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Ens Ogai & Ens Dragomirov - "I Want to Be the One to Walk in the Sun"

Posted on 2017-08-15 21:39 by Ensign Neevvi Ogai & Ensign Veda Dragomirov

Mission: Cup O Noodle
Location: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Sun burning on green skin that was exposed on the stomach, arms and legs of an Orion jogging through Golden Gate Park. It was a nice day, a low breeze that swept up some grass blades through the air in the park. It matched well with her own skin color so when she picked of a blade of grass from her cheek it made a small boy giggle nearby that was eating his ice cream. With earbuds in, the Orion moved across the asphalt through trails in the park, making her way to an exercise trial. Music was softly playing in the earbuds, it was a strange mix of classic and upbeat tempo's. Using violins for melody and deep synthetic beats to keep the rhythm quick. Neevvi, the Orion, stepped in her jog according to these beats.

After a little bit into her run she arrived at her first obstacle, some pull up bars. The chart near the equipment gave instruction, sets of ten pull ups and that three times. The Orion grabbed onto the bar, stretched herself out a bit and began doing her first set.

Breakfast had helped some, but a mild headache still lingered. Veda decided she could either go do something or she could wallow in her rookie mistakes the night before by hiding in her temporary room. She'd been meaning to swing through Golden Gate Park while on earth again, so that's where she ended up in sun glasses, loose grey tank top over a red and black sports bra, and black track pants with red stripes down the side, her hair pulled into a sloppy french braid.

As Veda made her way down the path, she noticed someone already at the pull up bars and slowed down as she approached. Green skin, dark hair — an Orion woman. They weren't that common on earth, and Veda found herself looking to the woman's face as it bobbed up and down during the pull ups. The chances of it being the same Orion woman who'd gone through the academy at the same time as her were slim, but... was it?

"Hello," Veda said as she came to a stop at the edge of the area sectioned off for the equipment.

Neevvi pulled up on the bar and lingered there for a moment. Her own body was clad in a tight black sports croptop and matching knee length tights to do her running in. The approaching woman greeting her made Neevvi drop to her feet and look over for a short moment.

"Hey." She didn't recognize the other at first, but then looked again, something in the back of her mind said she knew this woman. Yet, she shrugged it off and panted a little, leaning against the bars. Observing the other.

"This is probably going to seem a weird question... but were you in the Academy class of 2414?" Veda asked.

"Yeah, I did Security classes mostly. Some cultural stuff next to that. Were you in that year too?" Neevvi moved her hair around a little as it was in a knot on the back of her head that had loosened during her working out.

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing you around, we may have even had a couple of the general ed classes together?" Veda stepped forward, offering her hand. "Veda Dragomirov, you'd probably remember me as one of the med students. I'm a combat medic."

The Orion returned the hand with a firm single shake. "Neevvi Ogai. I do a lot of ...well, I secure things." As she shook the hand of the other her hair came down and she sighed slowly. "So while I fix this bad hair day. You're one of those girls that comes in to save me when I get shot again?"

"If I don't get shot myself. Not everyone agrees to play by the same rules, and some cultures don't spare the medics." Veda sighed and shook her head. She stuck her hand into her pocket, and pulled out a hair band. "Would this help?"

Neevvi accepted the band and tied her hair into a loose pony tail, making sure it was out if her face. "Well, it would be a shame if the Federation lost two of its best at the same time. So let's not try to get shot at all." A small smile appeared on her lips. Neevvi stepped back from the pull up bar. "Your turn. Three sets of ten."

"Hey, I'm just out here for the sea air and the sun, last night was rough." Veda took a half step back, holding her hands up in protest of doing the exercise. "I'm on leave until my ship is finish getting repaired at Utopia Planitia, I don't intend to do anything that would be considered officer like conduct, if I can help it."

Neevvi chuckled and shook her head. "Last night was rough? Did you get talked into a kegger at the Academy or something?" To tease the other a bit, the orion moved her body slowly in stretching again. Showing she was feeling rather fit today. "I was just reading last night. I don't know anybody and I'm supposed to be placed on this ship, but it's in repair. It makes my life is so boring." Neevvi elongated the 'so' to put more emphasis on her annoyance with it.

"If it was an academy kegger, I would have been fine. I know what makes cadets tick. Mixed drinks are easier to overdo it with, and the man I tried to pick up? He was out with his boyfriend." Veda shrugged. "I still have a couple weeks left of leave before my ship is ready again... If you want some company? I heard about a guerrilla concert happening on Alcatraz tonight, and was planning on going."

"Hah." The boyfriend comment made Neevvi chuckle a little and she finished her stretching. "Maybe I can be persuaded to come along, but now I'm going to run to the next obstacle on the course. Five minutes that way." She pointed down the path and started walking there, plopping in a single earbud. "If you're not too tired to keep up with me."

"Tired isn't the problem," Veda insisted with a shake of her head. "I'll try to keep up though."

"Alcohol?" Neevvi started jogging in the direction of the next obstacle. "I wouldn't mind going out to a party with you, but I don't really have clothes or experience ever since the second year of the academy. It's been a while, so you might have to look after me." She spoke with a bit of a pant, pointing ahead. "Next up is some tires for speed and agility."

"I always hate the tires, I'll just watch," Veda dismissed, slowing down as they got near so she could stand to one side and watch. "I'm not drunk, if that's what you're asking... I'm just recovering from a hangover, that's all. I'll probably go light on the alcohol, maybe stick to synthale or something. These guerrilla concerts are usually just alcohol passing around in flasks anyways, and you have no way of knowing what's in one unless you filled it yourself. So we can replicate flasks and synthale, and an outfit for you. Easy."

"Yeah, I get that, but I'm picky. If I do decide to go, you're helping me pick this outfit." Quickly she moved to the start of the tires and started stepping in them. One by one in rapid succession she moved through them. Panting she spoke up again. "So, Can I call you Veda? Do you often go pick up guys and get hangovers during down time or was last night special?"

"When you ask it like that, I feel like I'm supposed to feel guilty for enjoying my leave." Veda shook her head as she laughed. "They don't exactly let us take shore leave like a normal starship, so I fully enjoy my leave when I get it. That means concerts and companionship and alcohol. I mean, I still drink a little off duty on the ship — who doesn't? — but you can't exactly have more than a little bit, just in case everything goes wrong and you have to respond to a red alert or something."

"Ah, yeah I get that. I just got relocated to a new ship, but can't talk about it either." She leaned against the instruction post for a moment and panted more. "Just enjoy your time right? Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I don't judge you for that, so don't feel guilty at all, Veda." She grinned a little, before continuing her run to the next obstacle, waving the other along.

"My mother used the say the same thing, tell me she wasn't judging me and then ask me leading questions and make a face when I didn't give her the answer she liked." Veda followed Neevvi's lead down the path. "What do you think of that nice Alexi down the road? Well, I don't like that he smells like the mud his father's pigs live in. When are you going to get engaged, all the other girls your age in the village are engaged? The only other girl in the village my age is Svetlana, and she's been engaged to her second cousin for seven years already because her family thinks they're descendants of the Romanovs!" Veda took on a mocking tone as she parroted her mother's questions. "She nearly died of a heart attack the day she realized I was actually going to Starfleet Academy, that I wasn't just having fun."

"So when are you going to get engaged?" Neevvi teased and giggled to herself before looking over. "My father always said those same things, he was very curious. Then again I got a lot of attention, because apparently being an Orion is nice look for many people." She fidgeted with her hair again. "It's why I don't go out anymore, there's always a couple of assholes trying to be smooth and prove to their friends they can pick up the 'hot green chick'." She looked a bit annoyed by now, many bad memories.

"Assholes are gonna be assholes, but I find a good punch makes you unappealing to assholes." Veda swung a punch at the air to demonstrate. "You can't let them take the fun out of your life, you gotta make them give you the space you deserve."

"I would, but I'm pretty sure that is conduct unbecoming of an officer. I just got transfered to some super secret place. Sooo, I'd prefer I didn't lose my one pip." Neevvi chuckled and walked up to the next exercise. Some monkey bars. "Or do you pummel people a lot?"

"Of course it's conduct unbecoming... unless you're defending yourself, and it's clear that's what it was. I've only had to do it once, and witnesses defended me, pointing out that I tried to deescalate first and that the guy started it. Since then, I've had a rep as the hot chick who throws a mean punch, and the assholes kinda give me a wide berth." Veda stepped closer and lowered her voice. "Truth be told, it hurt like a motherfucker and I was so flustered at the time that I'm amazed I landed the punch to start with. But don't tell anyone that."

"Well, can't say your not a hot chick. I don't know about the punches yet, but I'll stick along and see. We're bound to run in some assholes on the trail or that concert." The Orion jumped up to grab the bars and started grabbing them one by one. In rapid succession.

"Assholes don't usually come out during the day in a park, it's harder to hide here than it is in a dark, noisy, and crowded club or warehouse or whatever, so we'll probably be fine here." Veda looked around at other people in the park, and smiled. "Either my breakfast is finally doing me some good, or the fresh air is helping, because I think my headache is finally gone."

"And I heard us Orion women had the opposite effect on you human girls. Headache inducing. Anyway, .." She jumped down from the bars and walked to a nearby bench. "After this, want to get lunch and pick put some club stuff, newest friend?"

"There's this Vulcan place I loved when I was at the academy, it's on Market. I'm craving a good vegetarian dish after my protein overload this morning." Veda followed Neevvi. "I've got some good replicator patterns, or I know some great shops we can browse too."

"Right, let me do the rest of this track and then we can go at it! Oh, and well. I don't know many patterns, I just like my comfortable clothes when I'm not at work. Anyway, you and me, finish this and then I'll let you pick out anything for me to wear. Deal?" She moved past the bench after resting on it for a while and continued the trail.

"Deal," Veda agreed as she followed. "I already have ideas for an outfit for you that's comfortable and awesome."

The orion smirked over her shoulder and whispered. "As long as I get to show of that belly button piercing." It was followed by a wink and she ran off.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Ensign Neevi Odai
Infiltration Specialist
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Veda Dragomirov
Combat Medic
USS Joshua Norton


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