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Lt Costello, LtJG Takeuchi, Ens sh'Eikshah - "Leave Me Be, I'm Just Walking This Line"

Posted on 2019-12-28 10:55 by NPCs (Amy) & Lieutenant JG Mayoko Takeuchi & Ensign Siriad sh’Eikshah & Lieutenant Amadeus Costello & Crewman Kaeriss

Mission: Poisoned Apples

Dhodot shifted in his seat as he woke up again. Of all the days to wear his skant, it would be when the ship blew up. He looked around at those he shared the pod with and wondered how well suited this group was towards survival if they found themselves separated from the rest of the crew for some reason. A doctor, a demolitions expert, a weapon's specialist, and two scientists? Starfleet survival training with those skill sets would probably give them pretty decent odds, depending on what they found. Looking out the window of the pod, he could see the other escape pods, as well as the shuttles. Everyone had better odds as part of the whole crew, so it was good they'd all managed to stay together.

"Good thing none of us are claustrophobic?" Dhodot said with half a chuckle.

Mayoko opened her eyes. She was definitely awake now. She had slept for most of the journey thus far (that was after Dr Costello's concussion watch had ended) but it was a fitful and unfulfilling sleep she had woken from many times, when her crewmates had started speaking, when the inevitable nightmare had hit and Yushin had thrown her through a glass coffee table for the N-hundredth time, when Rusty the Degu had jumped off her lap to find a corner of the escape pod in which to answer the call. Mayoko had been a good Degu-sitter and had cleaned up after the rodent and the two had spent the last couple of hours sharing body warmth, such as they had, for a reasonably comfortable snooze. She looked toward the Nuvian and gave his comment the couple of moments thought.

"Perhaps… They wouldn't let us serve on a Defiant if we were?" She half stated, half asked conversationally.

"Perhaps not, and I'd imagine that intelligence wouldn't recruit people for field work known for having claustrophobia, given the sorts of tight spaces we can end up in." Dhodot shrugged and smiled at the same time, looking out the view port again. His face scrunched and he tried to shift without undoing his harness. "That wasn't there a moment–" A phaser beam cut through the cluster of escape pods and shuttles, making contact with one escape pod that was only just in front of the shuttle pod Lovelace. The escape pod went dark and started to drift off course and out of the formation. Dhodot looked around. "Where'd it go?"

Siriad hadn't moved from her spot since she had entered it, staying silent for most of the travel. That is, until now. When the phaser beam hit the escape pod her senses were heightened, as if only now they awoke from what seemed to be a half asleep state. At least this was something she knew about! She looked outside of the window, trying to see the cause of whatever fired the phaser beam to the cluster.

"Shouldn't we be splitting up?" She asked generally. "Its hard to miss a pod if you're firing in a cluster like this."

Happy that Mayoko wasn’t going to slip into a worse condition, Costello had slept through the second piloting shift and had taken the last one, sitting at the controls. The super basic sensors hadn’t given him a heads up regarding whatever it was that had made Dhodot cry out in surprise, but just like everyone else he could see exactly what was happening to the pod now. There were no instructions over the com. “I’m not getting anything on sensors, whatever shot at that pod didn’t even show up, if you’re not buckled in, buckle up,” he said. There was nothing they could do to help the pod, and Costello hated that. He grit his teeth and took the pod off autopilot.

The sensors lit up as the pod came out of autopilot. Seven unidentified objects appeared on sensors as the Turing pulled about and raised shields. Phaser fire shot at the shuttle, more than half of it connecting with its shields. Three of the phaser beams instead lashed past the shuttle and one connected with the shuttle pod Hopper, lighting up the craft's shields as it moved between the escape pods and the Turing to help provide cover. Escape pod Delta Two cut off on a course that looked to be headed around the far side of the moon. As it approached the orbital body, more objects appeared on sensors and started to shoot at the pod.

Mayoko made no real move, made no particular noise. She had considered that any reaction she might make could divert Lt. Costello’s attention from his flying and that would be to no-one’s benefit. She wondered as the battle started outside if she’d ever see Tain again. And then she stopped. That was old Mayoko. Mayoko was going to be new Mayoko. And new Mayoko would concern herself with the next step and survival. She cocooned Rusty in her hands and held on, making sure to stay calm and not let even a hint of panic take root.

Costello was no pilot, but he was trained enough to start the pod on an evasive manoeuvre that with the limited thrusters at least looked something like it might be supposed to. The pod rolled around to the left, there was no point heading away from the group to where there were even more of the things that were shooting at them, may as well stay with the group and hope for the best. Here the shuttles were attempting to protect the pods.

Despite the best effort of the shuttles, some of the phaser fire was making it to the escape pods. It illuminated Alpha Two as it just missed hitting the pod.

"Good flying, Doc," Dhodot said, his eyes the size of saucers as he double checked his harness, and tried to watch the spectacle outside the view ports.

"Less to do with flying and more to do with sheer dumb luck," he replied through gritted teeth. This was very hard work, and he wasn't sure how much longer said luck was going to hold out.

"Do we have any visual on the attackers?" Siriad butted in, she had been quite silent the last period but apparently that came to an end now.

"This was supposed to be an isolated place. Something doesn't quite add up. Do you think perhaps our archives aren't complete? Is there any information about an intelligent civilization in this sector, or even just a trade route." Siriad carefully made their way to the pilot's seat to see if she could help out.

"I believe it's important to confirm the identity of our attackers before making a plan on how to deal with this situation later. This might be the last time that we get to see who is attacking us." Siriad softly tapped Costello's shoulder, nodding shortly. "If you want to switch out, let me know." She sighed, going over the situation in her head again. Where were they? Who would have an interest in this region, and the means to protect it.

"No matter who the hostiles are, if they have the technology to inflict this kind of damage than I find it hard to believe they have been fully isolated from the rest of the galaxy," Siriad carefully explained her findings. "It's all assumptions still, which is why I'm asking if there's a visual," She finished, falling back into silence. She never intended to say that much.

"We know almost nothing about the Mirror Universe Ensign, of course they aren't complete," Costello replied through gritted teeth, desperately trying to concentrate on avoiding the fire from the turrets and not hit any of the other vessels in their makeshift fleet. "We can't get that kind of detail with these sensors, I'm leaving that to the shuttles, and I really don't think now is the time to be switching seats," he added the roll of the escape pod, pressing them all violently back into their seats at that moment very much proving his point. He pulled the pod out of it's roll and took a moment to re-calibrate himself as to where everyone else was. One of the pods was heading for the planet, and the Lovelace was... flying right at them? What in the name of?

Costello turned the pod as quickly as he could, but as soon as he changed direction, so did the Lovelace moving to block them from and return the unfriendly fire. "What are they doing?" he muttered to himself as he moved into another evasive pattern that had the Lovelace barreling towards them until he changed direction and then moving to intercept the fire from the turrets.

"If I had to hazard a guess, sir? The shuttle pod is probably trying to get us to move away from where the phaser fire is coming from." Dhodot gently grasped hold of Siriad's upper arm, and guided her into the nearest seat. "Ensign, let the Doctor focus on keeping us in one piece. We can speculate about who's shooting at us once we survive." He held half the harness out for her to slide into.

Siriad nodded reluctantly, worriedly looking over Costello before being led back to the other quarter.

"What do you think Lieutenant? How are we gonna solve this?" she asked, eagerly to find out what she could do in this situation. Surely there would be one thing she could be useful for now. It was Mayoko who replied.

"I think with this ride you just have to wait until it finishes before you can get off," she said gently, trying not to let the bucking and swaying of the pod and the phaser fire upset her calm too much. "I just hope you like rollercoasters…"

Ensign sh’Eikshah was Security, one of Mayoko's own department and despite not having really interacted much with the Andorian she didn't want to quash the helpful spirit, certainly not after what she had seen in sickbay back on the Norton, back before things had gone from odd to just really nuts.

Costello turned the pod and headed for the planet, keeping the movement somewhat erratic to keep avoiding the phaser fire. He pulled back to avoid one by the skin of his teeth and then continued full throttle towards the planet's surface. Entry was rough, and he could do nothing to try and smooth out the ride, he felt like his bones were about to rattle right out of his skin. There were two other pods already in atmo once he had stopped vibrating enough to read the control panel again, the one that hadn't crashed heading over to help... only to be shot down. Costello did not follow them. There was no point in handing themselves over to their unknown adversaries. He spotted a large wooded area, and headed for it. At least there whoever was going to be looking for them would struggle to see them from the air. "Brace for impact," he said, slowing the pod and levelling the descent as much as he could. Managing to get between the trees, the pod glided fairly smoothly until it made contact with the ground, grinding to a juddering halt and rolling a little as it settled.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant Amadeus Costello
Chief Medial Officer
USS Joshua Norton

Lieutenant JG Mayoko Takeuchi
Demolitions Specialist
U.S.S. Joshua Norton

Ensign Siriad sh'Eikshah
Weapons Specialist
U.S.S. Joshua Norton

NPCs By Amy: Lieutenant JG Dhodot, Interim Bio & Chem Specialist
NPCs by Zahara: Crewman Kaeriss - Science Technician.


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