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Ens sh'Eikshah - "Will It Go Round in Circles"

Posted on 2019-10-14 07:08 by Ensign Siriad sh’Eikshah & NPCs (Amy)

Mission: Whiskey in the Jar

The turbolift slid open as the ship lurched and the alert lighting changed from yellow to red as the klaxon started to blare out. Outside the lift stood a Nuvian who'd been waiting to head down a deck, his hand bracing against the frame of the open turbolift doors. Lieutenant junior grade pips graced the collar of his skant.

"Ensign," he said as he stumbled in with a head nod.

The Ensign nodded back respectfully, and saluted stiffly. "Junior Lieutenant," she added. "What is the emergency?" The Ensign looked calm about everything that was happening, but, as was expected from an Ensign like her, her heart was beating faster as the adrenaline gets pumped through her bloodstream. When the lighting changed to yellow she had just been returning to her quarters, but that had to wait. She had rushed her way over to the turbolift to head to her patrol, surprised by the Nuvian Officer.

"I'm not sure yet, though I would guess we're under attack. Computer, deck two." He braced himself against the wall of the turbolift as the ship lurched again. The doors slid shut. "Whatever it is, sure is giving us a beating. I hope I remember where the escape pods are if it gets too bad. Defiant class can take a beating, but it's not indestructible."

The Ensign was woefully unprepared for the sudden lurch and to her grave embarrassment she had to re-set her feet multiple times in an effort to keep balance. She smiled to the Nuvian officer, trying to distract both herself and the other person from her small misstep. "Do you think it's that bad sir?" she managed to ask after a short silence. "Surely other possibilities will open up than to abandon ship."

"The chances are slim we'll need to evacuate, but we haven't faced a battle in what time I've been posted here and I just realized I'm not completely sure where the escape pods are. Usually the ship illuminates the directions though, so I'll probably find my way." He offered a polite smile, noticing the Ensign's efforts to keep her balance. "It's easier if you brace yourself against the turbolift wall, harder to knock yourself off balance with three points of contact with fixed surfaces."

The Ensign nodded thankfully, looking up more curiously to the officer while bracing herself against the wall. "I am Ensign Siriad Sh'eikshah, first travel aboard this ship," she introduced herself more clearly. She opened her mouth to ask some more questions, but closed it again. This might be a way to calm herself, but perhaps the officer himself wouldn't quite like it. Aside from that it would probably smarter to focus on the task at hand. Surely it couldn't take much longer before the turbolift were to arrive at the designated deck.

"Lieutenant Dhodot, in science. I just transferred in too, they brought me in last minute when the previous first officer had to leave on short notice and they wanted someone with a bio chem background in her absence." He was about to ask her what department she was in when the turbolift stopped and opened its doors. Dhodot took a step and had to grab hold of the doorway as the ship lurched again. "Is this your deck too?"

"Yes sir," she managed to get out when another shiver surged through the ship while she pushed herself tight against the wall. "I was told my patrol is supposed to be here when a situation like this occurs," she continued with a slight smile, waiting to follow the lieutenant leaving the lift. "I hope the ones in my patrol have some more experience than the two of us though. I do not feel capable enough yet to do this entirely on my own, but it seems we all will need to adapt." The blue woman continued as she grabbed her type-3 phaser, once again checking it's settings.

"I'm on my way to the science labs to help ensure that they're secured and stable. If that overlaps with your patrol route, I would appreciate the company." Dhodot started down the corridor towards the lab, trusting that the Ensign would fall into step with him if she was going that way. If not, the urgency of the situation would allow him to apologize later for his apparent rudeness, when they next cross paths after the urgency had died down. Not a meter ahead of him down the corridor, the wall burst open as an EPS junction ruptured, and he started back and pressed against the wall as if it would provide him cover.

The Ensign nodded, following close behind the Lieutenant in case of the worst. When the EPS junction ruptured and caused the higher officer to stagger back and press himself against the wall, the small girl stepped forward getting on one knee to cover for the out of balance male in case of any hostile activity. Keeping her eye on the hallway in front of them she started talking again, this time completely focused on her task at hand. "Are you alright, Lieutenant? Did you see anything out of the ordinary?" she asked, assuming there was a reason for the officer to get into cover, aside from the ruptured EPS junction of course.

Dhodot took a breath as he stepped away from the wall. The ship shook again and he laid a hand on the bulkhead to steady himself. His eyes moved over the debris that filled the corridor ahead of them. "I'm fine, thank you. Just taking cover to avoid flying debris."

The Ensign sighed relieved, letting her muscles relax as she got up. "I see, my apologies." She nervously clamped her neck while she looked through the obstructed hallway. "What are we supposed to do now, sir? You want to get rid of it, or you wanna walk around?" She stroked her chin. "In case of an enemy boarding, an unexpected blocked hallway could work in our advantage, but everyone would need to know about it then."

"We should submit a report, so engineering knows where to send a damage control team, then we should attempt another route." Dhodot turned to the panel in the bulkhead next to him. It took a couple more taps than normal to get it to wake up, but it eventually did. He quickly input a damage report and then looked around. "Which way do you think, Ensign, Starboard or Port?"

The Ensign stayed quiet as the officer submitted the report through the small panel, and kept quiet a little longer as she started thinking. She tried to map out the second deck in her head before nodding. "My guess would be Port, sir. The ESP junction ruptured from Starboard. If we were under attack from some hostile force, I'd assume everything further starboard will look even worse as this part." The Ensign explained. "To think their weapons already have penetrated this deep seems unbelievable..." The Ensign shook her head. "Shall we go?"

"The sooner the better. That's part of the EPS grid, which means they don't need to have directly hit where we are, just caused a power surge. If more blow we don't have to be near them." Dhodot looked around once and quickly backtracked towards the junction with the turbolift.

The Ensign nodded, somewhat disappointed in herself. Surely she had known that that was the case with EPS junctions if she had more time to think about it... right? She stood up, following Dhodot towards the turbolift. "Perhaps we could contact the bridge," she suggested. "They will most likely have a better view of whats going on. Perhaps they require us elsewhere now. It seems hard for me to believe that I should be patrolling this ship until it has broken down," she said frankly.

"The reason we are given assignments for red alert is so that we can proceed without having to seek out orders from our superiors. Those who are on the bridge need to focus on whatever is happening to cause the red alert. Should they need to change our orders, they will reach out to us in general or directly, depending on need." As Dhodot reached the junction, he looked side to side. The corridor to port—which would have normally been the second most direct route to the science labs—was dark and sparks intermittently sprayed from the bulkhead. The red alert klaxon shut off and the lighting returned to normal in the corridors that had previously been lit red. The dark corridor remained dark. "I guess we're going starboard now."

Dhodot took the lead, and the two officers made their way through the corridors. As they went, they encountered more damage from other EPS relays that had blown and scattered pieces of panels and eps grid parts in their wake. As it had become clear that this was an issue that was occurring throughout the ship they made their way the best they could. The normally short walk between the turbolift and the science labs stretched on as the damage caused them to reroute and back track from time to time, or stop to move debris out of the way to clear a path from themselves and those who came behind. Finally they stood looking at a large chunk of the ceiling blocking what looked to be the last open pathway towards the science labs.

"I'm out of ideas at this point," Dhodot finally said. As he spoke, the walls appeared to drip liquid which then floated as if in zero gravity. Dhodot lifted a boot from the deck and set it down, a puzzled look crossing his face as he looked to Siriad. The water droplets suddenly fell to the floor and disappeared. "What was that?"

The Ensign kneeled down next to the older male, looking confused at where the water disappeared. She softly rubbed her finger over the spot to check if it was still humid before turning her attention to its initial cause, the walls. "I... have absolutely no idea Lieutenant. It seemed to come from the walls. What do you think it could be?"

"I've seen some weird things in my time, but this one leaves me speechless." Dhodot reached out to touch the bulkhead. "It's dry."

"Perhaps this is the time to contact the bridge?" The Ensign proposed again, nerves showing through her voice. She didn't understand what was going on and she didn't like it. If only there was something material she could work with... She held her gun tight nervously "I don't know any other viable options."

"I'd say we'd contact my boss or yours. Since this looks science instead of security, let's try mine." Dhodot tapped his combadge, and in return it gave an error chirp. "Dhodot to Lexil." He tapped the badge again, getting the error chirp once more. "Try yours?"

The Ensign nodded agreeing, that made sense indeed. She dropped her head relieved, surely the higher ranking officers would know what to do. After the first error sound reached her ears that feeling was gone, and she brought her head back up with a shock. After the second error notice she quickly tapped her own combadge. "Sh'eikshah to Abbott. Sh'eikshah to Abbott," she repeated two times before shaking her head to Dhodot. "We're cut off..." The Ensign scraped her throat, allowing herself to think about what to do now. "Right now you are the highest in charge here. What do you think we should do, Lieutenant?"

"You're going to have a hard time patrolling like you should and I should probably continue to the science lab. If this is the state of the corridors right now, I can only imagine what the lab might be like. It probably needs damage control even if there weren't any active experiments running when the alert started. I should continue to try to get there because who knows if anyone else has been able to get there, and clearing this blocked path is probably our best bet right now. Give me a hand?" Dhodot took hold of one end of the beam that crossed the corridor in front of them, and looked to Siriad.

The Ensign nodded, putting the gun back on her back as she followed the officers example, putting her hands onto the beam that crossed the corridor.
"On three," Siriad said, giving a short nod to officer. Despite her current calm behaviour her head was working full time again. What kind of weapon could have done this? Who could have weapons like that? Who is attacking us?

"One, two, three–" They both lifted on the count of three. With both of them it wasn't much of a challenge, and they soon had it leaning against the bulkhead out of the way. As Dhodot turned to evaluate the remaining debris and decide what to move next, a pre-recordered message started to play from the ship.

"All crew report to escape pods for evacuation, this is not a drill."

Which way was the nearest escape pod, and was it in a direction that had a clear path? Dhodot mentally back tracked through the maze that the relatively simple deck plan of the defiant class had become from the EPS relays blowing out, and decided that the forward escape pod was their best bet on this deck.

"Okay Ensign, let's backtrack to the last junction, and head to the forward escape pod. I think the path should be relatively clear."

The Ensign nodded, though barely visible. The results of the chaos what was happening now had some decent impact on the young ensign and she swallowed down some spit nervously. "You first, Officer. I will be right behind you"

Dhodot nodded, then started down the corridor at a jog. He didn't make it far before he suddenly came to a stop. In the middle of the deck in front of him a small rodent was running towards him — it looked too well fed and groomed to be a pest of any sort, but even if it was? He couldn't leave the poor thing to die in the ship. Dhodot stooped over and collected it, and it contently curled up in his hand.

"It seems we've found a friend..." Dhodot marveled at the small creature as he started to run now.

The Ensign looked at the Officer slightly confused, but decided that right now wouldn't be the time to worry about those things. "Apparently so?" she answered, not capable of disguising her confusion. She impatiently waited as Dhodot lifted the small animal up, what were they supposed to do with this rodent anyway? She shook her head, deciding not to waste anymore thoughts on the Officers behaviour.

"Do you think we're close?" She asked, running behind the male. She really didn't like that she had no idea about what was going on. Just gotta hope we wont be sitting ducks for whoever is attacking us once we shoot off in our pods.

"Just around the corner here," Dhodot insisted, as they turned the corner.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant JG Dhodot
Interim Bio & Chem Specialist
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Siriad sh'Eikshah
Weapons Specialist
USS Joshua Norton


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