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Status Current Mission
Description Not a month ago, by the Earth calendar, the Romulan Proconsul, Taleria Jeiai, received news that the shuttle her daughter was on disappeared along the border of Orion space. The Orion government insists they have no idea what happened, and have been unable to locate the Proconsul's daughter or any of the other passengers from the shuttle. All requests by the Romulan government to preform a search in the space of the incident have been shut down, as well as all other efforts through diplomatic channels. So the proconsul reached out to the Federation in hopes they could find something out through less conventional channels. A Starfleet Intelligence operative that's been deeply embedded in the Orion Syndicate found something, and uses a contract shipping company to send the evidence back to Federation space in order to preserve his cover... only the drone the item was on was lost. The Emperor's crew is tasked with finding out what this evidence is and recovering it.
Mission Group Bonsai
Start Date 2018-01-24 08:03

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
LtJG Broll, Ens Jarkil, Ens McKenzie & Ens Dragomirov - "I Don't Care if He's a Friend"
by Ensign Veda Dragomirov & Lieutenant JG Lem Broll M.D. & Ensign Cillian Jarkil & Ensign Liam McKenzie Ph.D.
Cmdr Tomar & Ens McKenzie - "I said do you speak-a my language?"
by Commander Alleira Tomar DSc.Dn & Ensign Liam McKenzie Ph.D.
XO's Office
MISSION BRIEFING - "Penny For Your Thoughts"
by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Commander Alleira Tomar DSc.Dn & Lieutenant JG Lexil & Ensign Cillian Jarkil & Ensign T'Kena & Ensign Peter Sovik & Ensign Neevvi Ogai
Capt Waterhouse & Rik Caine - "And Slowly Sink, and Slowly Think"
by Captain Diziara & Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Rik Caine
Ens Dragomirov & Ens Ogai - "Help Me, Get My Feet Back on the Ground"
by Ensign Veda Dragomirov & Ensign Neevvi Ogai
BACKLOG – Ens McKenzie – “Leaves of Absence”
by Ensign Liam McKenzie Ph.D.
Early fall, 2415 Above Moray, Scotland
PLOT - "It's a Beautiful New Day"
by NPCs & Kura
Ens Jarkil & Ens Dragomirov - "Let Me See You Smile Again"
by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Ensign Veda Dragomirov & Ensign Cillian Jarkil
Capt Diziara & Rik Caine - "Only Wanna Make Things Right"
by Rik Caine & Captain Diziara
Capt Waterhouse & Ens Jarkil - "Swing Low Sweet Bat'leth"
by Ensign Cillian Jarkil & Captain Amelia Waterhouse
Ens Ogai & Ens T'Kena - "Somewhere over the Rainbow Road"
by Ensign Neevvi Ogai & Ensign T'Kena
U.S.S. Joshua Norton
LT. JG Lexil & ENS. T'Kena - "Blue Nebula"
by Ensign T'Kena & Lieutenant JG Lexil
LT. Oswin & Ens. T'Kena - "The Phantom of the Norton"
by Lieutenant Sienna Oswin & Ensign T'Kena
Main Engineering
Capt Waterhouse & Lt.J.G. Broll - "On your way up."
by Lieutenant JG Lem Broll M.D. & Captain Amelia Waterhouse
Lt.JG Lexil & Ens Broll - "Let Villains Beware"
by Lieutenant JG Lexil & Lieutenant JG Lem Broll M.D.
Capt Diziara & Rik Caine - "Don't Want Bad Luck and Trouble to Follow Me"
by Captain Diziara & Rik Caine
Capt. Waterhouse and Lt. JG Lexil - "Space Walk"
by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Lieutenant JG Lexil

Mission Summary