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LtJG Broll, Ens Lakkari & Ens t'Laris - "On The Run"

Posted on 2019-10-21 07:45 by Chief Petty Officer Ludwig Ryan & Lieutenant JG Lem Broll M.D. & Ensign Aysel Lakkari & Ensign Aemrys t'Laris

Mission: Whiskey in the Jar

Ludwig had been in the middle of reading when the yellow alert had gone off, and had recycled his coffee into the replicator and was pulling on his skant when the yellow alert had rolled into a red alert as the ship had been violently rocked under his feet. He'd tumbled into the bulkhead as he'd been pulling up the zipper on his right boot when the ship rocked again, and nearly ran into the door of his quarters when he tried to hurry out into the corridor and make his way to sickbay. Then an EPS relay had blown, clipping him with a little shrapnel and he cursed his choice to grab the skant as it left him bleeding down the back of his calf.

Of course, the turbolift wasn't responding when he reached it, so into the jefferies tubes he went to make his way down a deck. He could just hear the lecture he was going to get from Amadeus with how long it was taking him to report to his alert station in sickbay — not in front of the others in sickbay mind you, not even while the alert was still going, but latter once everything had calmed down again, when the two of them met up for their next drink. Ludwig rolled his eyes and chuckled as he reached to open the hatch out of the jefferies tubes again... only to find it blocked by something. Back he went to head to the next opening — it took him three tries before he found one that would open.

He turned the corner into the corridor in front of sickbay and could see the door sitting open. It was when he'd nearly reached the door that he heard it — the collapse of the ceiling inside sickbay. He ran, soon reaching the door and looking into the darkness within. He saw two flashlight beams moving about, one on the far side of the rubble, and one in the hands of the half Romulan woman who'd recently joined the security department.

"Ensign t'Laris?" Ludwig stopped in the doorway, looking in and trying to make out what he could in the dim light. Blue skin nearby—that was probably Lem—and a blond woman, maybe Lakkari? "Doctor Broll? Is that Doctor Lakkari?"

“Yeah, in here Chief!” Aemrys called out to the man standing by the doorway as she crossed over the debris and loose medical supplies that had fallen from the shelves to reach Aysel. Her expression crunched up into a stare of concern as she shined the light on the Haliian’s face, though taking care to remove the beam from Aysel’s eyes once she had gotten a decent enough observation of her condition. The color seemed to have drained from the Haliian’s face and her eyes held a subtle laziness that could only be explained by a severe head trauma.

“Ya don’t look so good Lakkari,” Aemrys commented as she shone the beam of light at Aysel’s head. It was enough to reveal the splotches of blood that now stained the dark blonde hair and that was enough to warrant further investigation; to which Aemrys soon found the culprit of the previous symptom, that gaping head wound with a side of ceiling. She couldn’t help but cringe at the sight. Though not the squeamish type, Aemrys' inexperience in the field meant she has yet to become completely desensitized to wounds such as this.

“We needa getcha outta here, Elements that looks serious,” Aemrys commented as she withdrew her head from examining the wound further. She placed the torch on the table Aysel was using for support, the tool turned so the light source was facing the rest of their side of the sickbay. Taking hold of Aysel’s right arm, Aemrys draped the limb over her shoulder as she did the same with her left arm, but over the Haliian’s shoulder. “Alright, now we’re gonna try walkin’ or… limpin’ in your case. Left - right, left - right, try repeatin’ that in your head, it’ll getcha going.”

With the Haliian now securely in tow, Aemrys shifted her gaze back to Lem as the two began limping out of sickbay. “Doc, we’re gonna try to find a safe and hopefully undamaged area, most likely the mess hall from what I’ve seen."

The Haliian meekly nodded in response to Aemrys words and let her arms be put on the shoulders without a word of complaint. Usually, she was quite headstrong and a creature of pride, but with a red alert going on and how light her head was feeling she could not muster either of the emotions that usually brought her in so much trouble. "Truth be told I don't feel so good either T-taris.. no.. T'laris? I am sorry I..." With a frustrated sigh she was about to shake her head but quickly stopped when the noticed the pain the sudden movement brought and, despite her attempts to hold it in, a soft whimper came from her lips. Still, she managed to keep standing and follow the other ensign with slow steps, one at a time. "J-just... find a place for me to sit down and then go do your duty... I hope this is just engineering majorly fucking up, but I doubt it."

Ludwig grabbed the nearest case he could find, and collected the supplies that had tumbled across the floor from the med cart. He looked to Aysel as she spoke, and frowned. "It's not safe to stay here, ma'am, but we're going to get you somewhere safe to sit and we'll look at your injury. Just do your best to stay awake for now, please?"

From the corridor, the computer played back a recorded message, "All crew report to escape pods for evacuation, this is not a drill."

"Dr. Broll, we gotta go." Ludwig snapped his case shut and grabbed Lem by the upper arm. "Nearest escape pod is the port pod. Right out the door, then right again at the junction. Let's go." Ludwig may have been the lowest ranking crew member present, but he was also the most experienced. He knew that Lakkari and t'Laris were both pretty green, and that though Lem was the ranking officer in the group, he was still relatively inexperienced as this was only his second shipboard posting. Ludwig wasn't the sort to let the chain of command get in the way of saving lives though. He took one last look at the rubble in the middle of sickbay. He'd caught the tail end of Amadeus ordering the others to get out of here, so at least he knew his friend was okay for now — trust that he'd make it to an escape pod and focus on those he could help for now.

Lem had no time to react, everything happened so quickly around him. It stiffened him a little as the others ran past him grabbing gear and each other. He peered around, in silence and calmth. Yet, that was the complete shock. A touch woke him up, though. A squeeze and pull on his arm.

"Ack! Yes..Yes yes. We must go, go after the two that left. Mhm. No mess hall for them, nope. Must get them away in a pod. Forget about securing."

The Bolian snatched a leather wrap of instruments and a larger case from the ground, filled with precious instruments. Only to then start heading out, following Aemrys, Aysel and of course the Chief.

Ludwig slung the med kit he'd just filled over his shoulder and moved through the group. "Excuse me Ensign," he directed at Aemrys as he moved her arm from around Aysel. "We don't know what's called for the Evac, I don't think we have time to wait for Lakkari to make her way on her own." He scooped the Haliian up in his arms without waiting for a response. "Keep your arms around my neck, ma'am. I apologize this is probably not going to be any fun, but better queasy than dead, right?" Ludwig started down the corridor at a jog, the tiny woman hardly slowing him down.

As Aemrys limped slowly out of the sickbay with the injured Aysel, she was suddenly interrupted with a rather gruff and rough man. "Hey! I had it under control Chief!" she protested as the little Haliian princess was swooped out from under her arms. But seeing Chief Ryan scurrying off to the escape pods, Aemrys only let out a sigh as she went about collecting medical kits and other items of value. She swooped her hand phaser from the floor, it had fallen off her belt during the whole sickbay earthquake. With her weapon clipped, Aemrys scanned the rest of the sickbay. She saw Lem grab all the delicate instrument, which only left the not so delicate and quite numerous hypos and other medical devices for her to collect. In a hurry, Aemrys grabbed two cases and filled them each with hypos, regenerators, and stimulators.

There was one last thing she had to do. Her internal threat analysis was blank of their current situation, but it wouldn't really hurt to grab a case of Type IIs from that locked cabinet. Holding the two cases of spare medical supplies in her left hand, Aemrys made her way to the cabinet as the others began scurrying off. She pressed her thumb against the bio-metric scanner that kept the phasers from falling into unauthorized hands and the cabinet popped open with a snap. Wasting no more precious seconds, Aemrys grabbed the case of Type IIs and followed along with the others.

Aysel let out a small cry in confusion as she was swept off her feet before Ludwig swooped her up in his arms. Under normal circumstances, she might have said something or tried to claim she could have made it on her own, but right now her head was just hurting and she was feeling tired. It was almost tempting to just nestle in the man's armpit and close her eyes for a bit, were it not that even she knew how horrible of an idea that would have been. "R-right." With a small nod, she linked her arms around Ludwig his neck, every step he took resounding through her body and pounding in her head. What she would not have given for some painkillers at that moment, but even in her state, she knew that with all the red flashing light and resounding alarm, this was no time for anyone to concern themselves about her comfort, all that she could manage to bring out was a soft, "S-sorry," before she curled up inside his arms as well as she could in order to make it as easy as possible for him to carry her and to reduce the pain she felt in her head with every step.

"Don't apologize, ma'am. You didn't ask for the ceiling to land on you." Ludwig was making fast time down the corridors and he soon spotted the escape pod. He trusted Broll and t'Laris to keep pace and focused on getting Lakkari to the escape pod. He palmed the controls to open the hatch as he reached it, and moved inside. "We'll get you something for the pain just as soon as we're all strapped in and launched, okay ma'am?" He set her down in one of the chairs, and reached to help her strap herself in before he settled in the chair next to hers and did the same for himself.

Lem followed the two through the corridors of the exploding and disassembling ship. Sparks sometimes flying across his face and left small traces of dark blue irritation on his arms he held up to protect himself. The bag over his own shoulder contained some basic surgery gear, the leather strap in his hand his personalised equipment. It was precious to him, as he had gotten it from his family.

"Hypo her for the pain after you sit down!" Lem exclaimed as he went to the hatch, waiting for Aemrys to go first so he could enter last.

With a painful groan Aysel sat down in the seat in the escape pot. Her headache had grown much, much worse with the constant movement and she struggled to keep her eyes open. With a sigh, she turned her head towards the hatch of the escape point, looking regretfully at the sparks of electricity as the ship was falling apart. "Quarel..." The word was muttered subconsciously and was in her native tongue, though the others would most likely not know its meaning the tone in which she said it made it clear she was cursing. "I had some really important stuff in my room, mum will be pissed." With a sigh she forced herself to look away once again. She did not have any real connection with the ship, not like the others she had only come on board recently and it seemed her second assignment had turned out to be a resounding failure if the current situation was anything to go by. "Please... if I close my eyes keep me awake, I am not sure how severe the damage is, but I fear a head trauma."

Aemrys climbed into the hatch with the three cases as Lem held it open for her. She set them down near the end of the pod before making her way to the pilot's seat. Slightly cold with the controls, since she had only flown something like this during simulations when she attended the Academy, Aemrys took some time to familiarize herself with the controls. Once that was taken care of, she turned her head back to the others, "Chief Ryan, there's some hypos in the first case, some random tools I swept off the shelf in the second one Doc, and phasers in the third." With everything hopefully in order, Aemrys began preparations for escape-pod launch.

"I hope you all know how to use those phasers, if we get swept up." Lem jumped into the hatch himself and settled himself down in a seat near the end. He latched up the straps and made sure he was fastened in. A little smile and then he peered at Aysel. "We'll keep you alive and talking, Ensign. No worries. You got the best of the best in this little craft. Chief Ryan and Aemrys are amazing at what they do." The small case he brought was put under his chair and the wrap of black leather was placed behind Lem, so he could keep it safe. The bluish man peered ahead a bit, at the screens and started tapping at some of the buttons. Trying to help Aemrys with preparing the escape pod.

"Oooh that might be a problem, I can't tell the difference between kill and stun on these TV remotes," Aemrys quipped as she tapped buttons and pulled levers, readying the pod for its launch. "Kidding, kidding," she assured the rest of the group as a grin formed across her lips, "Hopefully we won't have any baddies to zap..."

With the final preparations done, Aemrys strapped herself into the pilot's seat and pressed the big, red launch button. The pod spat out of the Norton like a hairball from a cat. The ride was rough at first, quite a jolt for the four as the craft jettisoned from the broken Norton. Maneuvering thrusters soon took over, slowing the pod down enough so the four won't suffer too much from any jostle that may come with a ride such as this. Outside the viewing port, they catch a clear glimpse of the Norton. There was some external damage, enough to indicate that she was attacked but the most apparent from the downed Emperor is the lack of power, casting a black veil over the ship with a mix of flickering electricity from her wounds. It seemed she truly was dead in the water.

Ludwig watched the ship grow smaller and smaller in the view port as the escape pod moved away from the ship, and once the flight had smoothed out enough he felt it was safe to unstrap himself, he hit the release on his harness so he could look over the supplies that they'd all gathered and see what was available to treat Aysel. He quickly gathered a medical tricorder, a hypospray, a dermal regenerator, and a pair of exam gloves. The first thing he did was dial up a mild dose of an analgesic, and press the hypo against Aysel's neck.

"Okay ma'am, I need to get a closer look at the injury. Are you okay with me touching your wound?" He pulled on the gloves as he asked this.

Aysel could not laugh about Aemrys joke, at least she thought it was a joke, she really hoped it was. Still, her thoughts were quickly diverted to the prickly feeling in her neck as she took a sharp breath and her eyes found those of Ludwig. This was probably going to sting pretty bad considering the circumstances, but it would have to do as she gave a very slow nod and turned her head towards the side for easier access to the gaping wound on the back of her head. It was not looking pretty, much of the blood had already dried and bits of hair had become intermingled with the crust. "Do what you need to do." She tried to find something to concentrate on while Ludwig took care of the wound and she found something all too easy, the lifeless dim starship floating in the uncaring void. "Gods, she got hit bad did she not?"

"I knew we'd been thrown around a lot, but the attack was short. I didn't expect it to look that bad," Ludwig answered as he gently parted the blood crusted hair to get a closer look at the wound. The visual inspection made him suspect that it was a shallow wound that bled a lot — the real trauma was likely to be the concussion that usually accompanies trauma to the head. He picked up the tricorder and scanned, and the tricorder confirmed his suspicion. "The good news is that most of the bleeding was superficial. A regenerator will make short work of that, but your brain took a pretty bad bump when the ceiling landed on you." He picked up the regenerator next, and it hummed as he held her hair out of the way as he ran the humming device over the wound.

"Yeah... me neither, Star Fleet won't like it and neither do I. How did they know where we are? It is not any old ship that could take the emperor out without her even being able to put up a fi- ouch!" She cringed a bit under Ludwig's touch, but quickly got used to it. "I am sorry, I am a doctor but not of that kind. How bad is that concussion exactly? Would it be safe to close my eyes, am I going to be suffering from short-term memory loss?" It was strange to her how she was feeling so little at seeing the powerless spaceship and having just escaped with her live, she would have expected some relief or shock, but there was nothing... that was probably the shock. "If I may ask, where is the escape pod heading towards?"

The pod had most of the standard features of a Type 7 shuttle, of course missing the obvious shields and weapons. Still, it had a decent enough communication array, allowing it to pick up the broadcast Lieutenant JG Lexil has been sending out the past few minutes. It looked legit enough, but one couldn't always be so sure. Yet, they had nowhere else to go.

"There's a signal from Lieutenant Lexil, it looks like rendezvous coordinates for any pods or any other shuttle that escaped the Norton. I'm currently setting a course to rendezvous," Aemrys responded to Aysel without paying a glance back, busy with the task at hand. "This is standard procedure and everything, the signal looks legit as well... but who knows, there's always that looming possibility of it being a stratagem from those that attacked us," she stated frankly as she finished plotting the course.

Ludwig frowned at Aemrys's speculation about the possibility of the signal being faked, but he kept his focus on Aysel. "With just the tricorder to scan you, it's hard to say how bad the concussion is. The good news is that you're not showing symptoms too extreme, and the swelling is mild at this point. Usually, the worst of it shows up right away, but there's always a chance for it to develop into something worse. We'll monitor you closely, and hopefully we'll be able to find some proper medical facilities after we rendezvous with the other escape pods and shuttles. I wish one of us had picked up a neural monitor though, so we won't have to do the old physical and visual tests. Speaking of, you should be able to lean back in your chair now... then we can just do a couple of small tests. Can you follow my finger's movement with your eyes for me?" He held up his pointer finger and waited for Aysel to focus on it.

That sounded a bit too plausible for her liking, whoever had attacked their ship had to know what they were doing, making sure none of them would live to tell the tale was not unlikely, then again she was a psychologist, not security or anything, she did not have the training to make such a call and all the knowledge did was make her feel uneasy. She tried as well as she could to relax and lean back in her chair as she tried to ignore her pounding headache and follow the finger, it should be easy she had no problems looking around at least. She tried to follow the finger but felt that it was a bit more difficult to do than she had anticipated, blinking a few times in response as she tried to focus. The second time went better though Ludwig would notice that her eyes were not moving in sync, there was definitely some damage.

"Ah, Strabismus of the haliian Oculi. Well, often that is caused by straining or damage to the cranial nerves three, four and six. Now we have to see if it's nerve damage or temporary palsy of the sixth ocular nerve. That being said, if it is increased cranial pressure than the nerves between the brain stem and clivus. Contracting muscles might block nerve output and create eyes moving individually." Lem jumped up from his seat and instantly moved up towards the patient, smiling at the crewman that was near as well. His hands went to lay on Aysel's knee and he gave a reassuring smile. "Do not worry, Ensign. It's quite easy to find out what is causing thing and then we can get everything cleared up, yes?"

The Bolian Doctor leaned back and fetched his leather strap with tools, a small light appeared out of a toothbrush sized apparatus. "Now, I want you to look straight at the light. Just look straight at it, I can see what damage has occurred by the reflection in your eyes. Hah, that way it won't cause you any strain. Mhm." He peered at her eyes before holding up the small light. "Oh, crewman, could you prepare ... retrieve a small osteo-puncturing device from one of the boxes, just in case?"

At first, the Hallian did just at the doctor told her and looked straight at the light, not that she liked it very much, but she did as she was told, however hearing a request for a bone piercing device was a bit too much for the woman to stay still. "W-wait, wait, wait. Doctor with all due respect, I am very much not a fan of any bone puncturing anywhere on a possibility. C-can I have a second opinion from someone? Besides if it is just looking cross I can live with that till we get to a place with proper medical facilities, that m-makes sense right?" The psychologist blood was rapidly draining from her face as if she was a five-year-old getting her injection against the flue. "L-lets not be hasty here."

"Well, you have a clear case of Hypotropia of your eyes, with me suspecting intracranial hypertension. I'll do a little more research, but if this is indeed due to what I think it is, then a small puncture will resolve it rather quickly ... relatively quick." The doctor assured the other. He softly tilted his head at her remarks. "While technically you are correct, if the pressure in your brain increases to levels that are considered dangerous loss of more function might occur." Lem looked at Ludwig and pointed at the top of the head, before looking at Aysel a bit more to be reassuring.

Lem softly moved up to inspect the wound visually and sighed. "Ah, good job, Ludwig. It seems you have taken care of the wound properly." Turning to Aysel again. "Now doctor, You are a person knowledgable about the brain, yes? You must understand that the brain is one of the most fragile of organs of the haliian physiology." He then turned towards Aemrys and also asked her something. "Ensign t'Laris, situational report, any sensor readings you might've come across?" In the moment the Bolian wiped his forehead, the ridge had been accumulating what was akin to sweat in Bolians.

Aemrys had set up an automated warning system if they came across any anomalies along their journey through the black void to Lexil's shuttle. As of right now, she was turned around and quite enraptured in the whole process of treating Aysel. A part of her felt bad for the Haliian, getting holes poked in your bones can never be fun. "Nothin' out of the ordinary Doc, just smooth sailin' to wherever that signal came from. I'm sure if we're lucky, the Type 7 will have more suitable medical facilities... but," her brows furrowed as she laid her dark green eyes on Aysel. The Haliian had a truly pitiful look, perhaps adding more stress to her current situation would be most unwise. She gave Aysel a reassuring smile, "Nevermind, we'll get out of this okay?"

"I am a Psychologist, lieutenant, not a neurosurgeon, my speciality is the mental vulnerability of the mind, not the actual psychical one." At this point all blood had faded from the Hallian's face as it was obvious that realisation of what was going on was starting to sink and if it were not for the special training at Starfleet to deal with high stress-inducing situations she would likely already have fallen apart. "Just... can we postpone treatment till we have access to proper medical facilities, surely you can still act when it gets worse. A-and what of the risk if it goes wrong, what you are describing does not sound like an easy procedure, and you admitted it yourself that you think you know the cause, not that you are sure! S-surley it would be better to take a wait and monitor approach, please?" With all that she could muster she gave Lem her most pleading look. Although her charm was undermined quite a bit by her poor condition and appearance.

Lem was turned back already, before she gave him the look. His small bag had a diuretic in it luckily, it would help her release the pressure over the long run, but it had to be monitored anyway. He looked up again after her ramble and he nod. "Oh, yeah, it's fine. No problem. Just take these then? Swallow two of these every three hours and we'll have you going. Just might ... start to feel a bit tingly." Lem gave the pills to Aysel and looked up at her. "I'll make sure you can help people again soon, okay?"

The effect of telling the psychologist that her skull would remain unpunctured was obvious and instanious as she visibly relaxed and laid her head against the escape pods wall and quickly swallowed two of the pills without hesitation. "Thank you..." It would take some time before she would come to know how much she would regret swallowing those pills later.

Ludwig had settled back in silence, biting back his protest to Lem's methods — the Bolian was the ranking officer in the escape pod, after all. He strapped himself back in place once it became clear that the osteo-puncturing device was being refused by Aysel. He watched as the USS Joshua Norton grew smaller and smaller in the view port as Aemrys navigated the escape pod towards the shuttle and silently mourned the loss of the half finished bottle of pre-Nova Romulan Ale that sat among his liquor collection in his quarters. That wasn't going to be easy to replace, but at least he was alive to try.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lem Broll
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A

Ensign Aysel Lakkari
Forensic Psychologist
U.S.S. Joshua Norton

Ensign Aemrys t'Laris
Infiltration Specialist
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A

CPO Ludwig Ryan
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