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Capt Waterhouse, Ens Drayok & Ens Drummond - "Matter of Fact It's All Dark"

Posted on 2019-10-24 07:51 by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Lieutenant Sienna Oswin & Ensign Centurion Drummond & Ensign Drayok Fenlux
Edited on on 2019-12-27 00:42

Mission: Whiskey in the Jar

"I'm sorry Captain, I just can't cut through this interf–" Sienna started to say as the computer interrupted with its pre-recorded message.

"All crew report to escape pods for evacuation, this is not a drill."

"What the jay' is happening now?" Amelia growled and looked around. "The shuttle pod is probably the closest from here. Even if the cargo lift down is out of order, the jefferies tube is just a straight drop. You can slide down the ladder too, right Sienna?"

"Any engineer worth their salt can." Sienna closed up her kit, slinging it over her shoulder and leaving the shield generator open and its parts spread on the deck. "Lovelace has a docking station installed for Tory or Fen to pilot us. It's going to be cozy if they both remain in physical form though."

"We'll figure it out." Amelia popped open the service hatch and climbed into the jefferies tube down next to the cargo lift. It wasn't worth wasting time to see if the lift was working and it would be slower than sliding down the ladder. She was halfway down the ladder when Sienna moved to follow.

Tory followed just behind, deactivating its physical form just as it entered the tube, aiming its mobile emitter to fall down behind Amelia and Sienna without hitting either of them. Just before it reached the bottom, it projected a ball and bounced off the floor, Tory's standard low-poly form materializing as the bounce brought the emitter to the right height. "All clear!" it called up the tube.

Fen grinned, and used the super stretchy properties of their current form to dive headfirst down the shaft after tory. Piling into a tangled mess before breaking upwards out of the tangle and reshaping into a somewhat normal form. "Shotgun flying the shuttle," Fen said cheerily. "And while we're on the subject of us, you might want to be a little more careful until we know what's going on with the ship, if the computer core fails, this is the only copy of us there is," they said, tapping their mobile emitter. "I'll get the shuttle prepped," and with that they were bounding towards it, opened the door and headed inside. Using the wisting capabilities of the mobile emitter, they plugged themselves into the port, and the physical form dintengrated as they ran through the preflight checks in record time.

Amelia couldn't help a snort as her boots hit the deck at the bottom of the jefferies tube shaft. She needed the laugh the photons antics brought. The bottom of her stomach was in a sickening knot — she knew there was a chance that evacuation didn't necessarily mean the ship was lost, but most of the time it did. Her ship, lost. Her first thought was to worry that everyone was going to make it to safety, but as she wasn't in a position to do anything about that, the second though that curled up in her brain was would they assign her a new ship when they all made it home? She'd been ruffling enough feathers up the chain, she wasn't sure.

"Ma'am, we have to keep moving." Sienna laid a hand on Amelia's shoulder as she'd followed her out of the jefferies tube. Amelia had come to a stop without realizing it, and quickly shook her head.

"Yes, of course. Sorry." Amelia moved quickly to follow Fen and Tory. "Tory, do you have a smaller form you can take while we're in the shuttle pod? Smaller than your low poly form? Unfortunately Sienna and I can't reduce the space our fleshbags need."

Wordlessly, Tory leapt forward, shifting back into the bouncy ball at the height of its jump and shifting just a little on each impact to keep the bounce going all the way into the shuttle. It rolled into a corner under the control panel before inflating a little more, lodging itself into place. "Enough space, captain?"

"Thank you, that'll work prefect." Amelia followed it into the shuttle, settling into what would normally be the pilot's seat. She looked over the readouts on the console in front of her, not to verify Fen's preflight, but to orient herself on where they were in it — run and awaiting launch by the look of it. A slight smile pulled at Amelia's lips, at least that could be depended on. As Sienna settled into the other seat, Amelia cleared her throat.

"Okay Fen, take us out and to a safe distance but within com and sensor range of the escape pods. With you controlling the shuttle, is it okay for me to work the sensors, or would you prefer to handle everything?" Amelia stopped herself from reaching for the controls, she wasn't sure of the etiquette here and didn't want to be rude if it wasn't necessary for safety.

"Copy that," Fen's voice had taken over the computer audio processors automatically. Preflight was done and the shuttle pod rose off the ground smoothly. As much as Fen loved their job it was obvious that this was what their program had been written for. The bay door release and forcefield had been triggered by the evacuation order, so flying the shuttle out was a simple thing. "I can handle everything, but if there's something you're not seeing feel free to toggle through and find it," Fen replied as they cleared the shuttle bay and the sensor readings scrolled up onto the screen in front of the Captain, Fen had anticipated what she would want to know, and was already scanning for the other shuttlecraft and escape pods.

Amelia's eyes moved over the data as it scrolled past, and when she spotted the rendezvous beacon broadcasting from the Turing, she pulled the signal into focus. "Looks like someone was able to launch the Turing, which will be a better rendezvous than the Lovelace. Please set course to join them, Fen." Amelia looked over the rest of the data, looking at the escape pods that had launched — not every one was out from the ship, but enough that all the crew could be on them. Someone had launched the Hopper too, so at least we'll have all our shuttles Amelia thought.

"On it," Fen replied.

After Fen had said it was okay to interface with the controls, Sienna leaned forward to pull up the data on the ship. She let our a low whistle as she took it in. "Whatever hit us did a lot of damage in a small amount of time. It looks like the warp core is building towards a breach."

"Warp core breach." The words settled into the pit of Amelia's stomach, and her eyes scanned the data the sensors were collecting. "Can we confirm if everyone's made it to–"

Amelia's words fell dead on her lips as she took in the visual feed on the main screen. The first explosion from the warp core burst through the top and bottom of the ship towards the center of its mass. If anyone wasn't safely in an escape pod or shuttle at this point, there was no saving them. The explosion cascaded outward and quickly engulfed the ship, sending a shock wave out into the surrounding space. "Fen, you ready for that?" Amelia realized as she asked it, it was a stupid question. Fen would see anything that was coming through the sensors and their program would likely already be reacting before the words had left Amelia's lips. She grasped the arms of her chair, wishing they'd taken the time to install harnesses onto the shuttle pod's chairs.

Even as the warp core breach registered on the sensors, Fen was setting a course directly away from the ship, hoping to ride the shockwaves a little bit. It would carry them further out than they would have otherwise, but they'd be in a better position than anyone in an escape pod that was for sure. "Hold on everyone, shockwave in 3, 2, 1..." The shuttle still bucked and rolled a fair amount but not enough that Amelia or Sienna would have been bumping their heads on the ceiling.

In the turbulence, Tory's ball shook free of its spot under the console, bouncing across the cabin. As it landed between the seats, cords shot out of it, wrapping around the bases of the seats. "Go limp," it said, as more cords extended towards the other passengers. "Afraid this program was meant to restrain hostiles."

"Usually I negotiate a safeword first..." Amelia's quip left her lips without her even thinking about it, and oddly enough it helped dampen the twisted mess the pit of her stomach had become. She spared a glance towards Sienna, but either the engineer had chose to ignore her Captain's comment, or the meaning of it had just flown right over her head. Either way Amelia didn't have long to dwell on it, as the shockwave passed over the shuttle pod and the light filled the visual feed for a long moment before it cleared and left nothing but wreckage visible.

"Fen, can you confirm the number of lifesigns among the escape pods and shuttles, please?"

There was a moments pause. "Lifesigns indicate all crew accounted for," another pause "And two smaller lifesigns, could be Mikey and Rusty," it wasn't like they had any children on board.

Tory's cords evaporated as though they'd never been there as it reformed into its polygonal form, shrunk down small enough to wear its mobile emitter as a backpack. "I'll be sure to go through a full 12-point consent form next time you're about to be thrown across the room."

Amelia snorted. "I'm sure Fen had it well in hand. Once it looks like everyone's through the shockwave and gathered together at the Rendezvous, let's start taking stock of the situation. Does the rendezvous signal indicate who's in command of the Turing?"

"Beacon says it's Daphne," Fen informed them, turning to head in the direction of the larger shuttle craft.

"Daphne is good. She's got a level head and having her in the shuttle with our best set of sensors means she'll be in a position to help locate a safe place to set down and regroup, since the escape pods don't have that long of a range." Amelia reached for the comm systems to open a channel.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Captain Amelia Waterhouse
Commanding Officer
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A

Ensign Drayok Fenlux
Holographic Systems Specialist
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign "Centurion" Drummond
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A

NPC by Amy: Lt Sienna Oswin, Chief Engineer


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