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LtJG Broll, Ens Lakkari, Ens t'Laris & CPO Ryan - "Landing"

Posted on 2019-12-05 09:14 by Lieutenant JG Lem Broll M.D. & Ensign Aysel Lakkari & Ensign Aemrys t'Laris & Chief Petty Officer Ludwig Ryan

Mission: Poisoned Apples

Ludwig had divided his attention during the trip between assisting Lem in monitoring Lakkari's condition, bemoaning the loss of his pre-Nova Romulan Ale, and being thankful his mother hadn't convinced him to bring the antique Viola with him on this assignment. The electric unit that had been in his quarters was a standard replicator pattern, but he'd been getting bored with the color and had already been considering recycling it. He looked out the view ports at the little fleet of pods and shuttles — all that was left of the USS Joshua Norton.

"t'Laris, you want me to take the controls for a bit, so you can try to get a few winks in?"

Aemrys had already dipped her head several times as the pod made its way through the black void to that planet Lexil marked for Delta Two and the other ducklings. Thankfully, Chief Ludwig was there to relieve her, to which she gave a grateful nod and vacated the seat before moving elsewhere in the pod. With a sigh and a huff, she sat down next to Aysel, who looked worse for ware. Not wanting to disturb their only injured passenger, Aemrys crossed her left leg over her right and folded her arms over her chest before dipping her head down for a short snooze.

However, sleep did not come that easy for the Haliian as she simply stared out the window towards the several pods and shuttles. The others may not have given much thought to it, but what had caused their engine to do whatever it had done to make them shift dimension and how knew whoever had blown up their ship, known how to be there. The USS Joshua Norton was state of the art. It would have needed some serious firepower to take her down that easily, the odds this all happened by pure chance were slim. Yet it had little use to voice those thoughts out loud except to cause more worries among an already troubled crew. With a long sigh, she tried to close her eyes for a bit, only to find herself opening them again within the minute. This was going to be a very long journey indeed. "Hey... you guys think Starfleet would compensate our lost personal items or would that just be the risk of bringing that stuff with you on the job? I must admit I am not clear on the procedures for these matters I... kind of never expected it to happen."

"I doubt they're replacing my Romulan Ale," Ludwig spoke up as he checked the pod's controls while he settled into place. "Even if they could get their hands on a pre-Nova vintage, I doubt whoever found it would let it go. Most stuff is easily replaced, so once we make it home you can probably just spend a little extra time with a replicator. How are you feeling?" Ludwig looked up from the controls as everything looked normal enough, and locked eyes with Aysel.

There wasn't a chance for the Haliian to respond, as a phaser beam illuminated the small escape pod as it fired past them and connected with another pod towards the back of the formation. Ludwig quickly turned his attention to the sensors, looking for the source of the shot — just as he spotted the blip on the limited sensors of the escape pod, it blinked off his screen. "Gott im Himmel. I think there's something cloaked out there, and it just took a shot at one of the other escape pods."

"Well shit..." Aysel let out a long and painful groan under her breath, just when she had thought the had gotten out of that shithole. "Sounds like the assholes who blew up the ship want to finish the job, doubt that they have not noticed us by now yet." She took a deep breath as she closed her eyes for a moment, trying to ignore the constant pounding of her head. "Lieutenant I strongly recommend either increasing speed or changing course to draw attention away from the other pods, but if we continue as we are now we will likely be wiped out." It was odd how calmly she felt despite the situation, likely the severity of the danger still had to sink in. She could deal with that later, for now she had to focus on surviving to that later.

Lem had his eyes closed, he hummed softly in himself, contemplating the outcomes of the issues his mind had produced. There wasn't going to be a hospital, so how would he treat all of the others? There wasn't going to be a home to get back to for a while, so contacting his uncle wouldn't work. There wasn't even a place for him to lay down properly in this small capsule of a vehicle. Then the illumination lit up the skin covering his eyes and the light pierced into his retina, he opened them and saw the general distress shaking in his hand. After a moment he responded.

"I ... Try to hail the other capsules, and if they don't respond after two hail attempts move us out of range as quick as you can. Make sure everyone is strapped in and try to move in a zig zag pattern. ...I'm not a starship commander, but that's what we learned in basic, so should work, right?" He looked around for feedback, but gave a nod after a moment. "Let's just make sure we're all in one piece."

Aemrys jumped into action as soon as the streaks of phaser flashed through the view ports. Making a b-line towards the co-pilot's seat, she started prepping the hailing channels to hail the other pods, on their encrypted channel of course. The sleep exhaustion was getting to her, but training had made her nerves as solid as steel. "Hailing Lovelace and the Turing, Lieutenant. If they aren't jamming our communications, I'll be able to patch us through."

When the communication systems showed no response to the hails, Ludwig spared a moment from plotting the escape course and evasive maneuvers to check if the sensors showed anything else. "Remind me—if we get home—to put in a suggestion that escape pods need a better sensor kit. I'm picking up a jamming signal, which with better sensors may have allowed us to track our attacker by triangulating the source. Everyone make sure you're strapped in, these pods aren't known for having the best handling." Ludwig didn't wait to see if anyone needed to check their harnesses as he executed the course. He moved the pod in the opposite direction from where the phaser fire had come from, doing the best he could to take an evasive route with his limited training and the less than nimble controls of the pod.

No response, so Lem tightened the harness again and took the ride. He went through what was now going to happen and looked around. "These things do not have shields do they? Are there any stellar bodies or asteroid fields nearby?" The Bolian moved a bit and held down the bag he brought under his feet.

"There's a moon in orbit, I can try to put it between us and whatever that is," Ludwig answered as he looked over the sensors. The planet, the moon, six escape pods, two shuttle pods, the Turing, and the last known location of whatever had shot at them, were all clearly marked on the display.

Lem replied quickly. "Yes, do that, can one of you see if the planet has a breathable atmosphere?" Lem peered around, looking for the emergency crash kit. It would hold enough supplies for at least all inhabitants for a little while. That was, if they would get shot down and had to crash land not finding the others. Crash land or maybe flee into the moon's atmosphere. He had seen it in a simulation once, they used a mountainous area on a moon to flee tracking. Well, maybe it had been a holodeck movie. "Oh, what do the rest of you think?"

"Just do it, if we stay here we are a sitting duck, we can never outrun a real ship, going for the closest inhabitable planet would be our best shot if there is one, if not..." Aysel did not state the obvious, they were intelligence and in another dimension, if they crashed landed on a planet without oxygen no one would come for them, they would be as good as that. "Lieutenant I strongly recommend following chief petty officer Ryan's idea and getting that moon between us and them while we continue to scan."

Aemrys shed no emotional response to the current situation nor any opinion, her head was as cool as it was when the shooting begun. Wasting no more time, Aemrys did the best scan the escape pod can offer, yielding only limited data. Still, it was enough to discern that the planet had a breathable atmosphere. Content, she offered the Lieutenant a nod, "Aye, the atmosphere's suitable. Can't get anything else out from these sensors though."

"Then I'll bring us around behind the moon, and hopefully things will settle down enough for us to set down on the planet soon." Ludwig brought the pod around, laying in a course to loop around the far side of the moon. The grav plating under the small compartment—as well as the inertial dampeners—struggled to keep up with his evasive maneuvers as he made an effort to increase the difficulty of anyone getting a target lock. As the small escape pod approached the moon, half a dozen unidentified objects about the size of small satellites, appears on sensors. Phaser fire lashed out towards the pod, some of it nearly making contact. More popped up onto the sensors as the pod continued its route around the moon.

"Any orders, sir?" As Ludwig asked, the cases of medical supplies the four had gathered on their way off the ship shifted around between their feet and the harnesses worked to keep each person safely in their seat.

"So shot ..from there and ...moon, hm ..I .." Lem poked at the ridge on his forehead, rubbing it up and down softly sighing. "Keep going towards the moon, straight at one of those satellites and just before it fires, bend off so it misses. That should work, no? Then we can use the moon as cover from the enemy vessel until we can get in contact with friendlies?" Lem questioned himself in his head while deciding on it. He was a doctor, not a commander, but when duty calls.

"With due respect, sir," Ludwig started, only sparing the briefest of glances at Lem before turning his focus back to the sensors and flight controls, "But I wouldn't even try something like that in a fighter — not the smallest reason being I don't have real flight training. It's a miracle–" The words died in Ludwig's throat as a phaser beam finally made contact with the pod. The force of it sent it into a spin, slamming all four people back into their seats. Systems flickered, but managed to stay on, for all the good it would do.

Lem got rattled around good in his seat after they got hit. He pushed his legs down so he could brace himself further, and mumbled something in Bolian that could be loosely translated as a shocked expletive. He looked around, his eye wide open, gripping his chair and safety harness tight. The flickering systems made it only more dangerous. "Is everyone okay?!" he shouted, waiting for audio confirmation, before trying to move out of his chair. "Get us out of here if you can. I'll check the sensors for hiding areas, when I ...c..can get up from this force."

Aemrys kept her yapping to herself as the four of them attempted to find a way out of this mess. But alas, all that yapping was forfeit when their escape pod took a shot right at its tender meat, shutting most of them up, though just for a while. Aemrys herself was navigating the co-pilot controls and the shot took her by surprise. Luckily, she was only slammed back into her seat as the pod went into a spin. Fighting against the inertia, she pulled herself forward once again and began tapping on the flickering systems, keeping clear of the tiny surges of electricity. "Checking our trajectory, will adjust course of necessary," Aemrys responded, wasting no time, though a slight tenseness lingered within her voice.

When the first hit came it had taken Aysel by surprise and in the following shook, she hit her head against the top of her chair. Not a bad thing usually, but with the headache she already had it felt like she had run head-first against a concrete wall as she let out a painful cry. The constant spinning was not helping either as she quickly felt herself becoming motion sick. Still, she kept her problems to herself. She was an intelligence operative, even if she was only an ensign and they were under enemy fire. the last thing that her team needed was her complaining, at this rate there would not be much help left to be given to any of them. Thus she did the smartest thing she could do. She placed her head in her lap, pulled up her legs and covered the back of her head with her hands. She was bracing for impact, in the very best scenario they would crash, in the worst they would die. "Batar al neli."

Shock left Ludwig silent in his seat for a long moment. First it was the spinning and resulting centrifugal force that left him surprised, then it was Aemrys being able to push herself enough forward to reach her controls, but both shocks moved on and he reminded himself that her Vulcan and Romulan heritages would lend her more strength than one would expect from her build. He pushed off his seat, struggling a long moment until he could finally grab hold of the far side of the pilot's station to pull himself forward. The sensor readout was moving so fast he couldn't keep up with it, and the view out the ports wasn't much better — the moon loomed larger and larger as it passed in and out of view of the spinning escape pod.

"Brace for impact, and if you believe in any deity, pray that we'll maintain structural integrity upon impact." Ludwig slumped back in his seat, double checking his harness to ensure it was tight. They were in the hands of fate now.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lem Broll
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Aysel Lakkari
Forensic Psychologist
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Aemrys t'Laris
Infiltration Specialist
USS Joshua Norton NCC-74819-A

CPO Ludwig Ryan
USS Joshua Norton


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