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LtJG Broll, Ens Jarkil, Ens McKenzie & Ens Dragomirov - "I Don't Care if He's a Friend"

Posted on 2018-03-11 16:43 by Ensign Veda Dragomirov & Lieutenant JG Lem Broll M.D. & Lieutenant JG Cillian Jarkil & Ensign Liam McKenzie Ph.D.

Mission: Planet of the Sequined Love Nun

Veda made her way into the small mess hall and hit the replicator for a large mug of raktajino. Switching between night and day shifts always left her lagging, but the Klingon coffee always seemed to pull her through. As she turned from the replicator, taking her first sip of the warm caffeine laced beverage, she spotted Cillian and Lem sharing a table. The blue doctor was chattering away as usual and Cillian seemed focused on his food.

"Room for one more?" Veda smiled wide as she stopped near the table, mug clutched in both hands.

Cillian was listening to Lem, honest, by this point only expending half his brain capacity was second nature. He was attempting to concentrate on eating, as well as working out what the hell he could have done differently in sickbay the other day. Someone stepped up to the table, and he looked up as they spoke, unable to help the grin that spread across his face.

"Always," he replied, indicating that there was more than one free seat at the table.

"Heya! Like the man said, sit right down. Yep! Have a bite too. I got lasagna. Human food is pretty tasty," Lem quickly replied. He was a word cannon ready to go at anytime.

Veda chuckled politely at Lem as she set her mug down and pulled out the curved chair to sit, putting herself between the two men. "I only grew up eating human food, so I'm probably biased, but yeah, it's often pretty good." Veda picked up her mug and looked at Cillian over the edge as she took a sip. "How's your nose doing?"

"It's good, thanks, we decided ye managed te get it straight enough, so no need for surgery," he replied with a smile. He didn't want to say it out loud, but he was very glad he'd let Veda fix his nose. As much as he was sure Lem would only do exactly what he was supposed to do, he couldn't help but think that the amount Lem joked about giving everybody moustaches was a little over the top.

"Well, a recon of the airflow and the nose cavity can always be done, but you set it right enough for it to heal properly." Lem gave a nod to Veda, appreciating her work. A little bite of the pasta filled him with more joy. "Next time, straight to sickbay, yes?"

"He—" Veda started to protest, but shook her head, shooting Cillian a look as she bit her lip to squash her protest. "Straight enough still leaves it a little crooked, but I think it gives you a bit of visual character."

"I did go straight to sickbay?" Cillian replied a little confused by the comment. "But anyway, I like it crooked, and it's not like I sleep enough for ye te complain about me snorin'"

"Well, maybe a mustache would muffle any snoring?" Veda smirked and tried to hide her giggle behind another sip of her raktajino.

Cillian just stuck his tongue out at her and grinned. "As I've told me roommate on many occasions, hell no!"

"One day. One day the reign of Mustacheman will dawn. A galactic superhero to share the joy of a fuzzy upper lip. The hero we don't need nor want. Yet, a hero nonetheless. Mustacheman." Lem jumped up from his chair and flexed into pose, pointing at his upper lip.

Veda laughed, and mouthed a quick, 'I'm sorry' at Cillian. "For now, I think the awesomeness would cause everyone to die of shock, doctor, so perhaps you should sit down again."

"Oh! Right. Yes yes." Lem sat down and started eating again. "So you spar, Cillian? Sounds like I could use you in my adventuring party!"

The door to the mess hall swooshed open to reveal the latest addition to the crew, Liam McKenzie. The newly-minted ensign stepped over the threshold and glanced around the room casually. The tall, fair-skinned human carried a PADD in one hand and brushed back his unruly mane of dark hair with the other as he entered. He was about to start his shift and was on a mission.

Liam had joined the crew just before they departed the Utopia Planitia shipyards. A bit overwhelmed by his new posting, he found himself swamped learning new procedures, taking various trainings, and reading all the manuals Starfleet could throw his way. He was only now starting to come up for air and looking to socialize with those outside his department.

Liam nodded and said a polite ‘hello’ to the table of fellow ensigns as he passed, not wanting to interrupt their lively conversation. A moment later Liam had replicated what he came for: a tall mug of tea and some toast. Balancing the toast and plate together with his PADD in one hand, he sipped from the mug as he walked past their table again. It was in that exact moment that the Bolian Medical lieutenant jumped to his feet and struck a flexing pose. Unfortunately, Liam was directly in his path.

Unconsciously Liam slipped into an avoidance move from his Anbo-jyutsu training, quickly throwing his upper body backwards enough to avoid Lem’s elbow. He managed to do so without spilling any tea from his mug, though a slice of toast did slide dangerously close to the edge of its plate. He did so without Lem even noticing he was there. It was only after Lem had sat down did Liam introduce himself.

“Pardon me,” Liam said politely with a warm smile, “I must have snuck up behind you, Lieutenant. I hope I’m not interrupting.”

The Bolian looked over his shoulder and blinked a little in surprise. "Ah! ...I should work on my spacial awareness skills. Precision work is what I do on the table, in complete peace. Surrounding aren't really a part of the job I'm that well versed in." A small chuckle came from him and then he nodded to the empty chair. "Sit down, Ensign."

“Thank you, sir,” Liam said with a nod, “that would be great.” After putting his food down he pulled out a chair for himself.

Cillian was impressed by the near acrobatics of avoidance from the newcomer he hadn't met yet. "Hey, I'm Cillian, Pilot," he said with a smile, holding his hand out to shake the ensign's. Once he had done so he turned back to Lem. "The Captain were techin' me how ter use a bat'leth, tha's all, and what dya mean adventurin' party?"

Liam happily accepted Cillian’s hand and gave it a good shake, even though he was a bit thrown by the part-Denobulan with an Irish accent. This was something he'd never seen before, to be sure.

“Liam McKenzie,” he said, introducing himself to the table. “The new guy. I work in linguistics. I’ve read about you all and have seen you around ship. Great to meet you finally.”

"He's talking about Guardians of Pandrona," Veda explained to Cillian. "Veda Dragomirov. Combat medic, I get to spatula you up if you go splat on an away mission."

"Yeah, great game." Lem replied to Veda. "Oh, Lem Broll, Just call me doctor, that'll do." He chuckled at Liam. "So, what made you go into linguistics?"

Liam offered to shake hands with Veda and Lem in turn as the conversation continued. "Sounds good, Doctor," he replied to Lem, also with a chuckle. "Nice to meet you too, Veda. If that happens," he replied to the spatula joke with a friendly smile, "I promise I will try not to make a mess."

Liam took a bite of his toast as he contemplated Lem's question. After a moment he replied thoughtfully.

"You know, I was amazed as a kid how many languages there were on Earth. I wanted to learn as many as I could, and decided to make a career of it. Here with you guys I get to use them while sneaking around. What could be better than that?" he asked genuinely.

Cillian had no idea what Guardians of Pandrona was, presumably a holodeck program of some kind? But that was a question for another time, probably a topic of conversation for those rare times when Lem had run out of things to say.

"It's certainly interesting when you compare us to cultures that seem to have one language for the entire planet, with variation in dialects of course," he added with a smile, referring to Romulan which had three main dialects.

"I know," Liam said, happy to have his companions take an interest in his specialty. "It's curious how some species and cultures have so much language innovation and drift, and some have so little. It's almost as if some people get tired of saying the same old thing, and some treat their language as an art and cherish it."

"So, did I overhear that someone rearranged your face recently?" Liam asked, changing the subject and glancing curiously at Cillian.

"It would be the captain who rearranged his face, and me who put it mostly to rights again. He was too busy flirting with me to let me walk across the sickbay to get the tool that would have actually gotten his nose perfectly straight again, so I set it by hand and left my mark." Veda winked at Cillian as she spoke. "Which reminds me, I'm still sorting out when that holodeck dinner I mentioned will be—the activity with a mission that isn't sitting around with our thumbs up our asses means scheduling complications—but I wanted to tell you... If you want to bring a friend or two, Cillian, you're welcome to. The more the merrier."

"With a bat'leth no less," Cillian added with a grin and a glance at Liam, "And I'd 'ave stopped if ye hadn't flirted back..." he said, looking back at Veda with a smile and a wink. At this point, Cillian was just glad that Veda was admitting that there had been flirting and an invite to dinner, that things hadn't suddenly become awkward. "Lemme know and I'll see who I can find," he replied. He was slowly branching out, making more friends, maybe he and Liam would get to know each other and he could invite him?

"A holographic bat'leth, with safeties—though less than there should have been given the damage done." Veda blushed a little, and looked away from Cillian. "Do you know any Russian, Liam? I know there's been effort to recover some of the dialects lost during the Soviet era of the 20th century, but I'll admit that I didn't pay enough attention to my Babushka when she tried to teach me and my siblings the dialect of our little northern village. I think my brother Oleg was the most attentive of the three of us..."

Liam smiled at the exchange between Veda and Cillian. It was nice to see that his crewmates were able to find time to have fun in addition to working hard. He sensed this was a good bunch of people and looked forward to hanging out with them more.

“Da, ya znayu nemnogo,” he replied to Veda in a Russian-sounding accent. “I know a little,” he repeated again in standard. “I’m not fluent but I picked up a little here and there. “If we ever go back in time, I can ask where the ‘freshers are, at least.”

"We can work on that accent of yours, if you want," Veda offered with a laugh.

Lem had been typing something on a nearby PADD, before he looked up again. "Accents? People say I have an accent, because I talk so much. It becomes a rapid jumble of words, but I disagree. Actually, I tend to disagree with most of my peers. Why? Just to create more discussion, more views on a subject are always better, yes? Yes!" Lem rattled out and continued after a breath intake. "So, I was wondering. If I have a language specialist, a combat medic and a fighting man here. Us four could go to a planet and help the people in a small clinic. Veda can go help people in the field, I can help people in a clinic, Cillian can protect us and our newest friend can help with the translations."

Lem continued his train of thought after a moment of contemplation, a second of silence. "I've always wanted to work on a frontier, well at least for a bit. A frontier clinic sounds like hard work, but if we ever need to go undercover, this could be a good cover for us no? A traveling team of doctors, their guard and their cultural specialist. Maybe, we should tell the captain this." Only after that he looked around. " ...Oh, but you were talking about accents, right? Russian, I heard?"

Liam smiled warmly at the Doctor's stream-of-consciousness. "Posing as traveling doctors would be a great cover," he replied to Lem before turning to Veda. "And yes, we were talking about Russian. You have to talk to native speakers to be any good at languages. It would be great to have your help, Veda. Maybe I could be Cillian's wingman on your date," he offered, bringing his mug of tea to his lips to hide a smile.

"Oh, date? This sounds like a fun idea. I could come, I'm a pretty good cook. We could ask Lexil for the dessert. Ah, perhaps we could ask our engineer to prepare some fireworks as a romantic scene." The Bolian smiled at Liam. "Young love, isn't it nice? I would like to see something like that happen again. Perhaps, you could read something in that language of love you humans have. What was it again? ...I can't remember, but you probably do!"

Twice Cillian tried to say this wasn't a date twice, but it seemed that Lem and Liam were determined not to listen. He sighed, and shot Veda an apologetic glance.

"No fireworks, and no poems in french," he said firmly. "This is not a date, it's a group dinner thing that Veda was planning with some friends and suggested I come along too, you guys seem to have invited yourselves so you'd better remember that this is her thing, not yours,"

Veda had been trying to will herself to disappear into her chair as Liam, and then Lem, went on about a date. She didn't even know what it was that made them latch onto the idea. It couldn't have been the mention of dinner, could it? She shook her head—it couldn't be, because she'd just told Cillian to bring friends. "Just a group of my friends getting together for dinner on the holodeck, and now the three of you also. It'll be kind of a picnic, and everyone's welcome to bring some sort of food along to share. Neevvi's already threatened to bring something Korean, I guess her adopted father's Korean? And I need to sample Pirojki replicator patterns—though none of them will compare to my Babushka's recipe."

Liam put his mug down and listened intently as Cillian and Veda explained this was to be just a dinner among friends. He blinked and glanced down at the table before looking up again at his three companions with a serious expression.

“I’m sorry for overstepping there,” he said sincerely. “I wasn’t trying to be rude, even though it turned that out that way. I was in a serious relationship until about seven months ago, so I must be projecting that onto you two. Either way I’d be happy to tag along, if I haven’t worn out my welcome already,” he added for good measure.

“As for you, Doctor,” Liam added, turning to Lem with a cheery expression. “You have a real way with words. Do you’re poetry?” He asked, egging on the chatty Bolian.

"I played a bard once in a game. Does that count?" Lem softly chuckled and then looked at the other two, who were looking a little annoyed. "Well ... can I at least make some aged meats? Food is always good, no? We Bolians age a lot of our proteins. Ferment, dry aging, cheeses, you name it."

"Playing a bard on the holodeck does not make one a poet. I don't care how many hours you log in your Pandrona holoprogram." Veda shook her head, though she couldn't help a small laugh. "I'll be replicating summer sausage and cheese, and I think I've narrowed it down to a good Rosé wine pattern, but I don't think I've had anything done Bolian style before so it would be a welcome addition to the spread."

"Ah, it's pretty salty stuff, so the rose would be nice with it, maybe something a little more dry would work as well," Lem replied then looked at Liam. "Do you know anything about cultures as well? Or does that not come with the languages?"

"I'll see if I can find somethin' suitably Irish that isn' jus' potato and Guiness..." Cillian volunteered. A couple more forkfuls and he was done. The half slice of bread on the side of the plate used to wipe up the remaining sauce left behind by the noodles.

"Irland makes something other than potatoes, Guinness, and silver tongues?" Veda winked at Cillian, then stood up. "I should probably make my way to sickbay for my shift. Not everyone is a rockstar surgeon with hours dictated by away missions." She grinned at Lem, intending to make it clear there was no ill will behind her jab.

"Great to meet you, Veda," Liam said politely before turning to reply to Lem's earlier question. "Yes, it's best to study language and culture at the same time to understand context. I spent a few extra years at the academy working on degrees in linguistics and anthropology. It's funny how more people are interested in xenoanthropology these days, but I preferred to dig deeper into known cultures."

Liam realized the time as he took a swig of his tea. "Mhmm...I'm going to be late, too." Standing, he picked up his plate and got ready to leave. "A pleasure, everyone. Cillian, we should talk more about the old countries. Meanwhile, I will think of something to bring with me, other than haggis, of course," he added with a smile, knowing that no one really liked haggis.

"I'm low key morbidly curious about haggis. Is there a replicator pattern?" Veda asked as she moved to recycle her mug into the replicator.

"I sincerely hope so," Liam replied with a laugh at the idea of Starfleet ignoring the cultural treasure made of sheep's heart, liver, lungs, and stomach.

Cillian had tried Haggis, if that was what Liam was bringing he would not be having any. He smiled at Veda as she got up and left and settled back in his seat, picking up the mug of coffee in front of him. He had a good half hour before he had to be on the bridge, so he was going to sit here and chill for a little longer.

"See ye later," he said to both of them with a smile.

"Have a good day," Lem said as he saw Veda Leave. "Okay, So if we do go out to that party. I'm going to have to replicate some new shirts and I'll be asking one of you two to help me out, because I need some guy advice."

=/\= End Log =/\=

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