, then let's move." Abbott looked to Aemrys. "I'll be on point with Div here, you take rear guard."

Ludwig offered Aysel his hand to help her up.

Nadiv gave Cillian a significant look, flicked his gaze Aemrys, who had been instructed to take up the rear, and looked back at Cillian. He too looked at Aemrys, and then nodded before taking half a step away to check his rifle. It was a nervous habit, and Nadiv watched him for a moment, he mostly trusted the kid not to bolt on them, but this was more life and death for him than it was most of them. If he didn't have such sticky fingers he wouldn't have been considered for this mission. Cillian looked up at him, frowned and then rolled his eyes. He was fine, or at least determined to pretend to be, all he knew was that he wasn't keen to watch mirror him die. That would be a step too weird.

"Are we dun yappin' or cen we get outta here?" he asked, managing to only sound a little irritable.

Nadiv laughed and handed him one of the bags before shouldering the remaining bag himself. He moved to the door, gave Abbott a nod and looked over the group. "We ready?" he asked, wanting to give them all a moment to make any final preparations they might need before opening the door. Even as he waited he was tapping into the security feeds to check the cameras outside.

Aysel did not have to think twice and gladly took the hand to help her up, hopefully Ludwig was prepared for it as soon he would have to bear all of her weight as she pulled herself upon his arm. All in all, Aysel was still looking like crap, but there seemed to be more colour in her face now then there had been about half an hour ago. "Ready as we will ever be I suppose. And thank you, this would have gone horribly horribly wrong if you had not been there to help us at the last moment."

The cameras were clear, and everyone seemed to be ready. He nodded to Cilly over everyone's heads, glanced sideways at Abbott and opened the door.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Ensign Aysel Lakkari
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Ensign Aemrys t'Laris
Infiltration Specialist
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A

CPO Ludwig Ryan
USS Joshua Norton

Nadiv Sharir
Second in Command
Defenders of Earth - ACDC

NPC by Amy: Lt Cecilia Abbott, Chief of Security
NPCs by Zahara: Cillian Jarkil, Defenders of Earth - ACDC


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