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Lt JG Broll, LtJG Takeuchi, Ens Lakkari, Ens t'Laris & Cn Kaeriss - " We're All Going to Hell"

Posted on 2019-10-09 08:18 by Crewman Kaeriss & Lieutenant JG Mayoko Takeuchi & Lieutenant JG Lem Broll M.D. & Ensign Aysel Lakkari & Ensign Aemrys t'Laris

Mission: Whiskey in the Jar

Kaeriss had gone back to her cabin for the purpose of giving her fur a good brush out having been encased in her stealth suit for so long. Only, she'd just gotten undressed to do so when the yellow alert was signaled, and a quick brush later she was back in uniform, having only saved herself from falling by digging her claws deep into the carpet when the red alert sounded. She headed out of her cabin, and glanced up and down the corridor, panels flashing red and the sounds of people moving to where they needed to go all over the place. Heading down the corridor another hit rocked the ship, and behind her Kae thought she head things falling off her shelf in the cabin behind her, she gripped into the carpet again and grit her teeth. They were taking a nasty beating, and she had to get to the lab to safeguard all her experiments and check on those spores.

Ahead of her, a wall mounted terminal shorted and blew as they took another hit, the lights faltered and Kaeriss knew whoever was attacking them had hit some serious systems and again, only her claws gripping into the carpet stopped her from falling. Seeing a figure on the other side of the blown terminal, and not knowing how close they had been she called out. "Are you ok?"

The wall panels flashed a gilded hue, "Yellow Alert..." Aemrys mutters to herself as she looked up from her PADD. She sat by herself on her assigned bunk, though she was in underwear seeing as to how her cabin mate had gone off to do whatever. She never really got to know them, seeing as to how they rarely visited the cabin, perhaps it was just the shifts. With a sigh, she got to her feet and dressed herself, but she left her uniform jacket hanging off the back of her chair. It had been a few days since her new assignment to the Norton—which was relatively uneventful—but the scuttlebutt claimed otherwise. And just as those thoughts raced in her mind, the walls were basked in the crimson hue of red alert, followed by the wailing alarm.

With her right arm stuck in the sleeve of her jacket while she jammed her left arm into the left sleeve, Aemrys dashed out of her cabin and towards the direction of sickbay. "Good grief, watch where you're going meathead..." she muttered to herself as she bobbed and weaved past several other crewmen. As fate would have it however, a wall mounted terminal blew. The explosion, subsequent with the rocking of the ship, sent Aemrys tumbling forward, face planting into the hard floor. Nose clearly broken, she took several moments to grasp the pain before slowly getting to her feet. A few bits of shrapnel lodged itself in her calf as well; though small, they still did the effect of partially ripping her uniform pants. Using the wall to steady herself, Aemrys looked back to where the voice called out, noticing a Caitian. She sighed as she nodded, whilst her right hand cupped the nose that was now pouring out green blood. "I'm fine," she called out to the Caitian, "You go on, I can still walk."

Kaeriss moved over to the Ensign anyway. "You need to go to sickbay, Sir, and I'm headed next door to there anyway, let me help," she insisted, dragging the Officer's arm across her shoulders and guiding them down the corridor. When they reached the turbolift however, it was registering a fault. "Let's try the one on the other side," she said, and they headed around the curved corridor to the other side.

Reluctant at first, and also not being used to called 'Sir', Aemrys eventually accepted as she hung her right arm around Kaeriss, her left hand replacing her bloodied right in the task of curbing the blood flow in her nose. "Thanks..." she muttered quietly whilst they limped along, first to the broken turbolift, then to the one on the other side. Thankfully, this turbolift functioned as it should, opening its pearly gates to allow the two limping individuals entry.

"Deck Two," Kaeriss instructed.

Once they were safely situated inside, Aemrys distanced herself from Kaeriss, leaning on the back-left side of the turbolift before slowly slumping down until she sat on the floor. Her left hand still clutched on her nose whilst her right pushed against the floor. Her head slowly panned up, whilst her eyes stared at Kaeriss. Aemrys looked as if she had never seen a Caitian in her life before, though that was far from the case, but ultimately, it was a bad habit of hers, to stare at another as if they were the very gold from El Dorado itself.

"Crewman Kaeriss," the Caitian informed the officer. "And you're Ensign t'Laris, right?" Luckily going down one deck didn't take long, despite the ricking and bucking of the ship as being stared at like that was making her feel a little bit uncomfortable. The turbolift doors opened and Kae offered her hand to help Aemrys off the floor.

"Y-yes..." Aemrys muttered as she looked away, blinking. She was doing it again, that stare always alienated her from others in the past. With a sigh, she took Kaeriss' hand before getting to her feet, though unfortunately, both were covered in green, vulcanoid blood now. Noticing the mess, she muttered a quiet apology before letting go of the Caitian's hand. "I can handle it from here," Aemrys said as she pulled out a few Kleenexes from inside her uniform jacket, before stuffing her nostrils. "Thanks for the help from earlier, Kaeri- mmm, Crewman Kaeriss." With that, Aemrys began limping towards where sickbay was.

"Ensign you likely have a concussion, sickbay is a thirty second detour, tops," Kaeriss insisted with a smile. She did need to get all of this blood out of her fur now too. She didn't help, but she did walk beside her as they made their way around the corridor, though she did reach out to steady her when the ship rocked again.

"Thirty seconds...?" Aemrys mutters as she looked back to Kaeriss. And just as she looked back, the ship buckled again, but she was able to catch herself; enough embarrassment was suffered today. Together with Kaeriss, she walked to sickbay, though significantly slower than her usual stride.

The doors to sickbay slid open sluggishly, and they were met with a flurry of activity in front of them.

Doctor Costello looked up as they walked in, despite the ship bucking like a bronco he seemed to emanate calm, like the red alert was no more worrying than a fly at a picnic. "Take a seat Ensign, someone will be right with you," he said, gesturing at a free biobed. He was currently occupied patching up a split eyebrow, but he would get there soon if someone else didn't beat him to it.

An immaculately uniformed Bolian man came towards the Ensign that was just brought in. "Ah, such a rush hour! Yep. Mhm. Now what can I do for you? ... Nasty nose wound from what I can see here. Did you do the glass door holodeck program in the middle of a red alert? Heh!" The flamboyant Bolian grabbed the medical Tricorder stuck to his belt and removed the medical scanning pen from it, holding it up. "Now, please tell me how this happened, Ensign?"

Aemrys did as instructed by Doctor Costello and obediently took a seat on the biobed, folding her legs in a crisscross as she waited for a physician to attend to her minor needs. Eventually, a shadow towered over her, followed by a range of chatter that Aemrys only registered as more wounds to her pride. Now this, was truly embarrassing. She turned her head away, partially as a means for the Bolian to better examine her nose and also for the fact that she didn't really want to look at him right now. "No... I was on my way here, until a conduit blew behind me and sent my face to the ground," she stated quietly. "It's not really a big deal... can't you just scan it or something?" Aemrys insisted quietly.

Kaeriss, seeing that Aemrys was going to get the medical attention she needed gave a polite nod to the Chief Medical Officer. She cleaned the blood off her hands in the sonic sanitiser, and then headed for the doors. They were as sluggish then as they had been when they’d come in, which was a little concerning, but she left quickly, heading for the science labs.

"Nope, I will have to take care of you. Let's seeeeee..." Lem dragged out his last word as he scanned his new Ensign friend's health. The small scanning pen moved up and down to physique of the other as Lem read the scanners messages that came up on his small screen. He gave a few firm nods and then looked back up. "Now, I need you to sit still for a bit. We're going to have to do some bone structure stabilization and correction."

Lem took a good look at the patient nose and smiled a bit more friendly. He put his hand on the bend and leaned a little. "Hey, no need to be worried okay? We'll fix your nose." He then went on with the other problems. "Next to that, you have a concussion so I'm going to put you on a days rest. Oh, and that calve of yours is full of splinters from some sort of EPS ...line I think. Yes, so that's going to take a bit of removal and subdermal regeneration. Should be done soon. Mhm. Yep. To the surgical suite?"

"Mmmmm..." she grumbled quietly in protest, but ultimately, stood as still as before for the Bolian to scan her broken nose. Once he was done, she turned her head to look up at the man. He was bald, and blue, and there were all these weird lines all over him. Of course, she had seen a Bolian before, many in fact, and yet, she stared at this one just like how she stared at Kaeriss. Eventually, she snapped out of her trance, by the hyperactive Bolian's instructions for her to sit still.

Her mind began wandering elsewhere as Lem went on a rather boring spiel about medical procedures, but her attention was soon caught when he brought up surgical suite. "Eh?!" Aemrys remarked, "Can't you just wave your tri-corder, pen, wand, thingy over the broken part and make it all right? I don't have to spend hours in some big tube do I?" she asked, a bit startled as an accent began invading her usually perfect Federation Standard.

It was then that Aysel finally managed to show up. The alert had caught her during her downtime under the shower and as a result, it had taken her longer to get to the sickbay then she should have. Her uniform had clearly been put up in a hurry and her hair was still wet as the doors automatically opened for her and she took her place about fifteen meters from the bed. Honestly her presence was likely not needed for some time, but Starfleet regulations were clear on where she was supposed to be, in the case there was some mental condition or her opinion was needed, but from what she could see the girl did not suffer from much worse than a broken nose and perhaps a bit of a shake, meaning that her job would most likely come after the doctor was done. She gave a small nod to the medical staff that was presence as she calmly waited for her skill set to be requested.

Lem smiled at Aysel and continued to work on the Ensign he had on his bed. "For now, actually. We are in a crisis situation, so I am going to give you a pain killer and that it, you can't move for awhile and I'll have to lay you down and raise your legs. It's just too dangerous to do the surgery now, so operating is a no no. Mhm. No no. So ... let's get you feeling less pained and then go on." Lem grabbed one of the many hyposprays and held it up against the neck of the other.

Because she still had the attention span of a teenager, Aemrys' eyes wandered to the the Haliian that wandered herself into the sickbay. She was another blueberry though, so she supposed this was her turning up for her shift. She's seen Haliians before but that bulge on their forehead... was it for telepathy? She couldn't really remember the whole section on them during her xeno-biology class, it was so long ago anyway... Wait, is it for headbutting like a Klingon's? No, it looks too small and fra-

And just like that, her train of thoughts crashed into a solid wall as Lem stabbed a hypospray into her neck. Once it was done she pulled back before turning her eyes to the Bolian, rubbing the area of her neck where the hypospray went in. "Mister wait, you don't mean I have to stay on this bed for the rest of this red alert?" she asked before hopping down from the biobed, though her legs had turned to jello by then and she quickly lost her balance.

Lem wasn't paying attention to the legs of the woman turning to gelatin as she tried to stand up at first, his own train of thoughts going to an answer. "Well yes, you'll have to be here, sit here, no laying down, yet. No-.." And she went down, he tried to catch her to his best ability, grabbing at her arms and then quickly pushing the ensign up against the bed. He considered shouting for help, but it seemed far too chaotic now for anyone to help him. Even though, Lem looked around.

"Ensign? How do you feel..?" He asked still.

Luckily for Aemrys, Lem was right there to catch her. He had quite the grip and while it did hurt, it did the job of keeping her from falling on her face again. The tips of her ears along with her cheeks now a slight tinge of dark green, Aemrys slowly pulled herself back up onto the biobed. Obediently, she sat there, with her legs dangling off the edge.

"I'm... fine." she answered quietly, biting down on her lower lip, "Thanks for catching me, I guess... I'll stay put."

There was the sound of a soft but deliberate throat clearing behind Lem as Costello moved closer. “Fix the nose, Mr Broll, there isn’t a queue,” he said calmly, gesturing to the almost empty sickbay, his last patient having just exited with a newly mended eyebrow. “Dragomirov will be here with Brock momentarily, and I assure you we can handle that. The Ensign needs to get back to work and you need to be ready for the next patient who needs this biobed,” he said with a smile before turning away. Anyone else might have found something like that frustrating, but not Amadeus. He hadn’t even been flustered on his daughters wedding day.

The red alert was cancelled, and Amadeus took a deep breath. He turned to Aysel, who looked a little lost. “Ensign Lakkari, would you be so kind as to inform he bridge of the departments current status?” He asked. He turned back to his own biobed, preparing it for Brock’s arrival. Only, Veda should have been back by now... even considering the Red alert.

“Costello to Dragomirov, what’s your status?” he asked, his voice calm as he asked her for an update.

"The turbolift decided it didn't want to let me get to deck one. Jarkil and I are about to attempt to climb out if we can pop the upper hatch on the turbolift, but my timeline to make it to Broke is unknown currently."

"Understood, I will see if there's anyone on the bridge who can get to Brock, whatever was attacking us appears to have stopped, but please take care of yourselves. Costello out." Her predicament, while potentially concerning was not necessarily something to worry about. Neither of them were injured, or she would have said something. But someone still needed to get to Brock. "Costello to Bridge," he said calmly, no point in panicking at all. "If there's anyone up there with Medical experience who can get to transporter room one, Brock needs medical attention, and Dragomirov and Jarkil are stuck in the turbolift, many thanks."

"Understood Costello." came the familiar voice of the first officer, which meant the captain was not up there, still, that would now be dealt with and he would be updated on Brock's condition if he needed to be.

"Was that the bridge?" The strong Japanese accent could only have been owned by one person on the crew. Lieutenant Takeuchi was propping herself up against the sickbay door which had never closed. The ship's Demolitions Specialist had two large lacerations on the left side of her face which were leaking blood that ran down over the burns she didn't even know she had and dripped onto the front of her uniform jacket which she wore over cute pink hippo pyjamas with matching ballerina style slippers. She had obviously been asleep at the time of the alert and it didn't take a genius to deduce she too had suffered from close proximity to an EPS blowout. Mayoko thumbed off the flashlight she held in her left hand and stowed it in the waistband of her trousers so she could take the phaser she held in her right, wincing as she did so from another injury unseen.

Lem winced as he saw Mayoko come in, but it was no time to be busy with something else than his own patient. He looked at the tri-corder once more and gave a small nod. "Well then, Ensign, time to remove those splinter. Please roll up your uniform pants. After that, I will deal with that nose of yours. It seems like it's not bleeding much."

Aemrys' eyes were also glued to the Lieutenant who came stumbling into sickbay. She looked worse than her, those two wounds on the Lieutenant's face looked deep and fresh as well. Her eyes began wandering down, as they followed the steady flow of crimson from the Lieutenant's cheeks drop gently on her uniform. Aemrys was sure it would stain, though perhaps not as significant as copper based blood, but no body on a Starfleet vessel cared about that. The next thing that caught her stare were those pink pajamas, with the hippopotamus as its coat of arms no doubt. Her beady, green eyes blinked. She's read about these Earth creatures before, especially in primary school on New Silesia, but she was quite aware that the lumbering giant was never a favorite for many people.

Aemrys' head began tilting to the right as her stare intensifies, though she was quickly snapped out of her little stare off by Lem's request. She turned to look back at the Bolian with a nod, "Right..." she said as she pulled up her right leg before rolling back the pant leg. Once the fabric was out of the way, she held up her leg. The shrapnel mostly dwelled within the lower half of her calf muscle and they didn't appear deep, though a few smaller pieces were lodged quite well into her flesh. "Not to be mean or rude, mister, but couldn't we have solved all of this a bit sooner?" Aemrys muttered, as she made the connection that the Lieutenant was from her department and was probably here to rail on her about not standing at post.

"It was, Lakkari, when you're done with that report, please replicate some fresh clothes for the Lieutenant," Costello said calmly, already heading over to Mayoko, hearing the young and injured Ensign grumbling away on her biobed. "This way Lieutenant," he said offering his hand to guide her to the free biobed. Once upon it he flipped open his tricorder with an unhurried and practiced ease, he hummed thoughtfully as he scanned her. "Have you fallen unconscious at any point since your injury?" he asked, suspecting that he knew the answer, she looked dazed, but... there was an air of determination about her he hadn't seen before. "Mostly first degree, but a smattering of second degree burns, obviously due to proximity, I think we'll take care of these lacerations first, less blood lost the better," he said, putting down the tricorder and picking up a dermal regenerator.

Mayoko allowed herself to be led to the bio bed and, placing her phaser down next to where she would be sitting, used her left arm to help her into a seated position on the bed, her right cradled protectively against her chest. "Yes, I have." She answered Doctor Costello's question directly and truthfully, posing her own question in return, slightly mumbled by her trying not to move the left side of her face. "Did the bridge give you any information about our situation?" She asked him. "Should we expect boarding party?"

"Well, try and stay awake for me now Lieutenant," he said calmly, "If we were expecting a boarding party, then I think we'd still be in red alert, I'm just here to patch up those that got hurt," he said gently. The lacerations were now mostly closed, and the bleeding had stopped. He frowned at the extent of the burns, "I am going to need to clean your face up before I can get started on the burns, would you like something for the pain?"

Aysel had been gone so far in her own thoughts as she stared at the patient that it took some time for Amadeus words to fully sink in. Then again the man was not one to wait for her to respond and had already continued with his duties as he should. A bit awkward at phasing out she gave a small nod and took a few steps away to the nearby console to hail towards the bridge, she could have used her badge to do so, but it was probably better that she was not talking over the doctor and his patient.

"Ensign Aysel Lakkari to bridge, we got Ensign Aemyrs t'Laris here with a broken nose and likely a concussion, it is recommended the patient will take it easy the next few days and will not be assigned any heavy duties."

She had just finished the report to the bridge when Amadeus had already another set of orders for her. Honestly, it annoyed her quite a bit, here she was. A well-trained therapist and an expert of the sentient mind, ordered about as if she was a nurse. Her placement as medical bay staff was already somewhat ridiculous. But what could one do about it and the need for new clothing could not be denied. So not voicing her discontent with the situation she obeyed the senior officer as she got started to have some new clothes replicated. A few clicks into the ship's database gave her the exact sizes she needed and less than a minute later she had a fully custom made uniform ready for the superior officer with a sigh she walked up to the bedside with the clothes under her arm which she promptly handed to the Lieutenant, she understood she was the newbie but she had studied at an university, and not to bring people clothes. With a bit of an annoyed look she turned to the doctor. "Done sir, if there is no opportunity to make usage of my abilities here may I request permission to leave?"

The Bolian doctor finished up with the splinters in the others legs. A generic dermal regenerator was grabbed from his medical equipment tray. Hovering over the wounds of the Ensign, they would close with precision. It seemed he was more than a little familiar with the device usage, he closed the wounds expertly and then gave a small smile up at the Ensign. "Well, those legs are good again, no muscle damage. You might feel a little cramp tomorrow, but you can run easily."

After that he moved to her nose, on further inspection it did not require to be set. The modern apparatus of the osteo-regenerator would take care of most of the form anyway. Noses were decently easy to fix in a Sickbay of this size and his prior knowledge about surgery did make it easier to reconstruct. He spoke calmly. "Now, please don't move your head for a moment or two." Then bringing up the osteo-regenerator and holding it up near the Ensigns nose.

Lieutenant Takeuchi had given an affirmative response to Doctor Costello's offer of pain relief. Sure, she had her new sense of determination to really own her role and do the best she possibly could in Starfleet, but she was still Mayoko and she certainly still felt pain. She could handle it if she had to but given the choice she would happily make it go away. She looked about the room for alert signs as a hypospray was prepared. He was right, no longer red. She could relax a little bit at least and get a good patch up job before heading back out.

Mayoko half-smiled a thank you to Aysel with her half-burned face and reached out with her good arm to take the uniform from her. The Ensign wasn't trying to hide her emotional state, something was obviously annoying her and from the question she asked Costello Mayoko thought she knew why. It seemed strange to the demolitionist that a member of the crew wouldn't simply be okay to help by whatever means in an emergency situation, but she reminded herself she didn't know Haliians at all and didn't know the Ensign at all either. Another thing she didn't know is how she would handle the situation if the roles were reversed and it was (for example, as she was sat nearby) t'Laris posing such a question to her. Her eyes flicked from the ship's new Forensic Psychologist to her boss, Doctor Costello, curious as to what he would say in reply.

And just like that, the metallic splinters that had made their home in her leg were evicted. Aemrys instantly felt better, as if the injury had never happened, though she did trust the doctor's advice on it being sore in the days to come; after all, that was the case for the other injuries sustained in the past. With a nod, she rolled back down the pant leg before returning back to the dangling position from before.

With Lem's command, Aemrys pivoted her head upwards and towards the left, giving him an ample amount of space to fix the fracture in her nasal bone. It didn't take long for this injury to heal as well and just like magic, the bones re-aligned itself to their previous place. Still, many of the soft tissue damage from the impact still remained; now it more or less looked like a big, bruised up nose. Regardless, the inexperienced Ensign thought the job done and instinctively sniffled. "Ow!" Instant regret was all she felt as Aemrys clutched her bruised nose. "I think this still needs that dermal regenerator, Doc," she said as she looked up at the Bolian with slightly wide eyes.

"Yes, Dear Ensign. I'm a Surgeon, not a Magician." Lem joked as he shook his head. "I think they should start giving patient bed manners at the academy. Mhm. Bedside manners are for doctors. In any case, that reminds me of a crewman once, broke his arm, didn't tell us. Nope. He just went to play more baseball, dislocated his wrist severally. Almost had to manually reset all the wrist bones. Nasty. Mhm." The Surgeon grabbed a dermal regenerator with a slight attachment on it this time, making sure the nerves would also regenerate as they went on. It would take not more that five minutes.

At first, Costello did not say anything, and the only sign that he'd even heard the therapist speak was a slight change in the pitch of his eyebrows as he frowned to such a small degree that it could have been conceived that he was merely trying to concentrate on the task at hand, placing the hypospray he'd just filled with pain relief against Mayoko's neck and giving her a single dose for now. Anyone who knew Costello really well, however, would have known that in that moment the young ensign had managed to piss him off more than anyone else on this ship had since his arrival. The fact was that with a ship this small, everyone pitched in, no matter what the situation. Add in the fact that yes the red alert was over but there were still patients walking in injured, patients that might be in shock and need someone else around to keep them calm until they could be seen to. He took a deep breath and started on cleaning Mayoko's face up before starting on healing the burns.

"Of course you may, but please be aware you will be relieved of duty facing disciplinary action for insubordination," he said without looking up from his work. His voice was calm, and measured. Honestly he hated that he was doing this in front of a patient, and would normally have made that kind of statement in private to try and reduce the emotional stakes of the situation they were still in an emergency situation. "The ship may be out of danger but the crew are not, and until I say otherwise it's all hands to the pump to get them back on their feet and ready to face the next red alert. Until then the skills of every member of my department will be used as I see fit. So, unless you disagree with my assessment that clean clothes as soon as possible would be what is best for Lieutenant Takeuchi's mental well-being, and recovery from what must have been a traumatic experience, I suggest you get used to pitching in. Because while I can respect that we all have different ways of working, any medical professional who can turn their back on people who are in pain and need help has no place in my department." He finished with the burns on Mayoko's face and smiled at her taking a good look at the result. "Now, how does your face feel Lieutenant?"

Mayoko couldn't help watching Aysel for a reaction but her attention returned to Doctor Costello as she was addressed directly.

"Back to normal" she told him with relief and she turned to check her reflection in a nearby panel. Normal. She had faith in the medical team of course but she couldn't help just checking that it was still Mayoko looking back at her. It was. The worry of Tain leaving her because she was disfigured left her mind. Far from the best she had ever looked, but she still looked like herself. She was starting to feel a bit more like herself as well, a bit more clear-headed.

"I think I landed on my shoulder when the EPS blew," she told Costello, trying to be helpful. "It was hurting before you gave me the Hypospray."

"Patient bed manners? Is that... even a thing?" Aemrys asked curiously as she lowered her hands from her nose, allowing Lem to heal the bruised, soft tissue. "And I certainly have decent, bedside manners..." Aemrys remarked as she angled her head to give Lem a better position, "Haven't I been obedient to your every command? Unlike that uh... Crewman..." Her attention slowly left the whole conversation with Lem as her eyes wandered to Doc Costello and Lieutenant Takeuchi.

The words she overheard didn't seem to be exactly addressed to the Lieutenant, rather, the Haliian from before that she noticed was just standing around. Aemrys cringed at the words 'disciplinary action for insubordination'. She never heard them directed at her before in her life, but she knew several others that had those words thrown at them. Yet, this only reminded her of her own possible 'insubordination' at this time. She was instructed to stand guard at sickbay and not really instructed to sit around on a biobed; would the Lieutenant perhaps give her the same speech Doc Costello gave to the Haliian Ensign? She really didn't want to sit around and find out and hopefully with Lem's magic, she wouldn't have to.

Aysel herself did not show any outward sign of emotion and simply nodded her head. "I see." Apparently, neither feeling neither guilty or offended at the remark, however internally she would have loved to give the doctor some reason to use his equipment on himself. She was a forensic psychologist, not a nurse or a therapist. Her position at the medbay did not even make any sense, it was just causing some higher up at Starfleet had no idea where else he could put a therapist than in the medical bay. She knew behavioral patterns for dozens of sentient species and the things that made them think and she was fairly sure that there was no one aboard this ship that understood the mind better than her, but for all that knowledge that did not mean that she knew the slightest bit on how to take care of the human body. She could get behind the thing of everyone chipping in, but it was rather annoying when chipping in became the only thing someone was doing, the worst part, it would probably stay like that until either a murder happened or the captured someone. So with a sigh she handed the clothes over and took her distance from the group, within hearing range for any extra commands, but from the way she looked it was clear that she was a little lost and really did not belong here.

Clearly she didn't see, because it didn't take a betazoid to feel the defiant tension in the room, but he took a deep breath and smiled at Mayoko. "Yes, let's get that sorted shall we?" he said, his hands moving for his fingers to explore her shoulder, his tricroder had told him what was wrong with it, but a dislocated shoulder needed some hands on exploration before he did anything with it. "Luckily for you it's a simple dislocation, we can get that popped right back in. Lie back please. This will hurt," he told her, there was no point lying about it, it would.

He gently straightened her arm out, in its resting position and gripped her wrist in his left hand and halfway up her forearm with his right. He moved it up and down, slowly as he brought it up to 90 degrees from her body, and the started twisting as he continued past the 90 degree point. He felt the shoulder pop back in, and slowly moved Mayoko's arm into position for applying a sling. Even fully healed the joint would need to rest and a sling was the easiest way to ensure that happened. As he turned to go and replicate a sling, however, there was a tremor in the floor beneath his feet, a shower of sparks from the replicator, and the universe seemed for a moment to be moving in slow motion. Instinct took over as he turned back to the bio bed and covered Mayoko's torso with his own. He didn't see what exactly exploded, but he felt the heat at his back, and the piece of ceiling almost crushing him to the side of the bio bed. His ears were ringing and he blinked at the sudden, all encompassing darkness of sickbay without power.

Mayoko had remained stoic about her injuries since her arrival in sickbay, but the pain of her shoulder popping back into place was too much to bear ashen faced. She let out a shriek of pain which permeated the relative calmness of sickbay, that was until the floor shook. Breathing heavily, trying to control the pain Mayoko opened her almond eyes long enough to see Doctor Costello go to cover her and she quickly wished that she hadn't, closing them tightly again until the world around her stabilised again. Relative stillness returned to sickbay and upon opening her eyes again Mayoko saw very little, in fact almost nothing at all. She reached for the flashlight in her waistband with her good arm and powered it on, holding it out to Costello.

"Doctor, here."

Costello let out a low grunt of discomfort, he was distinctly pinned, but not trapped, and if Mayoko moved he could possibly get out before the ceiling collapsed any more but the main problem was that he couldn't see, until Mayoko pulled out a torch.

"I love how prepared security personnel are," he he said with a smile as he took it and flashed it above his head. He looked around himself as he did a mental check of all his own extremities. "Lieutenant, I need you to move, the ceiling is pressing against my back," she did so and he managed to angle his body so that he could slip out of the gap, before the ceiling shifted again. He turned with the torch to look back at the damage. There was an enormous mess in front of him. Twisted metal, shredded cables and crushed medical equipment formed a wall that Costello didn't think they were going to get through any time soon. What appeared to have been a dead cable end sparked and he decided that definitely wasn't going to be an option. The only problem was, they were on the opposite side to the door.

"O.k. who can hear me?" he shouted into the darkness, looking around to see if anyone apart from him and Mayoko were on this side of the divide.

Aemrys eventually came to, having been thrown from the biobed whilst the sickbay went dark. She took a few moments to steady herself; the dust from the debris made it a bit hard to breath and the darkness they were all in didn't make it any easier to see, but at least nothing felt broken. The cognitive motors in her head spun and she eventually grasped the situation. It seems sickbay had sustained some sort of damage that caused the ceilings to collapse, creating what appears to be a divide right in the middle. Through it all however, Aemrys eventually recognized the faint light of a torch along with the shout from Dr. Costello; at least he seemed fine.

Turning towards where she could only think of as the door, Aemrys began to crawl. Slowly at first, until she was strong enough to stand up. Her training came through as she recognized the emergency tool kit next to the door, which thankfully was still open but given the lack of power, she could barely see what's outside in the hallway. Grabbing the kit, she fumbled through the box for a brief moment until she finally withdrew a torch of her own from within. Leaning on the door frame for support, she lit the object before scanning her side of the sickbay with the beam of light, spotting Lem.

"I'm still alive!" she called out, "Lieutenant Broll is here with me as well, but I don't see Lieutenant Takeuchi. I assume she's on your side Doc?"

About ten feet away from Aemrys a low painful groan could be heard. Aysel had been standing as far away as she could from the doctor in an attempt to not cause more problems for herself. This had tremendously backfired when one of the panels had come loose from the ceiling and hit her on the back of her head. It was only seconds later that she was regaining consciousness and found herself lying on the floor with a strange wet feeling going down her spine.

Slowly she pushed herself back to her feet which turned out to be a mistake as dizziness overcame her instantly and she fell back to the ground. "B-by the gods..." Just looking around the destruction in the sickbay made her stomach turn, even from only the little bit she could see from the ground. She could only hope there had not been anyone underneath the rubble. What could have been the cause of this? Had a cloaked ship attacked as soon as they dropped out of red alert?

She kept on the ground for a bit longer hoping for the pain to subside when she heard a familiar voice a few steps away. With all the strength she could muster she forced herself on her feet once again while struggling to bring out the right words. "E-ensign T'-Taris... I require y-your...assistance." She knew she had pronounced that wrong, but with her dizziness and pounding headache is was impossible to properly recall and remember the alien pronunciation of the name. With what felt like a herculean amount of effort and force of will she managed to get back to her feet while leaning on a nearby table and the sight of her was not a pretty one.

Her dark blond hair had turned red near the back of her head due to her own blood and her eyes lacked their usual sharpness and focus. Though neither Aemrys or Lieutenant Broll could see it at the moment, on the back of her head was a gaping wound of nearly three centimetres where a piece of the ceiling had hit her. It did not take a genius to figure out she might be suffering from head trauma. If this had been ten years ago Aysel felt like she would have panicked, it was only thanks to several months of mental training she could keep her cool now, or perhaps she had just not fully registered what had just happened. "T-there are no deaths right?"

Lem got thrown down to the floor in the initial hit, after Aemrys has called out his name to the other side of the plummeted ceiling, he called out his name as well. "I am!" The floor was cold and the lights were off as he had noticed before, the torch slightly burned his eyes in its brightness and noticing most of the electronics being down he feared the worst off the situation. The ship must've had some sort of catastrophic structural failure. Lem never heard about this from his uncle the Engineer, but he did know that it was always worse than it looked.

"Get away from the rubble, now!" Lem told the other two and he quickly jumped towards the ensign to assist, as that was what a doctor did, assist in the worst situations of someones life.

Everyone was alive, injured at worst, they could deal with that. "Dr Broll, grab all the medical supplies you can carry and get the hell out of here, find somewhere that isn't ripped to pieces and patch up Lakkari. With a sigh, and finding her by the dim indirect light of the flashlight Costello looked at Mayoko. "We need to leave too, and it's going to play hell with your arm, but at least with the EPS grid being out completely we shouldn't be at risk of any burns," He started grabbing every piece of medical kit he could find and packing it quickly into the grab kit he always kept on hand before opening the hatch to a pitch black jefferies tube.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant JG Mayoko Takeuchi
Demolitions Specialist
U.S.S. Joshua Norton

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lem Broll
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A

Ensign Aysel Lakkari
Forensic Psychologist
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Aemrys t'Laris
Infiltration Specialist
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A

NPCs by Zahara: Lieutenant Amadeus Costello - Chief Medical Officer; Crewman Kaeriss - Science Technician


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