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Starfleet Intelligence has seen fit to create small specialized crews for field work and specialized missions; one such ship is the USS Joshua Norton. Plucking Amelia Waterhouse from her previous posting as the Executive Officer of the USS Vindicator, and reactivating her for Intel purposes, she's been placed in command of this Defiant Class refit.

Their first mission will take them to the Yridian Homeworld, which Romulans cohabitate with the Yridians. The intel operative stationed at the Federation embassy has relayed some concerns about another attempted coup against the standing government which has a peace treaty with the Federation. The Emperor's team has been sent in to find out what's going on, and determine if action needs to be taken.

IC timeline: Mid September to Mid October 2415 by Earth calendar

Mission Group Bonsai
Start Date 2015-09-15 09:23
End Date 2016-04-01 09:23

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Cmdr Waterhouse & Lt Khan II - "Fates Like A Storm"
by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Lieutenant Streeh Khan II
Rev Waterhouse & Vashkele - "It's A Feather To Your Bonnet" Pt II of II
by Reverend Noah Waterhouse & Vashkele
Rev Waterhouse & Vashkele - "It's A Feather To Your Bonnet" Pt I of II
by Reverend Noah Waterhouse & Vashkele
Ens Liebenswert & PO3 duPont | Aren't You the CUTEST?!
by Ensign Kelly Liebenswert & Petty Officer 3rd Class Cecil duPont
Ens Liebenswert & Ens Drake - "Grieving"
by Lieutenant JG Harper Drake M.D., Ph.D. & Ensign Kelly Liebenswert
Counselor's Office
Cmdr Waterhouse & PO3 duPont - "Born In The Middle Of The Night"
by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Petty Officer 3rd Class Cecil duPont
LtCmdr sh'Thrass - "Midnight And I'm A-waiting On The 12:05"
by Lieutenant Commander Zhyalla sh'Thrass
Lt Khan II, Ens Dragomirov, & Jonas Refelian - "Is The Nature Of My Game"
by Lieutenant JG Veda Dragomirov & Lieutenant Streeh Khan II & Lieutenant Jonas Refelian
Lt Khan II, Ens Dragomirov, & Jonas Refelian - "But What's Puzzling You"
by Lieutenant JG Veda Dragomirov & Lieutenant Streeh Khan II & Lieutenant Jonas Refelian
S'anra Khev & Karatek - "Breathing's Just A Rhythm"
by Captain Karatek & S'anra Khev
Cmdr Waterhouse & Jonas Refelian - "Did They Get You To Trade Your Heroes For Ghosts?"
by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Lieutenant Jonas Refelian
Lt Zola & Ens Barnes | Little Big Probe
by Lieutenant Zola & Lieutenant JG Catalina Barnes
R & D Department
Ens Drake, Ens Dragomirov & Jonas Refelian - "Press Your Space Face Close To Mine"
by Lieutenant JG Veda Dragomirov & Lieutenant Jonas Refelian & Lieutenant JG Harper Drake M.D., Ph.D.
Sickbay, USS Joshua Norton
Lt Khan II & Lt Zola - "People Far Below Are Sleeping As We Fly"
by Lieutenant Zola & Lieutenant Streeh Khan II
Romulan Senate - "Here Comes The Moon Like A Fool"
by Captain Ekenda Taris & Taleria Jeiai & S'anra Khev
Starts just before the Empress's speech
Praetor Dor - "Whose Blood Do I Now Bleed?"
by Captain Bok’ra Dor
The Tower of the Green Light
Empress Selok | "Go Hard Getting Busy With It"
by Empress Janicka Selok
Cmdr Waterhouse & Ens Barnes || The Clone Conspiracy
by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Lieutenant JG Catalina Barnes
PLOT Lt Khan II, Ensign Barnes & Ensign Blacklance | Putting it Together
by Ensign Sharrina Blacklance & Lieutenant Streeh Khan II & Lieutenant JG Catalina Barnes
Intel Monitoring Room/Shuttle Bay
Lt Khan II & Ens Blacklance - The New Roommate (backpost)
by Ensign Sharrina Blacklance & Lieutenant Streeh Khan II
Personal Quarters
PLOT - Cmdr Waterhouse, LtCmdr Caine, Lt Khan, Ens Blacklance & Ens Drake - "But Only If You Ride The Tide"
by Captain Amelia Waterhouse & Lieutenant Zola & Lieutenant JG Veda Dragomirov & Rik Caine & Lieutenant Streeh Khan II & Lieutenant Jonas Refelian & Ensign Sharrina Blacklance & Lieutenant JG Harper Drake M.D., Ph.D. & Ensign Kelly Liebenswert & Lieutenant JG Catalina Barnes
Intel Monitoring Room/Shuttle Bay
PLOT - Lt Khan, Lt Zola, Ens Blacklance & Jonas Refelian- "Darkness Warmer Than A Bedroom Floor"
by Lieutenant Zola & Lieutenant JG Veda Dragomirov & Lieutenant Streeh Khan II & Lieutenant Jonas Refelian & Ensign Sharrina Blacklance
Empress Selok & Praetor Dor - "I Joined The Sinful To Regain Innocence"
by Captain Bok’ra Dor & Empress Janicka Selok
Ens Barnes | Romulan Research
by Lieutenant JG Catalina Barnes
Encryption Lab
Empress Selok & Praetor Dor - "I Studied Silence To Learn The Music"
by Empress Janicka Selok & Captain Bok’ra Dor

Mission Summary

At last the ship is officially launched from Utopia Planitia with a lack of notice or fanfare. While in route to Erebus, a kitten and a fox have an encounter outside the mess hall.

Zola calls Streeh down to the R&D lab to talk about the holocloak she’s developing for him, asking Streeh to try it out. After some tests, and a couple glitches, she asks him to continue to test it on duty with the addition of super stretchy boxer-briefs in case of holo-failure. We meet Petty Officer 3rd class Cecil duPont, yeoman to Commodore Akoro, as he wakes to the sunlamps for his jungle in his quarters; he starts the morning with ice raktajino and fact checking reports. Kelly and Eify take lunch together, taking careers and the Kobayashi Maru, before they agree to ask Engineering to swap out the beds in their bunk for a single larger bed. The command team visits down in R&D to get a look at some of the new gadgets Zola’s put together, as well as look at the refresh she’s done on others. Amelia takes particular delight in a pair of lime green opera gloves, while Rik’s fancy is certainly caught by the stealth combat suit.

Zola meets the holographics specialist, Mitsue, and after asking for her to look at the specs for Streeh’s holosuit she offers some words of comfort and encouragement for the Ensign on her first ship posting. Kelly’s at the helm when the Emperor makes her final approach to Erebus base, and she’s given a long leash and allowed to stretch the ship’s wings. After the base’s engineering team takes control of the ship, the crew takes advantage of the leave granted to them while waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive for the initial crew briefing. Kelly finds the arboretum to be welcoming, though a work in progress, and meets Cecil who gifts her a guppy plant and some herbs. Rocky runs into Eify in the corridors, and it becomes painfully obvious how horribly awkward around people Eify is.

The newest addition to the Emperor Crew, Ensign Selok, reported in to Rik and the two discussed the new assignment, the Vulcan's past and explored his fears as part of the introductory profile before agreeing to meet up later to catalogue the weapons inventory. Streeh and Selok meet for the first time as roommates and discuss their respective roles aboard, the art and philosophy of killing and finally Streeh reveals his true nature to the sceptical Vulcan who concluded the ship was full of crazies. Selok next goes and meets up with Amelia, an old academy friend. The two catch up on the past and how Selok was pushed into the assignment, as well as encountering Mikey before Rik arrived back at the quarters so he and Amelia could get ready for dinner with the Commodore.

While Rik was testing the new stealth suit on a Gotham rooftop in the holodeck he was interrupted by Catalina with some concerns regarding Ensign Zivaisd after their frosty corridor encounter. Not sure she could trust the Orion, Rik agreed to discuss the concerns and switched the setting for the talk ahead. Rik meets with Eify in the holodeck, hoping to use the setting of Arkham asylum to strike a nerve when making a point about how Eify’s been interacting with her fellow crew.

Before the mission briefing starts on Erebus base, Amelia tries to get a quiet moment to herself only to find Cecil already waiting; Rik and the Commodore soon arrive, with brief last minute discussion, followed by Streeh. When the rest of the crew join them — the doctor fashionably late since she’s been without help until the rest of the medical staff arrived at Erebus in time for the briefing — the Luga’Ru is revealed, prompting startled reactions and questions. Once that excitement had run its course, discussion is had over the current situation on Yridian and the state of the Romulan government. Plans are laid to make contact with Intel’s operative at a ball being hosted by the Federation Embassy, and collect additional information while the team’s there.

Eify and Kelly approach Sienna about replacing the twin murphy beds in their quarters with one larger murphy bed they can share, and after a tense exchange about the Ensigns’ conduct, Sienna agrees to do it under the condition they get permission from the command team first. Amelia and Rik share a conversation in their quarters regarding Eify and the way she’s having difficulty integrating with the crew, reaching the conclusion that Kelly might be able to guide her and keep an eye on her. Ensign Selok reflects back upon the loss of childhood friends, and compares the way the crew of the Emperor work together to the way the parts of a weapon work together. Then we get a look back at Kelly’s days in the Academy with a series of personal logs, including her cousin’s relationship with Kelly’s flight instructor — Commander Butthole.

Rocky spends time settling into her quarters. Streeh, Zola, and Mitsue discuss the continued development of Streeh’s holographic uniform and disguise. Sienna meets her roommate, Mitsue, and opens up a little about her background and family. Amelia goes on a midnight stroll at the guidance of Mikey, ending in the holodeck in a program of pre-colonization Luna. Federation News Network investigative reporter, Xavier Aldridge, gets some new information from a mysterious Mr. Smith.

The ball at the Federation embassy opens. A trade delegation enters, consisting of a human, an Entharan, a Gorn, and a Benzite — Amelia, Rik, Sienna, and Eify respectively, in disguise. Kenny disappears into the depths on the embassy confined in a stealth suit, as a Caitian and a Bolian, Kelly and Mitsue respectively, arrive via the back door to be servers. Above in a shuttle, Zola and Rocky monitor frequencies and seek to gain access to the embassy’s computer core once Kenny can patch them in.

When the Empress arrives fashionably late, Katara Cretak loudly calls her out for a supposed slight with a contest involving Romulan Ale, and Streeh, disguised as one of the Empress’s real guards, approaches Katara after she’s stalked off, making a successful connection. While this is happening, Praetor Bok’ra Dor singles out Senator S'anra Khev to discuss the tangible divide in the Senate, and how two factions control a majority. Mitsue encounters an Andorian woman who seems to work at the Embassy, and asks her to keep an eye on who Katara speaks with during the evening.

A backlog gives us a little more insight into the passing reference about cat toys being left for Kelly, telling us that Kenny was the responsible party and that Kelly appears to be contemplating pay back. As for current activity at the ball, Eify and Sienna spend a little time mingling in the crowd to get a feel for the emotions and the moods, and Eify gets dizzy, most likely because she hadn’t made so much use of her empathic abilities before.

Amongst the party guests, two Cretak loyalists within the senate are overheard discussing plans, political views and their Terran prisoner, all overheard by Ensign Liebenswert posing as a server. Propping up the bar, Katilya Entek and Zhyalla sh’Thrass observe people around the room and comment on the mental state and political standing of some key figures. On the other side of the bar, Kylor Pardek and Sarik tr’Vrenak meet, and Sarik attempts to use fear to convert the Cretak ally to his own cause. When this fails, Sarik promises to kill his hostage, the Senator’s mother.

As Amelia and Rik are preparing to make contact with the operative within the embassy, Rik notices what looks to be a ghost from his past and slips off to investigate. Not even moments after that happens, members of the Ralaaram Ocala materialized out of the crowd with guns, and proceeded to take the ball hostage. They man-handle a couple of the crew, and the ring leader snaps the neck of a random guest before proceeding to tell everyone just how the Empress and the Praetor have failed the Romulan peoples. Before the terrorists had taken control and locked down the ballroom, Kelly (disguised as the Caitian M’Trall) had escaped to the kitchens; she makes contact with Rik and Kenny, the three of them rendezvousing in the kitchens to get an update on the situation from Zola and Rocky before moving out with the intent of breaching the ballroom via the mezzanine. This ends with a bang.

During the chaos of the initial exposing of the Ralaaram Ocala, our intrepid blue girl all but kidnaps the Ambassador to safety, leading him and a bartender who was in the wrong place at the right time into the panic room and underground passageways.

A flashback shows Kenny trying to crack jokes to make his roommate smile… but his violation of her personal space and property leaves her upset instead. While the away team is down on the planet, Ensign Sharrina Blacklance is moving to her new quarters, a change that had been authorized during the last minute prep for the away mission in light of sudden and unexpected transfer orders coming through for one of the team and making space available for her to move into.

As the hostage situation continues, the Ralaaram Ocala’s leader kills a Senator who refuses to cooperate with his propaganda campaign. He threatens the Empress next, and she agrees to cooperate — at least in the short term to buy time — and the leader’s attention turns to the Praetor. This is interrupted by an explosion as the device on the door upstairs disables Kenny and startles everyone else. Despite the setback, Rik and Kelly continue to move in, as Amelia and Streeh spring to action from within the crowd of hostages. Rik is able to take a pot shot at the transport inhibitors the terrorists set up, disabling them long enough for an emergency beamout for Kenny, but the downtime is only a blink of an eye and the backups kick into place because the inhibitors were tied into the embassy power. The rest of the team makes their way to the roof, where they preform a skyhook maneuver with the shuttle to make their final escape.

The Fox and the Kitten went to the mess hall for a lovely Turkey dinner. Ensign Desai is treated by Ensign Dragomirov for a concussion upon her return from the away mission. Kenny starts down the path of recovery, and calls Kelly in for some company when suddenly he goes critical and dies soon after. It’s discovered that a poisonous substance was in the explosive that had injured Kenny, and Kelly is treated for exposure as she tries to sort through her feelings about what she’d just witnessed. Amelia and Rik discuss the reports submitted by the crew in the aftermath of the ball, and decide on the next actions needed. Rik pays a visit on Kelly, following up on the earlier discussion about asking her to keep an eye on and guide Eify in a hopes of improving her integration into the crew.

Kelly and Eify come to terms with the away mission and Kelly attempts to start guiding the troubled Eify into being more open with her fellow crewmembers. On the surface, Rik carries out an off-the-cuff infiltration exercise to get access to the Empress and convinces her to sign the extradition orders for the terrorists responsible for the attack on the Embassy.

Lieutenant Khan takes advantage of the connection Katara Cretak made available to him at the ball, and is requested to acquire the Empress’s itinerary for her upcoming tour of the outlying settlements. Eify checks in with Zhyalla sh’Thrass, and is handed the information that was intended to be collected at the ball about the Senators alignments, and activity that is raising suspicions about moves planned against the standing government. Amelia spends a little time running over the information she’s been given, and determines that they need to be more proactive in their collection of data. To that end, Streeh is tasked with retrieving one of the Cretak aligned senators, Kylor Pardek, and returning to the ship after making his abduction look like the work of the Ralaaram Ocala. Ensign Harper Drake wakes up, and realizes the loss of her parents still leaves her mind too tortured to allow her sleep, so she instead goes to find something to do.

Zola and Rocky work together to gain access to the Romulan Senate’s computer system, and in the end acquire information from Senator Pardek’s personal system. While waiting for some indication of where the mission will take them next, Kelly, Streeh, and Amelia all end up in the holodeck — a glitch leads to Streeh and Amelia walking in on Kelly’s efforts to craft a corset in an antique technique. Eify encounters Rocky during their respective workouts, but after seeming to make progress on connecting with her crew mate Eify suddenly and unexpectedly bolts back to her quarters, seeking the comfort of Kelly.