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Ens Takeuchi - "Could it be spring or fall"

Posted on 2016-08-27 07:37 by Lieutenant JG Mayoko Takeuchi & Ensign Naarv
Edited on on 2016-09-17 21:02

Mission: Black, White & Red All Over
Location: U.S.S. Joshua Norton

The transporter room fizzed into existence in front of Mayoko’s eyes. It was a very familiar transporter room, confusingly so in fact. Apart from minor details which the average layman wouldn’t have picked up on (although being an engineer of sorts Mayoko did), a slight difference in lighting tone and the fact that the familiar Chief Stewart had been replaced by a Tellarite behind the Control Panel it could have been the same ship. Mayoko looked around the room nervously. The Tellarite stared straight at her.

"Do you like my transporter room?" He asked sarcastically, "Pretty, isn’t it."

It was starkly apparent that there was nobody there to meet her. Mayoko cast her mind back to the day she had beamed up to the Relentless for the first time. Had there been any one there to greet her then? After a couple of moments she was able to recall that Commander Velor had indeed been there. And the transporter Chief had been smiling. Of course Commander Velor wasn't smiling but she was a Vulcan so that just would have been weird.

"Are you done?" The Tellarite shot at her searchingly. " 'Cause I've got nothing to do. No really, please, take your time."

"Oh!" The new girl walked down off the transporter pad and approached the Control Panel, looking the transporter Chief almost directly in the face, quite something at her diminutive height of five feet four.

"I'm Ensign Takeuchi, the new demolitions specialist… I think I am expected?..." She threw it out there, not expecting a useful response. She was correct. The Tellarite simply shrugged at her.

"Naarv. And boy, I must have left my crystal ball in my other pants."

Mayoko furrowed her brow, creasing her flawless skin into a ripple at the top of her nose and tried again.

"I'm to report to Commander Waterhouse, is she here?"

Naarv folded his arms.

"Do I look like her secretary?"

It was Mayoko's turn to fold her arms. She gave Naarv a bolshy look.

"No," she countered sarcastically, "you look like the transporter Chief, not King of the universe so perhaps you can lose the attitude."

Naarv smiled at her.

"I like you."

Mayoko smiled back. Did she know Tellarites? Apparently so or at least as well as she needed to.

"They're all on the surface." he explained, coming out from behind his console. "No idea why. Less I know the less likely I get murdered, right?"

Mayoko nodded enthusiastically. "If I find out I'll let you know just to make you a target." She replied with a very innocent grin, a glint in her eye. The Tellarite chuckled.

"Yes, I like you. You're just the right amount of evil."

"Demolitions specialist." Mayoko retorted, "No further explanation necessary. So… what do you think I do from here?"

The shrug response made an unwelcome return.

"How would I know?" the Chief replied, moving back behind his console. "There's no one here. Have a party. Play racket ball in the canteen. Go crazy."

Mayoko nodded thoughtfully.

"Good plan. Thanks!" She repositioned her duffel bag on her shoulder and set off out of the transporter room and down the corridor.

"Seeya Takeuchi." Naarv called after her.

"Mayoko" she shouted back through the closing door.

A sarcastic "Whatever" sailed through the door as it closed and she was alone. It was after a minute or so of walking the corridors that Mayoko realised she was headed for her old quarters on the Relentless. It was painfully apparent that transferring directly from one defiant class ship to another was going to be very confusing. She stopped suddenly, gaining a quizzical glance from nobody, as the corridors quite empty and there was nobody around to give her funny looks. Mayoko pursed her lips, shaking her head.

"So weird" she said quietly to herself in Japanese, switching instantly to Standard. "Computer, is there a current quarters assignment for Ensign Mayoko Takeuchi?"

"Affirmative." The computer responded tartly.

"Show me the way?" She half asked and half commanded. The computer responded with a blue line along the corridor wall and another "Affirmative" in its businesslike female voice.

"Charming as ever" the Ensign muttered to herself in Japanese as she started to follow the blue line which was punctuated with the occasional arrow to avoid confusion.

The walk to her new quarters was blissfully short and happily for Mayoko who had a tendency towards shyness she didn't run into anyone else. It occurred to her that the transporter Chief hadn't been kidding when he had told her "they are all on the surface". The blue line running along the wall culminated in an arrow which, happily for the arrow, had acquired an identical twin playmate on the other side of the door who's role it was to banish all doubt about which door was being indicated to the hapless new arrival. Mayoko straightened her uniform jacket and pressed the chime, after all she would be cohabiting.




No answer came. She pressed the chime again.




Still no answer. She pressed the release and the doors parted obediently in front of her.

"Whoa!" The quarters were obviously larger on the Joshua Norton than on the defiant class U.S.S. Relentless from which she had just come. Unlike her previous ship which retained the late twenty-fourth century specification bunks along one side of the room with a diminutive computer terminal opposite these cabins were wider with a single Murphy bed running along each side which obviously folded up to fit snugly against the wall, as the bed on the right was currently deployed, its opposite stowed neatly. Mayoko walked in, spying the very welcome replicator in the corner and placed her bag on the open bed to the right, clearly the bunk that was not currently in use as the other was adorned with pictures, PADDs and tools. Whoever she was sharing with was clearly an engineer. Mayoko took this to be a good sign. She perused the cupboards beyond the beds, opening the door of the vacant storage to find out what space she would be working with.


Then she stuck her nose into the small compartments along the back wall of the room, the sonic shower to the left and a toilet and sink to the right.

"Very nice..."

Mayoko turned to face the door, staring at the replicator and smiling, simply because it was there.

"Computer, locate Commander Amelia Waterhouse."

"Commander Waterhouse is not on board."

"Locate Lieutenant Commander Rik Caine."

"Commander Caine is not on board."

"Locate Lieutenant... Sienna Oswin."

"Lieutenant Oswin is not on board."

"Hmm." Mayoko stood quiet for a few moments listening to the low hum of the life-support system, considering what to do next.

"Computer, access personal files for Ensign Mayoko Takeuchi. Play Shamisen music playlist number one."

The computer obliged and traditional Japanese string music started to fill the room, quietly and respectfully as was its gentle character. Mayoko wasn't generally a huge fan of the music itself but it was familiar and calming. She opened her bag and after shedding her uniform jacket which was hung neatly in the wardrobe went about unpacking the few items she had brought with her - some clothes, a few small items that reminded her of home, a PADD, a poster-photograph of the Okada Tower in Marunouchi which she tacked to the wall above her bed. Some toiletries, accessories, makeup and jewellery were stowed in sensible places, a row of books lined up along the shelf above the bed, her uniform boots swapped for a well worn in pair of bunny slippers and, pride of place, a simply framed picture of her entire family with Mayoko sat front and centre which she placed in a convenient gap on the shelf amidst the volumes, most of which were novels.

Mayoko turned to the replicator, a luxury she had not been used to on the Relentless, at least not in every set of quarters. She put it to immediate use, replicating first some linens, a sheet, a dark brown pillow case and an off-white cover decorated with an ornamental tree sprouting pale pink blossoms. Next to materialise was some dinner. Mayoko was aware that it was somewhere around mid-morning ship time, but she was still used to being on the night shift and mid-morning meant dinner time. Soon she was content, sat cross-legged on the bed, bunny slippers placed neatly underneath with a bowl of Malaysian curry and sticky rice in one hand, chopsticks in the other and a book resting in her lap, open to the mid section of 'Musashi' by Eiji Yoshikawa, the novel she was currently reading for the fourth time.


Mayoko walked the corridors of the Joshua Norton. She moved quickly, following the blue dot on the wall panel which accelerated away from her with each attempt to catch up. Mayoko was forced to break into a run to keep up, dodging faceless crew members coming the other way, not always able to avoid being bumped and barged as they flowed in a steady stream, always directly in her path. Mayoko skipped out of the way of a large security man armed with a phaser and just managed to see the dot as it continued round a corner further ahead. Mayoko sprinted after and nearly ran into Naarv.

"Oh, sorry Naarv!" she said politely.

Naarv stared at her.

"Go crazy" he said simply, looking over her shoulder. Mayoko dodged around the Tellarite and continued around the corner just in time to see the blue dot disappear through a door on the left hand wall of the corridor. She jumped from the right-hand side to left, avoiding a fresh wave of bodies and hit the door release, piling through with relief.

The room was empty, not surprising as this was her parents apartment – a high spec four bedroom retreat that covered more than half of the floor directly under the offices of the Takeuchi Company, right at the top of the fifty-six story Takeuchi Tower, the company's largest and most notable construction achievement. Mayoko paced through the lounge area, looking out over the familiar view of downtown Tokyo and then to the seating area, recessed into the floor, a perfect synergy of traditional Japanese and contemporary styles. She turned to her left, unable to prevent herself from gazing at the wall, that one large selection of open wall that remained unspoiled, unchanged, unrepentant even to this day. A feeling of worry crept into her chest, anxiety that bloomed into near panic . Something was wrong. Very wrong. Was it the wall? The view?

A click, the sound of the door, the door Mayoko had just come through. She swept the room from right to left frantically, she could see no one by the door, under the mezzanine, no one in the corridor leading to the other bedrooms, the seating... It was then she realised what was wrong. The coffee table! The glass coffee table was still... Suddenly, a hand gripped her neck with brutal force, crushing her windpipe. She couldn't have screamed anyway, try as she did. Irrelevant, for after a brief moment the momentum of the hand smashed the back of her head against the wall. Stunned and dazed she made out the face of Yushin, his features contorted in rage.

"You won't have this baby, Mayoko! You won't!"

Her body limp, she was slammed against the wall one last time and then flung forwards, her legs entirely unable to support her in her dizzy state. The room span to the right, the window, the wooden floor, the cream leather of the seats, the sickening aqua green of the glass coffee table which came closer and closer and closer...

Mayoko opened her eyes, her vision filled with the dust-cover image of Miyamoto Musashi, the legendary Samurai surrounded with orange and gold that shone in the dim light of the cabin. She cursed quietly in Japanese and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Ensign Mayoko Takeuchi
Demolitions Specialist
USS Joshua Norton

NPC by qaaya: Ensign Naarv, Transporter Specialist


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