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Ens Barnes, Ens Liebenswert & Ens Zivasd | Ausgeführt vom Teufel

Posted on 2016-01-02 22:50 by Ensign Eifysiene Zivasd & Ensign Kelly Liebenswert & Lieutenant JG Catalina Barnes
Edited on on 2016-01-02 23:25

Mission: Bonsai

Rocky stood in the gym wearing a pair of black shorts, rubber soled black shoes and a gray shirt stained with sweat; her hair was pulled back in a braid and she was in the process of removing a pair of boxing gloves and the wraps on her hands. With everything that had been going on recently, she had felt the need to take out some of her frustrations on a body bag but wished it had been an actual person to face her wrath.

Eify was working on a punching bag wearing a light grey sports bra and short shorts her hands just had the wrap on it. She had also worked up a good sweat as she continued to punch the bag while to keep her walls up still finding her gift annoying or terrifying she wasn't quite sure what yet. But it wasn't going well as the other officer in the gym was radiating frustration like a leaking warp core.

Rocky looked over and recognized the Ensign that she had encountered prior to the mission and debated approaching her for a moment as she put her gloves and wraps back in her bag. The woman had good form and seemed to be taking out some aggression of her own, which made the choice for her to approach. "I find you get more out of a workout if you imagine the face of someone you'd rather be punching on the bag," she said with a smile.

Eify looked at the women, "did you work out your frustrations that way?" Eify asked looking at the bag and seeing that engineer's face. Finding the advice to be true so she continued punching the bag as she awaited the ensign's answer.

"Not exactly, but it helped," Rocky said. "I'd rather be battering someone's face instead of a bag. Nothing like spending an entire mission working on breaking encryption while everyone else gets something solid to do." She shrugged. "But that's what I do and where I'm best suited."

Eify knew what she meant she was better behind a helm console but 'cause of her abilities it would mean more field work for her. Resting a hand on the bag Eify turned and looked at Catalina, "have you found anything interesting.......especially pertaining to payment and or finances?" Eify asked almost out of the blue but this was also what she was good at finances her father made sure of that.

"No, but I wasn't looking for that," Rocky said. "We're trying to find a prisoner that two of the Senator's were talking about that Ensign Liebenswert overheard at the ball. It pays to know other languages. I speak Orion, Romulan, Standard, English and two types of sign language."

"I would suggest looking into the finances if you can find you paid those men to attack the gala it might give you an idea if they were after that prisoner." Eify said said shrugging as she went back to punching the punching bag.

"I doubt the Ralaaram Ocala are involved with the prisoner, whoever that is, They seemed to have an entirely different agenda than Senator Pardek and Senator Taris. Any way, we all have different aspects to check and here we are off duty and talking about work," Rocky said, her frustration going up but she started to feel curious as well. "Do you have a mind for finances?"

Taking a break from the bag Eify nodded, " father taught me everything there is to know about money, greed and anything related with finances. The Ferengi's aren't the only ones that have a sharp mind for business and finances." Eify said grinning.

Rocky returned the grin "I would imagine that your heritage had a lot to do with that," she said, responding in fluent Orion. "The Ferengi look for base deals for maximum gain while the Orions look for the long term gains."

"That's an okay tongue." Eify said in Orion, "and yes we Orion's prefer long-term deals. Which is why I believe digging into the finances might be prudent. If don't mind I can lend a hand." Eify continued in her native tongue forgetting how lovely it sounded and how good she felt when she spoke it.

When the woman seemed to loosen up, Rocky continued in Orion. "Perhaps you should speak with Commander Caine about offering your experience in that," she said. "If he agrees to it, I can direct some of my time to seeing what they have to hide."

Eify allowed a slight eye roll hearing the XOs name, "I would appreciate that. Hopefully the commander well agree." Eify said starting to remove her wraps realizing that they started to bleed through.

"Is there something wrong?" Rocky asked, both at the eye roll and when she saw the blood. "Let me get the med kit." She went to the wall and removed the small med kit and came back. She pulled out the tricorder and activated it, then pulled out the dermal regenerator. "You should take more frequent breaks if you haven't boxed in a while."

While Catalina was receiving the med kit Eify flexed and un-flexed her fingers feeling that slight twinge of pain as the damaged skin pulled every time she un-flexed her fingers. Nodding her head at the other piece of advice while looking at her cracked knuckles lost in thought of a old memory.

After Rocky scanned Eify's hand and ran the dermal regenerator over it, she put it away. "You really should talk to someone about it if you're that wound up," she said. "I may have been born deaf, but I'm a decent listener."

Snapping back to the present, "tha.....thank you," Eify stuttered, "I....I have to go." Eify said grabbing her wraps she rushed out of the gym and back to her and Kelly's quarters. She knew she needed to allow herself to open up to others but she just wasn't ready for least not with the memory that she was thinking about.

Rocky watched the other woman take off, wondering what she had said or did to make her bolt like that. She mused that she had been right to report her to the Commander and wondered how much longer the Ensign would be on the ship with the way she was acting. She finally shrugged and packed her things up, then headed to take a sonic shower in her quarters.

Katmandu stood up and stretched when Eify returned and gave a plaintive mew. A flashing light on Eify's terminal indicated that she had a message. "Hey Sexy, I'm in the holodeck. Be back later. Love, Kel."

"Right," Eify said walking into the room she removed her top freeing her breasts from the confines of the tight sports bra. "God I hate these." She muttered tossing it onto the bed as she walked into the small bathroom and started the shower using real water. Sliding her booty shorts off she put her hand in the shower to test the water to make sure it was warm.

A half an hour later, Kelly came in with a basket that jingled with a metallic sound and set it on her desk. "Eify?" She asked, looking around before she heard the shower running. "I'm back!" she called out and began to pull the supplies out of the basket, including a skeleton of the corset she started.

Eify just finished drying off when she heard Kelly re-enter smirking she walked out of the bathroom with the towel wrapped around her. "Hey babe," Eify said casually undoing the towel and letting it drop to the ground, "what were you doing in the holodeck?"

"I found a really cool tutorial on how to make a corset and I went there to work on it and I needed a nude model of myself to measure," Kelly said as she gave Eify an appreciative look. Reaching over, she picked up the skeleton of the corset and held it up. "Lieutenant Khan came in and helped me with it."

Pulling out a simple white tank she slipped it on it was a little tight on her and pulled out some black leggings and slipped them on, "hmmm......was the nude model of yourself as hot as the real one?" Eify asked feeling frisky for some reason maybe it was the workout or maybe it was that she actually connected with another crew member either way Eify was enjoying herself.

"It was me to the tee," Kelly said. "I even had a little fun with Lieutenant Khan. I told him I was doing breast surgery and asked him if he thought they were too big or too small. He didn't know what to say at first. I was having a blast."

"They're perfect," Eify laughed, "guess what happened in the gym today?" Eify asked walking over and taking a look at the corset and then to Kelly's chest.

"He thought they were fine, too," Kelly said, pulling out the tutorial on the PADD for the image of it completed. "What happened?"

"I.....I I think I connected with someone today. A ensign.....I think her name was Barnes or something like that. I may be helping her out once I get permission from the XO." Eify couldn't help but roll her eyes when she said that.

"Oh yeah?" Kelly asked. "What's with the eye roll?"

''s just just and him didn't get off on the right foot and haven't even got on the right one yet." There were other things but not everything needed to be said.

"It can't be that bad," Kelly said. "I've talked to him, played blues with him in the holodeck and more. He seems like a decent guy. What happened between you and him?"

"His ego and my stubbornness." Eify said looking downwards knowing that it wasn't all the XOs fault Eify didn't make matters any better.

"It didn't seem like he had an ego to me when I talked to him," Kelly said. "In fact, he seems like he's pretty laid back for an Executive Officer. He worked his way up from enlisted to where he is now. As for your stubbornness, you really need to let that go if you want to advance in Starfleet. We're just Ensigns and have a long way to go and a lot to learn from experienced officers."

Eify shrugged, "my stubbornness is mine it's apart of me. If I get rid of it I get rid of part of me." Eify said, "but I can work on controlling it."

"So tell me about this Barnes. How did you connect with her?" Kelly asked, putting the battle over the stubbornness aside for the moment.

"We both were working on the punching bags she gave me some advice and it helped with my punches. We then started talking but she chose to speak in Orion which was shocking but at the same beautiful to hear again." Eify said with a smile.

Kelly smiled. "Sounds like she was trying to make you more comfortable," she said as she packed everything for the corset back in the basket and set it on her shelf. "You should set up another meeting and go over boxing techniques and get a taste of home. If I spoke Orion, I would."

Walking over to Kelly and smiling, "if you would like I could teach you." Eify said resting her hands on Kelly's hips and running them up to her waist, "you're gonna look smoking hot in that corset!"

Kelly laughed and looked at Eify as she laid a hand on her hip. "The last time I learned a new language, I forgot what an orange was for a week. I wonder what I'll forget this time?"

"I am a very very good teacher......and I can think of some good motivations for you to learn." Eify said with a smirk deciding to run with this whole frisky feeling.

"Is that so?" Kelly asked as she arched an eyebrow.

"Removing items of clothes, letting you touch and play with certain parts of my body......and some other things." Eify said kissing Kelly on the cheek allowing her breasts to graze Kelly's hand.

"Computer, lights off," Kelly said with a smile.

Eify just smiled walking over to the desk and turning back into a bed before laying down on it.

= End Log =

Ensign Eifysiene Zivasd
USS Joshua Norton

Ensign Catalina "Rocky" Barnes
USS Joshua Norton

NPC by Rocky: Ensign Kelly Liebenswert


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