Ensign Varik

Name Varik

Position Engineering Officer (Energy, Propulsion & Life-support Specialist)

Second Position Pilot

Rank Ensign


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2019-10-22 12:41

Character Information

Op Code Name Galene
Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Birthdate 22 June 2387
Languages Vulcan, Romulan, Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 117lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Varik is 5'5", of slender build with a very small waist. On earth her colouring would be described as hispanic, light brown skin with very dark brown (almost black) eyes and very dark brown hair. Unlike most Vulcans Varik's hair is long, coming down below her shoulder blades but she rarely wears it down, generally tying it back in a full or a half ponytail. To a human she might appear around the age of nineteen or twenty, the reality being she is closer to thirty years in age. She generally carries a typically sedate Vulcan look, her naturally full lips and slight downward curve of her mouth giving her a slightly stern or disapproving look, although that appearance is not backed up by her personality or her actions.


Parents Rear Admiral T'Par, Starbase 43 (Mother, b. 2331), Commander Setak, Zaek II Outpost (Father, b. 2340, estranged)
Other Family Kailok (maternal grandfather, b. 2270, estranged)
Erith (maternal grandmother, b. 2278, estranged)

Personality Varik is very slightly more animated than most Vulcans. She lives by her mother T'Par's interpretation of the Vulcan suppression of emotion, which is that it is necessary only to ensure one is capable of living one's life in a normal productive way. As T'Par was outcast from Vulcan society when pregnant with Varik they do not follow traditional Vulcan ways and teachings, instead using what techniques they require to function normally and ignoring most Vulcan dogma and tradition. Varik is very practical and logical, always looking for the quickest and easiest fix for any problem, be it work related or otherwise. She is endlessly compassionate, open minded, helpful and accepting and was encouraged at the Academy to become a counsellor, although in the end that career did not fit well with her as she felt she lacked the empathy, instead choosing engineering, a subject that had always come very easily to her. Varik is also known for being incredibly observant; spotting the smallest changes or irregularities in the world around her and for her minute attention to detail, an attribute that has served her well as an engineer.
Hobbies & Interests Vulcan cooking,

Personal History Varik was born and raised on the Nebula class Federation starship Hutton. Whilst stranded on an extended away mission Varik's mother T'Par (a lieutenant commander at the time) agreed to mate with a male Vulcan colleague who was in Pon Farr to stop him from dying. T'Par later found out that her new mate, Setak was already married. Setak and T'Par were shunned from Vulcan society and T'Par was left to raise her daughter alone, the crew of the Hutton becoming her and Varik's new family.

Varik's education was heavily based on science as not only was it the mandate of the ship but her mother was also a capable astrophysicist. When Varik was nine Earth years old her mother T'Par (by then the executive officer of the Hutton and a full commander) led a series of missions to re-enrich the star of a system in which there was a pre-warp civilisation of over one billion inhabitants, gaining five hundred years for the species to acquire space travel and avoid the impending supernova. Gaining much notoriety, a few years after this T'Par became Captain of the Hutton and Varik had unprecedented access to learn however she saw fit. Officially a civilian assistant in one of the Hutton's science labs Varik spent a lot of her spare time in engineering learning from Timok, a young Vulcan friend and colleague. Her interest in engineering flourished and at length she decided to attend Starfleet Academy to become an engineer.

Varik passed out near the top of her year and was initially stationed at Starbase 43 to the mutual approval of herself and her mother, the newly promoted Rear Admiral T'Par who was now commanding the base.

More recently Varik has completed her intelligence basic training and has received new orders to report to the USS Joshua Norton as Matter, Energy and Propulsion Specialist, combining her knowledge of engineering and physics.
Service Record 2409: Enrolled at Starfleet Academy
2413: Commissioned as Ensign
2413: Posted to Starbase 43
2416: Completed basic intelligence training
2416: Assigned to USS Joshua Norton