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Rev Waterhouse & Vashkele - "Fates Like A Storm"

Posted on 2016-07-10 12:17 by Vashkele & Reverend Noah Waterhouse

Mission: Black, White & Red All Over

"Vash," Noah called down the corridor, trying to get the attention of the tiny green woman on her way to the small med bay. "Have you seen what's his name? The slippery bloke that's kinda declared himself in charge even though Harper holds rank? He was supposed to review some plans with me for the honey pot before he came to you to run over your plan."

Vash looked around when she saw Waterhouse and shook her red hair. "No," she said. "Should I have been keeping an eye on him?"

"I don't pay you to babysit," Noah said with a half laugh, and waited a beat to see if she found his joke amusing. "How about the reporter? You seen him lately either?"

"I care less about reporters either," Vash said. "They are worse than many enemies that we meet on an average run. Why?"

"He's gone missing too. He's the one who witnessed that murder that we're doing all this..." Noah waved his hand to indicate something. "...why we're planning this insane run into the hornet's nest."

"Would you care to explain why we are chasing small stinging insects when we have better things to do?" Vash asked him.

"Because Aldridge, the reporter, is my friend... and he asked for my help. And now my sister, she believes there's a lot more going on than just a murder." Noah sighed and shook his head. "I know Xavier, he can be a bit dogged when he's sunk his teeth into something, but he's not stupid. He wouldn't head off on his own, especially not without telling someone, not after what's happened. I can't speak for the other bloke though."

"I get that it's your friend and sister, but we aren't getting anything out of it but wasting time when we could be doing anything else," Vash said with a bit of aggression.

"If you don't want anything more to do with it, that's fine. I help friends and family when they ask me though, that's what I do." Noah started down the corridor, muttering to himself as he tried to guess where Xavier Aldridge might have left a note or something if he'd taken off in a hurry to chase a lead.

"You know I don't have anything better to do, and I need my berth on this ship, but I still don't see myself getting anything out of it except maybe dead," Vash said. "And I happen to like being alive."

"Most people like being alive. I won't kick you off the ship if you don't want to pose as this admiral though, if that's the only reason you're going along with it." He stopped walking and looked back at Vash. "It won't matter if we don't find the slippery bloke though, we can't head in without him... no matter how Fabla and Harper are doing on their courting efforts."

"I'll do it because I said I was going to do it," Vash muttered. "Did you happen to get your hands on a Feddie medical database or anything else useful I could use here?"

"Oh yeah. I meant to mention that." Noah tapped at his leather wrist band, and his holographic glasses shimmered into view on his nose. "Looks like Dad's pushed the update to our computer core to allow us to automatically sync the database and keep a copy on board. We may need to upgrade storage to accommodate, but Nadik should be able to take care of that easily once we have the parts, and my local copies of the family holodeck programs can be removed in the meantime to make room. It may be a little slow if it's still syncing."

"I'd actually consider hugging you for this," she said. "Except I've had to ask for it a half a dozen times before you finally managed to get it. So what's our next step?"

"Dad's been busy working on his Torchwood project, and he'd customized so much of The Pelican's systems that I couldn't get it to work on my own. I just had to catch him when he had the time to work on it." Noah shrugged. "As for operation kick the hornet's nest? We gotta find Slippery bloke before we can do anything else, since Fabla and Harper are already working their charms."

"Am I going to get paid for this?" Vash asked him. "Or will it be the usual? I don't have any contacts on Earth and I certainly can't go back to Australia at the moment."

"Is something wrong in Australia? Don't tell me the dropbears had a go at you."

"If I told you, you'd be an accomplice," Vash said.

"I take it no one told you to put Vegemite behind your ears to keep the nasty little orange buggers away from you?" Noah could tell Vash wasn't talking about dropbears, but the joke allowed him to just accept it for what it was without condoning it.

"Exactly," Vash said. "I would rather deal with dropbears than potential slavers any day."

"Slavers? On Earth? Holy marinara," he muttered, plucking his spaghetti colander off his head and running a hand through his hair. "I'm going to just assume that you gave them the noodley word in the form of your trusty laser scalpel, since I doubt the authorities would have believed you if you tried to report it. I mean, by the pasta, Earth's usually so safe."

"Collie, Australia isn't the friendliest place on Earth. Well, I don't know if they were slavers, but they didn't have good intentions for me," she said. "Two humans and a Klingon decided I was an easy mark because I was in an ally. I left marks on them instead."

"Clearly a mistake they won't make again," Noah insisted with a head shake. "With Harper out of contact caging the mark, I need to let someone from Pond's crew know what's going on. If you hear from or see either of the missing men, please let me know?"

"Yes," the petite Orion said. "I'll get to you as soon as I can. It's about time for me to take my injection, too." She looked him up and down with an appraising look. "Unless you're ready to take up a new hobby?"

"If I wanted to be a mindless drone, I'd go get myself assimilated by the Borg," Noah insisted with a laugh. "If there are any issues with the new link to the Fed medical data base, let me know so I can get Dad and Nadik working on fixing it. Also, you should be able to submit information in the form of raw data and studies if you wish. I'll be on the bridge, I should be able to reach the Norton's chief engineer, Sienna I think it was..." With a tip of his spaghetti colander on his head, Noah ambled down the corridor with a tune tumbling from his lips in a whistle.

She laughed at his comment. "I will," she said as she gave him another look. "If you change your mind even for a little while..."

=/\= End Log =/\=

Rev. Noah Waterhouse
Pastafarian Minister & Artist
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