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The Shadows - "Weil Der Meister Uns Gesandt"

Posted on 2016-06-25 23:03 by NPCs (Amy)

Mission: Black, White & Red All Over

"I'm looking forward to those tamales."

"The Romulans could still surprise you, we haven't retrieved it yet. They're resourceful."

The two men crawled through the jefferies tubes of the ship in EV suits, making their way towards the ready room. They paused once, twice, three times to listen to conversation in corridors near the access hatches, but they didn't hear any of the four who'd been on the surface: Waterhouse, Caine, Khan, and Liebenswert. They hadn't known on the planet, though they suspected given the life signs mix on the team before they'd engaged their stealth suits, but once they got back to their ship and cross referenced the scans, they were sure.

"We have to be careful, they took down Houston and Jacott. I would rather come out of this alive if we can help it."

"That is why I brought the silver bullets."

"I told you to leave those behind." He stopped in the jefferies tube, and turned to look at his partner through the tinted glass of their helmets. "Unless you get a clean instant kill, the collateral damage'll be enormous, as he'll take you- no, us, down on his way out. And She'll be upset if we take him away from Intel. Do you know how much of a bitch he was for them to recruit?"

"We know he took out Jacott by going Crinos-"

"But he doesn't know that we know. So don't you dare pull those silver bullets unless you want to leave Lucy a widow. He will kill to protect his secret, with Intel's blessing, so don't spook him. Since they are intel, and not a retired Vulcan with his brain starting to turn to jello, we might be able to reason with them. Especially since they know first hand how unstable the relationship is between us and the Romulans. Now calm your trigger finger, and let's get to the ready room before Waterhouse gets back from changing out of her stealth suit." He started crawling through the jefferies tube again.

=/\= End Log =/\=

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