Toys in the Attic

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News has come from a colony in Cardassian space of a number of children falling strangely ill. The colony has a heavy Romulan population, and intel has been getting some weird information about this colony for a while, and sends the Emperor to investigate.

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For events taking place on or running from Erebus.

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Crew arrive and the ship preforms it final shakedown before being deployed on its first mission.

IC timeline: Leading up to mid September 2415 by Earth calendar

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Starfleet Intelligence has seen fit to create small specialized crews for field work and specialized missions; one such ship is the USS Joshua Norton. Plucking Amelia Waterhouse from her previous posting as the Executive Officer of the USS Vindicator, and reactivating her for Intel purposes, she's been placed in command of this Defiant Class refit.

Their first mission will take them to the Yridian Homeworld, which Romulans cohabitate with the Yridians. The intel operative stationed at the Federation embassy has relayed some concerns about another attempted coup against the standing government which has a peace treaty with the Federation. The Emperor's team has been sent in to find out what's going on, and determine if action needs to be taken.

IC timeline: Mid September to Mid October 2415 by Earth calendar

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Black, White & Red All Over

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A retired member of Starfleet Intelligence is writing a tell all memoir but he dies before it's published. The Emperor's crew believes there's more to the case than meets the eye. The biggest secret in the memoir involves the Romulans and the circumstances under which they were brought into the Dominion war. Can the delicate and hard fought treaty between the Romulans and the Federation survive this information getting out?

IC timeline: Late March 2416 by Earth calendar

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Goodnight Moon

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It's been nearly seven years since The Battle of Sherman's Planet, and Starfleet is starting to get a little twitchy. All the people who've been tasked with further research on the Borg are starting to get concerned that they haven't returned since their unexpected attack and just as unexpected disappearance at the end of the battle. As a trial of a training simulations intended to be deployed fleet wide, the Emperor has been selected as a test case for to determine if it's ready for wider use.

IC timeline: Late March 2416 by Earth calendar

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Cup O Noodle

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After the training scenario played out really poorly, with severe damage to the ship and injuries sustained by the crew that should have been prevented by the safeties that were supposed to be running, Amelia is pissed. Then some information comes to light that only makes it worse: apparently someone has passed the S'blen information on to the UFP President, and the intention is to pass it along to the Romulans in the name of diplomacy. This places the Romulan peace treaty in jeopardy, and makes the detainment of Rik Caine by this Section 31 group absolutely useless.

Amelia intends to do something about it, and she'll need her crew's assistance. Larger things seem to be afoot, can Amelia and her crew get Rik back, stop the information from being given to the Romulans, and handle the storm that is brewing in the shadows?

IC timeline: Early April 2416 by Earth calendar

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Planet of the Sequined Love Nun

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Not a month ago, by the Earth calendar, the Romulan Proconsul, Taleria Jeiai, received news that the shuttle her daughter was on disappeared along the border of Orion space. The Orion government insists they have no idea what happened, and have been unable to locate the Proconsul's daughter or any of the other passengers from the shuttle. All requests by the Romulan government to preform a search in the space of the incident have been shut down, as well as all other efforts through diplomatic channels. So the proconsul reached out to the Federation in hopes they could find something out through less conventional channels.

A Starfleet Intelligence operative that's been deeply embedded in the Orion Syndicate found something, and uses a contract shipping company to send the evidence back to Federation space in order to preserve his cover... only the drone the item was on was lost. The Emperor's crew is tasked with finding out what this evidence is and recovering it.

IC timeline: Early July 2416 by Earth calendar

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The Praetor reaches out to Starfleet, expressing concern for what may take place at an upcoming ceremony where the Empress is to award a quality seal for the best Romulan Ale. The USS Joshua Norton is assigned to have a presence at this event and make sure everything goes smoothly.

IC timeline: Mid July 2416 by Earth calendar

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Spoon Full of Sugar

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A Cardassian defector approaches Starfleet Intelligence to tip them off that the Obsidian order has gotten its hands on spore drive technology. Starfleet has long considered spore drive technology too dangerous to use, and the defector agrees — in part because they believe that it was not given to the Cardassian government with honest intentions. When they attempted to convince their government to dispose of it, they were ignored.

The crew of the USS Joshua Norton has been tasked with locating, and either retrieving or destroying all spore drive technology from the Obsidian Order's black vault.

IC timeline: Late July 2416 by Earth calendar

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Whiskey in the Jar

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After a (nearly) successful mission—where the only crew member lost was one of the ones that has an automated backup process—the ship is making its way out of Cardassian space with the displacement-activated spore hub drive and spores as ordered, when it finds itself under attack.

IC timeline: Late July, nearly August 2416 by Earth calendar

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Poisoned Apples

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The USS Joshua Norton was left crippled after a swift and powerful attack by a probe of presumably Romulan origins. As the crew was attempting to pick themselves back up again, and get back to Federation space for assistance, something weird happened with the Spore drive recovered from the Cardassian vault. As the bridge crew realized the incident had left them in the mirror universe the extent of the damage from the attack became known and the crew was forced to abandon ship.

Luckily everyone made it to escape pods and shuttles safely, but now they must find a way back to their own universe without their ship.

IC timeline: Starting July 24th 2416 by Earth calendar.

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Grains of Sand

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After the crew of the destroyed USS Joshua Norton return home, they are faced with debriefings, on their last mission, the loss of the ship, and their unexpected visit to the mirror universe. After they're left in limbo on leave as brass decides their fate — will Amelia receive a new command? Will the rest of the crew be kept with her or be reassigned?

IC timeline: Starting early to mid August by Earth calendar.

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