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Cmdr sh'Teris & Lt Zola - "Nichts Wird Mehr Wie Früher Sein"

Posted on 2019-10-10 07:52 by Lieutenant Zola & Lieutenant Commander Thalzejiv sh'Teris & Lieutenant Cecilia Abbott

Mission: Whiskey in the Jar

Reports of blown EPS relays had continued to roll in from around the ship, a large number of them being on deck two since decks one and three were on secondary power and deck four wasn't usually heavily used. Casualties reported remained low, most being able to be treated with on site emergency medical kits — which given the report that just rolled in was a good thing.

"Commander, the system reports there was a major explosion in sickbay. I can't get sensor readings to check for life signs, but with comm systems down and whatever this interference is that's blocking the combadge signals, we don't have a way to follow up." Zola turned from her station where she stood, her chair still lay on its side behind her. "I should be able to rig up a scrolling message on the corridor panels requesting assistance report to sickbay, but only on deck two, and only as long as they continue to have access to main power. I'm afraid the EPS system has taken enough damage that even with the extra durability that had been in place on that deck due to sickbay, main engineering, and the computer core, it's probably going to fail back to secondary power soon."

Before sh'Teris could respond, Mikey stood up from where he'd curled up near the base of the conn station. The fur on his back was standing on end and he started to growl. Even as Borom shifted in his seat to attempt to calm the small green fox, all surfaces on the bridge looked like they were wet and dripping water into zero gravity, even though the grav plating was still working. It was only a moment before the apparent liquid fell to the deck and disappeared, leaving everything appearing as dry as it was to start with.

"What the hell?" Abbott turned from her station and looked at the others on the bridge.

"If my reading up on the spore drive was correct, we just had a black alert, so, where are we?" sh'Teris said quickly. If this was an accident and not someone on a lower deck playing hero, they could be just about anywhere.

Borom turned back to his station, his fingers moving quickly to bring up the sensors and charts at his disposal.

"As far as I can tell, we're exactly where we were... But the latent comm chatter is different. All the standard Starfleet channels are silent."

sh'Teris swallowed. Same place. No starfleet chatter. They were either about to deal with the complete headache and nightmare of temporal insanity or... "What chatter are you picking up Borom? Have we got enough systems to run a long range scan, I want to know about anything that you aren't expecting to find," they asked. Because chatter of any kind would tell them things, give them the important bits of information they needed to work out what the hell had just happened.

"Let me just..." Borom muttered softly, working the comm controls. A Klingon voice filled the bridge.

"...follow them into the badlands, I want those Terrans caught. The Regent will have my head if they escape again."

"Main sensors are down, but let me see if I can reroute power to get them back online," Zola said.

"What's the current status of our propulsion, offensive and defensive systems?" Thal asked, if they had nothing they were going to be in trouble pretty quickly. "There's only one place I can think of where we'd find a Klingon using 'regent' and 'terrans' in the same sentence..."

"Shields are still down, torpedo launchers are showing offline, but we have phasers still," Abbott spoke up.

"We can go to warp if needed, but I don't recommend very long given the state of the plasma injectors. The slipstream drive is giving me conflicting information on its status, and we'd be unable to use the cloak if we go to slipstream." Borom started plotting potential courses for either drive as he answered.

"Let me reroute the power from the plasma injectors to get the sensors up—it'll only take a moment to route them back if we see something that requires us going to warp—and see if I can get us a better look around," Zola explained. She worked at her console a moment. "There, try now with the sensors?"

"Long range sensors are picking up mixed patrols of Klingon and Cardassian vessels, Birds of Prey, Keldon class cruisers, and a couple other models I don't recognize." Abbott made a face. "I wish Lexil had returned, she'd probably be able to get better readings out of these sensors. The power is fluctuating; Zola, can you stabilize?"

"Just a moment, let me recalib–" Zola jumped and let out a little squeak of surprise. "The dilithium crystals are fracturing, and causing a feedback loop into the warp core. Attempting to shut it down to prevent a breach."

"Zola, if you can't shut it down, eject the core," Thal said firmly. Better inching around slowly than stuck in escape pods. Warning lights were blazing on the consoles, and Thal couldn't help but think that this was damn fine day for the Captain to get stuck on a lower deck and leave them in charge of the ship.

"Attempting ejection," Zola acknowledged after a moment. There was a pregnant pause as she worked furiously at her console, then finally she shook her head and turned towards the back exit from the bridge. "Call for evac — the only way is a manual override at this point, but I'm not sure if I'll be fast enough." Zola started across the bridge.

Thal's heart sank, and as they rose from the command chair they took a breath. "Computer, sound evacuation, and record in the ships log. Zola, you'll never make it, get to an escape pod. Borom, you keep a hold on Mikey." With one last look around the dimly lit bridge, Thal sighed heavily and followed the rest of the bridge crew to the escape pods.

Borom stood up quickly, scooping Mikey up into his arms as he did. Mikey yipped and tried to squirm free of his grasp, but Borom caught him by the scruff of his neck as he said the word quiet in orion. Mikey whimpered but curled up in Borom's arms.

Abbott's eyes moved over her terminal quickly as she stood — force of habit really. She fell into step behind Zola as the small Ferengi bit back a protest of the order. The pre-recorded evacuation order started to play back.

"All crew report to escape pods for evacuation, this is not a drill."

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant Commander Thalzejiv sh'Teris
Executive Officer
USS Joshua Norton

Lieutenant Zola
R&D Officer
USS Joshua Norton

NPCs by Amy: Lt Cecelia Abbott, Chief Tactical & Security; Ens Tybal Borom, Pilot


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