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Ens Liebenswert & PO3 duPont - "It's Not As Hard, Hard, Hard As It Seems"

Posted on 2016-09-10 17:13 by Petty Officer 3rd Class Cecil duPont & Ensign Kelly Liebenswert
Edited on on 2016-09-10 17:18

Mission: Black, White & Red All Over

When they'd made it back to Erebus, Cecil had tucked Hinrik into bed and left him in the care of the holonanny before making his way to the arboretum. There he found the project he'd left in the care of the botanist while he'd been on Earth — Kelly's Marijuana plant. Cecil knew almost nothing about it, but when he'd brought it up to Nell, she'd known exactly what Kelly had been asking for and assured Cecil she'd have a seedling for Kelly the next time she was on the base.

"Computer, location of Ensign Kelly Liebenswert," Cecil said as he left the arboretum.

"Ensign Liebenswert is currently on level two, section twelve-beta in the gymnasium," the computer responded.

"Thank you," he said even though he knew the computer didn't care about manners, such habits died hard. He made his was from the first level where the arboretum was, into the second level with the publicly accessible amenities for crew and visitors alike. The gym had been designed to provide a wide range of athletic recreation and training equipment and environments, so he had no idea what to expect to find Kelly doing when he arrived. It was mostly quiet when he arrived, just a few of the Emperor's crew had the same idea as Kelly upon arrival at the station. He looked around for her, holding the plant in front of him.

Kelly sat on one of the exercise machines wearing a pair of black shorts and a halter top, a thin black headband holding her hair back and a faint sheen of sweat on her skin as she worked her arms on the machine. A monitor next to the machine indicated that she had been working out for twenty minutes, her heart rate, respiration and other vital signs, none of which was above normal.

Cecil approached slowly, holding the seedling out almost as if it were a shield.

Kelly looked up and saw the handsome man approaching and that he held something out in from of him as if he were trying to hide from it or it were something that he had no desire to have near him. She paused her workout and came to her feet. "Hey Cecil," she said as she walked towards him and looked at the plant, her eyes going wide. "Is that what I think it is?"

"It should be, I asked our botanist about it before heading to Earth and she started going on about strains and varieties, and I couldn't follow because she wasn't just talking about plants anymore..." As he held the seedling out, his hand shifted exposing the staff, treble cleft, and notes that meandered along the wall of the pot. "She insisted this one is smooth, whatever that means?"

Now her eyes truly lit up and she gave him a brilliant smile that grew when she saw the musical notes on the planter. "Smooth means that I won't cough up a lung," she explained. "Some types of it are so harsh that you could go into a coughing fit for a few minutes. Did the botanist say what type it was?" Of course, with him saying that he couldn't follow and the likelihood that the woman had actually used a common name for the million and one different strains, she suspected he had no idea. She took the plant and pot and looked down at it. "Hmm. I'm going to need some lights, different mediums for growth potential and food for it. That wouldn't be too much to ask if I gave you a list, would it?"

"Sorry, I don't know which one it is, Nell mentioned so many... As for the equipment and supplies, she recommended some things and gave me some replicator patterns, so it would be easy to compare her list to yours and pick out what would work best with your quarters."

"Thank you so much, Cecil," Kelly said with a smile. "I'm going to have to do something special for you." She looked past him to see if she could spot little Hinrik, but looked back to him when she didn't spot his mini-me. "Would you like to have dinner this evening, perhaps?"

Cecil had turned to look over his shoulder when Kelly had looked past him, when she turned her gaze back to him without finding he could only guess who she was looking for.

"I put Hinrik down when we got in, he was pretty tired after the excitement of the trip home," he offered in explanation as he considered Kelly's invitation. Unfortunately he'd seen the avalanche of paperwork awaiting his return, and he knew that Hinrik was still adjusting to the idea of the holonanny. "You really don't need to do anything. I appreciated that you were there to support me when I introduced Hinrik to my parents. I'm embarrassed by my father's behavior though, I don't think I can apologize enough for him."

"I'm sure he couldn't help it," Kelly said. "Are you sure I can't tempt you to dinner or something?"

"I have to take a rain check. You would not believe the mountain of paperwork that the Commodore had waiting for me when I got back," Cecil insisted with a polite smile. "I tried to get a head start on the trip back, but Hinrik kept asking to see Auntie Pond and Uncle Batman, so I had to distract him because obviously they were both busy. Speaking of Caine... have you seen him since we left Earth? I crossed paths with Waterhouse a couple times during the trip, but I didn't see Caine once."

Kelly shook her head. "Unfortunately, no," she said, figuring that since he was curious about Commander Caine that he obviously didn't know what had transpired and if Commander Waterhouse had wanted duPont to know, she would have told him. "I'll pass along a message that Hinrik wants to see them, though. For now, I should get back to the ship and get this little baby," she indicated the plant in her hands with a nod of her head towards it. "back to the ship and set up the equipment I'm going to need. Thanks again, Cecil."

"I'll have the replicator patterns that Nell gave me waiting for you when you reach your quarters," Cecil said. "Let me know if there's anything you can't get replicated on the ship, and we'll figure out how to get it to you."

"I think everything is covered," Kelly said before she paused. "Wait, do you have any nitrogen pellets, twenty-twenty-zero formula? They love the stuff."

"I'll ask Nell, and if she does, I'll see that some are delivered to you."

"Thank you again," she said and searched her mind to see if there was anything else she could think of, then gave a mental shrug. "Give Hinrik a hug and kiss for me. I guess I'll be off since you're busy..."

"I will, and if I get out from the avalanche of paperwork before you're off again, we can talk about that rain check on dinner and I can bring Hinrik?" Cecil grinned as he made the offer.

"I'd like that," Kelly said and offered him a smile. "If not, perhaps another time. You know how life in space is; here for an hour, there for who knows how long. Thanks again, Cecil. I better get back to the ship and set up a home for the little lady here."

"And thank you," he answered, watching her leave. Then he looked around with a sigh, thinking about how his previously predictable gym schedule had been destroyed by the little bundle of chaos that was sleeping back in his quarters. He'd have to figure out how to balance that, or find something that allowed Hinrik to be involved too. With that, he headed back to his quarters too.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Ensign Kelly Liebenswert
USS Joshua Norton

Petty Officer 3rd Class Cecil duPont
Yeoman / Mission Analyst
Erebus Base


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