Commander Alleira Tomar

Name Alleira Tomar DSc.Dn

Position Limbo

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Op Code Name Ekecheiria
Gender Female
Species Cardassian
Birthdate 31 October 2376
Languages Cardassian, Standard, Denobulan

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 145lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Alleira is around average height for a Cardassian female. Her build is also fairly average being neither particularly thin or particularly large, however she comes across more physically imposing than might otherwise be perceived due to having a long neck which emphasises her neck-scales which are quite large and prominent. She is less square-jawed than many with a finely pointed chin and her large round eyes give a slight impression her being surprised or startled, that is until an onlooker is acclimatised to the effect. Adding to her neck scales is her primary choice of hairstyle (that she wears the vast majority of the time) which comprises three Separate quiff-like motifs, one on the top and one on each side of her head which all meet in a thick leatherette tie at the top of her neck at the back. From thence her hair hangs in a loose ponytail which finishes at the base of her spine.

When not in uniform Alleira generally sports one of a variety of fitted dresses which are tailored with a wide and deep V-neck, avoiding her neck ridges and showing off her bosom in a fairly common Cardassian style. The long fitted arms of the dresses generally feature some kind of tailored motif such as patterned holes, prints, pleats, panels or seams And the dress invariably will finish in an A-line skirt, the hem of which falls just below the knee.

Alleira's Starfleet uniform is customised to feature a wider neck opening than standard to avoid her neck-scales and rather than the normal high-neck coloured under-shirt she wears her rank on a custom blue under-shirt which shows around an inch above the neck of her jacket.


Parents Veyna (Denobulan, adoptive), b. 2294, Xoban (Denobulan, adoptive), b. 2279
Other Family Ebril Tomar (biological father, deceased), 2337-2376, , Itara Tomar (biological mother, deceased) 2344-2376

Personality Alleira is calm and outwardly quite charming with a pretty smile and a pleasant Denobulan temperament. She comes across as personable yet a little quiet with a natural grace and serenity which is only generally broken by calling attention to her Cardassian heritage, something which can be observed in her behaviour albeit in a very watered-down form compared to most of her species. She is naturally a little guarded and her soft voice and mellow behaviour add to a perception of gentility. In a professional setting she remains calm but has a quiet confidence and authority in her assertions, generally backed up with facts and well thought out opinions. She generally only becomes really animated when discussing technology or a few particular special people such as her adoptive parents. She has a darker side, a more Cardassian side which is normally kept well in check but this can be seen if her authority or her aptitude are ever called into question.

Personal History Alleira was born in 2376 on Cardassia Prime in the immediate aftermath of The Dominion War. Her parents were scientists, vocal opponents of the war who had managed to avoid entanglements both with the Dominion and the Obsidian Order. As Chaos reigned in a demoralised and defeated Cardassian Union Alleira's parents, hoping for a better life for their baby decided to give her up to some friends of theirs - a Denobulan couple whom they had known since long before the war, also scientists in the field of genetics and biochemistry. Upon their return from the drop Ebril and Itara Tomar were arrested on charges of treason and executed.

Alleira was raised by brought up on Denobula by her adoptive parents Veyna and Xoban, both researchers and lecturers at the Denobulan Institute of Space Sciences where they were studying the beginnings and evolution of space faring entities. Her childhood on Denobula was surprisingly free of hassle, despite the recent war the planet remained for the most part staunchly accepting and open-minded. Having the gift of her biological parents intelligence and scientific aptitude and of course the support of her adoptive parents Alleira progressed quickly through the standard Denobulan educational system, starting an undergraduate course at the Denobulan Institute of space sciences in Power Systems technology, a field that she took through to doctorate level, acquiring a DSc.Dn (PhD equivalent) in experimental power systems at the age of twenty six. As a younger woman she had struggled with her natural Cardassian impulses, those of cruelty, ruthlessness, insidious behaviour, all things accepted as normals within the inion. It was by applying logic and scientific methodology that Alleira was able to control this side of her and she continued to apply those practices most effectively through all of the subjects in her formal education.

It was while she was working for her doctorate that Alleira met Professor Andrew McDuff, a specialist and researcher in the field who hired her as his assistant to work at the Institute before her Doctoral Thesis had even been submitted.

In 2404 McDuff was kidnapped from the Institute while in transit from the main building to the technological centre on the edge of the city. As his assistant Alleira Was brought in by Starfleet intelligence to help retrieve the professor as it was established his latest work could potentially be weaponised to create a device of extreme destructive power. The investigation led them to dissident Romulans, but McDuff Was sadly killed and an attempt to extract him from the facility at which he was being held.

Having proven her worth and now being without employment Alleira was brought in to Starfleet Intelligence on a fast-track course as an experimental weapons expert. Working her way quickly through the ranks with an aptitude for command and a head for important information she has most recently headed a team responsible for the location and disarmament of weapons of mass destruction - an area of Starfleet Intelligence now in decline due to new external weapons contractors and the retirement of Admiral Martinez - Alleira's friend and mentor.
Service Record 2404-2406 Starfleet Academy short course
2406 - Gazetted as Lt. Junior Grade, Basic intel training
2406 - Assigned Assistant Head of WMD Taskforce, Starfleet Intelligence
2408 - Promoted Lieutenant, assigned Head of WMD Taskforce, Starfleet Intelligence
2410 - Promoted Lieutenant Commander
2413 - Promoted Commander