Lieutenant JG Lem Broll

Name Lem Broll M.D.

Second Position Science

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Op Code Name Paieon
Personal Quote "In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men." - ~Cicero
Overview Lem is a kind and friendly, sociable man, hyper-active, but odd in behavior. Most would notice his peculiar speed of speech and patterns of fidgeting with things. Perfectly focused on his work, yet always able to sow in a joke here and there. Dressing in peculiar garb, having strange hobbies and outlandish ideas is a part of his daily existence. It might get in the way of proper medicine sometimes, but if you don't try something new once in a while, then you'll never succeed in getting ahead of others.
Gender Male
Species Bolian
Birthdate 4th of December, 2387
Languages Federation Standard, Bolian and Bajoran.

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 165 Lbs.
Hair Color None
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description Lem is particularly thin for a Bolian, he doesn't seem to show any aptitude for the fuller body shape his fellow Bolians have. His skin is a light blue, eyes a similar blue. Lem is hairless, yet since he is a surgeon that specializes in plastic surgery, he often tests things on himself. He wears wigs, fake eyebrows, fake mustaches and beards. Lem could be considered a bit lanky.


Spouse -
Children -
Parents Captain Xir Broll and Latia Broll
    Civilian Engineer Nir Broll (1nd Younger Sister), Hellway Station
    Kar Broll (2nd Younger Sister), Bolarus IX
    Lok Broll (1st Younger Brother), Hellway Station
Other Family Due to many Bolian relationship being that of multiple people, Lem grew up with multiple parents. The parents section shows his biological pair of parents, the other parents are sectioned below. The siblings are only his Biological Siblings.
    Rem lan (2nd Paternal Figure), U.S.S. Eisenhower
    Nelia Merin (2nd Maternal Figure), Hellway Station
    Pia Olom (3rd Maternal Figure), Bolarus IX
    Captain of Engineering Rix Brot'la (Paternal Uncle), Starbase, Chief of Engineering Starbase 43

Personality Chipper, outgoing and very sociable. Lem is a man of many words, mostly incoherent ideas and a lot of fun. He can focus on his work very well, but he's too often distracted in non-crucial situations, which might create some annoyances in conversations. During work however, he finds a way to keep his mind focused. Singing, rhyming, humming or even sometimes acting his way through a surgery isn't a strange thing to say. He's not insane at all, merely just a bit too happy for the normal person. He can be quite on top of things and this is known to be annoying as he bothers someone until they pay attention, but once told off, he knows how to stop and move on.
Hobbies & Interests Lem has a huge array of different hobbies, the most important will be explained more in detail below.

Singing - Lem is an active singer, not that he is particularly good at it, but he has a fondness for it. Often during his surgeries or work he focusses on singing to keep his mind busy while treating or modifying the patient in ways that are needed. This not only causes for hilarity with the nurses, but sometimes might cause for conflict with colleague's that are more used to complete silence to focus.

Running - Often Lem can be seen running through the halls of the station, ship or building he is located at. This keeps his body in shape. As his job doesn't require him to go out in the field much, he has not the amount of energy expenditure as a away-team member might have and so he has to find another way to stay in shape. Lem is a very quick man, but his stamina might not be the best.

Wigs - Lem has a small collection of wigs in his quarters, he does this to express himself. It is not unknown to him to wear black curls one day and straight blond hair the other. He has a bit of jealousy of females of his species and people from other species. He finds hair fascinating and often tries to dress up to make his outer appearance a bit more interesting.

Historical Hologames - The Bolian often likes to go to the holodeck to reenact his favorite human battles. Land or sea. He finds the metallic armor worn by humans rather fascinating and got into it during the days of the academy in San Francisco. He was invited by a female class mate he 'liked' and did this as a date. During the whole experience he got fascinated and decided to start for himself.

Personal History Born on the 4th of December, 2387, Lem grew up between different mothers and fathers. This wasn't uncommon in Bolian society and since his biological father was gone often on missions, he had different people to look up too. His biological mother was a waiter in a restaurant near their house that was owned by one of his other mothers. This was sometimes a bit hectic, since Lem spend a lot of time around sociable Bolians trying to mingle and talk, creating a cacophony of interesting stories and sounds for the child to follow.

After his second father and Biological mother took him to an exhibit on Star Fleet in his early teens, he became fascinated by the experiences one could have in space. Now, Bolians often live in busy communes, sometimes even in large domes under the sea. He became fascinated by space travel even more when his father and uncle asked him out to the base they were, at that time, both working on. Lem tried his hands at engineering something with his uncle, that he was quite similar too, but it accidentally caught fire in his hands. The burns would be treated by a lovely nurse, however, and this started a passion to work towards his eventual career of surgeon.

During his first years in the academy at San Francisco, it was shown that Lem had a talent for masquerades and often tricked his fellow students with bad make-up and wigs into doing things they thought were ordered. This caught the eye of several staff and Lem was subsequently trained in the arts of intelligence, his nature however made it sometimes hard for him to effectively stay in his role. His sociable nature got in the way of his work in the beginning and so it was deemed more realistic for Lem to finish his medical training. After Star Fleet medical however, he was asked to once more try his hand at Intelligence and so he went through the steps. He learned the art of DNA alterations and make up to make people into another. Something in which he had some experience, but not much.

His subsequent posting was a bit monotonous, but soon he would change to a new crew. The Joshua Norton.
Service Record High school Graduation - 2405

Recruitment into Starfleet Academy - 2406

Graduation from Starfleet Academy - Basic Medical 2409
    Received the rank of Ensign

PhD in Emergency Medicine at Star Fleet Medical - 2413
    Notable experience: Surgery during small explosion on Away Mission.

Subsequent training in Intelligence - 2414
    Training Operation on Hellway Station
    Training Operation on Lakoma IV
    Training Operation on Bolarus IX

Posting on the U.S.S. Regal - 2414

USS Joshua Norton, 2416-present