Ensign Neevvi Ogai

Name Neevvi Ogai

Position Infiltration Specialist

Second Position Psychologist

Rank Ensign


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2019-05-04 11:13

Character Information

Op Code Name Apate
Personal Quote “God hath given you one face, and you make yourself another.” - William Shakespeare, Hamlet
Overview Neevvi is quite the sly person. Her nature to trick others into believing things that aren't true has gotten her in trouble in her youth, yet when it was noticed in the academy she was molded into someone that security could use in the most tense situations. Trickery and deceit either social or through physical skill are her specialty. Slipping in and out of places without being noticed, as an Orion she often can use her natural charm to accomplish this. Yet, sometimes she becomes a little bit too passionate about her task and things don't end like she may have planned it.
Gender Female
Species Orion
Birthdate 3rd of March 2391
Languages Federation Standard, Orion, Klingon, Cardassian

Physical Appearance

Height 5"7
Weight 130 Lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Neevvi is quite slender, this is to say that she is not the typical curvy Orion woman. While she still enjoys the natural bodily forms that are commonly found in Orion females, her body is more catlike. Thin muscles running over her stomach and arms, her legs tights and strong. She trained like any other in the federation would, her purpose wasn't too seduce like you would see in Orion society and so her focus went out to practicality. Creating a strong and agile body instead of beauty with her physical activities.


Spouse -
Children -
Parents Jinwoo Ogai and Camilla Santiago (Adoptive)
    Jaehwa Ogai (Younger Step-Brother), Earth
    Jaeyeon Ogai (Younger Step-Sister), Earth
Other Family No other notable family.

Personality Neevvi is an orion, but her personality isn't dominant like many other females of her culture. Most of the personality is based on human cultures from Earth. Growing up in former Korea, together with her adoptive parents. She always felt out, as a child her skill in convincing the other kids to do things for her quickly arose and got her into trouble often. She's kind however, charming, very well spoken and nice to see. Her words spill out with a certain charming affinity for anyone near her. Yet, if she's on her own, she'll be quiet, reading a fiction or fact on many cultures in the galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Books - Often getting lost in the fictional worlds that she either thinks of herself or reads about in the many novels she personally owns, Neevi is a bit of a ditz if she's been reading too much. She might try change herself and her personality a bit to her current favorite character. Not only because it is fun, but also because it might help her socially infiltrate later in her work.

Ballroom Dance - Waltz, Minuet or even Mazurka. If it has been in a ballroom in Historic Europe, than Neevvi might be able to do it. Her mother wanted her to learn Tango, but the speed didn't work for Neevvi at first. When one of her teachers saw her natural grace, she was asked to join a Waltz lesson and continued after enjoying it. The only times she does it now is in the Holodeck to feel like an earthen princess.

These are the most standing out.

Personal History Neevvi was found as a child, born to unknown Orion parents, she was given up for adoption in the Federation. In the hope for a better life, at least that was her fathers idea. Her mother had other plans, but her father had bested her for a moment and dropped of the child with some traders to bring to the nearest Federation starbase. When arriving there she was brought into care for several months, before a single female officer from earth came by, Camilla Santiago.

Camilla had at the time fallen in love with an older Korean gentleman. He was a performer of calligraphy. A classical form that combined writing with art. She was captivated by his skill and his dedication as he was captivated by her beauty, her skill in Starfleet and her drive to help the federation prosper. This man already had two children and was a widower of his previously departed wife. So when he learned he was to adopt another child, not human, he devised a plan to adapt his new daughter to human life.

Neevvi was put on a pheromone suppressant at an early age, never developing the pheromones to the extent any other female Orion would. Meaning due to her body not going through the natural pheromone creation, if she would stop this medicine, the pheromones would be weakened. This medication made her merely humanoid looking with only the green skin telling the other children she was different. While the world is accepting of other species, children can be cruel, yet it weren't the children around Neevvi that were. Neevvi was the one who manipulated the kids into doing things for her. Pay for her lunch or perhaps cheat of her for some money. She'd play the victim when caught and so she developed a great social skill.

After her high school career ended with graduation, she was told by her headmaster she would do good in Starfleet. The lust for adventure and mystery, as well as the enthusiasm during the cultural studies at her High school gave her great affinity in that field. Yet, her results weren't that of a scientist. She wasn't dimwitted at all, merely not the researcher type. She was more hands on, wanted to touch things, taste cultures and smell the galactic differences.

After doing a four year in security during her academy time, she graduated with a minor in cultural sciences and set out to be on the U.S.S. DeRuyter, yet she was quickly sought out by intelligence when they found out her knowledge on cultures and her security skills could be easily combined into a perfect infiltrator for them. After a short while training, going on through her escapades on the DeRuyter, she was recruited into the U.S.S. Joshua Norton crew.
Service Record High school Graduation - 2409

Recruitment into Starfleet Academy - 2410

Graduation from Starfleet Academy - Security 2414
    Minor in Xeno cultural studies - 2414
      Received the rank of Ensign

    Subsequent training in Intelligence - 2414
      Training on Vulcan
      Training Operation on Earth

    Posting on the U.S.S. DeRuyter - 2415

    USS Joshua Norton, 2416-present