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Cmdr Waterhouse - "While Color Lights Up Your Face"

Posted on 2016-07-12 12:43 by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & NPCs (Amy)

Mission: Black, White & Red All Over

"I'll be in my ready room," Amelia said as she stood from her command chair. As she'd changed out of her stealth suit after the beam up from Vulcan, the Romulans had beamed their people up and set a direct course back to Earth. Pursuit didn't require her supervision, as they were making no effort to obscure their course this time, and there was evidence to inspect.

As she cleared the door and it slid shut behind her, she looked to either side as the hair on the back of her neck stood on end.

"Commander." Two men stood against the wall to either side of the door, both wearing ev suits. The one who spoke held a phaser aimed at her, the other reached out to touch the door controls to ensure that they were locked. Amelia started to raise her hand to her combadge and the one holding the phaser clicked his tongue at her. "I wouldn't do that, this phaser is set to kill."

"Who are you and what do you want?" She turned to face him, evaluate this man who dared invade her ship.

"You don't need to know who we are, in fact it's better for all of us if you don't," he returned meeting her gaze. "As for what we want? We need whatever it is you collected from T'Maira's residence." He stepped closer to her. She saw his companion move closer behind her as he was reflected on the helmet's transparent aluminum.

"I take it you're the shadows who were following behind the Romulans down on Vulcan," she returned, and looked over her shoulder to try to get a look at the other guy's face.

"You may assume whatever you like, but we need whatever it was you found at the end of S'Blen's little treasure hunt," the one with the phaser said as he drew her attention back to him by poking her with the phaser. Her eyes dropped to the weapon — the setting was on stun despite what he'd told her — and she smirked as she looked back up at him.

"Need is such a strong word," she returned as she grabbed his wrist with both hands, yanking him hard towards her as she spun around. Her finger found the button to change the phaser over to the heaviest stun so it would work through the ev suit, then slid to the fire button as she pointed it at the other man. The phaser's beam lashed out, and the man slumped to the bamboo tiled deck.

She didn't give the still conscious man time enough to pull back and aim the phaser before she dropped to the deck, sweeping a leg behind her to knock him down. She heard the clatter of the phaser on the floor near her desk and the thump of the man bracing himself against the wall, so she moved.

A tuck, a roll, and she ended up crouching near her desk. The phaser was just out of both their reach, against the wall between them and ever so slightly closer to her. One hand dipped into the hidden pocket in her uniform, the other slapped her combadge.

"Intruder alert, Captain's ready room. Shields up," she barked as she pulled what she sought out of the pocket. The light glinted through the transparent throwing knife as it cut through the air and sliced open the arm of the ev suit. The knife shattered as it hit the bulkhead behind him, showering glass shards all over. His eyes darted from her to the phaser and back again as she pulled another knife from the pocket. "The next one goes in your throat if you make a move for your phaser. You've seen that these can cut through your suit like paper."

"This could have been much easier," he returned as he clasped his hand over the slice in the ev suit. "If you'd just handed over what I asked for, no one on your crew would have to be hurt."

"Tell me who you report to, and all I'll do is turn you over to my superiors," she countered, watching as he pulled his hand away from his arm. A trickle of blood colored the edge of the cut and the palm of his glove.

"If only we'd met in better circumstances," he said as he keyed in a command on the controls of his suit. He and the other man disappeared in the shimmer of a transporter as she cursed and lunged forward. She found nothing but air, slamming palms first into the bulkhead as her ready room door slid open.

"Get Khan in here as soon as he makes it to the bridge," she directed, not giving the officer who'd just managed to override the lock on the door a chance to say anything. "And get someone on the sensors to try and find out where they went." She knelt down to look at the glass shards on the floor, noting that some of them had blood on them. "And inform sickbay I'll be bringing them blood samples for analysis."

=/\= End Log =/\=

Commander Amelia Waterhouse
Commanding Officer
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-A

NPCs by Amy: A Pair Of Shadows, running with tail tucked and scheming plan B.


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