Ensign Maksima Akadi

Name Maksima Sveta Akadi

Position Combat Medic

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Op Code Name Nyx
Personal Quote The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing – Albert Einstein
Overview Maks is a passionate young woman with many strong opinions and the stubborn, tenacious personality to back them up. Unlike your standard medics swearing off phasers in lieu of peace, she’ll happily stand on your throat if it means protecting her patients. Her bedside manner is a little on the rough side, but you couldn’t find a more loyal teammate.
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthdate March 15, 2381
Languages Federation Standard, Chechen, Rugalish, Quelia, Latin, Klingon

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 158 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel Brown
Physical Description Maks is a handsome woman with strong features and a sturdy build just shy of rangy. She has the muscles and the callouses of someone well acquainted with manual labor- or more recently relief work. There’s a circular scar on her left hand that arcs from wrist to almost the index finger: smooth, but visible.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Parents Vladyslav & Serafine Akadi (Birth Mother), disowned
Sibling(s) Evgeniya (Older Sister), disowned
Jan (Younger Brother)
Darya (Younger sister)
Megan (Younger Half Sister)
Other Family Carmen Akadi (Stepmother)
Sasha Akadi (Uncle)
Benedict Akadi (Uncle)
Cameron ‘Cam’ Strauss – Longtime friend and lover working towards more
Laurel Strauss – Cam’s teenage daughter

Personality Maks packs her life full to the brim with gusto and energy. Laughs often and absolutely. Takes the chances and pays the price without batting an eye for the experience so long as it’s taken from her alone. She’s far from reckless, but can be easily goaded into bets and dares simply by hitting the right switches.
Personality is her shield and sword. Akadi tends to bounces back quickly, using humor as a mask to cover her issues, which she stubbornly tends to keep her mouth closed about. She’s a tough cookie who’s taken a lot of abuse in her life, but still hasn’t given up yet. The resulting build up has formed a hard edge to Akadi’s personality. She despises lack of ambition and has a hard time feeling pity for those who refuse to try and help themselves. Her temper is sharp and quick: even if it doesn’t last long, it sure leaves an impression.

Maks maintains a very close relationship with her younger siblings, contacting them regularly and helping them out when she is able to. Reaching out to her stepmother is a strained process that Maks prefers to skip, but would still rather tolerate than having to converse with her father. If she seeks the wisdom of a familial elder, Maks turns to her uncles, not her father. She has had no contact with her mother or older sister since they left Cedr and refuse to acknowledge that either exist in conversation.

The only truly messy part of her life comes in with Cam Strauss. The two met years ago while serving aboard the USS Bettany Anne. Cam was still married- quite miserably- and the two became friends for years. Even after Maks left the ship, they continued to stay in contact as she was often his rock with issues surrounding his wife Holly. About the time Holly started accusing other of having an affair, the question as to whether or not they truly did have feelings for each other began truly being asked. As it turned out, they did. When Cam approached Holly about a divorce it devolved into a long and messy trial regarding custody of Laurel, allegations, blackmail and mud flinging. Distance was considered the most reasonable approach while Cam worked this out as much as they both hate it, but it seemed to help him and Holly communicate without screaming from the get go. Lately she’s begun to lose hope in it ever ending or if Cam will back out and try to patch things up with Holly for Laurel’s sake. With the comm calls coming less and less, she’s left with only her imagination to fill in the blanks.
Hobbies & Interests *Reading: it was considered a foolish waste of time by her father, meaning it’s one of her favorite things to do. Her pics are almost always fiction and requiring some epic quality to it, whether it’s crime noir, high fantasy or hard science fiction.
*Guitar – another of her favored waste of her father’s time.
*Exercise – Sitting still has been an issue since leaving the farm and exercise is a good way to combat the fidgets so she doesn’t drive everyone else crazy.
*Sports – Name it, she’ll try it. If it’s dangerous or high adrenaline, she’ll try it at least three times. Whether it’s rafting or marathons or football or hockey, she’s game. Just not golf. Golf is boring.
*Carousing – Counts as a sport. How many jokes start ‘a crazy Russian enters a bar’? Lots.
*Keeping up on Medical Advances – Pretty much the only time you’ll see her willingly sitting down to read anything technical without a lot of complaining.

Personal History Olessa was a very hard planet to thrive on. It’s surface temperature on the best of days never rose higher than 1.6° Celsius. The ground was almost constantly stiff with frost if not outright iced over. Black seas swelled and surged with far too harsh a chop to sail on. The temperature and the mineral content of the soil made it worth establishing a smattering of small colonies to grow and export exotic fruits and vegetables, but little else. As difficult as it was to coax life into the crops, it was harder to maintain human life.

Maksima was born there, as were three of her younger siblings and one older. Her childhood was spent bundled in layers, gathering and sewing, milking and threshing. As few as there were in the almost clan-like farming community, everyone was expected to pull their own weight: even the little ones. It wasn’t a life without joy, no. There was- and to some extent still- a bond so secure and immutable between her siblings and her uncles that not even the cold could stand up to. Her parents and uncles were giants among men who could take on anything in the light of the evening fires. She never saw the truly bad that the universe had to offer until Olessa became a port of call for a pirate group her 10th year.

It started out with small incursions. Then raids. Then people disappearing. According to official paperwork Maks’s mother and sister was taken during one of those raids. The truth, however, was that Evgeniya elected to go and that her mother refused to let her go alone. No one old enough to remember the event speaks of it, ever. It was as if the two of them never existed.

The next transport out, Benedict had the family moved to another colony world called Priet. Where Olessa was cold and hard, Priet was warm and well mannered. The ground was soft, the breeze was warm and everything seemed to grow in abundance with just a little help from a careful hand. As beautiful as it was, no one could quite appreciate it. With the loss of his wife, Vlad became a truly bitter man. When he wasn’t burying himself in booze or back-breaking work, he was taking it out on his children: most specifically Maks. She was expected to be the responsible mother to her three younger siblings, work alongside the adults, keep a house and maintain schooling and it simply wasn’t possible. All too often her uncles had to intervene so that Maks and her father wouldn’t end up killing each other. Literally.

This went on for years. Even after Vlad remarried to another widower with money to burn, even her daughter was expected to become Maks’s charge. The house, the responsibilities, the load still fell squarely on Maks’s shoulders until finally she couldn’t take it anymore. She’d been pulling what classes she could long distance to count towards a medical degree. Her dreams of becoming a doctor were impossible to attain, as she knew that she’d never get away from the farm. There’d be no university. No internship. No practice. Nothing. The first time she missed a harvest Vladyslav Akadi- THE Akadi- would yank her back and tell her that she had to stop the foolishness and honor her family first. Family always came first.

The fear that he could somehow do that haunted her all through her first two years of junior college. When it was time to take the next step and move on- move away- Vlad and Maks finally had it out. By the time Benedict and Sasha got involved, Maks had a broken arm and Vlad wasn’t doing much better. Her stepmother personally packed Maks’s bags, gave her a chit for tuition and had her Uncle Sasha take her to the port. Maks finished her BS in Emergency Medical Services on Earth in Mobile, Alabama. She’d barely finished her finals before the letters started arriving for her to come back to the farm for a few years before pursuing any further schooling. Even another planet in another solar system wasn’t far enough out of reach.

Academy: Signing up for the Starfleet had been at the suggestion of a professor who had been in a very similar situation himself some forty years back. He’d equated jumping out of a perfectly working shuttle with a pocketful of grenades and a combat knife beat having to face down his father any day. As she could relate all too well, she found herself at a recruiting office filling out forms and catching a ride to San Fransisco. To say that the specialty training that she'd requested to pair up with her security program was like being kicked in the teeth with steel toed boots would be fairly apt. There were times when that was exactly what happened. By graduation, Maks had acquired a pretty ambitious skillset peppered list specialty courses that included SERE, SAR and combat medicine. Upon graduation from the grueling two year program, Maks found herself assigned to the USS Bettany Anne under Captain Helen Bowers.

Career in Starfleet Take One: Maks had a successful 4 year run on the Bettany Anne. In that time she’d served on a number of away missions that really reminded her that what she was doing was right. She was helping people in the worst possible situations. More specifically, as a combat medic, she was making sure that everyone had the chance to make it home.

The end of her career came during a bloody battle over an outpost world known as Wallace. Romulan forces had overrun the main port, making it nearly impossible for the large civilian population to be evacuated. Reason for the attack were unclear- at least it wasn’t stated in the orders. The key note was that a Betazoid ambassador of import was said to be somewhere in the mix and he and his crew had to be evacuated while mainstay of the Betty's crew were focusing on holding the port until help could arrive. By the time that Maks’ away team made ground fall, the fighting had already spread to the closest cities. The destruction was mind numbing. Civilian casualties were through the roof. However, the one and only away team casualty that day was Maks, who found out quite suddenly that the Romulans were booby-trapping not only the dead bodies, but the wounded, too. She’d reached for a crying child half covered by his mother’s body- and then nothing.

When she awoke in a trauma ward back on the Betty nearly missing her right arm, Maks was told that she could elect for implants and hopefully be able to serve again, or choose not to and effectively end her career without some kind of divine intervention. Being stubborn and superstitious, Maks refused the implants and was returned to Earth for extensive physical therapy and numerous procedures with the hope that she’d be strong enough on her own to heal. And heal she did, just not quite enough.

Starfleet Academy Take Two: Close to the end of the two years spent in and out of the hospital Maks had taken to puttering around San Francisco, specifically the hospital grounds that also acted as a cross-training site for medical students from the Academy. She’d become something of a favored guinea pig there, being that she was willing to be poked and prodding all the while telling stories or sharing jokes. The idea of returning to medicine had just started to be twirled around in her thoughts when one of the doctors asked if she’d considered transferring into officer's training while she finished off her recovery period. The physical needs were much less than that of the Security courses and given her prognosis, she’d make those just fine. Once again, Maks attributed this to be an act of the universe providing, so she listened.

With the aid of provisions that allowed crewmen to transfer in with credits applied, Maks was reassured that she’d be finished in two short years. Just.. not so much in the way that she intended them to. The typical range of Medical classes bored Maks to tears. Her reactions and impulses alone set her out from other students- and into the sights of Intel recruiting officers who snapped her up as quickly as they could to finish her training under their umbrella. For four years. But who’s counting.
Service Record 2399-2401: Junior College – USA College of Medicine, Mobile, Alabama, Earth
2302-2304: Starfleet Academy, Security Crewman (Specialized SERE, SAR, Combat Medicine & Disaster Relief)
2305-2409: USS Bettany Anne 'the Betty', Security Officer
2410: Medical Leave, subsequent honorable discharge
2411-2415: Return to Star Fleet Academy, Intelligence Officer