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CMDR Waterhouse, LtJG Barnes, LtJG Drake, Ens Lexil & Ens Akadi - "With Your Nerves in Tatters"

Posted on 2017-01-19 22:28 by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Lieutenant Zola & Lieutenant JG Veda Dragomirov & Lieutenant JG Harper Drake M.D., Ph.D. & Lieutenant Lexil & Ensign Maksima Akadi & Lieutenant JG Catalina Barnes
Edited on on 2017-03-05 00:11

Mission: Goodnight Moon

Veda's hand clasped Lexil's elbow while the two stood as force fields shimmered into existence at the junctures in the corridor. The pair of drones beyond the furthest one stepped right into it, and backed off to scan at it when they did not pass through as expected. Lasers panned around the corridor as they considered this barrier.

"Zola to Dragomirov." Veda's combadge chirped and she dumbly tapped it as she stared at the drones and force fields. "Sickbay has company."

"We, uh, see that, Lieutenant," Veda answered, looking to Lexil.

Lexil had turned quickly at the touch to her elbow, spying the lasers in the red light of the corridor just as Veda spoke. She caught the medic's eye for a moment, thanks written on her face, along with an undertone of something, energy, adrenaline, panic? Lexil definitely wanted to move. For all her Denobulan calm and philosophy she wasn't immune to fear. She took Veda's hand and the two darted the few steps back to sickbay.

Once back inside Lexil disabled the automatic door opening on the small panel adjacent to the entrance and engaged the locks, turning the doors into a barricade. Normally it'd be a simple voice command, choose a location, a security level and the computer would oblige, but the computer was not responding. Lexil desperately tried to remember how to manually add the next security level to the door controls, isolating them from other systems, but she hit a mental brick wall, computers being one of the subjects she had only scraped by at the academy and not touched since.

"Can anyone remember how to isolate the door controls?" She appealed to the medical staff in perpetually calm tones. "Computers are not really my thing..."

"I got it." Veda shook her head quickly as she moved to secure the door. The encounter in the corridor had shaken her, and even though she'd intended to pull Lexil back into sickbay, staring down the borg had caught her unaware and she froze. A small curse escaped her lips as she typed in the command on the control pad. "Zola, are we still connected?"

"Yes. I'm watching what Catalina could get from the internal sensors. She and I are in the science lab with a situation of our own." Zola transferred the feed that Catalina had patched her into to one of the science lab terminals so she could watch it easier while multitasking.

Lexil watched Veda and the others, trying to gloss over her ineptitude with computers. She consoled herself by remembering that she had other strengths, one of which was pragmatism. She tapped her badge.

"Ensign Lexil to Commander sh'Teris, we have sighted two borg drones on deck two, port side forward, intentions unknown. We have locked down sickbay and are isolating the door controls. I'm not able to return to the bridge at this time."

"Acknowledged Ensign, please keep us informed of your situation down there as best you can. If we can send support we will. sh'Teris out." The channel closed with a chirp.

Catalina's avatar monitored the Borg drones and impeded their progress as they attempted to get past the modulating forcefields. "No you don't," she said. "You think you can adapt fast enough? I'm a human with a computer brain, you walking piles of garbage." Meanwhile, she tore apart another segment of the Borg algorithm and began to reverse the damage that it had done to the ship systems.

Zola assembled the parts on the workbench in front of her, and moved to attach the device to Catalina's headband. "Barnes and I should be able to move soon, and we can attempt to provide better support at that time," she said through the comchannel she still had open with Veda.

"We've sealed sickbay, since the forcefields will only hold them back for so long," Veda returned.

Eyeing the two other patients- who weren't doing too well at staying calm and prone on their biobeds- Akadi stayed with Waterhouse since the diagnostician hadn't moved. "What's the prognosis on those two? Are they mobile? If they can, someone hit the backdoor and get everyone that can move out of here." The backdoor being the Jeffries Tube that hopefully would get them out of sight/out of mind of the borg. That left the problem of those who couldn't travel, though, and who would stay with them/how would they defend them? Personally, Maks had no intention of leaving anyone behind.

One drone's hand slipped through the force field in front of it, sending a green pulse through the field as it did. It stepped through as if it wasn't there, it's companion following only the briefest of moments behind. The two advanced on the sickbay doors, stopping shoulder to shoulder in front of the doors when they didn't open upon their entering the door sensor's range. A tool on the end of a cybernetic arm touched the control panel next to the doors and received an error chime for its troubles. The drone's other hand lifted, and tubules extended to interface with the door panel.

Lexil Took up a kneeling stance a few feet from the door and double checked her phaser charge, modulation setting and power level. It was set as high as she could justify. Only damaging a drone might mean transmitting their weapon information to the collective and Lexil considered that something to be avoided. Weapon checked she focused her attention on the door.

"What do they want in here?" She asked quietly, "they usually go for systems, not people.

"From what I understand," Harper whispered, "they seek to assimilate anyone or anything they believe will give them a tactical advantage. It's hard for me to imagine they don't already have enough medical knowledge from previously assimilated subjects, but perhaps they're looking for more."

"Perhaps they're just trying to get more drones to complete whatever task they want to do?" Veda bit her lip after she realized what she'd just said, then followed Lexil's lead in checking her phaser. "We'll hold the door if you can get everyone else mobile?" Veda looked from Dr. Drake to Maks.

Harper offered a silent nod. She didn't relish the idea of trying to evade the Borg while bringing the even more physically and emotionally vulnerable injured with her, but it was clear they had no choice. It was only a matter of time before the drones found away inside sickbay and then they were all sitting ducks. Her eyes met Maks. Drake couldn't do this alone.

"Can do," Akadi was quick to answer as moved to reclaim the grav stretcher that she'd initially brought Waterhouse in with. "Harper grab a few crash kits.You and you-" she said to the two patients who were on their feet now. "Get that hatch open. There should be lights in the crash kits. Let's boogie, people." As gracefully as she could- which wasn't terribly graceful without the assist of a sheet or another set of hands- she moved the commander back to the stretcher, relying more on speed and stabilizing the neck than the rest. Unclipping the drip, she tied it off to her shoulder and drug the stretcher with her to eyeball the hatch size. Would it fit?

Of course not. More than that, every makeshift drag or rig that she could think up would either slow them down substantially and possibly hurt Waterhouse further or take two people to manage full time. It came down to the numbers game, which honestly wasn't playing too well in her head right now. "Oh boy oh boy.." she muttered to herself under her breath, looking from the commander to the hatch for a moment before darting over to the bedside drawer and taking out an hypospray and dialing up a hardy jolt of epinephrine. Sure she'd be miserable and hurt like the Dickens, but nothing that Maks'd found in the scans were life-threatening if not treated immediately or if she was on her feet. Painful, yes, but not deadly. She'd have to deal. "On your feet, lady," Maks grumbled as she pressed the injector to the commander's neck and depressed the stud.

Amelia groaned, her hand reaching to feel her forehead, and pulling back with a hiss of pain as she met singed skin. Her eyes shut tight as she sat up, she looked to Maks as she opened them finally. "Anyone get the registry number on that starship that ran me over?" She looked around, noting the open hatch to the Jefferies tube and Lexil and Veda by the door with phasers at the ready. "Let me guess, borg on the other side of the door?" Veda nodded in response to Amelia's question. "Give me a phaser, I'll hold them off... I'll just slow you down when we get in the tubes at this point, though I'd be grateful for something to dull the pain a little..." Amelia pushed herself up from the stretcher, standing with some effort.

Lexil's voice cut through the air with a frank Denobulan authority.

"Noble as that is commander, it would diminish somewhat the substantial efforts of a few of your crew including myself to make sure you are well taken care of. Furthermore if the borg assimilate you they gain tactics, intelligence and command codes."

She looked at Amelia quickly, utterly ignoring the burns that disfigured her normal good looks and re-focused on the door.

"The doctor wouldn't have woken you if she didn't think you could make it" the Ensign continued, her cheeky smile evident from the tone of her voice, "and... well yes I'll say it, we like you too much to let you die. So with respect, you're going."

"Exactly. Bad for morale if the commanding officer dies," tacked on Akadi in a hurried tone as she made hurried gestures at the people working on the hatch. "That way after the gent in the yellow tunic. We need to be leaving now. Ladies?"

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Harper couldn't help but smile as she looked at Amelia and said, "I was just going to say I took an oath not to let you die, but I agree with all their reasons too."

Amelia sighed, her crew were right — and even though it annoyed her to have to retreat, it made her proud they stood their ground and insisted.

"I expect you two to be able to share epic stories about this coming battle with me after we're through this," Amelia directed at Lexil and Veda before she climbed into the jefferies tube as directed.

=/\= =/\= =/\=

In the Science lab, Catalina's avatar looked more alert. "Z, the sensors are fully back online. I am detecting the presence of several more Borg drones in areas Delta Seven Gee, Beta Fourteen corridor two, section fourteen and another group heading for Engineering."

"You should be rigged up to get mobile now," Zola said as she looked at the monitor that Catalina had been feeding data for her to watch. "What's going on down in the holodeck? It looks like power spikes, and are those combadges on drones?"

Catalina expanded her digital consciousness as the sensors gave her access to the entire ship and focused on the holodeck. "Ensigns Fleegman and Naarv have been assimilated," she said after a moment. "I'm surprised they chose to assimilate a Tellarite, but that's now two more drones that we have to worry about. I've launched a holodeck skiing scenario for them to play in with an avalanche in progress."

"Hopefully that'll slow them down. Now, come on, see if all this stuff I just rigged you up with allows you to move your body. You can transfer your avatar to this PADD, it'll maintain a link to the science lab computers once we move away from here." Zola held up a PADD as she spoke. "And once you do that, is there anything you can do to try to slow down the drones ready to breech Sickbay?"

"Let me try," Catalina's avatar said with a look of concentration on her face. A moment and one of her body's hands moved, then the other. "Wow...I had no idea operating a body without being in it could be so hard." She focused again and made her body get up, the movements looking like a badly controlled marionette. "Please tell me I don't move that bad when I'm actually in it." She turned her body and started to move it towards the doors.

"Give me a second. Controlling my body is taking most of my attention," the onscreen avatar said. "There. I made a copy of myself for that. Mind if borrow one of your drones?" she asked Zola."

"How did you find enough room to copy yourself? The last time I heard of someone's mind being in a computer, it took up the whole computer core..." Zola pulled another probe from her bag, and synced it up to the PADD she'd interfaced for Catalina to maintain her connection with the computer once they start moving. "Probe should be accessible to you now."

"I didn't copy everything," Catalina's avatar said as the probe lifted up off the desk and headed for the door with her body behind it. "Just enough to keep an eye on the sensors and the rest of controlling my body and the probe."

=/\= =/\= =/\=

The panel next to the sickbay doors fizzled and sparked, going dark, and a loud clunk could be heard as the manual locks disengaged. The doors stayed motionless and silent for a long moment, then a hissing noise started up along with a red glow coming between the doors.

Lexil adjusted her position slightly to get a better angle through the parting doors.

"They're coming through!" She called to the departing medical staff and their patients. "Move move move!"

Out in the corridor, the door to the Science lab opened and the small probe darted out, turned and raced for the drones. At the last second, it stopped and hovered near them and began to circle their legs in a figure eight pattern in an attempt to get their attention and trip them.

The two drones pulled at the sickbay doors, forcing them open. They did not seem to notice the probe, and one kicked it by accident when it moved to push through the opening doors, sending the tiny probe skittering across the floor of sickbay.

=/\= END LOG =/\=

Commander Amelia Waterhouse
Commanding Officer
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A

Lieutenant JG Catalina Barnes
USS Joshua Norton

Lieutenant JG Harper Drake, M.D., Ph.D.
Forensic Psychiatrist
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Lexil
Stellar Cartographer
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Maksima Akadi
Combat Medic
USS Joshua Norton

Also written by Amy: Lt. Zola, R&D Specialist; Ens Veda Dragomirov, Combat Medic; Borg drones


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