Ensign Ikko Sisko

Name Ikko Sisko

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Op Code Name Aristaeus
Personal Quote "Knowledge is not remembering everything, but knowing how to find everything."
Overview Ensign Ikko is a serious young officer who at times relates better to computers than he does to his fellow sentients. He enjoys being a part of an engineering department and is honored to have been selected to be a part of the Emperor's crew. He is somewhat embarrassed by the reaction non-Bajorans have had to his given name, Sisko, and often says, "No relation" after he is introduced with his full name.
Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Birthdate 2392
Languages Bajoran, English, Romulan

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 155
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Ensign Ikko is a little on the short side for a Bajoran male, and is of middling stature. He has short, well groomed brown hair and bright grey eyes. He wears the traditional Bajoran earring on his right ear.


Spouse None
Children None
Parents Ikko Relan (father) and Tilla Jara
Sibling(s) Older sister, Ikko Jalan, who is an agricultural specialist on Bajor.
Other Family One niece, Yarren Raxa, two years old, daughter of his sister and her husband, Yarren Hakke.

Personality Ensign Ikko is friendly but often comes off as cold. He has a hard time relating to other people, and finds a lot of what drives other people unappealing and just boring.
Hobbies & Interests He loves puzzles and games of logic, but gets frustrated with games of chance and tends to avoid them. One of his interests going back to an early age is holonovels, and he consumes them frequently. He has also written a few, though the feedback from his friends who tried them were that his characters were flat and two-dimensional. However, he views his career as a Starfleet officer as one of the biggest and most exciting challenges out there, and he has thrown himself into it. At the moment, there is very little else in his life apart from his position aboard the USS Joshua Norton.

Personal History Ensign Ikko Sisko is one of the first generation of Federation Bajorans. For them, the horrors of the Cardassian occupation and Dominion War are mostly what they learn in school, and occasionally brought up by their elder family members. Sisko (or "Sisk" as he prefers, particularly off Bajor, where Sisko became a popular name for children after the Emissary of the Prophets) always admired the Federation, and was fascinated with his namesake. From an early age, Sisk studied Benjamin Sisko and dreamed of serving in Starfleet, commanding his own ship and exploring the galaxy.

However, he quickly realized that leadership was a very difficult task, and that often people acted in ways that were illogical and even counter-productive. He had a very hard time understanding this, and to avoid embarrassment he sought to improve his skills with people by programming a model of personalities into a computer. He studied holographic projectors and the characters built for holoprograms, and his drive to learn about such things were fed by the Federation supported education system on Bajor. He came to understand computer systems and their applications extremely thoroughly, and came to find people incredibly frustrating in that they didn't make sense the way computers did.

Such a bright and driven child was identified as a potential Starfleet recruit early on, and Sisk eagerly expected to attend Starfleet academy. He applied and was accepted to the Academy, and left behind his family and planet to travel to Earth. At the Academy, he fit in well with the academics and discipline of the institution, but he was never drawn towards the flashier, more attention grabbing activities of the Academy. He also came to enjoy the company of Vulcans, whom he felt he could finally relate to, even if he knew he could never match their intellectual and emotional discipline.

He had a brief relationship with a female Vulcan cadet at the Academy, but found it to be unsatisfying emotionally. Probably no surprise there. He knows he needs to explore his emotional side more, but he doesn't have a lot of practice in such environments. It is extremely easy to surround oneself with computers and rational systems in the Federation and Sisk has the habit of doing just that.
Service Record Ensign Ikko is a recent graduate of Starfleet Academy, graduating in the top 25% of his class. His natural strength in computer systems was recognized and fed in the Academy, and he has participated in some research into advanced computing systems while at the Academy, including two published, peer-reviewed studies as second author. His scores in command were quite low, though this was made up for with excellence in tactical studies and biological studies. He is very competent in astrogation and piloting, though no one would mistake him for a natural pilot - he flies by the book, and sometimes unexpected situations can rattle him.

Upon his graduation from the academy, his understanding of computer modeling was deemed very useful to Starfleet Intelligence, and so he was assigned to Starfleet Intelligence for further training. He performed very well, and was assigned to the USS Joshua Norton as a result of his demonstrated competence.