Ensign Kaylhan Vausse

Name Kaylhan Vausse

Position Reconnaissance Specialist

Rank Ensign


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2019-10-22 12:41

Character Information

Op Code Name Electra
Overview A Betazoid who was kidnapped in an Orion raid. She was a Starfleet NCO back then. She was slated to be a net-girl and she was given a dataport implant. During the period she was kidnapped she was declared MIA by Starfleet. The dataport allows the Orions' clients to read the mind of the person having them (you would need to be hooked into the system).

She managed to flee the slavers and get back to Starfleet before she was sold to anyone, so she did not have to interact with any client. The link with the Orion was broken and she retained the dataport.

The dataport is not only used by Orion for their clients' pleasure, it is also used to hack into computer systems and the data recovered can be stored into data crystals. So can memories potentially. This makes Kayhlan an asset as a Reconnaissance Officer.

People using this way of hacking can be shocked with feedback sent back through the implant, a method called spiking. This can cause neural damage when severe and it is risky, but this way if hacking can be rewarding in terms of successfully retrieving data.
Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Birthdate 2384
Languages Betazoid (the use of the word "imzadi" by Troi implies there is such a language), English

Physical Appearance

Height 1,70 m
Weight 63 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Fairly toned and fit, although perhaps not to the point where she could model, her skin has a colour more akin to that of Indians on Earth (as in from India, not American Indians), so fairly dark but not black.


Spouse None
Children None
Parents Mariel (mother) and Lei (father) Vausse
Sibling(s) None
Other Family None that needs mention, no sisters of brothers.

Personality For a Betazoid, not the most open. Although she didn't have to actually offer any services to clients while she was kidnapped she did receive some "training" on how to "work" so she is not very interested in always listening to other people's thoughts like Betazoids might like to do. Although she does like to know what they think in situations where knowing might come to an advantage (certain conversations, covert ops). Generally she doesn't always try to listen every and everyone and is reserved and to the point.
Hobbies & Interests She likes singing and drawing.

Personal History Explained above.
Service Record She applied to the Academy at the age of 15. When she graduated she worked on Earth Space Dock Security, then moved onto Intelligence at the age of 25.

She was on a vessel headed to DS9 when she was kidnapped.

She was MIA for almost a year, came back and after a long leave to recover she was again assigned to ESD Intelligence and was eventually promoted to Ensign.

And now she is applying to the JN.