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Cmdr Waterhouse & Lt Khan II - "When The Truth Seems So Farway"

Posted on 2016-07-19 20:30 by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Lieutenant Streeh Khan II

Mission: Black, White & Red All Over

Amelia had easily found replicator patterns for containment devices to hold the evidence, and the phaser now sat in one on her desk as she knelt down to collect the glass knife shards from the floor. The small containment field projected from the top edge of the opening after she set the unit down on the floor next to the bloody shards, and swept the pieces into the container with a small hum. After it had collected those, she moved it to another spot on the floor to collect some more. She hoped that whatever contaminants she'd left on the blades from handling them wouldn't pose a problem for looking for a DNA match in the federation database to identify the stranger.

Streeh arrived at the Commander's office less than a minute after the intruder alert had sounded, a phaser in his hand and he looked around for any sign of the intruders. Instead, he found Commander Waterhouse collecting specimens which had been left behind. "Commander?" He asked as he continued to look around. "Where are the intruders?"

"Beamed out like the shields weren't even up," Amelia answered without looking up. The containment device chirped at her as it detected no more matter in its range it could collect. "I winged one of the fuckers before they left, got a DNA sample and will need to replicate another one of my glass throwing knives." She stood up and held up the containment device, then half nodded to the other on her desk. "They also left a phaser, looks like Fed tech, but not anything I'm familiar with."

"Lieutenant Zola and I were just at the forward airlock and there were signs of a entry from the outside," he said. "The odd thing is that it didn't set off any alarms and it made it look like some minor power fluctuations. I suggested she set off a tachyon burst to detect any ships, but nothing appeared. Whoever we're dealing with obviously has tech better than ours, Commander. I suggest we revise our code protocols for alerts in the event they already know ours. Did the ones you encounter say anything or make demands?"

"From outside the airlock?" Amelia repeated, then cursed in Klingon under her breath. "I once sent my best friend to enter a space station the same way. No way to tell if that's serendipity or a message, but they certainly knew who I was. They're more of the people chasing the S'Blen mess, they demanded what we found in T'Maira's house. Our first priority needs to be making multiple secure backups of everything we've collected about this so far. And yes, put together a plan to revise the protocols and our security codes. We'll start implementation as soon as I review your finished plan."

"I'll get right on the backups," Streeh said. "I also want to implement some other safety protocols and plan to work with Lieutenant Zola with some of the ideas she's presented. One is a net of her probes throughout the ship, which would give us a better idea if we have intruders. I'll get the report to you as soon as we finish."

"Make sure they didn't leave any surprises, yeah. Maybe she can set up for quick deployment of the probes in the future, once we settle down again..." Amelia mused, and picked up the container holding the phaser. "Keep me apprised of any progress, and grab anyone you need to get started on the secure backups right away. I need to be able to put together a report and pass it on up the chain right away." As she said that, something said by one of the men echoed in her memory: If you'd just handed over what I asked for, no one on your crew would have to be hurt. "Get on that security sweep right away. I'll be in sickbay."

"I'll get right on it, Commander," Streeh said before he looked at the phaser in her hand. "Did you want me to analyze that?"

"Even though I only saw him handle it while wearing his ev suit, there's a chance he touched it before suiting up and left some skin cells. Since I had handled my knife before throwing it, it may not give a clean enough sample for a DNA match. I want medical to look at the phaser first, then we'll turn it over to you along with the DNA analysis. If you can't identify what model it is, turn it over to Zola when you're done with it, she can either learn from it or make more of them if it's worth it."

"Got it," he said. "I'll wait for your word. For now, I'm going to set up the new protocols." With that, he turned and headed out.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Commander Amelia Waterhouse
Commanding Officer
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A

Lieutenant Streeh Khan II
Chief of Security
USS Joshua Norton


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