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PLOT Lt Khan II, Ensign Barnes & Ensign Blacklance | Putting it Together

Posted on 2016-02-18 13:50 by Ensign Sharrina Blacklance & Lieutenant Streeh Khan II & Lieutenant JG Catalina Barnes

Mission: Bonsai
Location: Intel Monitoring Room/Shuttle Bay

Streeh jogged through the corridors until he made it to Ensign Barnes' station in Intel and tapped the chime.

Rocky looked up when she heard the chime. "Enter," she said before she turned her attention back to monitoring all the frequencies.

Streeh entered the room. "Commander Waterhouse wanted you to look into Shinzon, Ensign," he said. "See if there's any correlation with what we know so far."

"Of course, Lieutenant," Rocky said. "So far, it's a royal mess. Thank you for letting me know."

Streeh nodded. "Not a problem," he said before he left again.

"Find a correlation between Shinzon and what we know," Rocky muttered. "Not to mention find out if the Praetor really did shoot the Empress and why and if she's dead and if...." She felt like hitting the terminal but didn't.

"Ensign Blacklance, can you take over monitoring while I start to collate all this data and see if anything meshes?" She asked.

Sharrina looked up from the minor recalibration she was doing on some instruments and nodded. "Of course." She moved to the monitoring console and sat. "Am I looking for anything in particular? Or just watch for anything suspect?"

"I'm already tapped into several monitoring frequencies," Rocky said as she sat down at her terminal. "Keep an ear on the chatter and if you hear Shinzon, clones, Empress or Praetor mentioned in any way, tag that immediately and put it on an isolinear chip. I'm going to see what the good Senators are talking about."

Sharrina nodded. "Understood." As she tuned in to the channels being monitored, she heard a chaos of voices, but none of them giving her anything concrete. There was much chatter about the empress' state of being, but none of it confirming either her death or her being alive. Everyone seemed to have their own opinion on the matter. The only clear things were that no one seemed to know where the praetor was and that Senator Taris was spearheading an attempt to gather an emergency session of the Senate regardless of the praetor's presence or lack thereof. Given the situation, it made sense. The situation seemed to be further complicated by the absence, or rather disappearance, of Senator Pardek and his family. Again, like the fate of the empress, everyone seemed to have their own opinions about this as well. Though in the case of the missing senator and his family, the opinions themselves were different, but they all seemed to imply rather scandalous things about the man, his wife, both of them, one or more of his children, etc. In general, it was chaos plain and simple.

She tagged the mentions she got of the praetor and of the empress, even though it appeared to all be conjecture, and downloaded them. Passing that to Rocky, she continued to listen while Rocky added these bits to her collating. Maybe it would get juicier... or at least more interesting...or possibly informative?

"Thank you," Rocky said as she scanned channel after channel. "This is looking like a gathering of hens. A whole lot of clucking and nothing of use. Let's see if we can pick anything up on surveillance devices. They love to bug each other constantly. See if you can get me access, please."

Sharrina nodded. Ah, hacking! Fun stuff! She began working through the taps that Rocky already had in place, minimizing the number of intrusions this way. Using one system to route through another system, etc., she finally managed to find a seemingly useful bug and shifted the access to Rocky's panel as requested. "You should have access now. This one sounded promising."

Rocky began to monitor it, but there was a lot of noise as if the bug were located in a public place. "With the way the current situation is progressing, we will ...straotorak...and...position is almost guaran..." a woman said while another was heard a second later. " all but...I assure you...leave the rest up to me."

Catalina grimaced. "Can you run a voice identification check for me, Ensign? I need to try to filter out the background noise."

Sharrina frowned and keyed her console to record both voices. Then she ran a voice identification program on each. A deeper frown was the result of that attempt. She made some refinements to the identification program and tried again, with the same result. "Unable to identify them." She told the other ensign. "There is too much background noise, it seems. I did try filtering it out, but I can't filter enough of it out to make them identifiable." It could also be, she thought, that the voice-prints of the two were not on file, though that was highly unlikely in a modern society.

"Wherever they are is too busy to filter," Rocky muttered. "Who bugs a public place? I better get all this data collated and transferred to isolinear chips for the Commander. Thank you for your help, Ensign Blacklance."

Sharrina nodded, rising and returning to her previous work. "No problem. Sorry I couldn't be of more help though." In truth, it irked her that she could not get more precision out of that filtering subroutine. Perhaps she would work on it on her own time.


Ensign Catalina "Rocky" Barnes
Encryption Specialist
USS Joshua Norton


Ensign Sharrina Melynn Blacklance
Computers Specialist
USS Joshua Norton


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