Ensign Elias Larsson

Name Elias Josef Larsson

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Op Code Name Ares
Personal Quote "Safeties on. Last thing I need is a toe gettin blasted off." -Elias Larsson
Overview A young man who wanted more. An opportunity that proved to be more than expected. Elias had thought exploration would be the most combat action he would see when he first choose to join Starfleet. What ultimately happened was something more as he found himself in one of the few pods to escape the utter destruction at the Battle of Sherman’s Planet. That battle led to him choosing Starfleet as a career.

Older now, and generally chuckled about given his age as an Ensign, Elias is a rather energetic man who doesn’t seem to have an off switch. While his age and experience often overshadows those in direct command of him, the man’s exuberance for his job sets him apart from other thirty-somethings serving aboard a ship.

Whether you’re looking for a fight, or just looking for the energy buffer on your Phaser to be tweaked, Elias is your guy.
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate 25 November 2384
Languages Federation Standard, Klingon, Ferengi

Physical Appearance

Height 1.9 m
Weight 75 kg
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Seeming taller than he is thanks to his lean physique, Elias is deceptively athletic for his build. With a pale skin tone indicative of his Scandinavian Earth lineage, the man has two modes: Starfleet Standard and Scruffy. With his hair clipped short and his face shaven, Elias is the model Starfleet officer, but if he even lets his face go for a few days, he starts to look less like an officer and more like an old Earth cartoon character named Shaggy.

The only specific identifying marks the man has are the various tattoos interwoven together that start on his shoulders and extend down to just above his elbow. While they are generally unseen when he is in uniform, those that have worked out with him or seen him roll up his sleeves know of the intricate line work and blending of colors that make up the interesting pieces.


Parents Oscar & Elsa Larsson
Sibling(s) Oliver Larsson (Older Brother)
Agnes Larsson (Younger Sister)

Personality Thought of as a wild card at times, one can’t argue with results. While Elias has made numerous Chiefs and COs nervous, the man’s drive to be on top of his tasks and responsibilities has never been questioned. Professionally, the new Ensign is an anomaly. His demeanor tends to be a little too relaxed for those looking for the standard Starfleet discipline. His past as an enlisted man comes through in the way he treats enlisted and commissioned alike.

When not stuck in uniform, Elias tends to be that guy that always has some questionably risky plot to have a little fun. Having spent much of his life living aboard ships traveling the vast expanse of space, the man knows how important it is to keep busy so as not to suffer from that dreaded “Cabin Fever.” While the explosions have always been safely contained, it’s taken years of practice for to man to be able to talk his way out of the questionable situations he’s found himself in.
Hobbies & Interests Elias was interested in being an Armorer even before choosing to move from enlisted to commissioned. He was one of the crewmen that aided in the Armory aboard the USS Nomad when he wasn’t dealing with his other duties. Even then he would make little tweaks to weapons to try and improve their efficiency. Now he can just call it his “work” and basically get to play mad scientist everyday.

Besides his work that isn’t really work, Elias is a shuttle racing enthusiast, albeit one that only really gets to run holo-sims as opposed to the real thing. Picking the skills up as not much more than a teenager, Elias has always gotten a rush from the speed and danger of such racing, as well as the challenge it presents. While not really useful as far as Starfleet is concerned, at least it adds another member of the crew that can take the helm in an emergency.

Other interests include the study and enjoyment of various recreational beverages of various cultures as well as Hockey: an old Human contact sport played on ice.

Personal History Born and raised on cargo haulers, everything looked as if Elias would continue the family tradition. While he was certainly quite clever at times, it wasn’t the type of intellect that made things come easily to the young man. Nineteen when he was considered to have graduated what the Federation considered primary education, it was another two years before he finally got tired of the same shipping routes and applied to Starfleet. Even though he knew a good deal about various aspects of space travel and starship engineering, Elias was just not smart enough to be given a real shot at becoming an officer, having underperformed on the initial qualification exams.

That didn’t stop him from enlisting with Starfleet. One way or another, Elias was done with being a cargo pilot. He wanted more. More is exactly what he got when the Nomad was involved in the Battle of Sherman’s Planet. Elias was one of the few to escape in an escape pod, but being witness to that level of death and destruction polarized the man. With a new vigor to do more for the citizens of the Federation, and with the help of his Captain, the former XO of the Nomad, Elias bypassed to initial exams and easily cemented his spot at Starfleet Academy showing off in the last level of tests.

Graduating at the tender age of thirty-one, Elias is one of the older and more grizzled Ensigns to exit the academy. While he graduated with degrees in Engineering and Quantum Mechanics, he had been selected to be specially trained to be an Intelligence Officer. While it did seem a little odd that he had been selected without ever actually applying, Elias wasn’t going to question the opportunity to be something more than a low-ranking Tactical Officer. Starfleet apparently had a plan for the man. Elias wasn’t truly aware of this plan until he got his orders for the USS Joshua Norton. Another Defiant Class. Another position dealing with the Armory. If it wasn’t for the extensive psychological testing he was subjected to to become an Intelligence officer, one might think such an assignment might not be the greatest idea. For Elias, though, it was nothing if not perfect.

Service Record 2403: Primary School Graduation Equivalency
2405: Starfleet Academy Application Denied
2405: Enlisted with Starfleet
2406: Training Completed at Starfleet Technical Services Academy on Mars
- Granted Rank of Crewman (Third Class)
- Tactical Energy Weapons Systems Specialist Qualification
2406-2411: Assigned to USS Nomad
2409: Promoted to Rank of Petty Officer (Third Class)
2411: Transfer to Starfleet Academy (CO Letter of Recommendation)
2415: Graduation from Starfleet Academy
- Degrees in Engineering and Quantum Mechanics
- Granted Rank of Ensign
2016: Intelligence Officer Qualification
2416: Assignment to the USS Joshua Norton