Lieutenant JG Cillian Jarkil

Name Cillian Aonghus Jarkil

Position Chief Conn

Second Position Infiltration Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Op Code Name Hermes
Personal Quote "Well, what else was a cute Irish boy supposed to do with better than average fine motor skills and an eight inch tongue?"
Overview Cillian is an Irish sweetheart, and proud of it. He's genuinely a nice guy, he's patient and willing to play the long game if he has to. He's active and enjoys physical pursuits, and while he's not as comfortable as his half siblings are with the polyamory thing he's definitely had a wealth of sexual experience. He's not a douche, but he does like sex. He's hardworking and has a love of all modes of transport that require being driven. During his down time back on earth he's working on restoring a vintage car.
Gender Male
Species 1/2 Denobulan, 1/2 Human
Birthdate 16th August 2380
Languages English, Denobulan, Gaelic, Romulan

Physical Appearance

Height 183 cm
Weight 80 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Being half human, his hairline isn't as receded like a full Denobulan, and his brow is definitely more human, the ridges down the side of his forehead however are almost as prominent as that on a full blooded Denobulan as are the ridged chin and forehead. His tongue is a decent Denobulan length, his eyes do change colour with his moods although unless he's feeling seriously hard feels it does tend to be a more subtle change. The ridges down his back and the streaks of hair are slightly less prominent too, and he doesn't have to cut his toenails quite so often as his father does. He cannot puff his face up, but he does have a slightly extended smile.


Parents Jarkil (father, Denobulan) Naimh O'Donnell (mother, Human)
Sibling(s) Fearghus Eion Jarkil, Younger Brother, born 2382
Saiorse Flannan Jarkil, Younger sister, born 2390
Other Family Lots on his father's side, a couple of cousins on his mother's.

Personality Cillian was always a glass half full kind of person, he's a little happy go lucky, but most people tend to find that endearing rather than annoying. He's kind and patient, and once he sets his mind on something he is completely dedicated to it. He's all about waiting for the opportune moment and then taking the plunge at the right moment. His Irish roots do show through sometimes, mostly in his accent, but sometimes his temper does get the better of him. He's normally angry at himself, having more patience with others than he does when he's trying to achieve something himself.

When he swears, it's normally in Gaelic, which he can kinda speak, just because he and his brother both enjoyed the fact that they could have conversations in front of other people without them understanding what was being said.
Hobbies & Interests Like other Denobulans, Cillian is really good at climbing, and he loves it too. He can't quite get up a wall like a lizard, but he's damn close, making use of the smallest of handholds. Running around the Irish countryside as a kid was made all the more fun with his ability to climb every tree he wanted and sitting on the roof of the barn when his mother was pissed at him.

He enjoys cooking, and can prepare a couple of traditional Denobulan dishes as well as his favourite earth things. He has a love of vintage transportation and his garage at home is full of old parts. He realises he may never get the things he's working on up and running but he honestly doesn't care.

When he was younger he dreamed of being a race pilot rather than a pilot for star fleet, and part of him is always going to long for the high speed thrills that racing provided at a junior level for a short time. Whenever he gets a chance he participates in races, and makes the most of his patience and level headed thinking to try and outwit his opponents as well as just go faster than them.

Personal History Cillian's mother and father met on board the USS Horsted some forty years ago, a science vessel, monitoring a gas giant some huge distance away from either of their home planets. Jarkil had a wife and two children at home already, but Niamh was understanding and when he asked her to become his second wife she didn't hesitate. She took his name as her last name, knowing she never intended to marry again and figuring having children by one man was more than enough for her. Cillian was born in the summer of 2380, Jarkil having been home to visit his first wife for a time. They continued to serve together on the same ship until just after Cillian's younger brother Fearghus was born.

Jarkil was going to be transferred to another ship, and receive a promotion, what with having two very young children who didn't need a lot fo sleep, both parents were struggling to balance their work with their home lives. Niamh resigned from Starfleet and moved home to Ireland with the two boys. Jarkil visited as often as he could, always very proud of his sons and how they were growing up, always careful to make sure he reminded them of the Denobulan variations in their personal care routines to back up his second wife. Cause let's face it, what three to ten year old boy is going to willing sit down every couple of weeks for a toenail clip?

Cillian was always bright eyed and happy, his eyes pretty consistently staying their natural bright blue, only occasionally straying into a stormier grey when he felt something was particularly unjust. He got on well at school, despite his happy-go-lucky mischief making and always knowing exactly when the right time for retaliation was. He helped other kids whenever he could, oftentimes more patient than his teachers. He wasn’t especially clever, but he seemed to be on every sports team under the sun and could regularly be found sitting on the roofs of school buildings eating his sandwiches. When asked for a reason why his most common answer was he could see the horizon better from up there.

He was always looking up at the stars because that’s where he knew his dad was, always dreaming about flying ships and growing to love the time he got to spend on his uncle’s farm, playing on tractors and things.

When he was ten his younger sister was born, and he was a model older brother. He was always there with a smile, and to pull funny faces at her to make her laugh (of course, that included the slight puffing of his face and the lolling out of his tongue and going cross eyed with an elongated smile. He still pulls that face to make her laugh when she’s upset.

When he finished high school, he spent the summer working on his Uncle’s farm and then tried to (very unsuccessfully) break into the racing scene. By very unsuccessfully… he basically spent the year working for his uncle and getting ignored by those who could employ him. He was soon making all the delivery runs his uncle needed him to make, and he soon expanded into cargo piloting.

He first applied to Starfleet Academy when he was twenty-two, eventually completing a successful application process at the age of twenty-four. This did not worry him, as he knew he would start on this chapter of his life when the time was right. He studied hard, joined and eventually became leader of Nova Squadron. It was the extra credit earned through this and his diligence in helping other cadets pass their flying exams that earned him the credits he needed to graduate with honours. Unlike many cadets, Cillian really enjoyed the space walking portion of their training, and even volunteered to help with the course in later years while still at the academy.

He was promoted to Ensign and joined the shuttle piloting team on Starbase 174 and within two years was leading it with efficiency, enthusiasm and patience. It was noted by his superiors that the moral of their shuttle piloting team had never been higher. It was then that he was approached by Starfleet intelligence. He enrolled on and completed the required training and his first assignment was to ‘take a sabbatical and go fly around like an idiot for a while to get it out of his system’ in other words, he went undercover as a race pilot. This allowed him to live out his childhood fantasy and get the experience he hadn’t been able to get himself.

He completed his mission and left race piloting to ‘reenlist’ at Starfleet. They made it take a little time, and he had to ‘redo’ some things, but he is now back on a Starship. The USS Joshua Norton to be precise…
Service Record 2398 - Graduated High School
2399 - Became licensed Civilian Pilot
2402 - Applied for Starfleet Academy
2404 - Accepted into Starfleet Academy
2408 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
Majors in Advanced Navigation and Subspace Geometry. Nova Squadron Leader.
Promoted to rank of Ensign
2408 - Starbase 174
Assigned position of shuttle pilot
2408 - Senior Shuttle Pilot
2409 - Chief Shuttle Pilot
2409 - Approached by Starfleet Intelligence
2410 - Enrolled on Intelligence Training
2411 - Completed Intelligence Training
2411 - Long term undercover mission as race pilot.
2415 - 'Left race piloting to reenlist at Starfleet'
2416 - USS Joshua Norton
Assigned position of Pilot
2416 - Promoted to rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade


Character Signature Lieutenant JG Cillian Jarkil
Chief Conn
USS Joshua Norton, NCC-74819-B