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Lt Khan, Ens Countrymouth, & Ens Takeuchi - "The Drill"

Posted on 2016-10-15 16:43 by Lieutenant Streeh Khan II & Ensign Horan Countrymouth & Lieutenant JG Catalina Barnes & Lieutenant JG Mayoko Takeuchi
Edited on on 2016-10-15 18:12

Mission: Goodnight Moon
Location: Security

Once the simulation went active, Streeh immediately left the bridge and headed to his department. En route, he tapped his combadge. =^=Ensign Takeuchi, Ensign Countrymouth and Lieutenant Barnes, report to Security immediately. Khan out=^= He closed the connection and lengthened his strides, aware that the holo emitters placed around the ship could activate at any time and fill the corridors with Borg drones.

Lieutenant JG Catalina Barnes had heard about the simulation and had been tempted to break into the program to modify it, but that wouldn't produce results that could be counted on. Not to mention she would lose her recent promotion in rank and probably more than that. She wasn't about to risk it, so when the call came through from Lieutenant Khan, she swung out of her chair in the encryption area and headed to the main area of Security.

Mayoko had thrown on her uniform while she replayed Commander Waterhouse's announcement and was stood opposite the mirror quickly running a brush through her hair. She switched hands with the brush and tapped the com badge which was tacked onto her currently undone uniform jacket.

"Takeuchi, understood" she replied and threw the hair brush onto her bed, grasping her mascara bottle and weighing up whether to use it or not. In the end not won, this would be her first proper encounter with Lieutenant Khan and she didn't want to keep him waiting. She crossed her quarters at a march and squeezed through the opening door, her hands fumbling with the zip of her jacket.

Streeh set out a few PADDs for the few people in his department and looked up when Catalina came in. "Ens...excuse me. Lieutenant Barnes. Congratulations."

"Thank you, Sir," Catalina said as she took a PADD. "It was a bit unexpected, but I'm not about to turn it down. Do we have others coming?"

"We do," Streeh said. "Ensigns Takeuchi and Countrymouth should be here soon. Have a seat and they should be here soon."

Catalina nodded and took a seat to wait for the others.

Mayoko was next to arrive looking little flustered but generally neat enough. She stopped smartly in front of Streeh, looking up and squinting slightly in the bright light that illuminated part of the security area just behind the Luga'Ru.

"Ensign Takeuchi reporting as ordered sir."

"Welcome to Security, Ensign Takeuchi," Streeh said. "Take a PADD and as soon as Ensign Countrymouth gets here, we can start. I'd like a meeting with you after this, also."

Mayoko nodded, looking worried about Streeh's request.

"Yes Sir." She moved to a seat by Catalina and having picked up the PADD sat down where it had been, smiling nervously at the newly promoted Lieutenant next to her.

Catalina returned the smile to the Ensign who came in. "Catalina Barnes," she said by way of introduction. "I'm the resident Cryptographer here. What do you do?"

"Oh, demolitions." Mayoko returned in an offhand manner, trying to subvert the usual laugh or look of surprise that often accompanied that particular revelation. "Mayoko Takeuchi. Good to meet you ma'am."

"Oh. Now that sounds like a very impressive field to be in. What led you to that?" she said before she snorted. "I'm no ma'am. Coronis if you want to be informal without using rank. Catalina if we're off duty."

Mayoko nodded. "Yes m..." She caught herself and smiled. "Okay. I got into demolitions through Civil Engineering. My parents run a company that builds and renovates skyscrapers in Tokyo. Sometimes we have to demolish them and rebuild them." She paused and smiled to herself. "And sometimes that is a lot of fun!"

"Reminds of the time on New Atlantis I had to rig six gigantic rails guns to explode if we didn't get off the planet in time," Catalina said with a laugh. "The CO was apparently also the Queen of the planet and they wanted her to marry one of their people or they'd destroy our ship. Lieutenant Zola was there at the time, too."

Mayoko stared at Catalina for a moment, wide-eyed.

"That must have been fun! You get into a lot of situations like that on this ship?" she asked, scooping some hair that had fallen in front of her face behind her right ear.

"Not yet, but I'm sure we will," Catalina said.

Horan hurried into the room and was a bit dismayed to see he was quite late.

He took his place at the table and picked up a PADD.

"Hello Lieutenant" he said to Streeh and proceeded to greet everyone at the table with a smile.

He was eager to be part of the simulation. Even though just a simulation, it was his first piece of action on the ship. He tapped a few times on the PADD to make the screen come alive.

"Good of you to join us, Ensign," Streeh said drolly.

Horan caught a hint of amusement in Streeh's greeting. Not sure what had provoked it, he looked at the man and asked,

"Did I miss a joke here?"

"No, but you could have missed the start of the meeting that I called fifteen minutes ago, Ensign Countrymouth," Streeh said. "Now have a seat and we'll get started."

Horan bit back a retort. It was too early to pick a bone with anyone on the ship, least of all the boss.

'Sure thing boss' he said, and took a place at the table.

"As everyone knows, we're going to be holding drills and going up against the Borg in the simulations which are going to be run," Streeh started once he had everyone's attention. "That doesn't mean that I won't expect one hundred percent from everyone and a concentrated effort on everyone's part to repel boarders if and when they come about the ship. The first plan of attack always fails and they adapt to phasers quickly. Therefore, I want suggestions on non-energy weapons that can easily be replicated which are also effective against these creatures."

"If I may suggest, we could use a projectile weapon" Horan said "I happen to have one as a heirloom from my ancestor who had defeated the Briori." he paused, and looked at everyone around the table "It is a gun. He had one on his person when the Briori had kidnapped him."

Mayoko sat back, staring past Streeh for a few moments, considering her options.

"Most of my kit is too powerful to be used on the ship, it would create more problems than it solves. I think maybe two, a flash charge that would overload their optical systems or a small localised detonator that could take off a drone's limb or put a hole in a vital system."

"Whatever we use will have to be modified for a holographic scenario," Catalina said. "We can't be shooting holes in the ship and not expect something bad to happen. I'll work out a target matrix to simulate the hits and submit the report."

Streeh nodded. "Good thinking, Lieutenant," he said. "Get to the replicators and labs and create these firearms and detonators which we can use and then we'll modify them. We'll each deck as they come and work in teams of two. Questions?"

"No sir." Mayoko shook her head. She was already formulating in her mind how to program her devices into the computer for holographic use. She would have to work fast. Perhaps Zola could help… She blinked as a thought entered her head. Wasn't there a new holographic systems specialist on board?

"Dismissed," Streeh said and began to collate the reports to send up the chain.

Lieutenant Streeh Khan II
Chief of Security/Tactical


Ensign Mayoko Takeuchi
Demolitions Specialist
USS Joshua Norton


Ensign Horan Countrymouth
Infiltration Specialist


NPC Lieutenant JG Catalina Barnes played by Lieutenant Streeh Khan II


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