Spoon Full of Sugar

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Spoon Full of Sugar

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A Cardassian defector approaches Starfleet Intelligence to tip them off that the Obsidian order has gotten its hands on spore drive technology. Starfleet has long considered spore drive technology too dangerous to use, and the defector agrees — in part because they believe that it was not given to the Cardassian government with honest intentions. When they attempted to convince their government to dispose of it, they were ignored.

The crew of the USS Joshua Norton has been tasked with locating, and either retrieving or destroying all spore drive technology from the Obsidian Order's black vault.

IC timeline: Late July 2416 by Earth calendar

Whiskey in the Jar

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After a (nearly) successful mission—where the only crew member lost was one of the ones that has an automated backup process—the ship is making its way out of Cardassian space with the displacement-activated spore hub drive and spores as ordered, when it finds itself under attack.

IC timeline: Late July, nearly August 2416 by Earth calendar

Poisoned Apples

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The USS Joshua Norton was left crippled after a swift and powerful attack by a probe of presumably Romulan origins. As the crew was attempting to pick themselves back up again, and get back to Federation space for assistance, something weird happened with the Spore drive recovered from the Cardassian vault. As the bridge crew realized the incident had left them in the mirror universe the extent of the damage from the attack became known and the crew was forced to abandon ship.

Luckily everyone made it to escape pods and shuttles safely, but now they must find a way back to their own universe without their ship.

IC timeline: Starting July 24th 2416 by Earth calendar.

Grains of Sand

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After the crew of the destroyed USS Joshua Norton return home, they are faced with debriefings, on their last mission, the loss of the ship, and their unexpected visit to the mirror universe. After they're left in limbo on leave as brass decides their fate — will Amelia receive a new command? Will the rest of the crew be kept with her or be reassigned?

IC timeline: Starting early to mid August by Earth calendar.