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Lt Zola & LtJG Broll - "Badaboom"

Posted on 2018-04-08 19:07 by Lieutenant Zola & Lieutenant JG Lem Broll M.D.

Mission: Planet of the Sequined Love Nun

A scalpel here, a stethoscope there, another little hammer for reflexes on that side of the table and a medical tricorder on the other side. Dr. Broll had been working on inventory for a little bit, he had not as much to do as many other Starship surgeons. That was a good thing to him, it meant everyone was working well and nobody was getting hurt. Lem loved doing his work, but in times of peace he had time to read medical journal's, practice in the holodeck and work with science on biochemical solutions for problems they might one day have to fix.

After a little writing on his PADD, he smiled. "Good work, it seems like the nurse has kept everything in order. I should compliment them." With a stylus he wrote this in his notes, signing the report with his written signature.

Zola walked into sickbay, carefully holding her arm up in front of her. The sleeve of her uniform was torn, and her skin burnt. She spied Lem, and walked over to him.

"Doctor, can you help? I was working on a prototype, and the sensors were having difficulty getting an accurate scan of the ore I was working with... there were more impurities than I expected and they reacted with my cutting torch."

Lem turned on his heel quickly. She seemed calm and so he peered down at her arm. "Oh my, that must hurt, sit on the bed please, Lieutenant." His eyes peered over the damage, from the table nearby he grabbed the medical tricorder and began scanning the arm, tapping at it to create the desired effect. "What ore is it? That might change the effect it had on you."

"Topaline," Zola answered. "I took a pain killer from the emergency kit in the R&D lab, but the kit isn't designed to handle shrapnel, especially since the Topaline can disrupt sensors." Zola braced herself with her uninjured arm to help her hop up onto the biobed that was a little too tall for her small frame.

"Topaline. Hm." Lem poked more at his medical tricorder, trying to isolate frequencies that wouldn't resonate with the Topaline to created a clear scan. "You having pain is a good sign, means it's not fourth of fifth degree. Seems like there is severe epidermal damage. Hm..." Lem looked up from the tricorder and onto her arm. "What kind of pain were you feeling? Was it extremely painful or more a dull pressure?"

"These spots–" she indicated where her uniform sleeve was torn– "hurt the most at first, but they went numb as I went to get the med kit, after I made sure the dampening field had surrounded the ore to prevent further damage to the lab. My hand still hurt when I used the hypo from the med kit. Painful, but I wouldn't call it extreme, but it definitely hurt."

Lem read the medical tricorder again and gave her a nod. "I'll give you another analgesic and then begin the procedure. Now you're looking at surgery to remove the Topaline and then extensive regeneration of the arm tissue. Dermal regeneration can only start after that. It might take a while, so I'd prefer if you'd put yourself on medical leave for the rest of the day at least." Lem walked over to a cabinet near the bed and opened a drawer, rummaging through it.

"Relief from duty, after lab accidents like this, is standard procedure for R&D. The computer should have automatically flagged it for me, as well as notified engineering that I'll need a repair team to assess any damage done to the lab. I'll file a report once you clear me for that much. Shall I remove my duty jacket, or do you want to handle that because of where the injuries are?"

"It seems some of the fiber went with the burn, so I don't know yet if it is attached in some places, so leave it on. The burn might've caused more damage than you can feel." He gave her a small nod and typed something on the medical bed console. "Please lay on your back, arms and legs straight. Tell me what you were working on to distract your mind a little."

"I was working on improving the life support systems in the stealth suit," Zola explained as she laid back on the biobed. "The goal was to improve the efficiency of the system, so that it would work in harsh environments for longer without need for replenishment or maintenance."

"Ah, harsh environments? Like toxic nebula's or something?" he quickly asked, purring it through his lips while examining the damage to her arm more closely and the uniform. "So I might have to cut off your sleeve for the procedure, are you okay with that?"

"Go ahead, I can replicate a new one anyways." Zola responded to the question about her uniform first. "We haven't tested the stealth suit for spacewalk purposes, it would be more for planets with atmospheres outside of M classifications, or situations where biological or chemical agents were present that are harmful to the life of crew."

"Ah, that makes sense, do you do a lot of these tests?" Lem walked to a replicator and got several items from it, two hyposprays, a forceps, a scalpel and other things that were useful. Carefully he started to cut near her shoulder to remove her sleeve from the rest of the garment.

"I have to test everything I create for crew safety. A lot of it is done in the holodeck with a number of sensors, starting with simulations based on specifications, then moving to prototypes, and finishing with the finalized replicator patterns that will eventually be available to the rest of the fleet after HQ's R&D review my testing and conduct their own."

Lem then cut the sleeve until her elbow, letting the fabric stay on her burnt skin for now. "I need to peel this back, it might become painful, so I am giving you an analgesic. It will relieve the pain while I peel the burned uniform from your skin." And so the hypo was put against her neck and he began using the forceps to peel away the uniform from her skin. "Tell me more of these tests."

Zola bit her lip a long moment as she adjusted to the pain as uniform pulled from flesh, and the analgesic took affect. "The tests depend on what conditions the item is to be used in. What I was working on today was for the stealth suit, which is mostly intended for planet side, starship, and starbase use." She paused again as Lem reached the part of the sleeve around the largest of the shrapnel sites, and drew in a sharp breath.

Lem started working on her arm more, removing the sleeve completely from her skin. The hypospray should've reduced the pain significantly, but feeling was always possible. "Ah, stealth suit hm. Makes sense, maybe we could get one for me. I can sneak into place to help people having health troubles." He smiled up at her and moved back. Now spraying a gel substance on her arm, disinfectant as the spray said. "Now this might give a strange sensation, but I hope that after this we can start with the tissue regeneration."

"Aren't you required to have the patient's permission to treat them? Why would you want to sneak up on them?" Zola raised her eyes from the work Lem was doing on her arm to his face.

"No no, not sneak up to them, but imagine a hostile planet and one of our operatives is down. I could beam down, sneak through an enemy installation or town and maybe get to them. If they can't extract themselves that is." He gave her a broad smile as he peered down to dislodge some of the shrapnel in her arm. "Then again, if you blow up more ores, I might be needed more here." A little chuckle came out at the end.

"This was an atypical occurrence. Even though there were impurities, I've never encountered a sample with that many." She shook her head. "I'll have to contact Starfleet requisitions to inform them, it was almost like the laser set off a vein of something volatile. Protocol for handling Topaline will be revised, at the very least."

"Maybe only work with it wearing protection gear? Or maybe in one of those boxes with the gloves attached on the inside like we had for the early born children. Their immune systems often couldn't handle the outside world." Lem smiled a little and picked out a couple more bits of the shrapnel.

"Yes, doctor, we have a whole section of the regulations that dictate what our options are. But as this was an unexpected occurrence, it means we will have to reevaluate which hazard level the Topaline qualifies for."

"I'm just not very well versed on Topaline." A small chuckle before another small scan with the medical tricorder. "So there is no Topaline embedded in you, but there is severe damage to the muscle, bone and skin. I'll have to regenerate that."

"Okay. Should I regain my original mobility when you're done?"

"Most likely, but you'll need to rest the arm for at least two full days before active use again and the rehabilitation into normal usage. I'll send our counselor some exercises she can do with you." The doctor moved his hands to a small gizmo on the table next to him, turning it on and holding it above her arm. "This will rebuild the bone structure."

"I'm going to need to equip the away team for the mission," Zola protested as she looked at the tool Lem held up. "I suppose I can borrow someone to handle things for me. Not like I have much choice anyways. Go ahead doctor." Zola frowned.

"Well, if you want, I can carry things while you tell me what to get, but you can't move the arm for a good couple days. At least no heavy lifting." Lem went ahead to turn the osteo-regenerator on. Hold it above her arm and using the screen to see the damage heal. "Well, at least you have no major nerve or blood vessel damage, so you're going to be just fine."

"I can borrow one of the engineering crewmen, you have more important duties here, but I appreciate the offer." Zola smiled. "After we're done, can you forward your incident and treatment report to my lab, so I can attach it to the recommendation to reclassify the topaline's hazard level?"

"Oh yeah, sure. I will also have to update the Captain, I hope you don't mind." He gave a nod and finished the dermal regeneration. Grabbing the second regenerator to work on her red tissue. "Guess, this is going to be the longer one, so let's get straight into it."

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant Zola
R & D Specialist
USS Joshua Norton

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lem Broll M.D.
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A


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