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Ens Dragomirov & Ens Ogai - "Help Me, Get My Feet Back on the Ground"

Posted on 2018-03-01 23:16 by Ensign Veda Dragomirov & Ensign Neevvi Ogai

Mission: Planet of the Sequined Love Nun

Veda had spent the remainder of her shift analyzing everything she and Cillian had said to each other. She'd thought about it as she'd told Lem about the concussion, while she was filling out the report and updating his medical records, and some more as she reflected on why she even had a no crew mates policy: Jonny Benjamin.

He'd been a year ahead of her in the academy and just as much of a partier as her, they'd ended up in each other's orbit too easily and started dating soon after. At first it had been great. Study and train all day, party all night, abuse Veda's medical knowledge to hide the sleep deprivation the next day and catch up on sleep on weekends. Two months of that, then she caught him cheating on her with a Betazoid man who'd slapped Jonny in the middle of a crowded bar when he was nearly knocked cold by Veda's anger when she saw the two of them together. She still occasionally keeps in touch with Ira.

Jonny had spent the next week begging her to take him back, and she almost had until she caught him out with her roommate after she'd stayed in to study, only to finish early and go find him. She made it clear they were so done he was to never talk to her again. And he may have never spoken directly to her again, but he was there the remainder of his time at the academy and made sure she never forgot it.

Normally when she got off an overnight shift she'd make a beeline for the mess, Lexil had been leaving delicious things out as a result of midnight culinary experiments, but Veda couldn't think about food this morning and soon found herself standing at the doors to Neevvi's quarters. She rang the chime.

The Orion woman who owned this chime had been practicing her accents that night. She didn't have much to do on the ship except her bridge duties. She took them very seriously and went to read any manual she could, but her undercover and infiltration work required up keep. She had a wig on, when she opened the door, a sultry French accent poured from her lips. "Ah, hello, my friend. What have you come to Madame Neevvi for?" A little chuckle as she smiled at Veda from the other side of the door.

"Oh shit, his eyes, and that Irish accent, and his smile. Have you met our pilot, Cillian?" Veda hardly noticed Neevvi's accent and wig, she waltzed right in and landed on Neevvi's bed. "Of all the ships for him to be assigned to."

Neevvi folded her arms over her chest and grinned. "What happened to the 'I'm not dating anyone on my ship, because it hurts our duty' rule." She chuckled a little at the excitement of her friend. Her green hands moved to remove the wig from her head, revealing the raven hair falling down over her shoulders. "At least give a girl a shot herself before you snatch up the cute ones."

Veda had opened her mouth to defend herself and point out that she was following her own rules, only to shoot the darkest look at Neevvi and throw her Orion friend's pillow at her.

"You wouldn't do that to me!"

Neevvi's face caught the pillow with a loud thumping sound. A little groan, before a loud laughter while the pillow dropped to the floor. She threw it back after a small second and sat next to the other. "Never, hun. Tell me about this dreamboat of yours?"

Veda hugged the pillow to herself. "The first look I got of him, dreamboat isn't the word that came to mind. He had just taken a holographic bat'leth to the face in a holoprogram with modified safeties. Broken nose and cheek, an utter mess." She laughed and shook her head. "I actually stared Waterhouse down over that, it was her program it happened in, and she was even carrying her real bat'leth with her at the time."

"Oh, so you found a puppy to patch up and adopt, huh?" She grinned. "I hope he at least wasn't out cold, but what is he like then?" Her lips parted in a small sigh as she thought about everyone aboard and tried to remind herself what the pilot looked like.

"A puppy? No. And he wasn't out cold, he walked in, though he had Waterhouse supporting him a bit. I think it was sheer stubbornness that had him upright at that point, honestly. But once I had some pain killers in him and started to heal him, he was charming and funny, and then at the end he asked me to dinner, and I froze up trying to figure out how to explain my no crew mates thing without going on a rant about Jonny. Oh fuck, I need to organize a group dinner." Veda quickly buried her face in the pillow and a muffled string of Russian curses could be heard.

"Oh, the combat medic falling for the brave wounded soldier." Neevvi leaned back on the mattress and looked at the cursing Russian. Her mind dipped into some old memories of her own escapades while being undercover, not that she had done much of that. "Hun, your rule is dumb," Neevvi said. "A little risk is all it takes to be whisked away by your prince charming." She shrugged, she hadn't ever dated in service herself.

"You never met Jonny, you didn't spend two years at the academy being harassed by someone who knew how to cover his tracks." Veda sighed. "Please just help me out here, don't lecture me. I told Cillian I was getting a group together for dinner in the holodeck, but who do I invite? You'll come, of course. I'd invite Maks, but she got transferred to Erebus. You and me don't qualify as a group, and it needs to be a group before he's counted."

"Ehm." Neevvi looked apologetic for a second and then nod a little. "Well you could ask T'Kena, she's been a bit lonely lately." The Orion thought more about it. "Thanks for not giving me a choice, by the way." She winked at the other, before continuing. "Maybe the surgeon Lem? Lexil?"

"T'Kena? Sounds Vulcan. Would a Vulcan put up with us crazy emotional people?"

Neevvi smirked. "Oh yeah, she's half I think. We were in the academy together and she's totally up for fun." A little rub of her chin. "She did say she wanted to check out the singles on the ship herself, I'm going to teach her how to flirt and all that. Ya should help, if you got time."

"I will have to help, if for no reason but to protect her from your bad advice," Veda said, leaning over to give Neevvi a bump with her shoulder. "I've been meaning to get to know Lexil better, she seems nice, but we never seem to be in our quarters at the same time. Lem is Cillian's roommate, and he constantly talks; if he's in on this, I'll be exposed. Then I'll have to admit I lied to him and explain why..."

The green skinned woman softly giggled as she got poked. "Hey now, I'm pretty good with the seduction," Neevvi said. "Did you just not hear that sultry accent I did?" She stood up and tied her hair up in a ponytail. She fetched a jacket from her wardrobe, wool, and put it on. "Well, you can't just have your friends around, that'll be like a trap to him. Imagine you walking into a dinner party and it's only his friends and you. Kinda uncomfortable, right?"

"Your seduction is a type of interrogation. Unless you're trying to teach T'Kena to become Mata Hari, you should leave her lessons to the woman who can get any man she wants and is mooning over the one she knows she shouldn't have..." Veda sighed and dropped her face into her hands. "I told him it was a group of my friends."

Blinks and punches the other in the shoulder. "Hey now! My seduction is great, I can get any guy or gal in my bunk whenever I want too." The Orion huffed a little, surely, she could manage without her pheromones, she hadn't used them before and didn't have a lot of trouble. "Well, hmm... What if you befriend his friends so it's all happy and when the party is going, you can accidentally separate yourself with him from the party. I can entertain the others easily."

"It's not that I need to win him over, he's clearly interested, it's that..." Veda sighed. "Maybe if I make friends with him, I'll get over this crush. I mean, if I did give him a chance and it didn't work out, there's literally nowhere to hide on a ship this small. Four decks, thirty-two people including the captain. There's no avoiding someone."

"Well, if it doesn't work out. You will be on top of each other the entire time..." Neevvi giggled. "Oh, that sounds wrong, sorry." The woman sighed after the laughter to the predicament of her friend. "How about you just try and well, if it does not work out we make sure you guys are good. You got me, you have others. Friends around. Everyone will help."

"I'll think about it. For now, let's just plan the dinner. If it's meant to be, well, I'll get over myself. So, me, you, him, and hopefully T'Kena and Lexil? I know what program to use. I was browsing the library last week, and found one named Manhattan, and opened it expecting New York City, and instead got uninhabited Mars with this intricate transparent clockwork sphere thing. So pretty."

Neevvi thought for a little and shrugged. "Huh, odd. Something from a movie or book, I guess?" A little tap on her lip before going further. "You need red wine, the good stuff. Preferably not synth alcohol. Special evening and such."

"I don't keep any wine on hand, because I don't really drink when not on leave. And since we're on patrol, we're not going to be able to pop in somewhere to just pick it up. A synthehol should be fine, I know a few good replicator patterns. Maybe we can do more of a picnic type meal, keep it casual?"

"Sure," Neevvi said and went on. "you won't have any privacy time with the guy then, so don't expect to be able to pounce on him like the little tigress you are."

"While I appreciate the enthusiasm with which you're encouraging me, I am starting to think you're not listening to me. If I wanted to get him alone, I would have just accepted his original offer of a dinner, just me and him."

"Oh, right. Sorry. I just like setting up these romantic comedy situations. A girl got to have some fun you know. Hm, well picnic sounds fun, maybe we could all go play some soccer or something. Fun activity, good food, nice laughs." The Orion followed that up with a nod.

"Gravity on Mars is lighter than Earth, that could make for an interesting game." Veda laughed. "I should probably bring a basic med kit, just in case though. We can certainly see if anyone's game, and if not, we can always try a card game like poker, or I heard about something called Cards Against Organics? I think I saw a replicator pattern."

"Cards against organics? Isn't that where you try to be as offensive as possible?" Neevvi cocked an eyebrow at the other. "Good idea, show your true colors. That way he'll know immediately that Veda Dragomirov is the most offensive on the ship." The Orion chuckled more. "Well, it's your choice of course. Oh, food is important though."

"If he can't handle a medic's sense of humor, I should scare him away anyways," Veda said with a laugh. "Food's easy for a picnic though: sausage, cheese, bread and fruit; all easily sliced and eaten by hand. Then something indulgent for dessert, probably chocolate? I'm sure we have something in the replicators that'll work. Replicate a basket, glasses for the wine, and a blanket. Done."

"Wait, I'm not going on a picnic with my best friend on this ship and not introduce her to Gimbap, Jumeok-bap or Dosirak." Neevvi exclaimed rather stern, but in a humorous way. "I didn't grow up with a Korean father to not have you love my food."

"Bring it if you want, I certainly won't stop you. I suppose I can see if I can find a not-horrible replicator pattern for Pirojki, and we can suggest everyone bring something to contribute. Optional, of course. And while it would make my eyes roll back into my head if Lexil brought one of her baked delights, I hope she won't feel obligated. I'd feel terrible if she thought she was only getting invited for her baking skills."

"So, to round it up, a bring your own food dinner party where we all play an offensive earth game and laugh with some synthetic alcohol. Sounds good to me." The Orion softly chuckled. "Also, you might want to get another man in there, just to make the guy feel like he has one of his 'bro's' around or whatever they call each other."

"Do you have a suggestion for someone who isn't going to blab everything to Cillian?"

"Well, you can still just ask his roommate, just don't tell him this is, because you wanted to see Cillian. Or maybe the Captain? Though that might come with some risk. I don't know people that well myself yet." A small smile came on her face and she pondered on something. Eyes closed for a moment. "I think if you get someone he likes, except for you, it would work better."

"Could just go the easy route, and tell him he's welcome to bring a friend? Then balance is attained, my cover won't be blown, but I don't have to make wild guesses who he knows and gets along with." Veda stood up and caught Neevvi in a hug. "Thank you. I'll check openings in the holodeck reservations, and we'll pick a time after I've slept a little."

Neevvi blinked a little at the sudden hug and patted her back a bit. "Oh, no problem! Man, everyone's been hugging me lately. T'kena, now you. Should I hand the counsellor her transfer papers yet?"

"Friends hug, it's a normal thing. Though less so for a Vulcan, but it sounds like T'Kena is a little off the beaten path there. I look forward to meeting her." Veda grinned as she let go of Neevvi.

Neevvi chuckled a bit at that, "Oh you are too, and so am I. If you do take her out, you better ask me to come along." A yawn came from her lips. "Anyway, unless you want to sleep in my hug, I'm going to kick you and your thoughts about a future husband out of my cabin."

"Future husband nothing, that's the whole point." Veda shook her head as she moved towards the door. "Thank you. Sleep well."

A loud giggle came from the Orion, before she pats her friend on the shoulder. "I just tease you, because I know you can take it."

"As long as you don't accuse me of only being able to drink milk, we're good." Veda grinned, and playfully shoulder bumped Neevvi before moving out the door.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Ensign Veda Dragomirov
Combat Medic
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Neevvi Ogai
Infiltration Specialist
USS Joshua Norton


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