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Crew - "Input Output"

Posted on 2017-09-12 21:35 by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Lieutenant JG Harper Drake M.D., Ph.D. & Lieutenant JG Lexil & Ensign Kaylhan Vausse & Ensign Maksima Akadi & Lieutenant JG Lem Broll M.D. & Ensign Varik & Ensign Neevvi Ogai

Mission: Cup O Noodle
Location: Penthouse

Pacific Avenue was certainly a friendlier place during the daytime. A few smiles and nods greeted Lexil as she walked, clad as she was in her Starfleet uniform complete with a blue science shirt underneath. While not uncommon, especially in San Francisco the uniform generally garnered respect from the inhabitants who saw Starfleet as being somewhat their own. The surroundings this time were somewhat pleasant in the spring sunshine. The last time Lexil had been in that part of the city it had been ridiculous o'clock in the morning and she had been covered in blood. Various sights, mostly infrastructure and buildings brought back memories of that night to the young Denobulan and she started to regret the good manners that had dictated her choice of whether to beam directly into the penthouse or, as she had decided upon in the end, beaming somewhere close by and going in on foot.

She stopped, surveying the doorway of the building, another familiar sight. She remembered pressing the chime and waiting, not knowing what she would find. The comparative quiet of the city and the feeling of the cold morning air flooded back to her and a chill passed down her spine. The Admiral. The Shower. The Tea. She promptly moved to the other door around the corner and was met with a mockingly identical chime there too which she pressed with a sigh.

"Amelia Waterhouse."

The intercom came to life with a video feed centered on Amelia's face. "Perfect timing. I was just about to update the others, come on up. The door will unlock for your combadge," she said as a green snout peeked into view at the bottom of the comscreen.

Lexil smirked at Mikey's intrusion. She had forgotten about Amelia's pet.

"See you in a moment Captain."

A short elevator ride and two automatic doors clicking open later and Lexil joined the rest of the crew assembled in the penthouse.

"I take it Lieutenant Khan already received word of his transfer?" Amelia said, when it was clear that Lexil was alone as she arrived. "I can't believe that Hades did that without even checking with me first." She gestured towards the couches to invite the Denobulan officer to sit if she liked.

"Transfer? Is that what that was?! That is unexpected." Lexil asked with surprise, taking the offered seat gratefully. She looked past Amelia and was suddenly aware of a few new faces in the room. "At least we have some replacements, or so it seems?" She said, following her musing with a wide Denobulan smile.

"Something about his unique skill set? Hades pawned me off on Cecil when I called about it. The joys of intel life." Amelia shook her head. "Anyway. Ensigns Kaylhan Vausse, Lem Broll, and Varik. Lieutenant Lexil."

Lexil stood again and held both hands out towards the new crew members ready to accept any and all outstretched hands in greeting. "Pleased to meet you all!" she told them with a warm smile.

Varik nodded in return and shook one of the hands once firmly. "Lieutenant."

Kaylhan just mirrored Varik's nod without saying a word and smiled.

"Doctor Lem Broll is good too!" The blue man exclaimed with a smile extending both hands to shake Lexil's with a happy vigor. "It is nice to meet you as well, Ma'am, I hope I can change your face many time to whatever you need! Or not. Heh."

"Oh!" Lexil grinned at Lem with surprise. "I'm alright just now thanks... but I did always want to try being Vulcan for a day and walk around grinning at everyone just to see the reactions" she told the Bolian. "No offence Ensign" she added quickly in Varik's direction.

"None taken ma'am" Varik returned with a cheeky wink, a return that made Lexil look even more surprised.

"Uhh right. Well anyway..."

Amelia bit back a smirk at Varik's wink, and coughed as she paced around the back of the couch closer to the balcony. "Okay, let me summarize where we sit right now: Fleegman, who'd been MIA since before we left Erebus, made contact and informed me there's been a coup within this org that's taken Rik. He called them Section 31. The people behind this coup are called Terra Prime, an old terrorist org that wants only humans living on Earth and believed to have been disbanded before the founding of The Federation. They have commissioned a weapon from Michael Carrington, a weapons' manufacturer that also has a contract to build some of the weapons Starfleet uses, and intend to discharge it during the conference the Romulan Empress and Praetor have been invited to. Broll noticed a string of GGTA crashes that are centered not far from Starfleet HQ, and is currently our best lead on where the weapon might be. First thing's first, was there any luck discouraging the Romulan delegation taking the diplomatic core's invitation?"

"We managed to obtain an audience with the Empress and pass on to her what we knew." Lexil spoke to all of the assembled but focused primarily on Amelia. "She told us she would consider a delay, but in the end we were not present on the Romulan Warbird to hear her decision. There was another intelligence officer on the Federation ambassador's staff -Lieutenant Commander Zhyalla sh'Thrass - who seemed to spook Lieutenant Khan and we left quite quickly. One thing we were able to ascertain from her was that the knowledge of the Terra Prime threat is not widespread throughout Starfleet intelligence."

Kaylhan perked an eyebrow. "Are there plans to let more people in Intelligence know? Our crew may not be enough to deal with the entirety of the group."

Lexil looked from the Betazoid to the group's red-headed leader.

"If nothing else, we may need help disarming the weapon, so once we have more info on what it is I'll look at those options. We also have Fleegman and the woman Varik and Vausse apprehended to get more information from, so we can hopefully determine who up the chain is safe to inform about the situation and have a larger team finish the cleanup." Amelia chewed her lip, pausing for a moment. "Hopefully once this is wrapped up, it'll be the last of this rogue org."

"At least in this incarnation," piped up Akadi from the back of the room where she'd been listening intently. "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can't contain this type of hate. You can't kill an idea. If there's a shred of literature or a son of a son out there somewhere, you'll see it again. All of our cultures at some point in time mirror the same story."

Harper, who had been quietly taking everything in, nodded. "I agree, but all we can do is focus on the challenge before us. Thinking of this as an endless cycle will only make us crazier," she added with a grin.

Lexil smiled and nodded with familiarity at the medic who had helped her escape from what had remained of the Borg simulation as Varik started to speak.

"An unfortunate truth we shall all have to bear. This seems the fundamental flaw with all intelligent life."

At that moment an Orion woman walked in. In her uniform and with black hair tied up in a knot on the back of her head. "Free thought is what creates the hate, so as long as there is hate, there is free thought. It might not be on our side this time, but sometimes it is. I'd prefer a little bit of hate around over the idea of everybody living in perfect harmony." She smiled a bit and rubbed her slightly tired looking eyes. "But what do I know. Ensign Ogai, reporting for duty."

"Feel free to take a seat Ensign," Amelia said. "We have to assume that without information to the contrary, the Romulan Delegation is still headed to Earth. But even if they weren't, there are still so many lives on the line here. We need to find out what we're up against first, which is why I intend to send Vausse and Ogai into the Carrington estate to find out. What were you able to determine with Jalys's help, Varik?"

Varik organised her thoughts for a moment, putting the various recent developments into an intelligible order.

"In short, that Miss Carrington has been working unusually closely with the Ferengi Kag, who was the original Focus of our investigation due to some irregularities in his banking records. It is fairly clear to Jalys that Miss Carrington does not enjoy Kag's company so we can surmise that this relationship is entirely business related. Furthermore and more importantly to current events Miss Carrington is also in the habit of visiting a certain research and development area of the Carrington estate which is blanketed in mystery and high security. Jalys was not able to tell us exactly what goes on within this facility but was able to give us an indication of the security level in place around the complex. It has also become clear through our apprehension of the woman currently relaxing in the holo-suite..." (this was intoned somewhat ironically) "...that Jalys has become the focus of attention for nefarious persons unknown. Her working with Starfleet could be a likely cause, but that is supposition at this juncture."

"It would be fairly safe to believe that she would be placing herself in a position of considerable risk if we accepted her offer to walk us inside to look around. Were you able to find sufficient information about the security to allow us to send Vausse and Ogai in without her?" Amelia looked from Varik to Jalys.

"A risk I am willing to take," Jalys spoke up with a forced smile.

"I understand, but as a civilian we can't let you put yourself in harms way if we can avoid it," Amelia explained. "Even if you don't go in, you will be on hand to help advise."

Varik took a step towards the Bajoran and spoke with a more gentle tone of her normal Vulcan directness.

"It stands to reason that if you are already being followed that a return to the Carrington estate would put you in extreme danger, presuming those tailing you were doing so on the instruction of your employer. It would also lead to immediate complications for the mission. You are very brave Jalys, but we cannot responsibly allow you to go back."

"Okay, with that settled," Amelia stated, walking to the coffee table that was centered between the two couches. She picked up the only things on top — a pile of comic books — then tapped four times on a circular pattern inlaid at the corner of the table. The transparent aluminum top tinted to a dark green, and a LCARS style interface illuminated with building plans in the center. "Here are the public records floor plans for the building in question, but it wouldn't be surprising if they've made changes. I think the system updated a few things just from what Varik was able to retrieve with her research. Jalys, if you could update anything you know to be inaccurate, as well as what you know of the guard staffing and rotation." Jalys nodded, and moved to the edge of the couch to reach out and start tapping the display. "Ens Vausse and Ogai will infiltrate the building, altered to look human. While they are doing that, we'll need to interrogate Fleegman and the unnamed woman, and we'll need teams attempting to narrow down the location of the weapon."

"Perhaps I can help interview our guests to see about gaining more information?" Harper suggested.

"Fleegman's been cooperative, but he doesn't seem to know too much directly useful currently, but your expertise with the woman would be very helpful," Amelia returned.

"Is it deemed inappropriate to use telepathy for extracting information?" Varik asked Amelia. "I... could mind meld with her as I suspect Ensign Vausse will be busy" she added by way of clarification, looking at Kaylhan.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a mind meld a little more intimate than Betazoid telepathy, more of a potential risk to you?" Amelia cocked her eyebrow in an imitation of infamous Vulcan form as she asked. "I'm not going to say no, but I would prefer not to put you in that position of risk if we don't need to. We'll let Harper use more traditional methods first, but if she hits a wall we can revisit your offer then. I do appreciate your offer, even if we don't take advantage of it."

Harper was pleased she and Amelia were on the same page with regard to a potential mind meld. While she certainly appreciated Varik's offer and could acknowledge mind melds were often a useful tool to get information that was otherwise hard to get, she knew enough to know they weren't without risks. "I appreciate your offer of assistance as well," Drake added, "but as a healer, I would only want it to be an option of last resort."

"As you wish." Varik replied mechanically. "As a point of information she would have to be telepathic herself to do me any harm.

She changed the subject quickly without the barest hint of a segway.

"The analysis I did of the shielding around the Carrington estate indicates that their anti-beaming systems are effective and beaming in is currently an impossibility. The field could be disrupted on the inside allowing a beam-out, I shall leave it to the judgement of those trained for such an ingress as to whether the weight of the equipment you would have to carry to achieve that method of exfiltration is balanced by its potential usefulness to the mission."

"Let's have Vausse and Ogai coordinate with Dr. Broll about modifying their appearance, then head into the Carrington building, Vausse will take point in the field. We'll have Jalys here with me should they need advice in a pinch, but I'd prefer to maintain radio silence during the operation as much as possible. While that's happening, Zola will lead teams through the area of the shuttle crashes in an attempt to narrow in on that possible indicator of the weapon's location, and Harper will lead the effort to question the unknown woman and Fleegman to see what else we can find out about the weapon, Terra Prime's coup of Section 31, and anything else helpful that will need to go into the monster of a report I'll be compiling after this is resolved." Amelia looked at each person in the room one after another. "Until this is resolved, this penthouse is the base of operations, and we can not bring anyone else into this without being certain their loyalties do not lie with Terra Prime or Section 31. Any questions?"

Lexi shook her head at Amelia and rose from her seated position with a courteous smile. She moved over to Jalys, her uniform boots clicking on the hard bamboo flooring and having introduced herself properly joined the Bajoran in poring over the floorplans.

"Very good. We have to assume that Terra Prime is ready to act by the opening ceremony of the conference, which is this evening at 2100, so that is our deadline. Let's get to work."

=/\= End Log =/\=

Commander Amelia Waterhouse
Commanding Officer
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A

Lieutenant JG Harper Drake, M.D. Ph.D.
Forensic Psychiatrist
USS Joshua Norton

Lieutenant JG Lexil
Stellar Cartographer
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Maksima 'Maks' Akadi
Combat Medic
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Kaylhan Vausse
Reconnaissance Specialist
U.S.S. Joshua Norton

Ensign Lem Broll M.D.
USS Joshua Norton

NPC by qaaya: Ens Varik, Matter, Energy & Propulsion Specialist

NPC by Robin: Ens Neevvi Ogai, Infiltration Specialist


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