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LtJG Broll, Ens Lakkari, Ens t'Laris & CPO Ryan - "Sure I Meant Well But Look At What Well Meant Did"

Posted on 2020-01-28 08:47 by Chief Petty Officer Ludwig Ryan & Lieutenant JG Lem Broll M.D. & Ensign Aysel Lakkari & Ensign Aemrys t'Laris & Nadiv Sharir

Mission: Poisoned Apples

The impact with the moon had been pretty rough. They'd been spinning too fast for Ludwig to do anything to soften the landing, so they'd smacked directly into the surface and bore down, creating a sizable crater. The impact had stunned Ludwig, and he was nearly certain his tailbone was going to hate him until he could get a doctor to look at it. His head swam, and he could hear the sound of precious air leaking out through one or more holes in the hull of the pod, but any attempt to look around only left him feeling nauseated, so he closed his eyes and sat hoping that it would pass quickly.

Then the transporter beam had taken hold and he thanked whatever deity may have been listening, until they materialized to find themselves staring down the barrels of disruptor rifles.

"Okay, which of you assholes is the one in charge?" A blond human in an orange parka stepped forward, his disruptor rifle gesturing at the four people on the transporter pad that stood in the center of a large circular room. The ceiling was transparent, giving a view of the tail end of battle above, with four doorways that split the circumference into quarters.

Unable to quickly react in a witty way, he just put up his hand and stepped forwards. "I wouldn't say Asshole, but in charge, sure. If you need someone to talk to, you can talk to me. Mhm." Lem looked around him, taking in the sights, then at his teammates or well, crewmates. "I have an injured member, I'd like to request medical care for them." He had to say that, be decisive and maybe even have them show some compassion for their situation. Lem was disheveled looking after the spinning and panic of the craft they were in. If he would've had hair, it was everywhere now, alas that sight was not to be reality. His uniform still showed they were Starfleet however. His extra pips probably making him a target, at least that's what he thought.

"And I'd like a fucking pony, but here we are." The man strode up onto the transporter platform—his companions kept their weapons trained on Lem, Aysel, Aemrys, and Ludwig—walking between the four people who'd just beamed in. He poked Ludwig in the ribs with the tip of disruptor rifle as he made no effort to hide his looking Aemrys over from head to toe. As his gaze moved on to Aysel, he didn't progress any further than the back of her head. He let out a low whistle as he stepped closer and leaned in to inspect her wound. "Shit, that's gotta hurt, sugar."

Panic, the vanguard of emotions that dictated these exchanges was the first to arrive on the scene, followed by his girlfriend dread before being joined by the rest of the ensemble. But who was her emotions kidding anyway, Aemrys had trained extensively for the possibility of capture by OpFor and like the good Intel Operative that she is, she swallowed any feelings of dread and anxiety into her metaphorical stomach of emotions for a regurgitative scream later.

The location they were currently in was very self explainable. A transporter room, that much was obvious with the whole thing they were standing on but what caught Aemrys' eyes was the transparent ceiling and what appeared to be a battle. She wondered who the participants were, though from the looks of the individuals before them, an inkling was scratching at the edge of her mind. The parka the man wore, along with a general lack of uniformity with the men behind him told a tale of insurgents, partisans, or guerrillas. Or they could have easily been conscripted auxiliaries, pressed into service by whatever sadistic government that is currently in charge. That would be the worst case. At least with partisans, you can bargain with, as long as you weren't a member of that said sadistic government.

She kept her eyes trained on the human as he began approaching the four, her right hand floating on that hand-phaser she's had since their exodus from the sickbay. From the way he carried himself, that stride of his, she could take him easily but playing Russian Roulette with her teammates' lives wasn't really up to regulations and not to mention the several other barrels that had her face trained in their sights. A plan brewed in her mind however, and the first step was to check the functionality of her weapon. But of course, the weapon was disabled. She should have known in hindsight that their captors would pull a stunt like this and so with another swallow, she tilted her head slightly upwards as her eyes trained upon the blonde man in orange parka, eyes keen on any sudden and sharp movement.

Crashing was never a pleasant experience. But it was something else to crash, spin and having to endure when your head was already bleeding. Although Aysel's head had been fuzzy, she was pretty sure she had been praying for it to just stop, just have the pain end. She admit that she had expected that ending to be something more permanent then being rescued by a transporter. Though it was hard to think as the pain drove pretty much any other though out of her head and she could not clearly see with the tears that had flooded into her eyes. She let out a soft groan as she tried to get up from the floor, one hand holding the back of her head with blood seeping through the fingers. "Please.... I need medical... aid" It was hard to find the right words and the Haliian looked like she could simply faint and fall over at any time.

With heavy sigh and a look over his shoulder at his companions, he held out his left hand to Aysel while pointing the disruptor rifle in his right towards the ceiling. "Okay dollface, on your feet. Boss ain't gonna be happy if we let one of you die before he decides what to do with you. The rest of you assholes, get a move on. You get to cool your heels in a holding cell until showtime."

"She can't walk, as you can see she suffered–" Ludwig stepped towards Aysel and the man, only to get the butt of the disruptor pistol upside the head. Ludwig staggered backwards, missing the edge of the transporter pad and landing sprawling across the floor. He braced himself on one arm to half sit up, but making no further move to get up.

"Careful there, jackass, or we'll be dragging you to the med bay by your feet." The blond man looked back to Aysel, holding his hand out to her once more. "On your feet before we have to drag you."

Although the treatment was painfully rude and humiliating, there was little Aysel could do but grind her teeth, not that she was in the mindset to. She gave an apologetic look to Chief Petty Officer Ryan before she scrambled to her feet as well as she could and grabbed the mans hand and forearm with her two hands, quickly joining his side as if she were a possessive girlfriend, putting most of her weight on him as she let out a soft. "Please lead the way." Acting with any attitude was not going to help them, and she knew better than to act entitled with an unknown faction that was heavily armed, just saved them from dead while she was bleeding out. The first objective was getting medical treatment, then gathering information and then she could make a plan.

Of course, her stare at their captors and current mindset was broken as the blood curdled moans of an injured Aysel crawled into the canals of her ears. Aemrys felt bad for 'dollface', and while she was bound by an unwritten social contract that she signed upon the day of her introduction to this society to intervene, Aemrys felt obligation brought on by pity to intervene. She was on a clock however, and if she wished to make a move, she might as well as do it now. With a glance flashed to Lem, one that told of her intentions but paid no mind to what Lem had in response, Aemrys shuffled up to the blonde man.

She kept her stance loose, as if she too was injured during the exchange and kept her head trained to the ground. Once she was right next to the blonde man however, Aemrys sprang into action. First with a heavy elbow aimed at the man's face; more precisely, his nose. Such a strike should leave him paralyzed, or at least stunned, for her to pull the remainder of her exploits. He cried out in pain and started to move back from his attacker, yanking Aysel along with him. Second, came a measured stomp on the man's foot, aimed to keep him grounded and from keeling over as a result of that elbow. As he was pinned in place, he released his hold on Aysel, and instead intending to raise his disruptor to lash out. Only to sputter as he found he was no longer holding it — Aemrys was. She had utilized a cheeky sleight of hand trick she learned while undercover within the Orion Syndicate, hence, allowing her to wiggle the disruptor rifle loose and into her own hands. While all this happened, Aemrys spun herself around and positioned herself behind the blonde man, holding him in a choke hold with the arm that gave him a nice, cracked nose. Once he felt secure in her stranglehold, Aemrys pointed her new weapon at the rest of the man's compatriots, "Drop your weapons, all of you! Or I'll blow his brains out!" she shouted in a voice that was both authoritative and chaotic.

"Oh shit, Lucy's gonna really give it to you this time, Kenny." His companions made no move to drop their rifles, but stayed at a distance as they kept Aemrys and the others covered by their weapons.

"Assuming sugar tits doesn't blow him the fuck away instead," another added with a chuckle.

"We can save her the trouble," the third added as he let off a shot aimed at Kenny's knee. He screamed, and slumped backwards against Aemrys, putting his whole weight on her.

"When faced with adversity in the field, take certain care in one's application of force." A familiar mantra from her time in Intel school crept into her mind as Aemrys scanned the remaining three opponents. They seemed far more chipper than she'd expected, though the more she dwelled on this subject, the more it made sense as they were through the looking glass. For a brief moment, her mind wandered to her compadres, though she did not spare a glance as her eyebrows slowly furrowed in heavy analysis of her adversaries. She only hoped the other three had taken the moment to make moves of their own, there was only so much Aemrys can do when it was three on one. "When faced with adversity in the field, take certain care in one's application of force," the mantra repeated itself once more and like clockwork, her mind went through the same procedure of analysis.

It wasn't long until Aemrys' mechanism was broken; first by a wail from the one known as Kenny, followed by what can only be described as a sizable burden laid upon the single arm that kept Kenny held in position. He was useless now, and the whole wager to see whether these brutes had any shed of humanity still left in their depraved mind proved to be a fatal loss—well, at least for Kenny. Still, Aemrys freaked. The mantra that once danced in the meadows of her mind was now slain, splayed out in a field burned by the zeal of her self-preservation instincts. Her comrades were a faded memory of a distant past now; gone, as there was only room for Aemrys and the three fiends in this metaphoric arena. And so, with one dogged, bloodshot eye, Aemrys took aim at the one who fired at Kenny's knee and squeezed off a shot, directed squarely at his chest.

It was a surprise to Aysel when suddenly the person she put so much weight on was gone and she only barely managed to catch herself before she fell upon the cold ground. When she recovered she was surprised to see the man she had been using for support being held captive by Aemrys with a disruptor rifle against his head, and instantly she knew they were fucked. There was no larger plan here. Even if their captors would back off because of their hostage, then what? Obviously the crew was bigger than just these four and they could not ask to be warped back to their own ship. Even if they could negotiate a ship, then where would they go to? Yet those best-case scenarios got instantly destroyed as they shot the knee of one of their own. It was clever, ruthless and above all else, cold. They were truly and sincerely fucked.

Aysel used the moment of distraction to quickly dart to the side of the Chief Petty Officer. "Chief Ryan are you alright?" His moment of kindness and concern for her had not gone unnoticed, even if the results were hardly desirable. They were most certainly not in a position to fight. She was seriously wounded. Ludwig was hardly looking good either and the forces of the enemy were unknown.

"Ensign t'Laris, put down your weapon! Like it or not these people saved us from our deaths, got us outgunned and outnumbered and your team is in no fighting condition! You have nothing you can accomplish this way, put down your weapon before further casualties happen!" Aysel was not used to giving commands and it showed in her voice. It was not commanding or authoritative in tone. It was a high shrill tone of a woman that was obviously angry and scared.

"Starfleet regulations insist we're to attempt escape if captured by a hostile force," Ludwig said softly to Aysel as he watched Aemrys fire a shot at center mass of the guy who'd just shot the mouthy blond in the knee. The shot hit true, sending the guy sprawling across the floor and his disruptor spinning across the floor towards Aysel and Ludwig. Ludwig lunged for the weapon, coming up short as one of the remaining men turned his disruptor on him.

"Stop it right there, bub."

Flinching for only a brief moment as the shot prior escaped the muzzle of her disruptor, Aemrys pivoted her weapon towards the man who held his against Ludwig. She still had Kenny locked in her arm, but his weight was beginning to push back against Aemrys, sending her on a slow decline that will eventually see her collapsed under his weight. Still, he was good enough to stay as her meat shield, though not for long. She had nothing more to do or say at this point, her only duty was to keep her sights trained on the cocksucka that held Ludwig at gunpoint. She knew the other probably had his trained on her, but that was of little consequence as she had Kenny to absorb any incoming shots that would prove fatal. Her arm was exposed, but that was a small price to pay for her role as the one who would deliver the final blow to this rabid dog as soon as her eyes caught glimpses of treachery.

There was a power deficit, and Aemrys knew. Two disruptors against one, but then again, there was now four of them against just those two. Hope still dwindled in her mind, that someone blue might be brave enough to lunge forward and buy her enough time to pop both of these goons. But as for more whining? Hopefully the Elements would be kind enough to bless Aysel with a gag, so she may keep her mouth shut till deliverance.

Up until the battle overhead had begun, Nadiv had been in that very transporter room, working to keep their transports off the transporter logs as they happened as opposed to erasing them afterwards. They only had one authorisation to use either way thanks to the greased palms they'd left in their wake. Running a covert rebellion against people who were technically on your side was tricky and expensive. That said, they were well prepared for this particular mission, mostly because Nadiv and Travis were on the meticulous end of things. Especially recently Nadiv was all about at least having an idea for every possibility he could think of, even if it was in his own head and not relayed to anyone else until it had to be.

He knew the layout of the base well, had studied it, and as he made his way back around to the transporter room, hoping that now the battle was over and all the pods had been shot down or fled to the planet that transporter functions had been restored and they could continue their endeavours. Only, when he got there, the room was clearly still occupied. Using the device attached to his wrist he tapped into the security feed again and frowned. Knowledge of the Mirror universe was suitably classified, but he'd been a member of the Daughters of Sato, a trusted leader in their ranks of soldiers and considering his mother and sister positions he'd been able to access things most terrans would never have been able to. Then there was Travis' own experience with the mirror and what was on the other side. Those uniforms were, different to how he'd expected them to be but there was no denying the badge on their chests.

They were in trouble, and Nadiv knew they were good people, as much as he could have walked away and found the secondary transporter, at the same time he really couldn't. With a sigh, he slung the disruptor rifle he was currently holding in one hand across his back and drew the pair of custom pistols he and their weapons expert had worked on. Their attempt to level the playing field had worked well, but now they were at a standoff and apparently he was going to be the piece that tipped the balance. He took a breath, stepped in front of the doors and typed in the security code. Even as the door started to move, coming in behind the two grunts who were clearly not expecting friendly fire, he was already aiming, bringing both pistols up to level, shooting the one who wasn't covered by the Starfleet officer first squarely in the back, and then turning his head shot the second grunt in the back of the head.

"Run, we don't have time for questions," he said, moving to help the two crew members on the floor. "Come on Princess, let's get you outta here," he said to the clearly panicked and nervous young officer who was on her knees. "Make sure he's out cold," he told Aemrys about her Terran shield, and without looking back headed back for the door and checked the corridor. They didn't have time to wait for anyone who wasn't going to be hot on his heels.

Ludwig didn't need to be told twice. Despite the pounding in his head, he scooped up the disruptor rifle that was on the floor in front of him and followed the stranger who now had Aysel wrapped in an arm — it wasn't entirely clear if he was carrying her, or just hurrying her along, but regardless they were moving fast.

On the floor next to Aemrys, Kenny groaned as he looked around. "What the shit? Who let that asshole in here? Get hi–" Kenny's words died in his throat as he realized his companions were all splattered across the marble floor and he looked up at Aemrys before he tried to push himself up with his arms and grab for the disruptor she held.

Startled would be an understatement right now as the goon Aemrys was staring down took a sudden plasma bolt to the head, sending him over and down to the ground. She blinked, as her eyes instinctively panned to the other who, surprise surprise, was also dead. For a second there, Aemrys had thought the Element Llaiir¹ had come down from whatever primordial realm she dwelled in and blessed them all by smiting these heathens, but that didn’t seem the case as an unfamiliar voice shouted for her to make sure someone was out cold.

Oh! Her human shield, this Terran named Kenny. He had slipped out of her grasp and was laying by her feet now, but that doesn’t seem to be any issue as she no longer needed a human shield. Her eyes fell down to the man and she genuinely felt pity for him, but that was soon dashed as he made a swipe for the disruptor she stole from him. That survival instinct kicked in again as she answered his attempt with a taste of her boot, square in his mouth. It was a crude kick, like how one would kick a soccer ball. It wouldn’t knock him out, but he would at least be riling in pain for a while and would probably lose some teeth.

“Kllhe ryakna²,” cursed Aemrys as she gave him a more stomp-like kick aimed at his kidneys for good measures before being reminded by her mantra that such extravagances were unnecessary. Hastefully, she slung the disruptor over her left shoulder before bolting after the others that had skipped out of the room. She quickly caught up with the pack, though she trotted a bit back near where Chief Ludwig was limping at. “Needa shoulder?” she asked, her hand patting her empty right shoulder. Aemrys’ voice was slightly shaky but part of her was returning after that scuffle, “You’d limp faster, and it won’t be much work.”

Aysel had never been very religious, however with the last second teleportation from their exploding pod, timely escape from their ship and now this unknown saviour, she was starting to feel that there is indeed something to the belief that countless held in their gods. Gods that were not the Q at least.

Usually, she would try to at least to look proper in front of non-starfleet military personal, but with the relief of just being saved from yet another life-threatening situation and the rather significant amount of blood she had lost by now, she was feeling far too bad to protest as the stranger helped her to her feet and wrapped his arm around her hips.

"Thank you, we might owe you our lives for that." With a painful groan, Aysel wrapped her arm around his neck and shifted most of her body's weight onto him for support. It was at that moment as the effects of adrenaline were finally starting to leave her body that Aysel realised that she might not maintain consciousness as her vision started to slowly lose its colour and the noises around her grew dimmer. "I... I am not in a good mental state, I might faint at any moment." Still, for as long as her body would allow it she would keep her eyes and ears open. They could not afford to be slowed down by her.

Ludwig watched Aysel interact with the stranger, then glanced at Aemrys. "I'm good, but thank you Ensign." Ludwig winced as he forced himself to move a little faster and close the space between him and the stranger who'd interceded on their behalf. "Mister, uh–" Ludwig coughed to indicate he'd appreciate an introduction of some sort. "As I'm sure you've seen the back of Lakkari's head by now, you can see she's in serious need of medical attention. I don't suppose you know where they keep medical supplies around here so that I might be able to do something about that issue?" And see to my own possible concussion, Ludwig thought to himself.

"Where do you think I'm taking you?" Nadiv growled over his shoulder. "I hope this store room will have what we need," he said, checking the way before taking a right turn and hurrying along the corridor, he stepped into and alcove and punched a code into the door panel. "Everyone inside, quick," he said, covering the corridor with his weapon and ducking inside after the last person had passed him.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant JG Dr Lem Broll
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Ensign Aysel Lakkari
Forensic psychologist
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Aemrys t'Laris
Infiltration Specialist
USS Joshua Norton

CPO Ludwig Ryan
USS Joshua Norton

Nadiv Sharir
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¹ Llaiir - the fire element
² Kllhe ryakna - shit eater garbage


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