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Ens Jorgensen & PO3 duPont - "It's Not Perfect, But It's Mine"

Posted on 2016-08-14 22:27 by Petty Officer 3rd Class Cecil duPont & Ensign Roxanne Jorgensen "Roxy"
Edited on on 2016-08-20 09:52

Mission: Black, White & Red All Over

Listening to the others for some time as they sat waiting to see the Yeoman, Roxy was quite content to be a spectator, sipping on her drink, every now and then taking a bite of some finger food in front of her. After quite a long time, one of the junior officers, a young Ensign named Ralph Rodriguez turned to her with a curious look on his face. "Ma'am, if I may ask, I mean I don't want to be rude. But with your looks you could have been anything, why did you choose the fleet?" He did have an embarrassed look on his face.

For a moment Roxy thought about the question, tapping her lips with a finger, then finally she spoke up with her slow English drawl. "I wanted to serve Ensign because it be the right thing to do. No one in my family has ever served the fleet, preferring the diplomatic corps. I needed to change that." To her it was a simple as ABC, your choices in life either made you what you were or made your life hell if you chose wrongly..

=/\= =/\= =/\=

“You’re being posted to the Joshua Norton, Ensign and if you behave yourself, stop taking your anger out on others, you could well see your bars back within six weeks.” Those were the last words from Roxy’s deployment officer. She had been rejected time and time again for combat flying duties merely because of her peripheral vision in her left eye. What the hell? She asked herself over and over, Roxy considered herself a damned good pilot, even her former CO told her she was one of the best and her record spoke for itself. Yet here the Fleet was clinging to an old worn out rule, when everyone knew that in this age it was ninety percent instrument flying and the rest was just luck. That was five weeks ago.

What was done though, as they said was done. Jorgensen was devoted to service and anything useful she could do would settle her down soon enough. The only thing was she had been on the station a week, hardly anyone had spoken to her, as she guessed rightly her reputation had preceded her and twice now she had overheard the phrase “The Ice Maiden cometh.” All she could do was shrug it off. A rating called her over, the Yeoman would see her now.

Cecil hadn't expected to have to work while on Earth, but somehow he'd been talked into it. Transfer of personnel, sorting through the information Waterhouse's team had been gathering, fielding questions as somehow the red headed CO had continued to elude him in the name of her work. At least his mother had offered to watch Hinrik, so he didn't have to chase the toddler around the office they'd loaned him in intel's building at headquarters.

He glanced at his PADD again as the door slid open and he smiled politely as Ensign Roxanne Jorgensen stood on the other side.

"Good morning, please come in," he said, and indicated the seat across the desk.

The blonde head tilted upwards just a half, the face looked as if it had been scrubbed a thousand times in the last few hours such was the glow emanating from it; blue sapphire eyes sharp and keen. "Good morning to you Petty Officer, I assume you are the Yeoman? If that is so, I am Lieut....." She paused mid sentence, it was still damned hard to swallow. "...Ensign Roxanne Jorgensen. I've been directed here by my Deployment Officer in Copenhagen, apparently I'm being posted to the Joshua Norton is that correct?" Too formal, too stiff. He father would be telling her to lighten up a bit. She had to look back at her bags over her shoulder just for that contact with reality once more; that reality being the violin case that held a 200 year old Strasberg.

Frankly she was feeling like the proverbial fish out of water. He left eye, or what was left of it, pulsed as if it were going into a spasm. She was nervous which was a total contradiction to her persona.

"That's right," Cecil affirmed, trying to decide if she was being so formal because of the recent demotion on her record, or something else. It didn't really matter, in the end officers were easier to deal with when they held strictly to the rules when even though they held rank it was clear they were required to listen to him. He liked it better that way when he didn't already know them. "I apologize, but the Norton's command team has been elusive due to the nature of their current assignment. I'll try to get ahold of Waterhouse or Caine when we're done here. I should be able to sort your quarters assignment out without them, so you can at least settle in on the ship while we wait for them to come up for air again."

"This must be a very quick session, he hasn't even asked me to sit." The thought wandered through Roxy's mind like a traveling vagabond doing not much else other than to annoy her. "There is no need to apologise, I leave that to the upper echelon's of our world Petty Officer, as the old saying goes 'the buck stops here'. So if there is anyone at fault over anything that plagues our lives, blame it on the Admiralty." That came from her father, though in his case he was referring to the head of the Foreign Department in her native home.

She thought him to a be an amenable sort of man and that suited her, someone to keep in mind for the future perhaps when she needed to talk to another who was not part of her crew. Roxy's sole problem in life was she made few friends, except those who sought to use her for their own gains. Seeing through people was one of her abilities, hence her diary had few entries listed under 'relationships'. "That would be pleasing, I've spent the last twenty four hours doing nothing much more that waiting for this or that. Command, you know how they work."

"They'd be lost without a yeoman to tie their shoes," Cecil quipped with a laugh. He wasn't sure why she hadn't taken the unspoken offer he'd made when the door opened, for her to take the seat in front of him, but maybe it was because she'd been shuffled around on her way her and she missed it? "Set your things down, take a seat. This might take a moment." He picked up a PADD, and pulled up the current quarters assignment for the defiant class refit and clucked his tongue as he noted it still listed a couple of the personnel who'd been reassigned.

It didn't take a moment too long for it to 'click', Roxy had completely missed the courtesy, but then over the last few days with so much on her mind she had missed many things directed at her. She stepped back the few paces to collect her things lifting them easily then transferring them to the room to place them down beside the offered chair, her backside finding that two seconds later. "Thank you."

Then as she made herself comfortable she lifted her head. "My grandfather was a quartermaster on a Federal fishing patrol corvette. He told me often that the officers tell and point but rarely achieve anything remarkable on their own. If it weren't for the NCO's beneath them, the ships wouldn't function. That is the same anywhere I believe for any branch of the services as much as many would deny that. A case in point, I read some of our Earth histories over the last few days as I had little else to do; a battle that took place in Vietnam in the 1960's where less than three hundred soldiers faced over two thousand of the enemy. At the end of a full day there was only one very junior Lieutenant left functioning and he was out of his mind with fear. A sergeant took command and managed to lead them to victory. Accounts very similar to that have occurred throughout our histories....sorry I seem to be rambling." A habit she often did when reciting Earth's past.

"I find that good officers will recognize all the assets in their team, regardless of officers training or not, and I've been lucky enough to be mostly surrounded by such people in my time in the fleet," Cecil returned, smiling at sentiment behind what she said. "Though when an officer forgets that intelligence and ability come in many forms, assuming that only those who went through officer's training are knowledgeable assets in their team, it can get ugly. Thankfully that misconception has become less common these days, though we both know it's not been completely eliminated." Cecil had reviewed her service record when Waterhouse and Caine had submitted her as their preferred candidate for the opening in their roster; the incidents that played a part in the rank that graced her collar currently confirmed that her comments weren't simply an attempt to butter him up as her quarters assignment hung in his care. "Looks like we can fit you in beta-1 with the new surgeon, Helen Warren."

He was right in that, at least that is the experience Roxy had found. Then there were those officers to who eventually washed out simply because they had no capacity for recognising the abilities of those under them; washed out by their seniors. That was the odd thing, lower ranked officers thought they knew it all- those in the upper echelons knew better and always took on board the good their NCO's brought with them. "Lets hope it gets better sooner. I know some good NCO's who have left the service because of officers who treated them like dirtbags. Though as you said, it is a rarer occurrence more and more."

She listened intently as he finally brought up her quarters listing, she'd have to be crazy not to accept a gift like that, bunking with a surgeon. With her track record that could be the best thing that's happened for her in a long while. "That will do perfectly, when can I leave?"

"Ship's in orbit, you're welcome to beam up and settle in whenever you're ready. When Waterhouse and Caine surface again, I'm sure they'll have orders for you. Until then, get to know your crew mates and your new home," Cecil answered.

That was all she needed to know, the wait was over at last for this part of her journey back into the world she knew; her world, the life she was destined to follow. "Make the call then duPont, I don't want to get old waiting for my life to start when I'm thinking about retirement." There were those very rare moments when Roxy did actually have a sense of humor. duPont would have to think he was privileged at the moment, few people have seen that in her.

"I'll send a message ahead of you to the transporter room," Cecil answered with an amused head shake. He stood up, offering his hand across the desk. "Good to meet you. Welcome to the crew."

That was it, finally she was on her way. Roxy thanked him warmly with a firm handshake and an equally satisfied grin added for good measure before taking her leave and of course her things. Very soon after that she found herself beamed up to the ship and her new home.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Ensign Roxanne Jorgensen
Security/Reconnaissance Specialist
USS Joshua Norton

Petty Officer 3rd Class Cecil duPont
Yeoman / Mission Analyst
Erebus Base


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