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Ensign Lexil - "When shall we four meet again..."

Posted on 2016-07-16 06:20 by Lieutenant Lexil

Mission: Black, White & Red All Over
Location: U.S.S. Turing

Lexil looked around her quarters with a resigned smile. She didn’t have far to look; they weren’t very big. The room was typical for junior officer quarters on the U.S.S Turing, diminutive and ergonomically flawless, allowing the resident every modern luxury in as small a space as possible. At least she didn’t have to share, but perhaps unlike many species for a Denobulan that wouldn’t have been a particular hardship. This evening the room had an air of finality about it, that impersonal feeling of emptiness that comes with a room devoid of personal belongings. What few items she had, mostly clothes and make-up were already packed in two bags placed neatly by the door, one conveniently left open to any last-minute additions. Lexil sat on the side of the perfectly made bed, her right index finger absentmindedly twirling her waist length dark chocolate brown hair and tried to decide what she would do for her final few hours aboard ship. Her specialist intelligence training was complete, at least in its most basic form and she was to return to Earth for a short time before taking up her new post. As usual she had been impeccably organised about her final days, she had already said her goodbyes, set everything in order in stellar cartography; all that was needed was permission to disembark which she would ask immediately before leaving the following morning. Lexil didn’t know much about her new posting, in a turn of events so predictable it was almost funny the details were -of course- classified. All she knew was to return to Starfleet headquarters, to report to a certain officer at a certain time and await further instructions. She also knew whatever the new assignment was it would be a big change and a big step forward for her career. Maybe she would finally find her niche, the way that she could excel and really prove herself worthy of the commission that she still didn’t quite believe that she had. She had done well on the Turing - when she played her work and her performance through in her mind she had done very well with barely a single bad word said. If only her colleagues had known how hard she has studied to make that come about. Even then the names and positions of star systems, comets and various Galactic fleet movements started to flash through her mind.

The computer terminal chimed, she had an incoming call. Without thinking Lexil was up and sat on the seat by the terminal, her finger pressing the accept button on the touchscreen. A moment after the image of her friends came up on the monitor. She instantly recognised the surroundings as Vissa’s quarters, somewhere she had spent many evenings with her favourite group of girls on the crew. Vissa (short for Aravissa) was a nurse, an ensign and Lexil’s best friend. Like Lexil she was calm, friendly, cheerful and was plagued with an undercurrent of self-doubt. In Vissa’s case this sadly manifested as anorexia, something only the chief medical officer and Lexil knew about. Still, Vissa was stunning, an Andorian shen, tall, lithe and beautiful with long straight silken white hair and azure blue eyes. To her left, Alicia Andersson, a botanist, hydroponics genius and junior Lieutenant. Alicia was from Earth, of Swedish origin and suffered from albinism, giving her incredibly pale skin and almost white hair. Alicia was kind, flexible, interesting, relentlessly loyal and, as it happened, extremely gay. She was in a long-term relationship with a female starship captain, something Lexil knew Commander T’Lan their head of Department on the Turing did not approve of. Lastly and most senior of the group Lieutenant Rosie McCaffrey, tactical officer, tomboy, part time English Rose and general all-round hoot. Rosie was an excellent officer and commanded the respect of all who served with her. She was also excellent at getting into trouble when out of uniform and excellent at getting out of it again. Lexil suspected Rosie drank rather too much, but it never affected her work. The trio waved and grinned and Lexil couldn’t help but grin back, her overly-wide Denobulan smile something her friends and colleagues were now very used to.
“Lexiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” Rosie stood behind the other two, seated, her arms around their shoulders and beamed into the camera. “You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging on your last night aboard, did you? Schoolgirl error Lexi, schoolgirl! You disappoint me!”
Lexil closed her eyes and shook her head, grinning maniacally. “Of course not…”
“Ja!” Alicia interjected triumphantly. “Us guys got shore leave for tonight and for you too! We are all going out in San Francisco and no arguments Ensign!”
Lexil’s mouth hung open a few moments, somehow she just hadn’t expected anything like this. “Yes ma’am!” She managed to blurt out after a few moments of surprised silence. Vissa waved a bottle of Andorian brandy in front of the camera.
“Better unpack that little black dress, we’ll be over in a minute!”
It was all Lexil could do to smile and nod, if she’d tried to say anything she might have burst into tears. The image of Vissa reached forwards and the screen went blank. Lexil sprang into action, immediately unzipping the other bag and rifling through the neatly piled clothes with her right hand, brushing her hair all to the left side of her head with the other. She quickly located her signature little black dress, a low-cut number that showed off some of her back ridges on the occasion her cascades of flowing brown hair swept out of the way. She placed the dress still folded on top of the bag and moved to the other already opened bag, removing a small make-up kit and a couple of plastic boxes. She fished out a pair of black patient heels from the bottom of the bag and collecting all the items in her arms, threw them onto the bed.
“Computer, replicate tights, nylon, with a shine, size and hue appropriate for me” she commanded, sitting on the bed pulling off her regulation uniform boots.
“More information requested” the computer responded lamely. Lexil sighed and shook her head.
“Access personal replicator log and extrapolate.”
“Confirmed” the computer chirped and complied as the door chime sounded.
“Enter!” Lexil quickly removed the tights from the replicator and threw them on the bed as the doors parted.
“Hello sweet pea.” Rosie was first through the door, looking typically Rosie in ripped blue jeans, Doc Marten boots and a grey off the shoulder T-shirt advertising the name of a band or a venue that Lexil didn’t recognise. Atypically her usually sleek brown bob had been put into waves, probably by Vissa who was somewhat of a hair expert, perhaps after Lexil herself. Rosie stood on tiptoes and gave Lexil a kiss right on the vertical crease of her forehead as she came in and nonchalantly as ever took up residence in the dining area, leaning back on the bench and putting her feet up on the table. Lexil’s gaze followed her friend until she felt herself be embraced in a hug. The sight of Vissa still standing in the doorway holding the bottle of brandy and smiling left only one candidate for the hug and as they parted Lexil was mesmerised as she looked up past the usual blue boot-cut jeans, high-heeled brown ankle boots and low-cut salmon-pink top which perfectly advertised Alicia’s best features. She met Alicia’s other best features, her grey eyes, striking in equal measure due to her near-professional make up, creating something truly angelic alongside her rare colouring and the fact that her eyes were never quite still, shimmering from side to side and up and down. Alicia suffered from nystagmus, a condition prevalent in albinos that severely affected her eyesight. But with 25th century medical technology in the shape of an implant in her visual cortex she could now see just as well as any other officer, in fact sometimes better, especially in low light. The implant didn’t stop the external effect however and her shaking eyes still drew rather too much attention for her liking, as if her skin and hair tones weren’t enough. Alicia sat opposite Rosie at the table as Vissa presented Lexil with the bottle, leaning down to give her a dainty hug as well. Both Vissa and Alicia were significantly taller than Lexil, a fact amplified somewhat that evening as they were both wearing high heels. Lexil rested her head against Vissa’s shoulder, recognising the feel of the black leather jacket that usually accompanied her ensemble for an evening out, in this case a slinky dark-blue dress. The jacket did a good job of hiding Vissa’s boney arms and shoulders, something Lexil knew she was self-conscious about, especially now she was on the path to recovery. It was a long road but she had already made good progress. Vissa perched on the side of Lexil’s bed as the bottle was left in the capable charge of Rosie McCaffrey. Lexil moved to the far corner of the room by the end of the bed, facing away from her friends and started to change.

“Computer, replicate vestibules intended for the consumption of alcoholic beverages!” Rosie announced gleefully, her eyes darting upwards with a grin awaiting the inevitable response of “more information requested” which she mouthed along with.
“Come on computer! I require containers of appropriate size and material for the imbibing of the here gifted Andorian delicacy in liquid form!”
Alicia started giggling as the computer once again requested clarification.
“Give the poor thing a break, Rosie.” Vissa leaned forward and swiped the bottle from the table by its neck, effectively taking command of the drinks situation.
“Oh come on Vissa, you know the computer loves me really!” Rosie wiggled in her seat, a satisfied smirk on her face.
“Indeed,” Lexil interjected quickly, sliding off her uniform trousers and throwing them on top of the jacket on the bed, “akin to the special place Commander Atkins has in her heart for coolant leaks and Cardassian voles...”
Rosie looked round as Lexil stepped into her dress, stuck two fingers in her mouth and gave Lexil the loudest wolf whistle any of them had ever heard, amplified by the restrictive dimensions of the room.
“Yeah!” she hollered raucously over the tirade of complaints from her friends. Lexil blushed and quickly pulled her dress up and over her shoulders. The only way to fight the fire of Rosie McCaffrey was with more fire. She was a freighter brat, raised on a crew that primarily consisted of her brothers and developed a sharp tongue and bolshie attitude as a result. Lexil turned and gave her a piercing look, hands on hips.
“Will you just get me a damn drink, woman?”
If Rosie was at all surprised she didn’t show even a flicker. “Yes sir, Admiral Lexi!” Was the reply, cool as cucumber and punctuated with a mocking salute. Vissa cut her off.
“Computer, replicate four glasses appropriate for Andorian brandy, extrapolate additional parameters from ship wide popularity.” Her calm soft voice cut through the previous hilarity like only the soothing touch of a nurse could. The glasses appeared and were soon filled and were empty again almost as quickly. Lexil presented her back to Vissa as the glasses were refilled and she obliged by doing up the zip on Lexil’s dress.

Alicia eyed the Denobulan over the glugging of the brandy bottle. “Have you been working out, Lexi?” She asked, with a slightly confused frown. “I think that dress fitted you slightly different the last time I saw you in it, no?”
“I’ve been doing all sorts…” Was the rather cryptic response. Lexil popped open her various bags and boxes of make-up and moved to the Mirror armed with a blusher brush. Alicia chuckled.
“Ah yes, the elusive training you have been doing. Why would they need a stellar cartographer who works out, hmm?”
Lexil swapped brushes and applied some shade to the ridges around her eyes. “You know I can’t talk about it” she said simply pausing to meet the gaze of Alicia’s reflection in the mirror.
Vissa leaned over to the table and picked up two refilled glasses passing one to Lexil. “Well you can have another drink” she said with a grin and Lexil happily complied, downing the liquor like a seasoned professional before dipping her brush in the little pot of shadow once again. She was nearly ready and promptly switched to a liquid eyeliner. Rosie broke the short silence.
“Come on, Buttercup I want to get going to the club, man!”
Lexil looked around the others with a feigned look of horror, exacerbated by only having applied eyeliner to one eye.
“You didn’t let her choose the venue, did you?” She asked, wide eyed, “have you learned nothing from last time?”
The four girls erupted into giggles and Lexil watched each of them laughing and smiling for a couple of seconds before staring at her own reflection in the mirror, savouring a private thought. She was going to miss them.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Ensign Lexil
Stellar Cartographer
USS Joshua Norton


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