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Ens Drake, Ens Charlson, Rev Waterhouse, Jonas Refelian & Vashkele - "Sketch The Trees And The Daffodils"

Posted on 2016-06-11 21:52 by Reverend Noah Waterhouse & Lieutenant Jonas Refelian & Lieutenant JG Harper Drake M.D., Ph.D. & Ensign Lily Charlson & Xavier Aldridge & Vashkele & Fabla

Mission: Black, White & Red All Over
Location: The Pelican's Galley

Between Vash's demands for an upgraded med bay, and now hosting some of his sister's crew on board, Noah was being reminded how truly tiny his ship was. He cleared the plates from the table, nudged his still just a millimeter more into the corner, and hoped that no one would complain how cozy it was going to be when everyone got here. Maybe he needed to start considering researching a new ship, but that would also mean hiring more crew. He sighed and settled himself on the counter that divided the cooking from dining area, and waited for everyone else's arrival.

Jonas and Aldridge arrived into the room. Aldridge immediately took a seat and rubbed his eyes, wearily. He was getting too old for this. Jonas glanced around, briefly, before lowering his hooded top. "Nice gaff," he commented to Noah as he slung his bag onto the floor with a heavy thud. "Got anything to drink?"

"Are you considered on duty with this, what with it being off the record and the like? I'll never hear the end of it from Pond if I offer you Rum and this is considered," Noah raised his hands to make quote marks in the air with his fingers, "on duty."

"Not sure I can be on duty... Broke out of prison and I ain't on the crew," Jonas said with a grin. "Rum, however, is just what the doctor ordered." He added before finally taking a seat.

Lily walked into the room as Jonas and Noah had started talking about rum. "Lucky for some!" She said, laughing. "Some of us are technically on duty and in the crew, so no rum for those people...." She said, pointing to herself. "Although I could do with a nice rum right about now....." She trailed off, looking around.

"I know for a fact that Pond'll keel haul me if I lead you astray," Noah objected with a playful grin directed at Lily. He learned backwards to reach behind the counter. "But I can't help but want to reward your pirate like thinking, mate." Noah straightened back up with a rum bottle, gesturing towards Jonas with it as he collected a mug from the rack above his head.

Hearing the tail end of the conversation as she entered, Harper said, "I'll take some strong coffee if you've got it, please. As a depressant, I fear additional alcohol would just cause me to fall asleep in my plate," she said with a grin.

"I hope cold brew raktajino will suffice? Fabla recently discovered how to do cold brew, and applied it to the Klingon stuff when Mum introduced her to that... and now we always seem to have it on hand." Noah half filled the mug with Rum and passed it over to Jonas. He jumped off the counter and moved into the little prep area to dig for the offered cold brew.

Harper grinned and nodded. "Thanks. The temperature doesn't matter to me as long as it's got the necessary amount of caffeine."

Jonas took a gulp of the liquid and nodded to himself, "good stuff," he paused, took another drink and continued. "Alright let's get this show on the road, Aldridge?"

The older man nodded and pulled himself up from a chair, and handed out some PADDs from his bag. "So we need to find an Admiral, Bajoran, that Doctor Harper and Commander Caine saw inside... Some guy's head," he was still in disbelief at that fact, shaking his head he continued, "she most likely works for Starfleet Intel, which means there's only one place to get a positive ID and that's the isolated mainframe computer on Level 42 of Intel HQ here on Earth... We're going to steal it." He looked to Jonas.

"That's right kids, we're going to rob big sister and find this woman, as we can't just stroll in we will have to be clever and obtain this list by deception, to that end Aldridge used his journalism skills and found us a mark. This is Maya Shukla and she's our way in. Harper, Charlson, share with the class what we know about her beyond working for Intel and having a fondness of old Earth spy history." Jonas said.

Noah silently moved around the small room, and placed a glass in front of Harper: a double walled tumbler with the inner wall shaped somewhat like a skull, and holding a dark brown liquid and two pieces of ice shaped like barrels. He offered another of the same to Lily as he moved back towards the counter he'd been perched upon when everyone had arrived.

Harper smiled her thanks and Noah before answering, "She's also into Earth antiques and likes ancient earth television shows that delve into mysteries or early intelligence work. The interest in all things ancient earth isn't necessarily unique as it seems everything old is new again, but she is a collector and fancies herself smarter than the average bear, so to speak. I get the impression she feels a bit under appreciated."

Jonas nodded, "we can play into that I'm sure. Could you tell us anything more about her personality from what you've been able to find out doc? We need to get inside her head if we're gunna play her." He rubbed his chin, in thought.

Lily nodded at Noah before starting her bit. "We know that she's attracted to other females, which could be our way of getting close to her if the need arises. Apart from that we know she's quite short, slim, approximately 5 foot 4. Also Blonde, blue eyes, likes to have her hair in a bun." Lily said, smiling, before throwing a picture of the target on her PADD. "This is what she looks like. Any questions?" She asked.

Noah grinned wide as he sat down on his counter again. "If she's inclined towards the birds, I have two green skinned ladies on my crew that might be of assistance. Both sharp as a tack, easy on the eyes, and more than capable of taking care of themselves if needed. Could be good distractions. What do you reckon?" Noah offered, looking between Refelian, Aldridge, and Harper before directing a grin at Lily.

Refelian clicked his tongue in thought and nodded slowly, "she's Intel and we need to play her like a violin, let's see what ya got," he finally said.

"What do you think, Doc?" Noah caught Harper's eye, he was curious what her professional opinion was before he called Vash and Fabla in. Vash in particular was a bit unpredictable at times, so he wanted to be sure that it was a good idea before he called her in.

Harper considered the idea, weighing the risks. "She's attracted to women, certainly, but I think we need to be careful simply trying to appeal to her lust and baser instincts. Remember, she has intelligence training, so she's not completely unfamiliar with the honeypot strategy. If we're going to properly distract her without arousing too many suspicions, we need someone who has strong interpersonal skills and someone who will come across as completely sympathetic to her feelings of being underappreciated. Physical attraction will help, of course, but I'm guessing she won't be fooled by someone simply throwing herself at her."

"If Vash and Fabla were just pretty faces, they wouldn't be on my crew, but unless you're suggesting yourself for the job instead or have another idea..." Noah shrugged. "I mean, you could talk to them and see what you think?"

"I meant no disrespect," Harper offered sincerely. The last thing she wanted to do was insult any of them. "If they'd be willing to meet to discuss strategy, that'd be great, but I did not mean to suggest I believed they were incapable of doing this without my input."

"No disrespect taken, you don't know them, so of course you have to be cautious," Noah returned with a grin. He tapped at his leather wristband and held it up near his mouth. "Noah to Fabla and Vash. Could you two join us in the galley?"

"I am on my way," Fabla answered over the comm.

"I don't get paid enough for this crap," Vash muttered. "I'll see you in five." She grabbed her Cardassian laser scalpel and headed for the galley as she whistled Twisted Nerve, a happy little song she had seen in a holo while on Earth. Exactly four minutes and forty-five seconds later, she walked into the galley and leaned against the wall where she started to inspect her fingernails.

"... And so we'll then... Ah nice of you to join us." Refelian said as the Orion woman came in and found a resting spot. "We're gunna break into Starfleet Intelligence HQ, and our way in is for you and..." He paused and looked to Noah as he hadn't a clue which one he was speaking to, "to honey trap a Starfleet Officer and lure her into a con allowing us what we need to get in. PADD on the table will give you more details on the mark," he concluded.

"I have fifteen second yet," Vash said even though she listened while she finished checking her nails. "Okay. We're going to do what?"

"I hope I am not late," Fabla said as she walked into the galley. She spotted the other orion woman leaning against the wall, and quickly looked away. "Vashkele," she said the woman's name as a form of icy but polite greeting as she selected a chair next to Harper, and looked around at everyone else with a warm smile.

Harper quietly observed Vash before turning to smile politely at Fabia. Even if Vash's seeming disinterest was an act, it was not a good first impression as far as Drake was concerned, especially considering she was in front of her own Captain. To Fabia, Drake said, "Hello, I'm Dr. Harper Drake. I was hoping to get your assistance distracting a Starfleet Officer in a honey trap so we might break in to SF Intel HQ."

"Vashkele," Vash said with a smile in Harper's direction. "A honey trap, hmm? what kind of honey trap and how will you be doing the infiltration and exfiltration into a warren like Starfleet Headquarters? My people aren't exactly welcomed to just walk in."

"I am Fabla, it is nice to meet you, doctor," she answered Harper's greeting after Vash had spoken. "And I am certainly curious to know how I can be of help. Noah had mentioned there has been some excitement as of late."

"It's all pretty simple really... You ladies are gunna bump into her, from the initial obs she frequents the same three bars every Friday night, without fail. It's habitual. As the roper your job is to get close and friendly and win her confidence, once you've done that as she's opening up and talking about her hobby you can tell her that you know a guy who deals in antique firearms. Now as I found out in a class about three weeks ago in this time the ownership of working firearms is far more strictly regulated and mostly not allowed. So we're gunna convince her to buy and then play out like a Starfleet Security sting job. While she's distracted trying to buy our silence, two of us will walk right in the front door of Intel, using her identity and the information she'll feed us trying to save herself from our fake bust. Then bob's your uncle, list stolen and home in time for tea." Refelian paused and looked around the room, "feel free to alter the plan, it's a relic idea after all."

"Is this our target?" Fabla asked as she picked up the PADD that lay on the table. She skimmed the information without waiting for an answer, as she felt it was pretty self evident, and looked at the picture. "This says she is only five foot four. I am not always the best judge of height, because I am so petite myself, but if I were to guess, everyone other than Vashkele and myself are too tall for the role, even if Starfleet disguises are good enough to surpass other differences. And as it is, my crew mate and myself would need some extra height to match hers."

"Height shouldn't be a factor," Vash said as she waited to see the PADD. "What is this officer's rank and position? That's going to be a big factor if we're going to be selling weapons to the person in question. I've heard of a lot of officers who like to collect antique firearms, but most of them are Security or have an obsession with antiquated projectile weapons."

"He said someone would be posing as her in Starfleet Headquarters while we are distracting her. That is why height is important," Fabla explained, setting the PADD down on the end of the table where Vash could reach it. "The information here said she is an admiral? I did not see her position listed in the PADD."

"An Admiral" Vash asked, her eyes going wide. "Sure. That's going to be as easy as a walk in the park. Does anyone know her schedule, habits, patterns and associates?"

"That's where the charm offensive will come in, pump her for useful information and record her for mannerisms. Harper and Charlson were just taking us through what they'd been able to find out before you arrived," Refelian explained. "We will keep the real one busy and someone here who fits the bill can stroll into Starfleet Intelligence, download the data file and get out... Undetected. Without incident." He added. "As for the height, in passing a few inches will go unnoticed and someone else will accompany as an aide to run distraction if needed. Questions?"

"Just gonna toss an idea on the table, and if you fancy it, you can run with it: Vash and Fabla are the only two short enough to pose as our mark, so one of them should be the one to go dancing into Starfleet HQ. The Doc seems to have a good idea of what's likely to be in the mark's head, so she should probably be one of the ones who's pumping her for information as part of the honey pot," Noah suggested.

"So have Vash or Fabla as the mark but what about the plus one, one of us, or someone else?" Lily asked, thinking.

"Ok, so Fabla and Haper you'll hook our mark and lead them to Noah and Aldridge who will be posing as dealers and the four of you will report everything we need and keep her distracted so myself, Vash and Charlson can stroll into HQ. Vash, you'll be playing the Admiral. Charlson, you and I will be Aides. Noah, perhaps the rest of your crew can help us set up?" Refelian asked. "Oh and as for weapons, I have that covered," he added heaving a bag onto the table revealing a host of 21st century weapons.

"I'm going to need a full brief and schedule of this Admiral," Vash said. "I could go in bluffing and order someone to clear the schedule, but it'll help to know the names of aides and such before I do something stupid."

Harper considered the details of the plan and slowly came around to her new role within it. She could certainly ascertain some things based on the mark, but it was still going to require a hell of an acting job to make this work. Drake wasn't used to such a role, as even in her prior intel work, she was treated as more of an advisor than anything else. Still, she was excited at the prospect of doing more.

"You'll get details as we do, that's what Harper and Fabla will get us as they charm her and lead her to the arms deal. Basic public record is on the PADD." Refelian said looking to Vash. "Ok, we have a limited window to do this, so let's get going. Harper, Fabla, go watch the mark and work out how you're gunna bump into her. Remember, she's Intel so it has to feel natural. Noah, your crew, myself, Aldridge and Charlson need to set up the meet location and start spreading the rumours that there's opportunity for purchasing historical illegal arms. Use any underworld connections. Vash as well as that you need to get the costume and mask. You should be able to make the mask easy enough. Which means you're gunna need a creative way to liberate an Admiral's uniform without anyone noticing or causing anyone harm or raising any suspicion" He looked around the room, "what we are about to do is highly illegal and if caught we'll be disavowed and locked up for a long time. Anyone has any reservations, door is there... Otherwise, let's get this done."

Vash reached for the PADD and began to study it while Jonah talked. "Who is going to be the one to change my skin color since I'm the doctor?" she asked.

Refelian stood up from the table and moved to the door, "Charlson is a doctor too, sure you can figure it out between you. Let's get to it," he concluded.

"I'll, uh, find us a uniform," Noah said with a cough, scratching the back of his head with a sheepish grin. "My parents won't notice I borrowed their pattern."

=/\= End Log =/\=

Ensign Harper Drake, M.D., Ph.D.
Forensic Psychiatrist
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Lily Charlson
Combat Medic
USS Joshua Norton

Rev. Noah Waterhouse
Pastafarian Minister & Artist
The Pelican

Jonas Refelian
'Secret Agent Man'


NPC played by Amy: Fabla, The Pelican's Pilot
NPCs played by Rik: Xavier Aldridge


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